Chapter 13




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I managed to get back to my inn and I was lying on the bed.

Staring at the ceiling, I recall the scene from a little while ago.

At first I resented what the Elder was telling me, however I also understood that she was right on the mark.

She was hitting the bull’s-eye, that’s why I got so angry. I didn’t want to admit it.

But right now, my broken spirit can readily accept the Elder’s words which pierced right into the matter.

(・・・Ahh, it’s exactly as she says.)

Even though it’s difficult, I need to take a long hard look at myself.

I don’t want to admit it, but I had to.

From this, I want to be a human being that can become more considerate and respected by others.

I decided to leave the scars from the burns.

If I treated it with a higher ranking Cure Injury Spell, it is likely that the scars will disappear.

However, I wanted this to be a reminder for myself.

When I can be someone that is self-conscientious, that is the day I will erase these marks.

(From today onwards, it’s going to be just Cure Disease and Cure Abnormalities.)

I use the remainder of my magic limit as per my usual routine.

Even though I couldn’t find any abnormalities in my body, it was a habit to cast Injury, Disease and Abnormality Spell’s Rank A on my own body every single night because I thought it’s a waste to leave the magical limit unused.

From tonight onwards, I will only use Cure Disease Spell and the Cure Status Abnormality Spell Rank A.

(Cure Disease Spell (A) ! ・・・・・・Cure Status Abnormality Spell (A) !)

I activate my magic consecutively.

When I used the Cure Status Abnormality Spell (A) on myself, dramatic changes occur.

The fog in my mind disappears instantly.

I didn’t notice there was a fog over my mind, but now I understand it. I was covered in a thick and dense mist. My feelings also change. Feelings of thinking of myself as trash and my feelings of adoration for the Elder dampen and vanish.

I don’t know why I even thought that; it’s still a mystery to me even now.

To begin with, I didn’t do anything bad enough to be burned over and over like that.

First of all, I didn’t cause any sort of injury to that haughty girl in the slightest.

I merely climbed every mountain and obstacle and poked her continuously so that she couldn’t catch her break.

It may have been painful to her, but it’s a common story.

I worked very hard for my money, I saved up and finally arrived at this store.

Valuing my time there, I devoured her greedily.

There is no doubt, that there are many of customers just like me. There are even more people like this in the intermediate and mediocre level brothels. “I’m going to knock her out today.” While saying this, those types of customers would do their own research upon research to find a girl’s weak spots. They would polish their skills and no doubt many of them would feel the same pleasure and joy from being able to win against a girl from a store like that.

Being able to conquer a girl in a brothel is something that is celebrated about as a tale of heroism in multitudes of male driven stories.

Whether a male had experience in giving a KO, for men like us, this is something that affects the very value of our lives.

The next part is my behavior towards the Elder. I did have a strong behavior and a bit of an attitude when I interacted with her, but it wasn’t that bad compared to the other customers.

It’s also quite natural to have the thoughts of “I want to enjoy myself to the fullest”.

I did not come to a place like this to chase skirts.

A brothel is a playground that allows for such enjoyment.

Criticizing my human nature is something that is something completely unnecessary.

If their human nature is bad, then that person will be hated by others.

Indeed, pointing it out made me self-conscious about the matter and allowed me to reflect and improve myself.

I am thankful for that point towards the Elder.

However, to girls of that store, improving the customers “human nature” will not be as important as earning money.

(Was this revenge coming from that haughty girl?)

No, what I did was not something worthy of her revenge.

In my opinion, that girl probably thought about the event like this, “That was exhausting, he was really mean to me, but he was a strong customer” that’s probably the extent of her thoughts.

To begin with, being knocked down would probably be a normal occurrence at that place.

I am not even that good yet. I awakened my skills in that post-town before reaching Awoke and I made my debut in this store.

(Perhaps the Elder got angry at my attitude towards her?)

No, that reasoning is too weak.

Making a customer receive multiple burns is not something acceptable; even if she ended up healing me at the end.

If a customer lodges a complaint, even if this is a different world, I’m sure the business would run into some troubles.

From my experience being in this world thus far, I know that this world is not some savage or uncivilized world.

(She says she is concerned about my human nature?)


Would some stranger you just met ever be worried about another person’s human nature to the extent that they would catch the person and cause injury and burns just to correct their behavior?

If a person like this were to seriously exist, then that person is someone who pushes their values on to others like some religious fanatic.

In other words, there is only one conclusion left.

(It’s about money.)

She is doing it for the purpose of making funds.

It’s likely that this Elder has some sort of brainwashing power that she used on me.

However, it’s not a power she could have used if her opponent is still in a lucid state.

