Chapter 146 Part 1



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The Merchant Guild that is built facing the public square of the Royal Capital.
I am enjoying tea together with The Guild Master on the third floor – the top floor, in the room belonging to The Guild Master.
The topic is mainly about the cease-fire with the Empire. It has finally been signed today.

「So the war will be over with this」

The Guild Master nods at my words.

「Although it is only for now I guess」

The Empire being in the mood for it again. Or if the Kingdom, that has enough forces in the reserve, makes a move to recapture their old territory.
If either of these things happen, then a war will most likely break out.

(Nothing can be done in that case)

A sudden cease-fire that was dropped out of nowhere in the midst of the stealing of each other’s territory. The border that is drawn up is merely temporary.
It will not be a permanent matter as long as the topography is not the primary factor.

(But, even so, that is fine)

The forest garden remains as is and my familiars can still stay there.
And I am still not bored of the red-light district of the Royal Capital.

「The town that acts as a relay station between Landbarn and Auwalk. Is everything up until that region is the territory belonging to the Empire?」

That is the place where the forces from Empire set up their camps at and is also the place that I sniped.
I saw that they put in a lot of effort in its maintenance so they probably would not let it go.

「No, that region will be returned. The only place that became the Empire’s is Landbarn」

The Guild Master continued the conversation while he saw that I had a surprised expression on my face.

「Well, it is originally a town that acts as a relay station. It merely is merely an open field for families to gather. It probably has no other uses besides being a place to assemble at during an invasion」

As long as it has become a territory of another nation, the human traffic between Landbarn and Auwalk will no doubt decrease.
It may just stop functioning as a relay station entirely.

「The representative force from the Empire will show up in a few days. The Prime Minister and the Knight Order will probably not be able to let down their guard for a while」

What a shame, it seems like it will be a while before I can have fun together with Corneal.
Just like this, we spent our early afternoon going from topic to topic.

At the same time.
Built at a corner of the red-light district of the Royal Capital is a building made of white marble and bricks.
In a room that lies in the deepest part of this building, an elderly man and a young woman are conversing in a serious tone.
That building is Jayanne, one of the big three of the Royal Capital.
And the two people are namely the concierge of this store and Explosive Onee-sama.

「This is troubling」

Explosive Onee-sama let out a deep sigh.
Unbeknownst to the man, his heart reacted to the sigh of the woman, who is in her early twenties, that is filled with sorrow.
There is no doubt that, had it been anyone besides the concierge, the person would have gulped down on his saliva.
While she is the number one of Jayanne, she is also a student attending the Royal Magic Academy. An existence that can be described as a woman that is gifted in both intellect and looks.

「However this is not something that can be rejected」

The concierge also had a dark expression.
He has just returned from the Royal Palace. There, he was instructed to provide hospitality services for the forces that are representatives from the Empire.

「It seems like it is a request from the other party and they nominated you specifically」

It is a real honor to be able to take care of the state guests.
Even if that is the Empire that they were having a war with up until just recently.

(But the real problem is the members)

Explosive Onee-sama thinks.
The person that nominated her, saying, this person by all means, is that Grim Reaper

「Is he here to take revenge for that time now?」

The Holy City houses the temple for the Merchant God.
Explosive Onee-sama defeated the Grim Reaper at the offering contest that was held there.
The Grim Reaper whose name is known to the whole wide world. She who won against that person became a celebrity overnight.

「Thanks to Lord Grim Reaper, this store and you too earned huge profits. Would it not be fine to entertain him for just a bit」

There was a flood of reservations for her who became the woman of the hour.
Needless to say, the sales of the store and her revenue too increased by leaps and bounds.
Perhaps due to her being a celebrity, the chips left behind by the customers also amounts to a large sum of money.

「Well, that is true」

For her who is attending the Royal Magic Academy, the increase in revenue is something she is extremely grateful for.
With the abundance of funds, she is able to gather tools and materials by buying a large number of important materials.
And she is now in an environment that the others around her envy, repeating experiments for the sake of her thesis.

「I hear that Lord Grim Reaper has no wish to take revenge. It seems like it is quite the opposite」

「The opposite?」

The concierge nods.

「That means the wish of the other party is 『to want to be killed』」

The eyes and mouth of Explosive Onee-sama opened wide.

「What is with that, what is going on?」

「I too do not quite understand」

The concierge too had a grave expression as he shook his head from left to right.
Given his long experience in the field, this is his first experience encountering such a wish as well.

「……Very well, I shall entertain him. It is not something I can turn down after all. But please give it some thought as to how to entertain him」

Even as the concierge experienced relief that she has accepted the request, his heart does not feel any better.
That is because he does not know what the other person is specifically hoping for.
At that time, a certain person appeared in his mind.

(If it is that person, he may just know the answer)

The person that he consulted before that brilliantly pointed the solution out to him.
He stood up from his seat and left the room, he immediately flagged a golem carriage.
He then got on that and hurried to the South of the entertainment district.

(It will be good if that person is there)

The outskirts of the South of the entertainment district. In other words, the Northern end of the Downtown area.
The concierge who got the golem carriage to stop went up the stairs of the building that was right in front of his eyes.
He then knocked on the door at the entranceway.

Having returned from the Merchant Guild, I sit at the root of the Herbal Tree.
And I enjoy the scenery of the Forest Garden while chatting with my familiars.

『A guest』

As always, Imosuke tells me from the top of a branch.
We wrapped up the lively conversation we had about turtles and got up.

(I have got no idea who it is)

The fact that I fondled the chest of the drunk Cool-san the other day. Perhaps that has been found out?
No, that is not a concerning matter at all.
While thinking about it suspiciously, I headed for the entranceway.

「For you to show up so suddenly; What is the matter today?」

I said with a surprised tone at the front of the entranceway.
That is because the concierge from Jayanne visited without any advance notice.

「It has been a while」

The elderly gentleman lowers his head.
I had the concierge come in and prepared two cups of coffee.

「It has been since the matter with the rebellion of the first right」

The concierge nods when he hears my words.
It was the matter when the concierge came to me to consult about the overwhelming burning desire of a first who made a fuss demanding that Cool-san quit working at the store.
The matter was somehow contained and Cool-san is still serving customers, while keeping them to firsts only, even now.

「I truly apologize for only coming to you for consultations」

It seems like something troublesome has occurred this time around as well.
I opened the gift that the concierge brought along, took out the two shortcakes that are overflowing with an aura of classiness, placed them on two plates, and placed one plate in front of each of us.

「I see, so such a matter has」

After listening to the whole story, I answered while I poked into the cake. My style is to tackle it from the base without getting the strawberry to fall off.

(So the Grim Reaper has nominated Explosive Onee-sama)

It is a perfectly reasonable matter.
The huge turnaround at the critical moment. And after being beaten completely, he sunk into the sea of euphoria.
It is no mystery if his body and his mind became enraptured by Explosive Onee-sama.
But there is a problem with the phrase he said about wanting to be killed.



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