High School Hack and Slash Chapter 121 Part 2

「Say, Touma-kun. It’s just a guess, but you see….」

「Yes, as expected, I think naan and lassi would be the perfect accompaniment.」

That zori-like chewy flat bread and drinkable yogurt-like drink are a must.

「… Touma-kun, is crazy excited that he’s become useless, though?」

「… I believe he’s the same as usual. You’re the one in the wrong for expecting calmness and common sense from Touma-san, Otoha-senpai.」

But still, we’ve been walking down the highway and I have seen not even a single thing that looks like a building.

We’re talking about a town that Saki, who seems to have eyesight of about 10.0, found, so there’s also the possibility that it’s located somewhere beyond the horizon.

「… I think, we are still inside the dungeon.」

「… I guess so. For a mid-level nature field, though, the pressure is too weak.」

「… Rather, isn’t it simply that we’ve come to yet another raid?」

「… Somehow, my head is all jumbled up, but… To begin with, the base that Mikan-chan-senpai and the others are at right now, where in the world is that?」

I’d like to fly away on the super fuzzy cloud, but if I take something like that out on the above ground, it might be leaked on SNS and become a trending topic.

There’s also this phrase: when in Rome, do as the Romans do.

So, we ought to use an Indian-ish vehicle here.

「Err, yes.」

「We, got it….」

I ask Miharu and Natsumi to deliver my verbal message.

They show a somewhat subtle look on their face, but if it’s Mikan-senpai, I’m sure she will understand.

I already have an idea for the power source, so if it’s just a box-shaped vehicle, they should be able to build one in no time at all.

◇ ◇ ◇

「P, please run away, Miko Princess-sama… guaah!」

「Hehehe. You said you’re knights of the kingdom, but you’re not a big deal, huh.」

The highway connecting the Kingdom of Camelot and the United Kingdom of Avalonia was a tough route facing the『Abyssal Demon Sea Forest』.

It was an uninhabitable region where monsters that once overflowed from dungeons scattered around the world nested.

Even though it was such a dangerous land, human activity did not necessarily disappear.

It served as a trading route for merchants, a stage of activities for adventurers, a network of communication between countries, or a hunting ground for ruffians hiding from the society.

Community and communication were universal systems that remained unchanged regardless of the era, civilization, or world.

A carriage with the royal coat of arms engraved on it was not the kind of prey that would normally be targeted by bandits.

Much less to say, they were accompanied by a knight squad as guards.

The knight orders of the kingdom were fierce warriors who had challenged dungeons as combat training, raised their level, and acquired class.

They were not an opponent the likes of a band of armed bandits could ever match.

「Kuh, why would a beast-user, work with such brigands….」

The monster, which was at least two times larger than the horse-like creature the knights were riding, was on the rampage.

The armored rhinoceros, covered with an armor-like body skin, was impervious to swords, spears, and arrows.

They were not accompanied by an『Arts User (Magi)』 who could inflict damage even in their level range.

「Too bad for, O great knight. Without a magician, you’ll never be able to defeat this invincible monster!」

「Y, you scoundrel….」

「Kyaaa! N, no, stop!」

「Don’t touch the Miko-Princess, okay. You can have the attendants, do whatever you want with them!」

「Fweet, as expected of you~, Boss, you’re someone that can be reasoned with.」

The one who was dragged out of the carriage was a personage that was also the symbol of the temple in the Kingdom of Camelot, the Miko-Princess.

She was a gifted one who was born with a special class that only manifested in women of the royal family.

It was said to allow her to make prophecies, manipulate the weather, and even summon『Heroes』 from other worlds.

Much of the lore was propaganda to boost the kingdom’s national prestige, but there was some truth mixed in.

「Hii, no!」

「N, no, go away!」

Two girls, lady attendants appointed to the Miko-Princess, were similarly taken out of the carriage and swarmed by men.

「Gehehe. You’d better be obedient.」

「We’re backed up like crazy since we have a shortage of women, you see. Don’t you go breaking on me until I’m satisfied, okay~.」

The young apprentice priests were crying as they had their breasts roughly rubbed from behind.

