Chapter 175 Part 2



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「If the existence of the World Tree has been confirmed, we will have no choice but to do that. However, there is no proof as of yet, it is merely a guess. It is still too early for us to go so far as to throw away our benefit of trade to roll the dice」

Among the many that nod their heads, the old lady shakes her head with much vigor.

「There is no doubt that it is at Landbarn. It is there for sure. We will not make it in time if we do not hurry」

The location immediately becomes noisy as the High Elves started expressing their own opinions one after another.

「For the Empire to not have noticed would mean that the reason that they attacked Landbarn is not because the Ambrosia is there」

「Even though it may be somewhere does not mean that the location has to be limited to Landbarn」

「We must secure our true objective in one fell swoop. Even if we attack Landbarn, there will be no meaning if the World Tree is not there」

Just then, a shrill voice that is ear-piercing resounded throughout the room.

「Would it not be fine to just attack the place that has it once again!」

A belittling expression appeared on the face of the old lady.

「They will probably be on their guard, it will not be as easy as the first time」

「The human race is just one that we can win with whatever we have!」

The old lady screams once again but no one nods.

「Why have we Elves aimed for Landbarn? Leading them to think about this would be like stirring up the hornet’s nest」

「That is right. I cannot bear to see this being the trigger for them, who have not noticed the World Tree up until now, to find it」

「That is why I said that the human race is one that we can win with whatever we have!」

The old lady is annoyed that her opinion did not get through to the others. She repeated the same words so much so that she bit her own lip.
The chairman, with a firm expression on his face, hit the table once and declared.

「We will now take a vote」

Looking around in a circle at the High Elves that are seated on their chairs, he continued speaking.

「We should invade Landbarn at once. Those who think that, stand up」

The old lady, the High Elf beside her, that is as thin as dry wood, and a few other High Elves stood up.

「Then next is to conduct an investigation of Landbarn and decided based on the investigation. Those who think that, stand up」

Including the fat High Elf, most of the others stood up.
On the other hand, the old lady and the old man, that is as thin as dry wood, had a bitter expression on their faces.
Those that did not stand up for either crossed their hands and closed their eyes.

「Then it is decided. Those who are in charge of handling information are to stay. The rest are dismissed!」

With a few of them remaining, the rest stood up from their seats all at once.

「You coward」

The old man that is as thin as dry wood purposely spat out those words as he was passing by the back of the chairman.
The chairman acted as if he did not hear those words and did not react to them.
The old man clicked his tongue and left the room together with the old lady.

(Act if the chances are high. It is not that I am acting timid. This is called being cautious)

The chairman only said these words within his own mouth and they did not reach the ears of those in the surroundings.
The actions to take moving forward was decided almost immediately on the spot.

「Listen well, concentrate on conducting the investigation using wind spirits around the surroundings of Landbarn」

Hearing the chairman say these words, the High Elves that are in charge of collecting information nodded without saying a word.
Rather than the investigation of the World Tree which has not seen results, he thought that they should focus on that direction instead.

「That and, I would like the confirmation of not only the spirits but the people of the Elven race themselves」

It is regretful but he found himself with no choice but to nod to those words.

『Are you saying that the investigation done by my spirit cannot be trusted?!』

If it was before, he would probably have got on his case.
However, the investigations that he had absolute faith in has ended with the search of the World Tree.
A gap so large that it cannot be ignored learned as a result of the observation of the mana gained and used by the world. Even though that is the evidence that supports the existence of the World Tree, it has not been found even until now.

「Are any of our brethren at that land? There are probably none」

The Elves do stay in the major towns of the human race. However, towns in the frontier region like Landbarn are not included.
It is not possible for the Elven race, with their small numbers, to cover that many towns.

「Where is the person that is the closest?」

「I would say that will be the Royal Capital of the Kingdom」

「Make that person head over immediately」

The Elf that brought over news of the Elixir earlier. He pointed at that man.

