Chapter 12




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An Elder Lich is a being that sucks the energy from a living being and changes said energy into their own life force. They will continue to suck up the life force of any living being they have captured until it is exhausted. I was like tooth paste that was going to be squeezed out of the tube until its very last drop.

The Elder somehow appears to be filled with more energy than before. Although since her old appearance remains the same, it seems that this Elder is a human being and not an Elder Lich. To prove this fact… Although I am left as shriveled piece of skin, I am still alive and I’m not dead.

If the Elder is an undead, she would have slurped all of my energy to the very last moment.

「Now then, now that you understand your position, are you ready to listen to elder sister’s lecture?」

I still had my back to the carpet and all I could do was move my eyeball up and down in order to express the words “Yes”.

By the way, the Elder wore her supportive garments, putting on her dress, refitting her dentures and even finished wearing her mortar make-up again, she was back in her “elder sister” mode.

Her technique to cover her appearance is more suitably classified as magic. I didn’t pay attention all the way through. If I watched till the end, I think I would have developed a distrust in a female’s abilities to masquerade as a prettier version of themselves.

「You know right? Your insides are really rotten.」

The Elder plopped herself on the bed and was looking down at me who was lying on the floor.

「Do you think that just because you’ve paid the money, that you can do anything that you please?」

「What are you trying to achieve by calling this a fight? Or a match? Do you think both parties can enjoy it if it’s like this?」

She took out a pipe with a metal tip along with a cigarette from her elegantly designed pouch.

「You are a virgin aren’t you?」

I shake my eyes from left to right to deny her statement.

The first time I lost my virginity was when my Senpai within the company invited me to a love hotel when I was 22 years old.

「Am I right? After all, I cannot smell the scent of women on your body.」

If this Elder is referring to the fact that I’ve never had sex with any woman asides from sex workers, then I can be considered a virgin. Worse than that, I haven’t even gone out with a woman before.

Naturally, I also have zero dating experience.

Sensing my heartbeat quicken, the Elder may have been able to guess it.

Inhaling deeply and puffing out a smoke, she continues to ridicule me with her words.

「I will tell you this clearly. You are a worthless man.」

「Because you are worthless, no woman wants to go near you. Even if you are the one who approaches them, because you are worthless they will avoid you. Naturally, it’s impossible for you to get along with them.」

I desperately show my will to deny her words.

There was this girl whom I could talk and laugh with normally when I was in my second grade of middle school.

Even when I was in my company, I could engage in a cordial conversation with the female staff.

「If you believe that there was a partner you could get along with, then that is your own misconception.」

「After all, they were probably people that you simply talked with on a surface level. The honest truth was that none of them had any interest in you as a male. They were forced by their work ethics to be polite even if they weren’t really interested.」

The Elder crushes my rebuttals one after the other. As if she were able to read my mind. I stare at the Elder with wonder.

「I understand it… How a superficial man like you would think deep inside.」

Her words were sharp and scooped right into my heart.

「Just how many males do you think I’ve seen in my life? Within them, there were plenty of foolish males like you.」

I’m being overpowered by her profound life experience. The elegantly made up young-looking, old woman had a gigantic presence in front of me.

「A man not worth to be a partner of any woman starts to buy woman with money. These type of males have a narrow view of things are and are mostly self-absorbed. They only want to fulfil their own self-satisfaction and live their lives wildly.」

I can’t refute it.

「Turning their own inferiority complex of being unable to find their own partners, they treat woman as things and start to make fun of them.」

Tapping on her pipe, she tips the ashes on to a plate.

「And the worst part about all of this is that they believe themselves to be superior to others. When in fact they are nothing but average.」

She stands from the bed and approaches me. She crouches down and looks into my eyes.

「Do you understand? This is you. You think you are top shit, so you won’t listen to what anyone else says, you interpret things for your own convenience.」

Her eyes are scary.

