Chapter 14




 Translator: Nefarian    Editor: JackOFallTrades

I arrive at the Royal Capital.

The horse-drawn carriage arrives at the side of the gate, right outside the wall of the Royal Capital and looking at, it the castle walls are amazing.

The height is at least double that of Land Barn and Awoke’s walls and it’s at least 10 m tall.

Moreover, the length applies to the left and right of the walls as well.

Because I am near the tall castle walls, the visual information I can see is limited. To correspond with such a magnificent wall, there are plenty of people waiting outside of the gates to get in.

(This may take longer than expected.)

I was prepared for the wait but as expected of the Royal Capital. Not only were there plenty of people waiting in line to enter the city but there were also plenty of guards in the vicinity to handle the entry. Therefore, I could enter the metropolitan area much sooner than I expected.The entrance examination here wasn’t anything special. They let me in quite easily and I pass through a thick tunnel and set foot into the royal city.

The first time seeing the Royal Capital is an amazing experience.

First of all, the road is huge. A road paved with stone that is wide as it is long; stretches to the horizon towards the town plaza and royal castle. The next point is that there are many people. It’s full of energy.

I could see people no matter where I looked. It wasn’t just people either, smaller versions of the horse golem-driven carriage were making rattling sounds as they travelled the pathway while they were transporting people and their luggage.

The buildings were huge.In front of me is the royal castle, having numerous towers adjoined to it to give its impressive appearance.

Stone buildings, reaching three to four stories, are erected on each side of the road.

「You are in the way, hurry up and move!」

A loud voice shoots out from behind me and I am pushed hard from behind.

「Ah, ah, I’m sorry.」

It was such a majestic scene that I couldn’t stop to stare.I come to my senses and apologize to move at once.I was standing still right after getting out of the gates so I was blocking the people behind me.

How embarrassing.

I’m definitely appearing as some sort of country bumpkin. I’ve lived in modern Japan where there are many high tower buildings so I should have been accustomed to this.

That’s right, this isn’t something I should be so surprised about. However, when I entered the city for the first time and I looked up, it gave off a completely different vibe. These buildings were made by the people and the very same people lived inside them, the impact of seeing this impressive townscape brought forth an overwhelming sensation that swallowed me.

Trying to pull myself together, I head towards the Merchant’s guild. Although it is evening now, I was anticipating that it would be open since this was the Royal Capital. After the various things that happened at Elsailles, together with the fact that I used up quite a bit of funds, I wanted to sell some potions.

(The place must be somewhere near the town plaza right?)

I’m just guessing but… If the infrastructure was similar to how Land Barn and Awoke was built, then the Royal Capital will also have a line from the town square connecting itself to the center of the Royal Castle.

The scenery which I just saw as I exited the gate also supports my theory.

Furthermore, the major facilities such as the merchant guilds and the adventurer guilds are often built facing the town square. Thinking this, I walked towards the town plaza and I came across this big sign within it. When I took a closer look, it was a guide map of the plaza. The current location of the reader, the royal castle, each government office, various guilds and the location of big hotels are all drawn clearly.

As one would expect of the capital city. Even when I was walking here, the streets were named on a signboard including the main street I was currently on. Following the map, I arrive at the merchant guild. Fortunately, it was still open.

「Excuse me. I would like to sell some potions.」

I call out towards the receptionist. I wonder if they heard my voice…

I soon heard the receptionist reply with a “Welcome!” and a strong looking uncle comes to greet me with a smile.

「What kind of potions are you planning on selling?」

This uncle has an amazing smile. However, his face was like a mixture of a gorilla and a bulldog, so that combination made it look real scary.

Even though he is smiling…it’s scary.

「Umm, I would like to sell these Rank F and E cure injury potions, cure disease potions and cure status abnormality potions.」

「I see, these ones right? Allow me to examine them.」

The uncle scrutinizes each potion one by one. I could feel the professional atmosphere.

「Sorry to have kept you waiting. These are all good products. The price list is over here.」

Saying this, he shows me a board with amounts written on them.

The amount is quite different from Land Barn and Awoke.

F rank potions were about the same but the E rank potions were expensive.

Cure injury potions (E) was selling for a gold coin each, cure disease potions (E) were selling for 2 gold coins and cure status abnormality potions (E) was selling for a gold coin and 5 silver coins.

Though they were high in price overall, the price of the cure injury potion doubled.

I wonder if it’s because of the product’s high demand, the buyers being a lot richer here or for a completely different reason.

「Then I will sell them…..」

…… I was just about to thank the receptionist when suddenly, something happened inside of the guild. The uncle stares in wonder as he looks behind me.

He stands up quickly and gives an even stronger business smile than the one he gave me as he called out to a person behind me.

「Oh who do we have here! Telmano-sama, welcome!」

He uses a high pitch voice that makes my ears itchy. Of course, it is within the vocal range that the uncle should be able to put out. Both his hands were rubbing together. The custom of rubbing hands together exists even in this world, how strange and incidental.

When I looked behind me, I saw a thin man at the prime of his life. He was wearing expensive looking clothes. His mouth is curved. It’s smirking at a considerable angle.

「If you have any requests, you can always ask them from me.」

「Well, I was just around and thought I would come here for a visit.」

The uncle kept a modest attitude around the man.