That was, until they were administered with a『Goblin Ahrodisiac (Rape Drug)』.

The dungeon-born item, which also known as the『Forced Adultery Potion (Love Potion)』, was widespread on the market as a cheap and easy contraceptive in this world.

These guys also knew that rather than inflicting them with pointless pain, soaking them with love potion would make them last longer.

「Oh, oh, this chick’s tight. As I thought, Priest-sama’s ass condition is also a top-notch.」

The lady attendant, stuck by a brigand that was shaking his dirty ass, gritted her teeth in disgust.

However, the gooey medicine applied directly into the vagina was rapidly absorbed through the mucous membrane and exerted its medicinal effects.

The immediate effect, which caused the female genitalia to melt and the brain to boil whether she wanted it or not, was due to the fact that it was a magic item.

The girls, who were novices and did not even know how to swing their hips by themselves, began to go ahe without putting a strain on their bodies through futile resistance.

「Kuh… What a horrible thing to do.」

「Oops, was the stimulation a little too much for you, Miko-Princess-sama?」

The tied-up Miko-Princess averted her eyes, and the leader of the bandit band giggled.

「No need to worry. No matter what kind of woman she is, she’ll come to be wagging her ass while saying cock cock in less than three days.」

「For committing such an outrage to the emissaries of the temple… A divine punishment will surely fall upon you guys!」

With the imposing weapons in their hands and the matching, albeit dirty, armor they were equipping, they were more like a band of mercenaries than a band of bandits.

The reason why they didn’t finish off the knight they had knocked down was because they were a goldmine to demand ransom of.

「Hahaha. Too bad for you, O Miko-Princess-sama. You think you just happened to be out of luck to have your pilgrim group attacked?」

「D, don’t tell me?」

「The dear lord of this place seems to find you guys an eyesore, you see. And that’s how it is.」

If you bore the rules in mind, outrage was also a kind of business activity.

And then, if you had someone in power behind you, there was no problem even if you deviated a little.

「…Oh, God! Please save us from the evil one.」

「Fuhahaha! It was a nice earning, y’know.」

「B, boss. Something is coming!」

Be it a large-scale cross-national caravan or a delegation coming and going from their territory, unless they had a certain amount of force and urgency, no one would use this highway.

「As if I can tell what something is, you idiot! Do your report properly.」

In the eyes of the yelling boss, something that could only be described as『something』 was reflected.

A huge and dreadful monster that he had never seen before came sprinting down the highway with strangely light steps.

It wasn’t that he didn’t feel that there was some sort of charm in its slightly rounded form.

The problem, however, was the mysterious, gigantic float being pulled by the mysterious giant creature.

On the freight car, which was plastered with red and golden coloring, a towering tent was set up.

It sported a conspicuous, like-no-other richly colored flashy coloring, and a mysterious round mask was hoisted up on it.

On all four sides of the pulley, there were also fishy, mysterious elephant-man-like statues as well as fishy, mysterious multi-armed statues.

It was『something』 that disregarded functional structure and put visual impact before anything else.

When people saw an existence they could not understand, their brains ended up freezing as they could not process the information.

Be it those who were looting the carriages, those who were tying up the knights, and those who were stripping and humiliating the attendants, they all were simply frozen in place.

It was not limited to only the bandit band, as the same was true for the delegations, who had been presented with the perfect chance to turn the tables, as well.

That Indian-ish float pulled by a Colorless Swallowing Dragon passed by at a frightening speed.

But, unable to stop, it smashed the carriage that was left as it was in the middle of the highway.

The Colorless Swallowing Dragon, having sent the carriage flying along with the bandits who had been ransacking it, went and swallowed the armored rhinoceros in one gulp as if it was a snack at the water station.

On the float, which looked like a fishy mobile temple (temple car), a vainly decorated driver seat had been arranged.

As they became weak on the knees and stiffened, a glaring gaze filled with intimidating air was directed at them.

「… Namaste (good day). Namaste (good bye).」

As the owner of the gaze lording over them left behind some mysterious words, the float passed by, rattling and smashing everything with its huge wheels.

At the rear of the float sat the companions, side by side, with a subtle look on their face as they gazed into the distance.

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