Chapter 166 Part 1



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Strong sunlight shines down from above and the sounds of Cicadas too come from the trees above.
This place is the Royal Magic Academy at the Royal Capital.
Despite being situated on the Eastern side of the Royal Palace that is the center of the Royal Capital, there is still much greenery on its grounds.
Built among this greenery is a white-walled building with a roof that has a steep inclination. A single beauty is performing research in a room within this building.

(There is no mistaking it)

The experimental tool consists of pipes that are linked in a complicated way that makes a bubbling sound.
In front of this is a thick book that has been left open.
Her age is approximately before or after the number twenty. An excellent style and a mature air.
Standing at the top of Jayanne and attending the Royal Magic Academy, she is the female genius, Explosive Onee-sama.

(It might not be that but there is a possibility that it is a subspecies or a species linked to one it originates from)

She silently closes the book and heaved a sigh.
What started this matter was the mysterious fruit that her coworker got hold of.
After she dug in, she realized that its color, its shape, and its scent are all close to one of the fruits described in reference books.
The name of that fruit is 『Ambrosia』. An existence that has gone extinct and only its legends remain.

(The one who brought that there is most likely that man)

Feeling that she needs to meet her coworker, she asks for the coworker in the waiting room.
Her coworker has stubbornly refused to tell her anything about the source of the fruit but she is about ninety percent sure that she is right.

(I have a feeling that it would not be weird for him to be holding on to the Ambrosia)

A character that breaks the laws of common sense in many areas.
From that day onwards, Explosive Onee-sama has been conducting research on the Ambrosia.
The Magic Academy, the library, she has thoroughly searched through any places with books and has compared their descriptions of the fruit among one another.
And what she got was the answer earlier.

(It looks like it is no longer possible to progress any further. As expected, there is no choice but to get my hands on it)

Explosive Onee-sama swallows her own spit.
If the owner of the fruit is that man – Doctor Slime, then there is only one way.
She closed her eyes and slowly took in deep breaths. She then set her sights straight on reality.

(I will have him hand it over if I win. Is that a good idea?)

If he accepts the challenge, the order of the reservation will be changed by bringing it all the way to the front. There is no doubt that he will latch on if I give out such a condition.
He showed much disappointment when he was unable to make a reservation then. She had heard about this from the concierge.

(But is it possible to win? For me to win)

That is the biggest question.
Imagining the time when she lost sent shivers throughout her body that made her feel ecstasy.
She used both of her arms to hug her own body and endured the shiver for a while.

(I will triumph! I have to!)

She shook her head and clapped her cheeks lightly to motivate herself once again.
This goes to show how earnest Explosive Onee-sama is with her thoughts on the bet regarding the Ambrosia.

(I must immediately gather information on that man. I should also talk to the concierge about this)

She finished up her experiment and started going about her work.
During the morning, she carries out experiments at the Royal Magic Academy for her graduation thesis. She then works at Jayanne starting in the afternoon.
Explosive Onee-sama has led such a lifestyle recently.

The summer sunlight shines down on the Forest Garden.
The time now is a little before the evening.
I am sitting down with my back leaning against the trunk of the Herbal Tree and with Imosuke on my head.

「I would have liked to show both of you too. As expected, the A-rank was amazing」

A few days ago when I went to spectate the battle in the territory of the Count of the East. I recounted what happened there to the both of them.

「With the swing of a sword, the castle wall scattered in all directions as if it exploded」

Imosuke used its wart legs to hit me lightly, providing some form of response to my words. That sensation feels good.

「It was also fast and also had high defensive capabilities. It did not even run away from a considerable number of magic attacks」

By the way, the only person I am conversing with is only Imosuke. It seems like Dangorou will come here after maintaining the soil so it will be a little late.

「Eh? Did the Skewering Whirlwind spin wildly over and over you ask?」

It seems like it remembered as I often bring Corneal up as a topic during conversations.

「That’s a given, he skewered the enemy Knight all the way through and spun wildly over and over」

I stretched one of my hands, rotating it as if I am turning a plate. In reality, he did not actually fight a Knight but Imosuke will probably allow some form of dramatization.

