High School Hack and Slash Chapter 121 Part 1

Hello World

 ※※※ Interface Compatible Start ※※※

――※ The encroachment of『Marvel World』 by the『Utopia (Battle Nirvana)』 world is ongoing

――※ Logout process by external interference Phase Drive System『Rashomon』 has been executed

※※※ Emergency! ※※※

――※ Adaptive mode error has occurred due to overload of relevant interference subjects

――※ There is a possibility that the world under reconstruction may collapse

――※ Follower『Yuki』 is not responding

――※ Protocol『Yuki-style』 has been deactivated

――※ Do you wish to change the adaptive mode?

――※ Urgent application: Familiar『Yuki』….

※※※ Interface Compatible End ※※※


Now then, what a beautiful day we’ve got here.

Mother Nature surrounded by greenery gives me a refreshing feeling as if my heart is being washed away.

The only thing that doesn’t quite sit right with me here is the unreasonableness as to why I have been thrown into such a place all by myself.

Let’s try to jog our memory for a moment.

I believe, we should be conquering the raid quest『Marvel World』.

Nonetheless, we had defeated the last boss-ish enemy, and all that was left was to wait for the auto-return retrieval of『Rashomon』.

Doggy-senpai and the others from the『Black Honey』, and Tatsuya and his party members also joined us, and we spent the time in a lively as we intercepted the other raiders who for some reasons attacked us on top of that.

Turning in after chatting with Mikan-senpai and the others, who were remodeling the base to be SF-ish, about if we were going to log out anytime soon~, when I came to, I had been thrown out in this place, so is the situation.

Come to think of it, in what appeared to be my dream, I get the feeling that Yuki-chan, who overslept, was flailing about in a panic.

I think it was a trivial problem, but I wonder if I should ask her about it just to be sure.

Fortunately, I’m in the middle of doing a single person abandonment play, alone in a backward region that looks like a virgin forest with no one in the surrounding areas.

Even if I take out the shy Yuki-chan here, I believe she won’t be fuming in anger at me.


When I try taking out Yuki-chan from the Item Box, she remains assuming a pose of remorse, dangling and swaying about as she gets hung by her collar neck.

It seems that she has self-awareness that she has gone and caused a mess.

It’s not like I’m mad at her or anything, so I’d like to hear her explanation.


I’m not at fault, she says.

Well, everyone who makes a mess says so, so rather than such a thing, I’d like to hear an explanation of the situation.

I can’t even understand half of Yuki-chan’s explanation, which is mixed with her insistence that overall she’s not at fault.

The Rashomon system was obsolete, the other world (raid) was uselessly large so it took a lot of time, her servant (maid) was useless, and so on.

It has turned into an idle complaint from the middle, so I listen to Yuki-chan’s story while soothing her.

I’m also in the position of asking her with the management of the Item Box, so I won’t blame her one-sidedly.

To summarize, it seems that as she ended up oversleeping for a bit, a system-related error occurred and we ended up being thrown out of the dungeon in an irregular manner.

Certainly, I do think that for this place to be a dungeon middle level or a raid domain, I don’t feel that much miasma concentration (pressure).

However, the surrounding vegetation is not tropical countries-like, or rather not Japanese-like.


Seemingly still has some cleanup left, Yuki-chan, with a refreshed look on her face, goes back into the Item Box.

I do think it’s too late of a question, but what in the world is my Item Box, I wonder?

I get the feeling that it’s a little different from the item boxes that appear in novels and the like.

The image I had was that of the hikikomori Yuki-chan turning it into a vacation home, but it seems to be getting upgraded in weirder and weirder directions.

But well, let’s not think about things we can’t do anything about even when we think about it.

That is the trick to keep on living without accumulating stress.

For the time being, I guess it would be a good idea to regroup with Shizuka.

That’s because she has this troubling disposition of ending up going half-crazy when we’re too far apart.

I try tracking the link from the Shizuka crystal on my right hand, which has become so familiar that it doesn’t even register in my mind these days.

But, how should I put it, this….

I reach out my right hand, plunge it into empty space, and try pulling it out with an oomph.

「… yawn … Good, morning. Touma-san.」

Shizuka-san, dressed in pajamas, is dangling and swaying about with a pillow in her arms.

Really, what in the world is going on with my Item Box, I wonder?

◇ ◇ ◇

「Err~, you see… Where is, this?」

「Outside the dungeon.」

Yuki-chan said so, so there must be no mistaking it.

