Chapter 122 Part 2



Translator: “Hakou”                             Editor: “Weasalopes”

The stage returns to the Kingdom’s army camp at the eastern end of the plain.
In the tent of the main forces, a young pilot was in the middle of a heated argument with the Knight Commander.

「Just what are we waiting for!? While we are just staying like this, the enemy keeps sending supplies and strengthening their base! We have to sortie and hit them as soon as possible」

That was the Second Prince.
He has elegant blonde hair, but his body lines were not that thin.
In the future, he is expected to take charge of the national army. Having understood that, he trained himself and is in the middle of learning the ropes.
Next to him, a pilot assigned by the royal family to guard him has his arms folded and his eyes closed.

(He has the attitude but… He still has a long way to go)

His voice when arguing with the Knight Commander was so loud it could be heard from outside the tent, was the proof of that.
It was like he was telling the subordinate that there was something wrong with the top.
His position as the Second Prince. What he understood was that he could talk to the Commander on equal terms with that position of his.

「Currently, we are still in the middle of looking for an opening on the enemy’s side」

At those words, the Second Prince put both of his hands on the table, leaned forward and refuted.

「And I told you, while you’re busy searching for such things, the enemy becomes even stronger than before. For us who are inferior in numbers, you should respect my idea of being rough but ready!」

Hearing those words, the Commander frowned.
That was because he had the same opinion.
If it weren’t for the A-class Knight present with the Second Prince as his bodyguard, he would have adopted that strategy already.

(There’s no choice but to do it, huh)

He groaned inside his heart.
There’s a limit on how much longer he could hold the Second Prince back. There’s also the possibility of him charging at the enemy on his own.
Moreover, as the Second Prince had said before, there will be more allies of the enemy the longer they wait. They also can’t expect the reinforcements sent to them will be any of use.
Because the high-ranking officials of the Royal Capital can’t afford to reduce the defense of the Capital.


After a moment of silence, the Knight Commander gave his decision to advance the troops at the dawn tomorrow.

「I’ll be counting on his highness」

After it has been decided that they will advance tomorrow morning, the Second Prince left the tent in a high spirit.
The Knight Commander spoke to the escort pilot who followed behind in a small voice.
The pilot silently nodded and left.
The Knight Commander depressedly staring at those retreating figures.


Land barn prairie, the place where the Kingdom and the Empire army were glaring at each other.
In the Royal Capital, east of that place, Tauro was walking through the red-light district.

(I wonder if under that sky, the battle had already started)

The sun had begun to set and the western sky was dyed in red.
The Imperial army that tried to invade the Kingdom, and the Kingdom army that was supposed to intercept them, they should be at that place right now.

(There’s no dark atmosphere in the city)

I don’t know if it’s because the battle isn’t in full swing yet, or because border conflicts are common in this world.
There was no warring atmosphere I was worried about.

(It sure has been a long time)

Putting those thoughts behind, I stared at the lively sight of the red-light district.
Places where you can eat delicious meals and brothels where you can have fun.
Neither of these was in Nisheakacia, but there are here, in the Royal Capital.

(Yosh! Let’s play, shall we)

I fired myself up.
Then, a group of girls passed by while chatting lively.

(Those girls are working in a brothel, I see)

My senses that have been polished told me so with certainty.

(What pretty cute girls they are)

Among them, I especially can’t take my eye off of the one with soft and fluffy long hair.
She wore a chiffon top and chiffon skirt.
The reliable low-grade and fluffy fabric accentuates the feeling that she is still young.

(I did with a mature woman in Nisheakacia, so let’s go with the opposite today)

I immediately decided to call them out.
I bend my knees slightly, to get our eyes on the same level.

「May I know where you work at, young ladies?」

If this were my past life, I would already hear a crime prevention buzzer* here.
The smartphone that connected to the parents might even have contacted the police already.
(*TL Note: A small buzzer carried by kids in Japan to prevent crimes such as kidnapping and sexual harassment)

(However, this is another world. There’s no such thing like that here)

I keep looking at the girls while widening my nostrils.
The young girls looked at each other’s faces while exchanging words with clear voices.

「A customer, perhaps?」

「Why don’t we take him along then? We might get praised that way」

I’m glad they responded positively.

「That way」

One of them pointed her finger to what seems to be a middle-class brothel.
At this very moment, today’s shop was decided.