「Our Princess…. She may look tough on the outside but inside, she’s a nice and kind child.」

Princess….. Is she talking about that haughty looking girl?

「Due to her own reasons, she ended up working at this place, but even until now, she gets nervous around males and can’t really talk well with them.」

Is that… How it is?

「She may look cold, but if you get to know her, she is actually gentle and warm, that’s her unique charm.」

Is that the reason she was actually weak which is contrary to her appearance?

「To think that you would treat a gentle girl like her in such a cruel manner.」

She keeps on approaching closer to my face. Her face doesn’t have an expression.

「This is my repayment for that, receive it.」

Saying this, the Elder sucks on her pipe.

She then provides oxygen by blowing on the pipe causing the contents to flare up and burn.

That pipe is just right above my chest and she turns it upside down.

The Elder then proceeds to tap the pipe with her fingers.

A scorching red ball falls on to my chest and burns my skin and meat.


Getting my chest burnt by the cigarette; I scream. However, my body had lost most of its energy so I can’t move to my liking.

It’s hot from the heat so my body wriggles its hardest to escape.

「Do you think it’s going to end with just this? Just how many times do you think you did that awful thing to our Princess?」



The Elder sucks and then blows on the cigarette in order to make it blaze again and drops the red ball of fire on to me again. She repeated that over and over and over again.

At the end of her preaching, my chest was full of cigarette burns.

「I will leave it at that. When you can stand up, you should go home. I will tell the store to extend your stay here.」

She turns her dress and heads to the entrance of the room, opening the door. She stops and turns her head around to say something more.

「You can come back at any time to take revenge. However…..」

She looks at me with a piercing glance.

「At that time, don’t expect things to end at this level of child’s play, so you better prepare yourself well.」

I could not even raise a groan to her words. I felt that much fear.

(This is what she calls child’s play? Are you kidding me?)

Looking at how she broke me apart, the Elder shoots me a light smile and comes back from the entrance to come in front of me. She kneels down on one knee and looks into my eyes.

「Hmm, you’ve become quite the good child haven’t you? From here on out, are you willing to listen to every word this elder sister tells you?」

While smiling kindly, she places her right hand on my belly and rubs it. Her eyes match mine.

As if I was enthralled, it wasn’t possible for me to look away.

I nodded.

「Well then, once a week from here on out…. Will you come to play during our “Chastity” day?」

I nod.

「You better nominate me as your partner. You also need to apply for a time extension. Is this understood?」

I nod desperately.

「Alright, good boy. This is your reward.」

She smiles, but not enough to cause a crack in her make up. She then proceeds to stop rubbing my belly and chants some sort of incantation.

Listening to the words, I could make out what magic she was casting. This is the Cure Injury Spell rank (F). As soon as the magic was activated, the pain in my chest lessens.

「Then I will see you next time. Don’t waste this opportunity I’ve given, you should be a good boy until the next time we meet, okay?」

Saying this, the Elder kisses my cheek and leaves.

I was emotionally moved in my muddled consciousness. I lost my way and I committed a crime.

The Elder severely punished me. However, that’s not all. The Elder forgave me and led the way.

For my worthless self. Furthermore, she even healed the wounds I received from committing my own crimes.

(She’s a saint….)

I cried. I continued to cry and my heart felt as if it was being purified with the tears. I thought that even my soul was being cleansed. After crying without reserve, I stand up tottering from the floor. I look to the mirror to see my chest. The burn marks are no longer there but traces of it are clearly left. F rank magic is able to close my wounds and the majority of the pain can be removed but it clearly cannot get rid of scars.

Sluggishly putting on my clothes, I left the room.

I went to the reception and paid for the extension of time, I also apologized to the person in the store for my rude behavior towards the girl.

I handed several pieces of gold as a tip towards the Elder and the girl. This is quite expensive as a tip, but the receptionist received it without any surprise.

I wandered out of the store with staggering steps as I headed to my hotel.



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