Chapter 177 Part 2



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Thinking of the order of events, the cheeks of the headmaster loosened further.
It is already a well-known story that Explosive Onee-sama defeated the Death God at the Contest before God held at the Holy City.
The Death God, who is at the top of the world ranking. The Death God probably thought that he who lost to a nameless woman should not leave it as a loss.

(However, he lost again)

She, who got her hands on the fruit at the end of a fierce battle, said that.
That the symbol of the military force of the Empire has once again lost to a student of the academy. That was so thrilling that the headmaster applauded for the young woman in his mind.

(That very Death God has been defeated by the same opponent twice. It is not impossible but he would not want to make this matter known to the public)

He probably strongly wished for her not to disclose that matter to the public in exchange for giving her the thing that she desires.

「The fortunate thing is probably the Death God himself not realizing the actual value that the Ambrosia has. However, if he stays within the Empire, then it is probably only a matter of time before he finds out about it. Until then, we must do whatever it takes」

The expression on the face of the headmaster becomes stiff.
While gazing at the stiff expression of the headmaster, Thermano opens his mouth that was bent on one end.

「We have no choice but to put our hopes on the seeds for now」

The ingredient, that Explosive Onee-sama received. Included among them are several seeds.
Currently, they have been handed over to a professor who specializes in plants. The professor is now trying, with utmost caution, to see if he can cultivate them.

「That is true, the technique of cultivating medicinal plants for our country is a step ahead of the other countries. There is no doubt that we will be able to pull it off」

The two of them nodded to each other.

The provincial town of the Kingdom, Auwalk.
Located at a place West of the Royal Capital that takes the fixed schedule golem carriages two days to reach.
Within the Merchant Guild of that town, a female merchant, with long straight hair that is like the color of chestnuts, walks around.
Though her chest is modest in size, she was tall, the figure of a model.

「A letter? Thank you」

While receiving a sealed envelope from the employee, she gives the employee a smile in return.
A loose smile appears on the face of the employee, who is a middle-aged man. Of course, he did not forget to casually touch her hand when handing over the sealed envelope.
After the female merchant left, the next merchant, who is a middle-aged man, that went up to the counter calls out to the middle-aged employee.

「She sure was a beauty huh」

「Her style is good as well. Have a look, the position of her rump is right over here」

The middle-aged employee raised both of his hands to his chest.
The merchant, who is a middle-aged man, turns back, managing to have a glance at the figure of the back of the female merchant who was just about to head outside. Seeing this, he whistled once.

「As expected, Elves are amazing」

「And what’s more, the long ears of theirs, there is a rumor going around that those are actually an erogenous zone for them. Maybe they will become heated when those ears of theirs pinched?」

The two of them get excited among themselves as they let out indecent laughs. They do not have any experience with Elves.

「Darn it, I really wanna do them」

「Take a day off and have a trip to the Royal Capital. There is a store that will entertain you right? If I recall it’s called 『Froy』 or something」

「There’s no way I can take one. I am so jealous of you, you are heading to the Royal Capital after this right?」

After hearing these words from the middle-aged employee, the merchant, who is a middle-aged man, let out a noticeable scowl on his face.

「I have no money. I have recently been eating only fast food or at stores that have discount coupons」

The two of them continued their enjoyable conversation up until another customer approached the counter.
On the other side, the female merchant with long straight hair that is like the color of chestnuts, who left the Merchant Guild earlier.
Sitting on the chair of a parasol at the public square, she orders a drink.

「What could this be」

A sealing wax that has the seal of the World Tree. After admiring it for a while, she puts it under the Sun and sees that the sealed envelope has become somewhat translucent.
Of course, doing that does not allow her to know what is written on the letter in the sealed envelope.
After the iced tea has been taken to her, she uses a knife to cut the sealing wax and took out the letter.

「Hmm, the Ambrosia?」

High-ranking ancient characters, that are difficult to understand, line the face of the letter. After giving that a read once, she murmurs.
She has heard of it as well. That which has been called the Fruit of God, the fruit that mostly appears only in legends.