Mai, with her hand on her forehead, lets out a sigh as if enduring a headache.

「Somehow, there is a dinosaur-like bird flying in the sky, though.」

「… It looks like an, Archaeopteryx.」

Shizuka, who woke up and got dressed, is also looking up at the sky.

It’s a bird you don’t see in Japan.

We seem to have been ejected from the dungeon in an irregular manner, so we’re probably outside the academy, let alone Rashomon.

Yes, there’s a high probability that we’ve ended up coming to a foreign country.

The temperature is high, so it’s probably a country near the equator.

「Something strange is walking around.」

「It has a strange face.」

Miharu and Natsumi are seeing off a bipedal creature, which looks like a fish, as it walks past us.

Somehow, it has an Indian feel to it.

I thought it was somewhere in Southeast Asia, but as expected, I can’t quite get my head around it.

「Say… Is this place really outside the dungeon?」

「You can tell just by looking, can’t you?」

Seiichi has a subtle look on his face, but I wonder if he’s still half asleep.

For the time being, I’ve taken the usual members out of the Item Box.

Other than them, it appears that there are also Mikan-senpai and the others from the Craftsman group, Black Honey’s club members, as well as Tatsuya and his friends.

Or rather, it seems that the members who were at the base during the raid quest have ended up going into the Item Box in its entirety.

I don’t know what manner of mechanism is at work here, but I’m not at fault.

It’s just that, it seems that the figures of Veronica and the rest of the overseas group are nowhere to be seen.

From what Yuki-chan said, I have a feeling that the groups that logged in via『Rashomon』 have probably become buggy.

Since I can’t go in there myself, I’ve asked Miharu and Natsumi, who seem to have free pass privileges, to act as messengers.

The Senpais from our club are continuing with the remodeling of the base as they are.

I hope they’d let me know about it once we get back to the academy.

The members of the Black Honey club seem to be embarking on an adventure to conquer the Item Box.

I don’t get what that means.

As there are things like shrine-like ancient ruins and a huge ghost town, they seem to be thrilled and are in high spirits, saying that there would definitely be treasures (magic items).

I hope they’d stop doing destructive activities inside someone else’s Item Box.

While we’re at it, it appears that Tatsuya and the others have also been dragged into this gig.

And then, Mirin and the others, the quartet, also seem to have offered to go with them in order to re-train themselves.

That’s quite the large-scale military warfare (raid).

Well, if I get any complaints from Yuki-chan, I’ll take them out altogether.

「Err, you see… Touma-kun. Leaving aside the question of where this place is, do you know the way back to the academy?」

Otoha-senpai, who similarly has a subtle look on her face, is fully armed, carrying her harpoon on her shoulder.

The other members are also equipped as if they were going for a dungeon dive.

I think it would be a good idea to be mindful of the TPO, though.

If they were to be discovered by the police and the like, they might get questioned right then and there.

No, I did hear that things are quite dangerous overseas, so I guess we need to be armed for self-defense, huh.

「No. As I thought, I believe we have no choice but to ask someone, a local person here.」

「Danna-sama! I saw what looked like a town in that direction.」

Saki, who has climbed up a tree, jumps down from the top.

Good timing.

And then, the natural-ish panty-flashing is also good.

◇ ◇ ◇

 After walking for a while through the virgin forest, we come across what looks like a well-trodden highway.

It’s a little difficult to walk since it’s not paved.

Even as I look around at our surroundings, all I can see is an idyllic view, composed of nothing but nature.

Quite the rural area it is.

It would have been nice if we could have caught a cab, but let alone cars, there are not even passers-by.

「You say car, but I believe these are tracks of ruts from a horse-drawn carriage.」

「Horse dung? It is.」

「Dry and crumbly, it is.」

You mustn’t poke on it.

「… These footprints, no matter how you look at them, they’re the size of a giant-type monster like ogre or troll, no?」

「… This place is definitely not Japan, is it?」

「Yeah, it’s probably in India.」

The mood is that of Namaste.

The footprints and ruts must have been that of Indian elephants towing a car.

We don’t have passports, so we ought to head to the Japanese embassy first.

Seiichi and Mai, exchanging glances, are sending me this still gaze, but that is the basic action.

I understand their feeling of wanting to do some sightseeing, but you mustn’t put your priorities in the wrong order.

But speaking of India, as expected, it’s curry, I guess.

This is also my first time going abroad, so I can relate to their excitement.

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