「Is it okay for us to guide you there?」

「Yes, of course」

As both of my hands were pulled by the girls, we headed for the middle-class brothel and walked through the door.
Inside was the usual hinadan formation.
There was a fatty old man who was the concierge, stroking the girls’ heads while smiling.
When they left, I spoke to the concierge.

「Are we allowed to play with those young girls?」

There was still a possibility that they were still just apprentice waitresses.
However, it ended up being a needless worry.

「Their skill isn’t that much developed yet. But if that’s okay with you, then…」

That’s fine by me.
I told him while looking at the girl with loose long hair. The concierge understood right away.

「I understand, please wait a minute」

The concierge disappeared to the back.
Not long after, he came back along with the soft and fluffy long-haired girl.

「Am I mistaken that this is the girl you want?」

No, you are not mistaken.
The soft and fluffy long-haired girl smiled as she grabbed my hand.
After paying him, I climbed the stairs with the girl, linking our arms like a lover and entered the playroom.

(Young girls sure are wonderful)

Right now, I’m letting her wash my body before the play.
The fluffy long-haired girl has taken off all of her clothes and is now wearing a bikini swimsuit.
She stood in front of me, doing her best to wash my body.
Water droplets were bouncing off of it as if her skin has water repellent applied to it.
It is for this reason that I admired the youth.

(She’s still as flat as a board but… that’s also good for once in a while)

While I was watching, the shower session was over and she took a bath towel from the shelf.
Then she wiped my body with gestures she isn’t accustomed to yet.
Once this is over, it’s finally the long-awaited playtime.


But not yet, it seems.
I was laid face down on the bed and she started giving me a massage.
The procedure around here differs depending on the store. Perhaps in this place, she was taught to give a massage before play.

(I felt sorry for saying this but, she doesn’t have enough power)

She literally lacked the strength and weight for this to work out.
But I don’t really care since I didn’t ask for it.
Instead, I took this opportunity to tease her who was still giving me massages.

(How cuteee….)

When I stroked her butt, chest, and inner thighs with my hand, as if feeling ticklish she twisted her body and resisted while laughing.
Seeing her reaction, my cheeks loosen involuntarily.

(Let’s make her feel good for a little)

I activated my magic eyes and started touching her sweet spot with a strength that wouldn’t tickle her.

(There…. There…)

The result was immediate. She continued to massage me, but she became quiet while blinking slowly from time to time.

(As I thought young children are sensitive)

A height that can only be reached by doing it with a developed mature woman. Sure, that certainly exists.
But that wasn’t the only kind of pleasure that existed out there.
It also exists in a simple act such as tickling. I could understand that from the power of my magic eyes.

(Looks like it’ll be ready soon)

The fluffy long-haired girl who was on top of my belly facing the other way dropped her butt.
I pulled the string around her waist and opened her bikini.

「Let’s go on a pleasant trip together with uncle, okay?」

Although I gently called out to her, there was no response coming from her.
Her face that turned my way has become absentminded. Looks like it’s ready.

「Here we go…」

I grabbed her waist from both sides and lift her.
When I located the door to our journey, I slowly opened it as I sank in.
At this point, she should’ve realized where she’s going to be brought to.
The soft long-haired girl, whose light returned to her eyes, opened her eyes wide while letting out a cute scream from the bottom of her stomach.

(Kuuー!! So tight!)

No matter how well done the preparations are, she’s still young. The tightness feels as if I was gripped by small hands.
The scream made her body shook, I can feel it from my waist.

(I think… it’s best not to move for a while)

As I waited for her to relax her body, I slowly loosened it up while enjoying her taste.


About half an hour later, I was eating in the shopping district.
Neapolitan with onions, bell peppers, and bacon. Sometimes this kind of menu is also good.

(As I thought the Royal Capital is the best)

I think they added grated cheese in it.
When I did it with the soft long-haired girl, I continued to be careful without overdoing it.
Even I have the ability to learn.
I won’t reduce the places I can go to play any more than this.

(But still… that sure was tight)

It has a smooth and mellow taste, but also has a chewy texture that gives it the taste of unripe fruit.
Even though the night was still young, I was getting ahead of myself and let it out twice.
The amount of my ammo was limited. I should always pay attention to my remaining ammo.

(Where should I go next, I wonder?)

While dirtying the edges of my mouth with the sweet tomato sauce, I looked at the information magazine of the red-light district.
And the night in the Royal Capital advances.




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