Chapter 123 Part 1



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A few days ago, the Imperial Army, led by Count Rosehip, crossed the border mountains and invaded the Kingdom.
Responding to that information, the knight order of the Kingdom immediately set out from the Royal capital.
Heading west along the highway, passing by Awoke and held an encampment on the prairie west of Landburn.
In the meantime, the Imperial army took down the fort near the border, and while they were building their base there, they also made an encampment at the same prairie as the Kingdom army.
Both armies have been standing by at the east and west side of the prairie while continuously glaring at each other for the last few days.
And in the Royal capital after half of the knight order has set out.
There, inside a room in the mansion of a great noble near the Royal castle. A dozen people gathered here were having a discussion with a serious expression.

「It appears that the northern countries have succeeded in repelling the Empire」

A man with an upper-class pilot’s badge on his chest said.
The division between lower and upper-class pilots in the knight order has been abolished.
Wearing that badge even knowing so showed that he’s a former upper-class pilot and still couldn’t accept that decision.

「Who was deployed by the knight order for that task?」

A great nobleman, who seems to be the owner of this mansion, asked in return.
The former upper-class pilot answered with a frown.

「No one. Instead, the one who headed there was the Knight of merchant guild」

The great nobleman put his hands on his forehead and was surprised in an exaggerated way.

「To actually send out a civilian Knight to fulfill the request of an allied country. Isn’t that a failure as a country?」

「Even though he could just rejected it, that was just too miserable」

He sighed as he shook his head sideways.
Next to him, a man with the same badge hanging on his chest added a word.

「The prime minister, and that guy also, their way of thinking is just too shallow」

“That guy” referred by this former upper-class pilot was the new knight commander.
All of the former upper-class and middle-class pilots called him like that behind his back. They haven’t accepted the new knight commander.

「But still, the Empire army is really a worthless bunch aren’t they. If only they could properly defeat the Knight of merchant guild, we could make the prime minister take the responsibility for it」

The great nobleman said in a displeased manner and put leaned his back on the chair. Many voices of agreement could be heard in the surroundings.
It was just as his word suggests, even though they said “Allied country” in their mouth, the security of such a country was nothing to them compared to the downfall of their political opponents.
Everyone sitting here were those who opposed the reformation made by the prime minister and the knight commander.
Former upper-class and middle-class pilots.
The nobles who were forced to donate the C-class Knights in their possession by the prime minister.
Those who were so obsessed with true pilot culture.
There were also a variety of bureaucrats, engineers, and merchants.
What they all have in common is that “a person who has their privileges, interests, or values that they had previously obtained, denied by the new system”.

「To erase the classification system of pilots, I can’t think of anything but insane. On top of that, he rides an A-class Knight even though he’s just a lower-class pilot!」

An old man who glared angrily hits the desk several times while spitting his saliva from his mouth.
On the chest of that agitated old man was a badge that resembled a badge of the upper-class pilot.
This is a commemorative item given to a person who served as a pilot for many years when they quit being a knight
It’s not like he put it on for the special occasion today. It’s simply because he always wears it when he goes shopping or strolling.
It showed this old pilot’s intense pride and deep attachment.

「I wonder how the west side fare」

Looking at the former pilot who keeps ranting, the great nobleman faced the other former upper-class pilot.
He then replied while looking at the memo.

「Even though both sides had made their encampment in the same area, the battle has not yet begun. There seem to be some disapproval even after his highness told him they should began the fight to protect the country」

This His highness he was talking about was the second prince who also went to the battlefield.
Then, exasperated voices began to rise from the surroundings.

「For him to haven’t started the battle after going to the battlefield… just what is he thinking?」

「In the end, he’s just a lower-class pilot. He probably doesn’t even have the courage to」

「Don’t tell me he’s going to run away and come back here without clashing his sword even once with the enemy」

The room became noisy with those people whispering to themself.