「Well then, let’s go into the interior. Allow me to guide you.」

I guess there is a reception room at the back, he must be an important person.

You haven’t even finished serving me and you’re already leaving?! Is what I wanted to say but I kept my mouth shut. The business world is also about the survival of the fittest. It’s logical that the strong is given a higher priority.

Even if you take into consideration that there are manners and etiquette to follow, this man was probably someone valuable enough to disregard those type of things.

Against someone that seemed this dangerous, there is no way in hell I’m going to tell him “Hey why don’t you go wait in line for your turn!”. I just observed at a level that wouldn’t be considered impolite.

「No, I don’t mind if we do it here.」

「In order to give Telmano-sama a proper welcome, this may not be sufficient…..」

「Isn’t this the counter where you purchase potions? I came to sell potions today. Do you have a problem with that?」

「Y-Yes of course not, in that case please come over here.」

The uncle encourages the man to sit on a chair.

(As expected of the clever uncle.)

I’m impressed with this uncle’s method of handling things.

First, he recommends the important person to follow him into a private room. The moment he got refused, He recommends the room one more time but when he gets turned down again, he adapts and accepts the other person’s will.

(Recommend twice and then take a step back. This is definitely one of the “by the book methods” of dealing with a customer who has a high position in society.)

For these types of people, if you were to immediately adhere to their wishes, they will instead think that you are weak and look down on you as if you were a joke.

If you don’t listen to them for a third time, they may get angry and say “Aren’t you going to listen to me?!”.

This is quite the difficult balancing act.

「T-Then, I will have a look at the potions that Telmano-sama has made.」

Hearing the uncles voice, the man sends a signal to a person standing behind him.

I wonder if that’s his disciple or some sort of bag holder. The man politely places the long white box made of wood on top of the counter.

「Please check it.」

Saying this, he smiles with an air of superiority. The contents are probably important right?

The uncle opens the lid of the box timidly.

A pale red light leaks from the gaps of the box.


The uncle opens his mouth half wide and looks at the potion.

Not just the uncle, but even the other staff and guests of the store quickly gathered around to intently see what was inside.

Naturally, I was one of those people.

Seeing everyone so impressed by the sight, the arrogant man seemed to be very proud of himself.

「…. Please allow me to take a look.」

The uncle takes out his monocle.

Is that perhaps a magical tool? When he chanted something out, the frame of the monocle glowed lightly.

He wore it on his right eye and also used white gloves taking the potion gently into his hand.

「This is without a doubt a….. C rank potion.」

A sigh of exhilaration leaks out from the surrounding people.

It’s true, judging from the light being emitted by the potion, that is probably a cure injury potion (C). I somehow remember.

The arrogant man shows a triumphant look.

「So, how much will you pay for it?」

The uncle takes out various documents in order calculate the price.

Speaking of which, the prices on the list only went as far as E rank potions.

I am also very interested in these prices. Now then, how much will it sell for?

The uncle, proposed the amount of money he would purchase it for.

「It will come to 200 gold coins.」

The surroundings become very rowdy. I also gasp.

(The price is 2000 times more expensive than an F rank cure disease potion?!!)

My eyes are open widely and show a completely surprised expression as I look towards the arrogant man.

Seeing my face and the surrounding people react like this seems to have made the man extremely happy.

The man received all the respect and envy of the staff and guests and feeling satisfied he went home in a good mood.

The payment was of course made to his guild card.

「Excuse me for my behavior a little while ago.」

The uncle returns in front of me again.

It’s likely that he was apologizing for prioritizing that man over myself. Well, isn’t he polite.

「No, don’t worry about it. Rather, I’m quite glad that I got to see such a thing.」

Hearing my answer, the man nods as if to say “That’s quite true”.

「C ranking potions are at a legendary class isn’t it?」

I exaggerate a little. I don’t think that it would be at a legendary class at C rank but I didn’t want to risk sounding uninformed after seeing the reaction of the crowd moments ago.

「No no, we can’t really call it a legendary potion, but make no mistake that it is something we rarely get to see.」

The uncle smiles bitterly.

By the way, I changed the topic.

「I came from Land Barn where D rank potions are rarely sold so I didn’t deal with it. Is it the same here in the capital?」

I asked what I wanted to hear. I wanted to know if I could sell my D rank potions.

「No, a D rank potion is expensive but it’s not really that rare. Even at this guild, we are distributing a certain amount.」

Saying this, he showed me the purchase price list of a D rank potion.

Cure injury potion (D) sells for 10 gold coins, cure disease potion (D) sells for 20 gold coins and cure status abnormality potions (D) sell for 15 gold coins.

It’s not bad, this is not bad at all. No, in fact this is rather nice, it’s amazing.

If I put one of each kind, then my income would be 45 gold coins already.

Well, I could just sell the cure disease potion which sells for the highest, but it’s about my preference to be more balanced. I am not really pressed for money right now, so I don’t want to save more than I needed to. But since I did arrive at the capital city, I would like to have a certain amount of money to play around with.

I make a schedule for tomorrow or the day after tomorrow, in order to come back here and sell one of each kind of the D rank potions.

Afterwards I did my usual thing and asked to be recommended to a hotel before leaving the guild.



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