Chapter 161 Part 2



Translator: “Hakou”                             Editor: “Weasalopes”

Just before noon, when I was about to deliver the potions to the merchant guild, Imosuke called out to me.

『A guest』

When I was wondering who it was, a knocking sound came from the door and when I saw it through the peephole, a familiar face I didn’t expect to see is there.

「Lightning-san! What are you doing here?」

I was surprised because I didn’t expect to see him in the Royal capital.

「Actually, I’m going to live on the floor below for sometime」

I was surprised again with what he just said with a smile on his face.
I heard that he was dispatched to the knight order of the Kingdom.
And because of that, it seems he took his family with him and moved to the floor below me.

「Ah, also, please take this」

When I opened the rectangular wooden box, there were three wide-mouthed glass bottles inside. It contains amber mucus.

「This is… Is this honey?」

I said as I read the label on the bottle.

「This is a special product, or rather, the only product my country have」

Lightning said with a bitter smile.

「No, no, the honey product from Black Locust is pretty famous, you know?」

That was a fact.
It’s known as good quality honey. Recently, I’ve come across it in various stores.
Lightning looks happy to hear that.

「I will bring my wife and kid with me on a later date, so I will come to greet you again that time. We’ll be in your care from now on」

「Yes, me too」

We shook our hands.
After that, I left home and headed for the merchant guild.
I deliver the potions as usual, receive the payments in my guild account, and have lunch at the stalls in the town square.

(Let’s stop going to brothel for now and go back home instead)

Normally, I would go straight to brothels after lunch, but today Lightning came to visit.
If he’s still in the process of moving in, then I should probably help him with that.
Thinking so, I hurriedly headed home.

「Oh? You finished already?」

As I climbed the stairs, I met Lightning and his family. His wife holds a child in her chest. He’s at the age of a kid that could barely walk by himself.

「Yes, we don’t have much luggage with us after all」

Hearing Lightning’s words, I took a little peek inside the room from the entrance. It is just as he says, there seemed to be extremely few things.
Then I say hello to his wife.

(Hmm… She’s average, I think?)

No, if I were to be honest, she’s lower than average.
I know it’s extremely rude, but that’s what I think after seeing his wife.
It’s something bad to say, but it’s okay as long as I don’t say it out loud. I’m free to say anything as long as I only keep it inside my heart.

(Now then, what should I do for today?)

There seems to be no need to help Lightning, so should I go to a brothel now?
When I go back to my room and think about that, I hear a footstep going up the stairs. When I took a peek from the entrance, it turned out to be Lightning.
Looks like he finished moving in.

「I got chased out by my wife…」

He said with an embarrassed smile.
It seems that he was told to go somewhere because he was in the way.

「I see… Then, how about a drink at my place?」

I invite him in and prepare two cups of coffees.
I also arrange the plain crackers I bought on a plate and serve the honey I just got from him.

「So the rooftop turned into a garden, isn’t it?」

Lightning looks at the garden forest with dazzling eyes.

「Yes, in exchange my room is a lot smaller compared to the room in the floors below but… I wanted a garden no matter what, so…」

I answered as I brought a cracker smeared in honey into my mouth.
When I said that, Lightning had an impressed look on his face.

「Ohh… Is that a forest sage?」

It seems that he found Imosuke in the shade of one of the leaves. It’s pretty eye-catching.

「You know about them?」

Lightning nods.

「Our country is close to the spirit forest after all. I’ve seen one a long time ago on the outer edge of the forest」

Certainly, it’s not that far from Black Locust. If you go northwest across the Empire, you will find the spirit forest.

「The existence of a forest sage is evidence of a rich forest. Or so I heard」

There, Lightning looks a little disappointed.

「However, there aren’t any living in our Black Locust forest, you see?」

I listen to his talks.
In northern countries, forest sages are considered to be auspicious spirit beasts living in rich forests.
The voice coming out from his mouth when he talks about it filled with respect for the spirit beast.

(If it’s Lightning, then it’s probably alright to introduce them to him)

We’re going to be neighbors on different floors from now on.
I can also trust his character. Besides, I also wanted to brag about my family.

「Please wait a minute」

I went out to forest garden and called out to Imosuke with a low voice.

「Is it okay if I introduce you guys?」

Their reply is as usual.
They’re fine if I’m alright with it.

(If so, let’s go then)

I returned to the room and took Lightning to forest garden.
Then I pointed to Imosuke chilling on the branch with my palm.

「This is my family. Its name is Imosuke」

「Pleased to meet you, I’m Lightning. I will be living on the floor below for some time, best regards」

He said with a serious tone while smiling.
Imosuke must’ve been happy to be treated with respect. There’s no bad feeling coming from him.

「Ah, also, the fact that it only lives in a rich forest, it’s actually the opposite. It is because a forest sage live in it that the forest become rich」

Lightning nods at my words.

「In fact, the one who take care of this garden is actually this Imosuke here」

It must have been a surprising story for him.
He got speechless for a moment and let out an impressed expression after looking around the forest garden.
After that, he praised our forest garden.
While Imosuke on the other hand, is happily lifting his upper body.

「Also, there’s one more I’d like to introduce」

I lift Dangorou, which crawls out from under the flat stone, with both hands and point it in front of Lightning.

「This one also a spirit beast, its name is Dangorou」

Lightning stares at Dangorou in front of him.

「I don’t know anything about this one due to the limited information it has, but this one also an amazing spirit beast isn’t it?」

Then he did the same polite greeting as before.

「Well, it usually buried itself inside the ground after all. I don’t think you will come across them as often as forest sage which hangs out on trees’ branches」

「I see. If forest sage enriches the forest, then this one enriches the soil, huh?」

Lightning nodded in understanding.
In my hand, Dangorou turned at me. Looking all happy.

(Dangorou has been persecuted by the elves all this time after all)

He must’ve never received praises like this before.
Lightning with a gentle smile and respect for the spirit beast. They seem to completely like him.
I immediately received a request from them to share the Pomelos with him.

「Yes, yes, alright」

I took a few pomelo and took Lightning back inside the room. Then I treat him to it.

「I have never eaten a fruit as good as this before!」

I and the members of the garden are smiling at those words.
I gave him two of the fruits as souvenirs and saw him off with my kins at the entrance.
By the way, he seems to be unaware that the heavy lancers are heavy lancers because they were small.
His opinion after seeing them was, 「I have never seen such creatures before」.

「Ah, right, Dangorou… You didn’t cause any troubles for the floor below didn’t you?」

I feel like they have said something about 「I dug a hole」 or 「I did my best」 when we were talking about the medicinal tree.
You must avoid digging through walls and pillars so the building wouldn’t collapse.

『It’s okay』

It’s an instant answer. I decided to trust what it said.

「Do you guys want to lick it too?」

I changed the topic.
I hold a bottle of honey Lightning gave me in front of them.

「You don’t want to? Is that so」

Their reaction was negative.
As I thought, it seems that I am not good at this kind of thing.

(I want to go to brothels with Lightning someday if there’s a chance)

I thought while putting my kin on my head and shoulders and stepped into the forest garden.
Then I can watch the real Lighting sword in person.
Watching the battle of Werewolf onee-san versus a human bullet sounds quite interesting.

「I bet that’s going to be fun」

I put down Imosuke and Dangorou in their favorite places while smiling.




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