「May I ask to what point can I say regarding what I was hearing just now?」

The World Tree, the Ambrosia, and Zaratan. Only certain individuals within the Elven race know about these topics.
And the major towns of the human race that are at many places around the world, the Elves that blend in and live there.
They are commoners. Of course, they know nothing.

「Hmm, right about the point where we think the Ambrosia is around the outskirts of Landbarn」

The Elf nods and hurriedly exits the meeting room.
After seeing him off with his eyes, the chairman spoke in great detail with the High Elf in charge of collecting information regarding the contents of the investigation.
When the conversation is about wrapped up, there is a soft noise, the sound of someone running up the stairs right outside of the meeting room.
After some time has passed, the figure of the Elf from earlier appeared, breathless from running up the stairs earlier.

「None of our brethren are at the Royal Capital?」

The chairman was shocked when he heard that report.
The capital city of the Kingdom, the Royal Capital. He had not thought that there would be no one there.

「Yes, they have moved out of the store」

「Where did they go?」

「That is, they went to various places from joining stores set up by brethren from other nations to help out merchants. The only thing is that none of them have returned to the village」

「To think that no one is at the capital city of an important nation. This cannot be allowed. What in the world has the village been managing」

The body of the Elf drew back when he heard those words, said in an irritated voice.

(The problem will not be solved even if I yell at the person in front of me. I must think of an alternative solution)

Just then, an idea flashed across his mind. The occupation that the Elf said just now.

「Let’s make a request to the merchants」

People from the human race as their opponents and people who travel about selling the daily goods of the village at that.
If it is those people, they would probably also have the experience of traveling to Landbarn. If they are close by, it would only take a while for them to reach Landbarn.

「Contact the merchants who are in the vicinity of Landbarn. And investigate the surroundings of the Death God」

The Elf gave a swift reply and ran down the stairs once again as he headed for the village.

Far South-East of the Elven village.
The entertainment district of the Royal Capital. At the back entrance of a certain brothel is a farewell scene.

「Say, you are going no matter what? Will you not change your mind?」

A young woman with Twintails said while furrowing her eyebrows anxiously.
In front of her is a person, who is prepared for a journey, with a huge bag with a small wheel attached at the bottom.

「Yes, I think that I should train myself from the bottom up before I meet Tauro-sama」

The person who is smiling is also a young woman.
Even with the kind air, which she was emitting, there is also an air of coolness emanating from her.
From now onwards, she plans to head to the other nations for training.

「Where else do you need to train on?」

She smiles silently even at the words that Twintail said with a slightly astounded expression on her face.

「Since the date has already been set, I do not have much time left」

「There is no helping it. Make sure you return safely」

Knowing that the determination of her friend is unwavering, they exchanged a brief hug.

「I am sure that there is bound to be something I can learn. I will teach you too when I return」

「It’s alright. There won’t be a chance to use it anyway」

As she whispers into her ears, Twintail shakes her head.
Her customers are men who are sensitive. There will be no opportunities to utilize the new anti-Doctor Slime technique on these men.

「Well then, shall we be off」

Some distance away, the concierge who was looking at the both of them called out.
At his side is a golem carriage that is waiting for her to board.

「Do you not need to tell her?」

He was referring to her other close friend. The Werewolf Onee-san.

「Yes, after all, if I tell her, it feels like she will follow me all the way to beyond this nation」

An apologetic expression appears on her face.
Even with her appearance that is of a career woman who is mentally strong, the Werewolf Onee-san has a lonely side to her.
It felt very likely, after the reluctant farewell, that she would chase after the back of the carriage.
And the frightening thing is that it is not impossible for her to do with werewolf abilities.

「Stay healthy. It might be something that need not be said when it comes to you, but remember not to push yourself」

When she hears those words, Light Cruiser-sensei smiled just like the blooming of a flower.

「I understand」

Just like this, Light Cruiser-sensei departed on a journey to train herself.



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