『Head for Landbarn, collect information on the Ambrosia using the top-secret route. The key lies with the pilot from the Empire, the Death God』

The contents of the letter are written as such.

「There are no problems in heading there」

Next on her list of plans is to head to the Royal Capital, which she has not visited in a long time.
Over there, she thought of visiting a brothel that is managed by people from the same race and having an Elven male console her body.
However, that can be done after the matter in Landbarn is over.

「After all, the store won’t run」

She has no qualms about obeying the instructions given in the letter.
Requests from the village are something they must carry out after all.

「And this time, the request is directly from the High Elf-sama himself」

She lets out a soft whistle.
High ranking existences that one will not have many chances to see even when one is at the Elven village. High-ranking Elves, that have gathered under a building built at the tree trunk of the World Tree.
A request from them is something that she rarely hears about.

「It is an extreme honor. Let me put my all into carry out this request」

Just then, she let out a playful smile.

「The Death Scythe (Scythe) of the Death God. I would like to have a taste of it if possible」

She, who has slept with people from the human race time and again as a bonus after business negotiations. However, she found that she was never able to find much satisfaction from this.
She regularly visits the store managed by people from her race to seek comfort from the long thing that the male Elves have.

「Will he be able to satisfy me I wonder, I don’t even need the money」

After she finished drinking, she stands up. Linking both of her hands behind her head, she walks across the public square in a relaxed manner.

The place shifts from Auwalk to the South.
There lies a plot of land that fell to ruin, filled with rocks and pebbles. Although there are several kinds of magical beasts living there, there are no inhabitants there who are human.
Right now, in this land, a fissure is occurring even when there is no sound being emitted.
It did not stop at one crack, cracks appear one after another. Their directions are not fixed as well.
They spread in what could be best described as both horizontally and vertically.

「Caw! Caw!」

The birds that have sensed the anomaly jumped up from the earth and flee towards the sky.
The countless fissures that appeared in the wasteland drew a huge circle with their lines.


An eerie silence that rules over the surrounding area. Now, even the sound of the birds has died down.
After a short while, an overly low voice echoes. The ground starting from the center of the circle slowly collapses inwards.
The area – a diameter of a thousand meters. The depth is probably about several hundred meters as well.
Due to how large the scale of the circle was, the collapse into the earth looked just like it was occurring in slow motion.

「What is this? This shaking?」

The path that cuts straight through into the middle of the forest. An old lady is progressing on the path on a small golem carriage.
She clicks her tongue and stops the golem carriage. As something happened to the wheels on the left and right of the golem carriage, she could not progress in the direction she wanted to go.

「I sure hope it did not fall off」

Her face, which is full of wrinkles, showed signs of being worried, as she turned to face the compartment where the goods were stored. Stored there is a bag filled with items like fruits from trees and bundles of herbs tied together with strings. Every one of them can be harvested in this area.
Just as she feels relieved, a thing that she is not used to seeing at the back of her vision.

「Is that a cloud? But it is quite filthy」

To the South, a giant smoke is currently rising. Its color is the color of deep ocher.
The old lady stares at it without saying a word.
Once she covered herself with her hood, she covers her nose and her mouth with the scarf she took out.
At the next moment, a squall with sand mixed in with it arrives from the South. It was so strong that even as she remained in the forest, she felt as if she was about to be blown away.


The wind blows past her after tens of seconds.
Her vision that was robbed by the cloud of sand slowly recovers as well.
The old lady strongly pulls on the reins, she turns the head of the golem to face the direction of the smoke. The shaking of the earth has long since stopped.

(Putting my body in harm’s way due to my curiosity. It is just that I am already not at the age to do that)

With a certain expectation in her chest, she thinks in her head.
What appears in her mind is the figure of an old person with a small build that looks similar to that of a goblin.

(If I have some good information to tell, I might even be able to get a reward)

How many years have passed since the last time she was able to experience it she wonders. Recalling the taste, her lower half shivers with excitement.

(This is bad, I just wet myself from recalling it)

She laughs bitterly at herself for acting in a way that does not suit her age. However, her feelings do not change.
The golem carriage started heading towards the South.



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