Chapter 11




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I head straight to the tiered platform.

The person in the lobby of the store… For the time being let’s call him the concierge, he calls out to me and asks “Eh? you’re here again?”.

If I were to be embarrassed by something like this, I wouldn’t be able to enjoy myself here.

When I start looking for my partner in the tiered platform, the women at the platform also look at me whilst they start talking amongst each other.

It’s not a very nice atmosphere.

At the center of the tiered platform from the highest position, there is one woman who walks in front of me. She seems to be the leader of this tiered stand.

「You seem to have done quite the terrible thing to our princess.」


「The girl you nominated a little while ago.」

Ahh, the haughty looking girl.

「Not really. We fought fair and square and I won.」

「Hmph, so you can talk. You…. Do you dare to nominate me?」

She narrows her eyes and gazes at me with an appraising look.

I also take a long hard look at her. The tiered platform is strongly illuminated so I can see her clearly. I would say it’s a little dazzling.

She has a steady expression. From when she talked, I could see that her teeth are pure white and well aligned. Her style is outstanding. Because her waist is thin, the parts of her body that are meant to be shown really pops out. Not only that, she seems like the bombshell type.

「Very well. I accept your challenge. 」

「…..I’m looking forward to it.」

Saying this, she licks her lips.

She comes out from the tiered platform towards the reception and she guides me into the corridor that has rooms on both sides of the wall.

She walks on my right side and lightly grabs on to my right sleeve with her left hand. The corridor is a little dim while being illuminated by light stones attached to the wall. Whenever we pass ahead of a light stone, the band of light bounces of us and creates shadows.

I was thinking of teasing her as we walked so I took a glance at her from the corner of my eyes.

At that exact moment, I felt something was odd. Her face, her ears and the nape of her neck had a different texture compared to the texture skin usually has. I couldn’t see it because of the strong lighting on the tiered platform but now that it was clearer.

I realized it.

(This girl….. She’s wearing quite a lot of make-up. It makes her look younger than I would have expected….)

Sensing my gaze on her, she looks back at me with a stare of her own. As if she was making fun of me, she gives me this cheeky smile.

Almost as if she’s saying to me…

(You’ve only just realized it now?)

Seeing that attitude from her turned on my “annoyed” switch. Pointing out the obvious like that is quite aggravating.

(I will turn that face into one that begs and cries for forgiveness!)

My fighting spirit was rising rapidly.

Entering the room, I face towards her. The girl who carries drinks into the room was given a tip and delightfully left the room a while ago. From here on out, this was our special time together.

「Here I come.」

Saying this, I take off all my clothes.

I also order her.

「You take off your clothes as well.」

「……Isn’t it normal to first get to know each other as lovers to increase our feelings for one another?」

「That’s a waste of time.」

The girl breathes out a sigh of disappointment.

「You really are the worst kind of man.」

「Hurry up.」

「You aren’t going to turn off the light?」

I shake my head side to side to answer her question.

I like to fight within a brightly lit room.

「If we turn off the light, we may both be able to enjoy it more you know?」

Staring at me in silence, I could sense her strong will to refuse my orders. Her eyes showed her strong anger.

「Oh god, I only wanted to discipline you a little, but I guess you are a more incorrigible man than I thought you were.」

Saying that, she places her hand in her own dress.

The sounds of her dress being undone and her equipment used to accentuate her physique were being taken off.

Her corset, pad, suspender and undergarments fell to her feet.

She held on her last piece of dress covering her body.

「Don’t think that you will be able to get out of this safely, now that you’ve made me show you this much.」

Her dress is thrown away.

After removing all her supportive attire, her figure was like a thin chopstick.

She showed me her cheeky smile from before, but this time it continued to get wider and she was showing a more wicked smile right now.

Unable to tolerate the amount of stretch her face was going through, innumerable cracks appeared in her make-up, it breaks apart and starts falling to the ground and the surroundings.

The thickness of her make-up was millimeters deep and this couldn’t even be considered make-up anymore, it was more like a plaster on her face.

After most of it peeled off, I could see her rough and wrinkled skin underneath.

Her body becomes thin and her face grows old, this appearance of hers brings a name to my mind.

I gasped and struggled to say the name coming out of my mouth.


A high-ranking undead that hates all living beings.

Of course, she is not an undead. She should be….. Human right?

It’s just…. her appearance that resembles…… an Elder Lich.

「Here I come.」

Saying that she…. For the time being let’s refer to her as an “Elder”……. she took a tackling stance and approached me from the side.

I retreat instinctively.

My breathing is irregular and rough that it’s becoming painful.

Staring right at her form gave a direct penalty attack to my sanity and I can’t really move as per normal.


The Elder bellows.

In this moment, something flies towards me from the Elder.

I reflexively let my upper body slide down and sway to evade.

Without thinking, I looked at what was thrown at me and had a shock.

(That was her fake teeth! Furthermore, it was a full denture!)

Even her nice row of teeth that looked pearly white was a lie.

She did not let the opportunity go when I took my eyes of her for a second. She tackled me from a low position and my body is knocked backwards.

I try to reorganize myself but before my back even hits the ground, the Elder had a judo hold on me gaining control of my side.


I try to struggle in order to escape but she doesn’t budge an inch. I’m completely frozen by her hold.

Even though I have the muscular strength of a 30-year-old man, I can’t get out of the restraint of this old woman. She has a terrifying amount of skill.

The Elder’s left hand strengthened her grip even more as she manipulated my back.


I shout out loudly on instinct.

That’s because my homepage…. was being invaded from the back door.

She was hacking me and the pit of my stomach reacts to her intrusion automatically. I was conscious of this and panicked as I looked down. At this point, the Elder opened her toothless mouth widely and shows me her deep jet black mouth.

Her appearance was like some sort of lion that was about to eat the innards of a gazelle that it just captured.


My spine shivers.

However, there is no way to escape.

In the agony of despair, I screamed my lungs out.


Just like that, the gazelle was eaten by the lion.

However, my despair did not end there.

No matter how much hacking was done or how I was being eaten, the battle would not end.

It was like her attack was not enough to take my life in one blow, so I had to experience this hellish moment perpetually.



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