High School Hack and Slash Chapter 111x Part 2

Having the sperm that was increasing in concentration inside her belly cocktailed, Riru began to let out female dog-like moans.

「Good graciousness, we’ve got a good souvenir with us here. All that’s left is to quickly clear the raid and get back to the gymnasium, right?!」

He crossed his arms, satisfied with Riru who was bending her upper body down and moving her ass up and down on her own.

「As it is, I’m going to make you my penis case all the time, okay, Riru.」

「Oh, yes yes!」

「I’ll have this Veronica as a souvenir.」

「In that case, I’ll take this Linda…」

In the base of the Oppidans, girls who had been collected from the raid domain were sheltered.

Enough number of them had been gathered that they wouldn’t feel stressed even if they were to be passed around by the boys, who numbered more than 10.

「Looks like the races from all over the world are in the mix here, huh, given things. Sure enough, this is no ordinary raid.」

The chief, sitting on the sofa, put a hand-rolled cigarette in his mouth and lit it up.

「So, Chief. Have you come up with any countermeasures in mind? That thing, no matter how you look at it, I think it’s a conqueror (raider) from somewhere else, though.」

「… Nah, impossible. I bet it’s impossible even if you warn them. Unless you can make them accept it, they won’t be able to understand it, after all.」

Being unable to accept that someone was a higher ranked existence than them was a dated confusion.

Even if they got to actually see it, their pride would refuse to comprehend it.

「I guess it’s a kind of transcendent master (overlord), that thing. I wonder if someone from the『Thirteen Apostles』 of the『Crusaders』 has come.」

「Like hell if I know. As if I can distinguish between those monsters.」

The ashes fell from the cigarette that looked up at the ceiling.

◇ ◇ ◇


*Crack* The shattered crystalline body was a magic item obtained from a treasure chest in the dungeon.

The crystal-made hat, called『Tarnkappe』, was imbued with the ability to make up to 12 people, including the wearer, disappear.

It was a versatile and excellent covert item that could be used in various occasions such as avoiding encounters with monsters in dungeon exploration.

The members of『Mabinogion』 were on their way to investigate the newly opened raid area.

The search skill used by the Officer member of their clan did not have such an abnormal performance as to be able to probe the entire domain of the raid.

The area of effect of the skill was proportional to the amount of SP used.

An officer who boasted such an enormous amount of SP that they could scan the entire raid domain was nonexistent in the gymnasium, let alone in their clan.

However, upon conducting a meticulous investigation, borderline too careful, the mapping for the West area where they had raided in had been completed.

The sortie this time was to investigate the cause of the disappearance of the boundary barrier of the South area, which was suddenly opened.

「What in the world! Testarossa, are you hurt?」

「N, no. I’m fine, Ferrari. But for the item to break so suddenly, I wonder what happened….」

「Everything that has a shape will break someday. More importantly, do look at it. It seems we have found the dwelling of the raid boss.」

「Yeah, I’m sure you’re right, Alfa Romeo. What an ominous, evil castle it is. Without a doubt, the boss must be lurking in there!」

The three of them, the core members of the Mabinogion, stood at the front, facing the ramparts they had discovered in the south area.

True enough, that structure emanated a tremendous sense of intimidation, or perhaps a sense of being out of place.

However, the castle, towering in the middle of a green park, stood out unnaturally from the surrounding urban field.

At first glance, the castle looked like one you’d find in a children’s fairy tale.

However, it was not the kind of castle where a princess would live, but rather the kind of Devil Lord castle where an evil boss would reside.

The five-meter thick ramparts surrounding the castle were covered with claw marks as if it had been attacked by a dragon.

In addition to the main tower that served as the castle’s keep, several other spires could be seen, and the ivy pattern that twined around the mossy outer wall accentuated the eeriness of the castle.

It was a concept design that was worlds apart from the『Marvel World』 raid, which was constructed with an early modern style worldview.

「… This one is, not quite right, probably?」

The leader of the Oppidans team felt a cold sweat running down his back.

He had no vocabulary to describe the sense of discomfort he felt, but he had a feeling that something was fatally wrong there.

