Chapter 176 Part 2



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「Does it seem like you will be able to prepare for that time when it comes? Money, people; Feel free to request any of these. You do not have to hold anything back」

She is in a position where she supervises the Crafting Guild.
She stands up and gave a deep bow. She did not voice out the need for more budget or people.

「The future of the Imperial Empire lies with the work you are doing. I am counting on you」

The middle-aged woman who has a chiseled face replies in a husky voice. The color of her face was closer to that of blue than it is to white.

The stage shifts far to the East from the Imperial Empire to the Royal Capital of the Kingdom.
Over there lies a chic building, with white as its main color, built facing the main street of the entertainment district. It is the building of one of the Big Three, Jayanne.

「The information on the spy from the Imperial Empire that you told me recently has helped out a lot」

I am intruding on the waiting room that is located at the back of the first floor. And the person sitting in front of me is Cool-san.

I came to look at the face of my subordinate while I had some business to attend to here. By the way, by business, I mean pressing her about when I can meet with the Instructor Light Cruiser.

「I see」

From the eyes of other people, they probably see this expression of hers, which does not change, as the sign that she is indifferent about this matter. However, I know her too well and I understand.
Cool-san is currently in a good mood.

「Firsts, it looks like the catches are coming one after another」

「……You were able to tell」

While saying this, Cool-san touches one side of her cheek with one of her hands.

(But this is no different than before though)

Even though she is a beauty, this is such a waste.

Not realizing these thoughts of mine, she proceeds to talk about the details of the catches.

「Ohhh, the smelting place for minerals huh」

The first person that got caught by her net was a young person working at that place.
The story goes that he clutched the special bonus he just got from his job as he set foot in the brothel that is of the highest class.

(That is because the repair of the Knights and construction of the Knights are occurring one after another recently)

The smelting place creates the resources that are used for the repair and the construction. There is no doubt that there will be a sudden increase in recruitments for people to work at the smelting place.

「He felt extremely good」

Cool-san laughs eerily with her eyes alone.
It seems like she pulled off a combination play with the concierge to fish out one of the first-timers from the mass of customers that visited the store.

「Provide the service at an extremely cheap rate that is limited to the first-timers who work at the smelting place you say?」

It seems like she had this idea so she suggested it to the young one.

This became a rumor that spread around and the people, who worked at the same place as him, visited the store day after day.

「You did a good job convincing the concierge to accept providing the service at such a price」

「That is because the amount of customers I serve from the store did not change at all」

It seems like she reduced her share of customers in order for the concierge to accept her offer.
「To be able to get that much experience at that cheap of a price. It is certainly like a dream」

With her expressionless face that is falling apart moment by moment, she stares ecstatically into blank space.
Their levels of virginity are so high that it cannot be compared to the people who are of the same age as them and it seems like, on days where she did more of them, she did as many as three of them in a day.

(People of the same kind call for their friends who are of the same kind. No, a person who is a first-timer will know another person who is a first-timer as well)

What an outstanding strategy.

(Even so, to think that rather than the fees being reduced, there is actually a compensation for that)

The reason she showed up at the brothel is not because of work but rather it is for her interest.
No, it is her way of life, or it may even be the objective in her life itself.
Looking straight ahead at what she wishes for and continuously making progress towards it without ever losing her way. This is as expected of Cool-san.

「There are times when people who are outliers are mixed within the first-timers but that cannot be helped」

It is still a fact that they are visiting the shop for the first time so it seems like she still does it with them without ever turning them away.
The price that she has to pay in order to get her hands on the firsts. She seems to think of it this way so it seems like that is not a problem.

「However, people who are firsts are starving right? If you do it with people like them every day, will your body be alright?」

These people do not know how to control the amount of force they are using so there should be cases where she was treated quite roughly.

「There is no need for you to worry. The way that I have been trained myself up is very different after all」

However, Cool-san is very composed.

I decided not to ask her about what method she used to train herself up. A gentleman does not pry into the efforts put in by a lady.

「And it is also not limited to the young ones as well」

While continuing to speak, a smile that seems to be full of meaning appears on the face of Cool-san.


A small surprise leaks out from my mouth.
This world where the culture for fetishes is immersive. At the Royal Capital, there are various stores that range from high-class brothels, like the Big Three, to cheap stores managed by the organization known as the Lucky Adventurers of the Business Industry.
Excluding the exceptions like the Old man of the rental bookstore, I thought that everyone would have already graduated from being a First when they were young.

「When working at the smelting place, there are cases like the skin becoming rough, the smell of the skin being like that of chemicals due to chemicals from the smelting place lingering on the skin and much more. It seems like he is as kind of a person as he is reserved around woman and he settles these matters on his own.」

「……I see」

Now that she says it, it is not that I do not understand.
While looking at me as I place my hand on my chin while I nod, Cool-san opens her mouth to speak.

「The person that came just the other day was one who is in the middle of his forties」

It seems like that man, whose hair had become thin and was rather overweight, has no confidence in himself at all.
In front of Cool-san, who is a high rate beauty, the only thing he could do is act as reserved as he possibly could.

「He was so very adorable」

Cool-san makes an expression on her face as if she was having the dream of her life.
It seems like that had set her maternal instinct and her sadistic side on fire.

「I could not help myself and I went all out」

The expression that surfaced on her face was the smile of a beast that has just finished eating its fill of a sumptuous meal.
I felt an unsettling feeling well up within me and asked how the partner was doing. And it was the answer I was expecting; he was in an extremely bad condition.

「He did not regain consciousness even after evening came, even up until the time when the store was about to close you say?」

There is no doubt that the soul of that man is in high spirits somewhere.

「Will that be alright?」

When I lost to her at the Holy City, I too experienced a sensation similar to that of a near-death experience.

I was happy in my own way that I got to experience that feeling, but I cannot imagine what would have happened if I did not manage to come back down.

「Y-yes, probably」

A reply that is not a clear answer.
When I asked about it, she mentioned that she left the rest to the concierge so she did not know about the rest.
I let out a huge sigh.



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