Chapter 145 Part 1



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The golem carriage that exits the Knight Order Headquarters.
Inside that carriage, I think as I listen to the sound of the rain.

(I should do well to have the child of a noble lose his virginity as soon as possible)

A young man with well-defined looks and wavy bangs.
There were gazes from several people when we were at the cafe.
Especially the eyes of a middle-aged female pilot that was filled with lust; I felt dangerous vibes from that.
The way she was acting, sneaking peeks as she was chatting away with her colleagues.
He will no doubt be done in if I leave him as is.

『Hey hey, a pilot should listen to what a mechanic is saying』

Her figure as she says this while doing it in a confined pilot seat. I easily imagined it.

(I must hurry)

I tell the coachman about the change of destination and head for the entertainment district.
Stopping parallel to the entrance of Jayanne, I signaled with my hands to the concierge apprentice, who came out to check out what was happening.

「I’ll leave it to you then」

I request him to tell Cool-san a message as I hand her a copper coin through the window.
I do not want to get my pilot formal wear wet no matter what.
The young man shows a smile as he grasps the coin tightly. While sending him off, the carriage turns to face my house and heads off.

(There will probably a reply soon)

I know for sure that the reply will be OK. The only thing that needs coordination is the date and the time.
The response was fast.
I went out for a bit after returning home. And when I returned to the brothel, there was a memo clipped in between the door at the entrance.
The sender is Cool-san. The contents are as I expected – anytime is fine, doing it immediately is also fine.

(I should show my face at the Knight Order Headquarters tomorrow or something)

I enter my house as I form my plan.
Thereafter is the frequent chatting time with my familiars.

「When I went to the 『Uniform Specialty Store. All the uniforms are here. Come now, you too should – conquer – the uniforms – right now!』 after a long time, guess what – there were students from the Pilot School working there」

Imosuke and the gang nod.
I felt that urge as I saw female pilots in their uniforms at the Knight Order Headquarters.
There is no real need to hold back. I just have to fulfill the urge when I feel it at a store that can do so.

「You all won’t know even if I say Wickedness to the Defeated right? I did an image play on that and it was quite refreshing」

A Pilot School uniform that is a tight fit. Tying both wrists above the head of the female student who wore that. Of course, it is a loose knot.
And enjoying her resistance that is not serious on the bed.
Unlike Ponytail with hair bear thighs, my partner this time is wearing black tights.
The undergarments that can be seen beneath the tights deep inside the tight skirt, this also is a profound taste in itself.

(This is not like Ponytail, who you enjoy by instigating her, but this is not bad)

The Kappa who has a nice collar line, her face without any trace of make-up. She looks very much like a student and I am more than open to that.

「She is bound to be like that if she becomes a pilot and loses in battle」

As a senior pilot, I pounded that body many times due to the law of the battlefield.
With her tights still on of course. Tearing it, shifting it aside, and invading thereafter.
She tried to escape by twisting her body but she could not do anything as her wrists are tied and her legs are spread wide apart.
On the contrary, her twisting movements made me feel good.

「One person would not be enough if this was the real thing」

He talked about the Beautiful Viscountess at Pseudo-Acacia as he continued thrusting.
This is the case about how she continued to enjoy the two middle-aged men day and night.
He probably overlapped the female student with that of the Beautiful Viscountess’s in his mind. All of a sudden, the light deep within the belly that I viewed through the magic eye started to sparkle brighter as the conversation continued.

(Even I can tell how scary Wickedness to the Defeated is)

It should have been for her sake as well.
She will probably be able to concentrate even better than when she is training in school if she thinks that she must not lose.
I finished telling this tale to my familiars.

「It’s because there have been no Pilot School students recently. I am overjoyed」

Imosuke and Dangorou gave their blessings as I concluded the conversation.
The night passed just like that.
Dawn came the next day and I headed for the Knight Order Headquarters to fix a meeting with Corneal.
It has been decided that it will be the day after tomorrow but I was surprised when I returned home.
There are several memos clipped in-between the door at the entrance.