That’s why she planned it out.

First of all, in order to find her prey, she uses bait.

In my case, she used that haughty girl.

I don’t think that the haughty girl and the Elder are accomplices. She was easily KO’ed by me so I think it was just a convenient reason to make her the bait.

It’s likely that apart from the haughty girl, many of the girls working there would of been KO’ed by other customers.

That’s how she decides her prey.

Amongst the customers, there must be those that are proud of their skills, proud of their package or proud of their stamina.

The customers who accomplished a KO against one of the girls will no doubt have that “complete victory” attitude that they subconsciously telegraph.

This “complete victory” signal is read by the Elder and she provokes the issue.

A man who is self-conceited will easily fall for it and choose her. Just like I did.

She would also completely beat them thoroughly.

She denied everything about my manhood and uses violence to fracture my mind.

It’s probably that she used her brainwashing technique in that moment. When the person’s mind is already weakened; it’s probably an easy thing to manipulate them.

After confirming that the other party has fallen, she will speak to them in a gentle voice and heal their injuries.

The man who had been forgiven, acknowledged and healed by the Elder would be completely ruled by her.

This will make the brainwashing progress a step further.

Last but not least, she would be regularly nominated as a partner and they will promise to support her financially.

That about sums it up. Though it’s just from my own imagination, it’s probably the truth of the matter.

Reaching this answer, I felt more fear rather than just anger.

Not only am I just a person in coincidental possession of the Cure Status Abnormality Spell but also someone who have casted that very same spell on myself by chance. In honest truth, the fact that I got released from my brainwashing is just a series of fortuitous events.

If that wasn’t the case, I may have been brainwashed until all my money ran out; or even worse yet, I would have been stuck like that for the rest of my life.

I don’t have any passive abilities that resist status abnormalities.

Aside from having some recovery magic’s up my sleeve, I am just an average human being. If I encounter an enemy at some point, it’s very simple for me to die in one blow.

(Let’s run away. As soon as possible.)

I decide to ride the bus tomorrow and head towards the Royal Capital. I move my body that had barely any energy left in order to prepare myself. I manufacture my F and E ranking potions and put it into my luggage.

By the way, I casted Cure Injury Spell (S) in order to heal my scars and they have disappeared completely.

The next morning, I am outside of Awoke’s gate and at the carriage terminal. From here, I boarded the carriage heading for the Royal Capital.

Fortunately, a carriage was available and seats were also open for the taking.

Even after I got on the bus, I was not in a good mood until it started moving.

Even now I can envision in my mind as the Elder says “Oh, you’re trying to leave me behind? Where are you going?”, she would then show me her evil smile as she calls out to me. Just the thought of this makes me fearful.

Thankfully, the Elder did not show up.

For the time being, I won’t be coming back to Awoke.

In retrospect, it has been quite dangerous for me, but it was a good experience.

I need to be more careful from here on out and on top of that, I still need to be able to enjoy myself.

「Farewell, Awoke.」

Murmuring out those words, I lowered the back of my seat and entered into a sleeping position.

The energies that were deprived by the Elder did not recover immediately.

My healing magic, the Cure Injury Spell is not something that recovers stamina.

Naturally, the other two spells did not recover stamina either.

The spell I had wasn’t like those dangerous types of magic that allowed you to function 24 hours without sleep or rest if you continued casting that magic on yourself.

I arrived in one of the post-station towns.

I was mostly asleep in the bus.

When I entered my hotel, there was an invitation for one of the girls to come and “feed” me in my room, but unfortunately, I refused this time around.

I soaked my body and took my time in the bath tub, I also savored my delicious meal slowly.

I write about the recent events I experienced in a diary.

There was plenty of things for me to write about due to yesterday’s case and the time passed by quickly.

Before the day ended, I made potions.

Among the magic spells I applied to myself, I used the Cure Status Abnormality Spell at the ranking of S just to make sure.

I then crawled into bed and slept.

The next day, I also slept in the bus from the morning onwards.

When I got hungry, I ate something akin to a pork-cutlet sandwich that I got from the hotel.

I bite into some fruit and drink some milk. When I got tired, I closed my eyes and fall asleep.

In the evening, I arrive at the Royal Capital.



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  1. RPGsus

    That makes sense. It also seems that she was, in a way, a lich, or vampire. She maintained her living by “sucking people dry”, both in literal, and metaphorical senses.
    I think he should report her. Using brainwashing techniques, or maybe even mental magic on people for selfish means should be illegal. Since brothels are commonplace in this world, they should be treated as proper businesses. And if people learn that they are manipulating customers with underhanded methods and even magic, they won’t stay in service for long unless they fix said problem.

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