Chapter 158 Part 3



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At that time, a feeling that something is amiss strikes me.
How do I put it, it is like the feeling when one orders clothes made by a foreign country online, the feeling when the clothes are so big that one cannot wear them.
Even though it is the same S, M, and L, the standard is different.
I then came to a sudden realization.

(Giant Killing! So this is what it is)

Just like there are women with large melons, there are men with large things.
Come to think of it, the celebrities who are her fans. Every one of them is a person who is well-known for his size.
It is something that I am jealous of but it is a question of the extent.
If it is too large, the number of opponents dwindles and the act of playing itself becomes quite difficult.

(From their point of view, the celeb beauty is probably like a giant fit)

A giant sword that cannot fit the size of those that the average women have.
A scabbard that the owner has finally discovered that is just the right fit.

『It has to be her or it is no good』

Such words even came out of their mouths.
The second name that has been granted to the celeb beauty in reverence to her. It is only natural for that to be 『Giant Killing』.

(I am convinced)

I get all satisfied on my own. However, she was probably not satisfied that I was not moving as I was lost in thought.

「Haaa! Haaa!」

The celeb beauty lets out such sounds and started grinding her own waist.
However, this difference in width does not make it stimulating at all.

(What should I do)

Just then, I think.
Astral Sword, that which coats my gentleman with a heavenly ethereal body.
Even though it will be a sham, I should be able to fight with the celeb beauty if I make use of this.

(But this is not possible though)

Astral Sword is my ultimate secret finisher. I do not want to reveal it when my opponent is a spy from the Empire.

(What should I do then?)

There is only one answer. The same as that time with the 『Door of Sins』. Let me accomplish it through massage.
Either way, as the difference in size is too much, neither one of us will be able to arrive at the goal if things remain as is.

(Alright, I am doing this)

I flipped my internal switch and use both of my hands to rub her flank.
However, I will learn of my carelessness at that moment.
I had completely forgotten all about it. Forgotten that that sigh and voice were of those I dislike.


What is with those Ahs and Ohs, so very very annoying.
My feelings fall short of its limit and I finally broke down on the inside.

「I am very sorry」

After parting my body from hers, I got in a Seiza position on top of the bed and prostrated myself.
Ever since I came to this world, this is the first time I stopped halfway.
My feelings are all jumbled up between the apologetic feelings I have towards the opponent and the anger I feel at my weak mind.
The only thing I can do is apologize.

(This is a matter that involves the dignity of a woman. What the Spy from the Empire has to say on the matter is a separate matter)

These are my thoughts.
When I took a peek with upturned eyes to check on her reaction, the celeb beauty is clearly perplexed.

「Tauro-san, how about a change in opponents」

She was probably unable to ignore the fact that I am here with another person.
Corneal calls out with an expression that suggests that he wants to do it.
When I shot my eyes towards the celeb beauty, she has an expression that suggests that it cannot be helped as she nods.
She probably was not in the mood to stop at this point due to her pride and her occupation.
After I got Corneal to pour the potion over me, I hi-fived him and we switch.


The perverted macho jumped gallantly at the strawberry rice bowls.

Two hours later.
The two of us opened up the 『Adult Gourmet Club, Special Reflection Session』 at a stall on the street.

「Eerrmmm, today was like that right」

「Yeap yeap, it was like that」

Corneal replies to my words.
However, the two of us were speechless after that.
I open my mouth to try to say something but – next time the two of us, at the same time. Both of us were hesitant to speak and we fall silent again.
There will be a difficulty for the discussion to carry on if things remain like this. Corneal, who judged that this is the case, started to chatting in a low voice.

「Her appearance is just right up my alley though」

That looks which is not outdone even by female Hollywood actors. It is probably also due to his preference but she is quite the looker.
I threw out agreeable responses to his words.
As Corneal sees me doing this, he says a line that

「It is loose」

I nod with a grim expression on my face.
Although both of us were unable to put it into words, our thoughts were aligned.
After switching, Corneal did his best until the end.
However, that expression on his face thereafter is not joy. It is an expression that can be seen on a man who has done his due diligence, an expression that only conveys the person is extremely exhausted.

「To the people who wield large swords, she is probably a woman that is hard to come by」

That is his honest feelings.
From the eyes of the people, who have had trouble with their partners as theirs was too large to fit, they probably see her as none other than a goddess.

(It is not just her size. Her face and her style, her bearing and her voice, the preferences of a person vary from individual to individual)

Just like food, there is an infinite variety of preferences for men and women too.
There is no such thing as a supreme preference or ultimate preference.
We, whose eyes have met, let out a huge sigh.
After that, we ended the reflection session and started deliberating on how to do away with this bad experience.

On the other end, the celeb beauty.
She is in deep thought in the waiting room.

(The target broke down mentally, the person who switched in climaxed but I myself did not reach the goal even once)

If that was a match, with the included, the celeb beauty would have consecutive wins.
However, she did not have a sense that she won.

(I was unable to captivate them in the end)

This is obvious but she did not get any information regarding the Knight.
She dropped her shoulders and let out a huge sigh.

(From their reactions, it looks like they will never nominate me again)

It is hard to believe but her charm did not affect them.
This situation had left an even more bitter feeling within her than when she failed a mission.

Just then, the voice of the concierge apprentice resounded along with the sound of a knock.
After she opens the door and receives the letter, she took a look at the sender.


Although it is disguised, it is a letter from the old man who stands at the top of the Information Agency.
She opens it with a paper-knife and reads it immediately.

「A letter has arrived」

(Return, huh)

It seems like something has happened to her employer.
Therefore the plan is put on hold.

(This came at just the right time)

At this point, she no longer serves any purpose even if she remained here.
It is easier to return if it is by an order rather than returning voluntarily.
And so a few days later, even though a certain group of men felt it was regrettable, Giant Killing retired.

Let us move just a tiny bit back in time, up until the point right after the celeb beauty and Tauro had their play.
As expected, inside the closet today are Instructor Light Cruiser and the rubbernecked figure of her friend Twintail.

「How do I put it, it seems like there are no good results for now?」

Twintail, who has graduated from males, who are the sensitive type, as her sensitivity was increased by way too much, shrugged as she put her thoughts into words.
Instructor Light Cruiser, who is beside her, is silent as if she was finding the right words to say.

「Do you not feel that there is no need to go out of your way to compliment him?」

Twintail calls out.
Even if left as is, she will draw the conclusion along the lines of 『This is as expected of Tauro-sama』. That is because she knew this.
「That’s true. Today is a case of a mismatch right」

She shuts her mouth after she says this.
It is not only Tauro and his group, the atmosphere here too is also filled with air that has undergone incomplete combustion.




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