Chapter 134 part 2



Translator: “Hakou”                             Editor: “Weasalopes”

Shortly after, the circulation of light emerges on her body.
I kept groping her butt while accurately grasp those spots.
Her knees trembled in sweet numbness.
She leaned against the wall and then collapsed down to the floor.

(Her butt is on the small side, but this still feels good too)

I kept touching it and enjoyed the feeling of her butt.

「Please… no more! I can’t… Anymore!」

Eventually, the freckled long bangs maid began to escape on all fours. Because her breast is small, there’s nothing shaking even if I look down.
With a nasty smile on my face, I chased her butt with my right hand. And continued to relentlessly fondle it.

「I really… can’t…!! Ahhhnn–!!」

Suddenly, the freckled long bangs maid raised a voice like a choked chicken.
She then fell onto the floor and her body was convulsing.
She made a muffled moan while drool was dripping from the corner of her mouth.

(What an amateur-like reaction. This uncle loves it, you know?)

My hands aren’t stopping yet.

「Urk…. Aa–!」

The freckled long bangs maid greatly bent backward. And then, she stopped moving.

(Well, this should do it)

When I looked around, all the attention was centered on me as I expected.
There is no doubt that there is respect in those gazes that were looking at me.
I puffed my chest and slightly looked upwards in pride.

(Now who’s next? I feel like I want to let out some now)

I looked for another maid since it seems like it’s already impossible for the freckled long bangs maid.
A maid with no customers caught my eyes, so I immediately approached her.
Apparently, she could tell that she’s being targeted. The curly red haired maid slowly retreated. But soon, her back hits the wall of the corridor.
The curly red hair looked back and confirmed the existence of the wall behind her. When her face returned to the front, her eyes met mine.

「I’m in your care」

The curly red haired maid returned my vulgar smile with an awkward smile.
I put my hand around her waist and took her to the private room.

(Her taste is well… normal, I guess)

A firm young body with curly red hair. I thought so while sticking it in from the front.
However I could sense the courteousness, or rather, the thoughtfulness that could be said as overboard on the receiving ends.
I can see that they are well-educated as a servant working in a noble’s mansion.

(That head maid, she looks pretty strict after all)

While thinking about such a thing, the curly red haired maid clung onto me.

「I’m really sorry. I’m going to… go first」

She appealed to me in a clogged voice.
Immediately afterwards, a vibration like the one that signaled the arrival of email was transmitted from under my belly.
I haven’t climaxed yet, so I keep attacking her who has become sensitive after climaxing earlier.

「…..Please, forgive me…」

Nope, I won’t.


Ten minutes later, I left the private room with a refreshing feeling.
The curly red hair was still on the bed, forming the letter 大 with her body.
I left her behind and stepped out of the room.
When I stepped out into the corridor, there was some kind of fuss going on.

(This is?)

Loud voices of men and women echoed in the courtyard
The atmosphere of a quiet library wasn’t there anymore.
While the customers were being noisy, I turned my face towards the corner of the courtyard.

(Just what is happening here?)

I rushed to the courtyard. And then my face frowned at the scenery before me.


The time goes back when the head maid guided the guild master and Tauro through the corridor.

「Well then, please enjoy your time here」

Watching Tauro as he entered the courtyard while looking around, the head maid bowed and returned to the corridor.
However, the guild chief walks next to the head maid. All the while stroking her butt.

「Um, please stop it」

The head maid tried to shake off his hand, but guild master’s hand persistently touched her butt.

「I can do whatever I want to those who wear a maid’s uniform, no?」

The head maid answered with a stern expression.

「I have a job to guide the customers」

「It’s fine to leave something like that to the butler earlier. Besides, it’s not like customers will appear one after another anyway, right?」

Then the guild master placed something in the head maid’s hand.
It was some amount of gold coins.
The head maid silently looked at the gold coins in her hand.

「I don’t think a head maid like you doesn’t have any savings. But how about the others?」

The guild master continued.

「Young people with low income. They sent some of their allowance back home to support their family finances. They probably very troubled」

At those words, the head maid’s expression changed.

「With that much, I’m sure they will be saved」

「…I understand. If you are fine with someone like me, then I will be your partner」

The head maid closed her eyes and answered while looking down.
Seeing that, the guild master grinned.
After that, the guild master slipped his small body inside the head maid’s long skirt.

「Ah, wait, please stop it」

Hohoho… a laugh like he was having fun could be heard from inside.
It seems that started his mischief inside, and the head maid was desperately trying to put up a guard by holding the front and back of her skirt with her hands. Unfortunately, it isn’t something that can be prevented by just that.

「Come now, let’s head to the courtyard just like this」

「Such a thing…」

「It’s an order from your master, you know? If you don’t listen… I will do this!」

「 !? I understand. I understand, so please stop it, master」

The head maid headed towards the courtyard with her skirt inflated while her entire face was blushing in embarrassment.
Perhaps because the thing inside her has been taken off, it seems hard for her to walk.

「It’s punishment if you fall on your knees. You understand?」

The head maid somehow managed to grab the handrail in the courtyard.
She desperately grabbed onto it while continuing to endure the fingers and tongue moving around inside her skirt.
The guild master’s skillful and sharp techniques. It finally made the head maid collapse.
Unable to maintain her own weight, she fell and knelt down.

「Urk, Kuh… Fuu…」

The head maid collapsed and her body was shaking.
Quickly after that, the guild master crawled out of her skirt with an underwear on his head.

「A punishment it is」

Even though she heard those words, the head maid could only stare back with a feverish gaze while her wrinkled cheeks were blushing red.


The time went back to when Tauro just went out to the courtyard after he did a round, and the point of view also moved back to Tauro.


There is a reason why I frowned.
It was because there was an old man and woman doing an intense play in a place one step higher in the courtyard.
Of course, their identity is the guild master and the head maid.

(It’s truly a poison for the eyes)

I threw myself on the shelf and commented.
The guild master who turned up the head maid’s long skirt and clung onto her from behind.
And using the spring on his entire body, he violently moved back and forth, while making a fool of the head maid with his words.

「You must have been a very strict head maid, right?」

The head maid shook her head in denial while grabbing the handrail.

「Look, we’re in the courtyard now! That strict head maid now is exposing such a foolishness in front of the maids she raised. I wonder just what kind of excuse you’ll give them later?」

At those words, the head maid became bright red and she asked him to stop. However, her voice sounded like someone that was fully aroused.

「They’re watching! Everyone is watching, you know!? They opened their eyes and mouth wide, looking at you with an amazed face, you know!?」


「Look here, that respected and scared maid is making a beast-like voice with such an unladylike appearance」

He didn’t miss the chance to humiliate the head maid with the talking skill he obtained through doing business.
Outdoor humiliation play of a small old man and the head maid who has stepped into old age.
Some maids were stunned while looking at them, just as the head maid said.

(Guess I’ll return to the room)

My mental state cannot stand and watch it anymore. The same goes for listening to it.
Besides, looking at that state, he wouldn’t stop attacking the head maid until she completely stopped moving.
Their humiliation play in the courtyard is likely to continue for some time.

(What guild master-like hobby)

I sighed and reached for the maid near me.
And then I headed into another private room, while listening to the head maid’s scream of happiness behind me.



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