「And then, the leader of the enemy that even the A-rank Skewering Whirlwind could not catch wind of. Lightning defeated that person. And what’s more – he did it in one hit」

Imosuke was overjoyed after hearing about the tales of Corneal. It hit my head repetitively.
It seems like it was satisfied after I provided a slightly detailed explanation. I was asked about another character.

「Ponytail? Ermmm, let me think, she did her best」

As expected of the head of the familiars, it has all of the characters that I talked about in its head.
When questions of such a degree are asked, it makes answering them fulfilling. It can be said that Imosuke has quite the conversational skill.
There is no longer any content to bring up regarding Ponytail and Big Boobs Kappa-chan*. I will be troubled if I get retorted so I change the topic.

「By the way, is there like anything you would like me to get at the place I am going to?」

Actually, there is something that I am curious about.
Right after I reached home after returning from the territory of the Count of the East. I had sensed a strong gaze from both of my familiars.
How do I describe it; It is like a gaze that one’s niece and nephew give when one visits the house of one’s relatives to give one’s greetings during the New Year. I had a feeling that it was similar to that.

(Would it be better if I buy them a gift in situations where I go out for an extended period of time)

I am not reluctant to buy them gifts but honestly, I do not know what gifts would make them happy. That is why I asked that question.

「……There is no need to mull over it. It is alright to tell me when you have something in mind」

It seems like they were not expecting a gift.
I shook my head lightly signaling as such to Imosuke that is on top of my head. And in some sense, I changed the topic to the main topic for the day.

「By the way, I have something I want to consult you about, will you listen to me for a bit」

Imosuke, that reacted to the question asked, slowly crawled down to my cheek.

「Actually, there is someone I want to share the Pomelo with」

This is a recent matter that happened when I was playing with Mama-san at the medium class brothel just now. I was told by the people working at the store that the concierge from Jayanne was calling for me.
I quickly got on my feet and showed up.

「Actually, there is something I would like to consult you about」

She straightened her back. The air given off by the concierge is the very definition of first-class.
What he said was that it seems like Explosive Onee-sama has an earnest desire – wishing that I hand over the Pomelo.
The Pomelo that I shared with Cool-san. It seems like she liked it very much after she tasted it.

「Could you wait for a while for my reply」

I personally do not mind but this Pomelo is a product of the Forest Garden. As expected, I would like to get the opinions of my familiars.
I temporarily put it on hold and returned home.

「Eh? The faster the better you say?」

It seems like they will be gone soon as the season is about to end.

「I see」

The season of a fruit that I like ends.
I am reluctant but this is all part of nature. I am sure Imosuke and Dangorou will bring a new crop to the Forest Garden.

「So you do not mind that I am giving it away yes?」

It seems like this matter is not even a problem for Imosuke. Come to think of it, me passing the Pomelo to Cool-san was also something that my familiars suggested to me.

(That was also the case for Lightning)

One that is not rare, a common kind of Spirit Beast. Lightning who showed utmost respect to Imosuke and Dangorou who are such creatures.
The two of them were in high spirits after that and sang in unison that Pomelos should be presented to him.
There is no issue should there be anyone I want to pass it to. It is probably somewhere along those lines.

「But Explosive Onee-sama sure is a serious person」

I am fine with handing it to her no strings attached but the other side has said to hand it over if she wins.
Additionally, if I accept the challenge, my reservation will be prioritized.

「Well, although to me, this is something I wished for and it was granted」

A situation where the reservation has been made but I have to wait for several months. A situation where I can only sigh at.

「Also, the challenge will be on a day when she has the day off from work」

The line of people who had reservations and are waiting for their turn that stretches out endlessly. The plan was not to squeeze me into that line but to have it take place on one of her days off.

『It is at my convenience after all. I will not inconvenience the people who are waiting』

It seems like Explosive Onee-sama had answered as such when asked by the concierge.

「Well, I would say that that is very much like her」

A glamorous beauty with a needy body but there are signs of her showing consideration for others.


When I happen to take a look, I spot Dangorou slowly heading over here.
A short and round body. Its speed is not that fast even when it is moving eagerly.
Seeing it do that soothes my heart.




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