「Huh, what are you talking about? This is why the Oppidans are….」

Testarossa, known as the Princess of Mabinogi among the clan, shook her head as if to pity him.

「That’s right. You lowly Oppidans.」

「Are you trying to say that the princess is wrong?」

The cronies of the clan began to make a buzzing noise.

Most of these guys were just paper tigers who had been cultivated through power leveling.

In the『Naraka (Tartarus)』 dungeon, which they had been conquering from time immemorial, a safe and efficient leveling environment had been established.

The number of those who had broken through the 20th stratum and changed into the fourth step classes was small, but the number of third step class changers was incomparably larger than that of other countries.

And then, it was not only the environment that had been put in order, as various other information such as dungeon tactics and raid quest conquering methods had been compiled into manuals.

「… What to do now? Chief. It’s oozing with dangerous vibe, the Demon Lord’s Castle (that thing).」

「… We have no choice but to wait and see, don’t we? Worst case scenario, we have to retrieve the『Philosopher’s Stone (Lapis)』.」

「… I bet these guys are going to charge in head-on anyway, so we’ll take care the preparation to retreat.」

The difference in temperature between the 10 enthusiastic『Mabinogion』 clan members and the 10 Oppidans support team members was significant.

They couldn’t help but envy their teammates who were house-sitting at the base point.

「Come now, let’s conquer it! It’s time for the decisive battle!」

「Let’s break through head-on, fair and square.」

「Yes, but of course.」

The clan members, with their swords, shields, and staffs at the ready, formed a formation and marched.

It was a frontal breakthrough style without any semblance of plan, but their movements were well trained and they had also accumulated a certain amount of prowess.

However, they had not had the experience to deal with unexpected situations.

Several birds were flying over from the sky above the Demon Lord’s castle, which was still far away.

The size and bizarreness of the birds flying toward them made them fail to notice it until they were attacked.

「Wha, what are these? Are these guys monsters?」

「D, do appraise them! Kyaa!」

「… B, birds of Stymphalides?! I, I can only appraise their name. They’re higher ranked monsters, run away!」

「W, what in the world? For legendary-class (Hystoria) monsters to be the boss….!」

The clan members, who had easily broken their formation as the monstrous birds hovered and cried gegegege above them as if waiting and seeing, were moving about in confusion

「… I wonder what are they doing, those guys.」

「… Let them play until they are satisfied.」

From the perspective of the Oppidans team standing by as Backwarders, it simply looked as if they were playing about, swarmed by a flock of birds.

「Whoa? This guy’s a null mob that looks like a turkey, isn’t it?」

In front of the boy, who got weak in the knees and was crouched down, a single large, chicken-like body wandered about.

Walking around while crying cluck-cluck and shaking its head back and forth, it was pecking at the ground, perhaps looking for food.

「I’ll help myself with some tasty meat for the first in a while, okay.」

Unlike monsters, null mobs didn’t get reduced to miasma when their life activities ceased, even in the normal dungeon.

They had no usage value as materials, but they could be used as food for monsters and dungeon challengers.

Especially in raid quests, where they were left in a confined state, the animal and plant null mobs were recognized as valuable fresh food.

「There, there, be a good boy, okay. I’ll roast you whole and eat you.」

「Oi oi. Even if you fall over, is there someone who would crash face first?」

The body, crying cluck-cluck hiss, poked at the white discolored stone statue.

「Petrification?! D, don’t tell me, this guy is a poisonous chicken (cockatrice)?!」

Abnormal condition that was more feared than poison, paralysis, or even instant death was petrification.

It was a curse that literally turned one’s flesh to stone.

You didn’t die even when you were petrified, and it was also possible to cure it as long as you broke the curse.

Therefore, even when you were petrified, the undead system would not be activated.

All the more so if you were inside a raid quest, unless you had the means to break the curse, you would remain a stone statue.



「Cluck-cluck hiss.」

「W, we’re surrounded—.」

*Tuk tuk tuk tuk tuk* Swarming in from the surrounding area, the mysterious chicken lizards lightly passed by and headed back toward the Demon Lord’s castle.

All that was left was a group of vivid stone statues solidified in strange poses.


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