(As I expected)

The sender is Cool-san. All of their contents are pressing.
Shocked, I head for Jayanne. I then requested the concierge apprentice to pass a verbal message just like yesterday.

Two days later.

「Is this the Knight Order Headquarters?」

Cool-san says, showing deep interest.
The two of us walk on a corridor inside a building, heading for the cafe. We are meeting Corneal and gang there.
We passed by Ponytail of all people along the way but we only nodded to each other and did not have any conversation.
This is not because she got a scolding from Corneal before but probably because she got overpowered by the pressure given off by Cool-san as a woman.
A beauty, stylish, and has a cool atmosphere.
Females are more sensitive to these forms of power.
She probably saw that she was no match for her and gave up on troubling us.

「Please excuse my intrusion once again」

Corneal and the child of a noble were already waiting at the cafe.
From looking at both of their expressions, the child of a noble does not seem to know why was called here. His eyes when he looks at Cool-san, who does not have a pilot’s insignia, is filled with curiousness.
After they exchanged greetings, Corneal whispered to me.

「Tauro-san. Where will you be taking the two of them after this」

He is concerned about the location.
That is because he knows that Cool-san is working at Jayanne, an extremely first-class brothel.
He is probably thinking that her mood will turn sour if the room is not at the level of those at Jayanne’s.

(However, those is no need for such worries)

Cool-san does not choose the time and place.
The person herself also says that a corner of a warehouse or even a toilet will do.
When I said this, Tauro-san stared at the side of Cool-san’s face in shock.

(Was she such a person)

Corneal tilts his head.
That is probably because that is quite removed from the image he had of her when he battled her previously.
According to Cool-san, it was before I met Corneal. It seems like they had a match and she beat him.


I realized it just then.
Cool-san looks somewhat off.

「What’s wrong?」

She does not reply when I ask and her stern face does not change.
She frowns and she is moving her nose as if she was smelling something foul.
She then shot Corneal a sharp glare.

「Skewering Whirlwind. You have eaten yes?」

That gaze is sharp and cold.
It is the kind of gaze that she will give when someone steals the sweet that she was looking forward to eat last.


A few moments later, I, who understood the hidden meaning behind Cool-san’s words, looked at Corneal in shock.
On the other hand, the child of a noble does not seem to get it.

「What are you talking about」

Corneal crosses both of his hands behind his head and averts his gaze.

「Do not play dumb」

But Cool-san’s pupils are locked onto Corneal’s eyes and does not quiver in the slightest.

「An act that is a stab behind my back, knowing full well that my expectations were heightened. I find that extremely unpleasant」

Corneal let out an exaggerated sigh and his eyes met Cool-san’s.
He then made an expression clearly imply that it is a pain while saying in an unhappy tone.

「So what if I have eaten. There’s half left so isn’t that fine」

While staring back provokingly, he thought in his heart.

(I have been through a bitter experience with her in the past. But the me now is different from the me of that time)

An A-rank Knight pilot.
I have confidence that this body has built up enough skill befitting that position.
I should be able to fight on par with, or even overpower, her.

「……Is that so」

Cool-san narrowed her eyes. That voice is extremely cold. So much so that I had a hallucination of her words freezing.
She, who has a lot of pride, has not the slightest intention of putting up with leftovers.

「Prepare yourself」

With an explosion of ice-cold anger, her aura increased all of a sudden.


A shocked Corneal.
The aura was so strong that I thought caused a physical phenomenon – the swirling winds to form.
The invisible hail engulfed the surroundings like a blizzard.
She became a totally different existence, unlike the one he thought he could 『fight on par with or even overpower』.

(So this is the skill of someone who is the overall champion of the Contest before God)

He unconsciously moved several steps backward together with his chair.
I let out a sigh as I saw this.

(My my)

Cool-san gets a boost when she deals with first-timers.
It is exactly because she has the merchandise, known as the right to eat the first-timers, that she was able to continue winning down to the last person at the Contest before God.
Cool-san is filled with anger at having her expectations betrayed.
I cannot picture anyone who can win against her right now.

「I will wring you till you break you know?」

Corneal’s face suddenly turned pale when he heard these words. Both of his inner thighs turned stiff.




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