「You don’t need to lament it that much, gentlemen. His Highness, who was worried about this, was even willing to participate in the battle. Even if that guy was frightened and want to escape, there’s no way his highness would allow him to」

At the great nobleman’s words, the former pilot who had been ranting since a while ago, spoke in a feverish manner.

「It is as you said. After all, His Highness is that white lion of the Kingdom’s beloved disciple. His highness who is a true pilot, would never forgive such an obscene behavior」

The great nobleman nodded and moved the talk into the main topic.

「Precisely because His highness is there, we must eliminate any chance of losing. That is why we have to ask His highness’ teacher, the white lion, to save this country」

Those eyes that glowed strongly and voice that lowered by one octave made everyone in the room gulp down their saliva.
Their purpose of gathering here today wasn’t just to complain and rant.
That was the case for the other day, but it was different now.
The pilots that were in agreement with the new knight commander were out on a mission along with their Knights. And the prime minister also had his hands full with the invasion of the Imperial army.
Right now, the tangible and intangible forces that put pressure surrounding them were weaker than ever.
For them, this is a once in a lifetime chance. Tonight, will be the time they make a move for their revival from this predicament.

「How’s the preparation of that Knight going? Is it done yet?」

「It is right here」

A thin, fair-skinned man stood up in response to that question.
In his hand was the activation key for the former knight commander’s exclusive Knight.
However, it wasn’t manufactured on top of a pendant. It is different from what the former knight commander, the white lion of the Kingdom, always wore.

「It doesn’t matter even if he took the activation key away, because it’s a meaningless attempt in the presence of a mechanic」

In response to those words, the man grinned. While the person in question probably wanted to let out a sycophantic laugh himself.
What they were trying to do is not a coup. They were just trying to persuade the King.

(I’m sure His Majesty was only confused and let disarray back then)

That is how the great nobleman perceived the situation several days back.
Because of how great the loss they suffered from heavy lancer. It made the King’s heart greatly shaken.

(And that bastard of a vassal dares to take advantage of it)

The squeaking sound of him gritting his teeth was slightly leaked outside.
Taking advantage of the gap created by his shaken heart, the prime minister whispered some sweet words to him and monopolized the national politics.

(No matter what we say to him, as long as the prime minister was by his side, he won’t listen to any of us)

In fact, he had tried to plead many times before.
However, none of it has ever listened.

(In order to break from this predicament, there is no choice but to speak directly with the King after securing a great achievement that no one can complain about)

To do that, they were planning to rescue the former knight commander.
He was a person who had made a name for himself in his home country as the white lion of the Kingdom.
Also, his special exclusive Knight that he developed himself has appeared on many special occasions and ceremonies as the flag unit of the Kingdom, so its figure has engraved deep in the heart of the populace.
This combination is rumored to be the strongest in history, and there are many people who said that “if the white lion of the Kingdom rides his exclusive Knight, he would never lose against any other Knights”.
The former knight commander now had his special exclusive Knight confiscated from him and was in the middle of house arrest.
He was forbidden to go out within the time limit.

「The white lion of the Kingdom defeats the Empire on a battlefield in the west. With that, His Majesty would open his eyes」

The great nobleman looked at everyone seated in this room and raised his voice.

「If we won the battle this time, the Empire shouldn’t be able to make a move for a while. Then His Majesty also should be able to calm down and regain his senses」

Everyone nodded at those words.

「We might temporarily incur His Majesty’s wrath if we made a ruckus right now. But worry not. Because this time, we also have the support His Highness the prince」

A relieving atmosphere enveloped the entire room.
This forceful rescue and the sortie of the exclusive Knight will surely cause a ruckus inside the Royal capital. But there is no need to worry if they have the second prince on their back.

「As scheduled, we will carry out the plan tonight. Let’s do a final checking before that」

The air in the room was tightened at once.
Each person’s role, preparations, procedures. They checked it all over again multiple times.

『To restore everything to the old ways』

That was their common goal.
Thus the night on the Royal capital went on, as they wrapped up in speculations.



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