Chapter 201 Part 1



Translator: “Hakou”                             Editor: “Weasalopes”

A high-class brothel that stood in a prime location in the red-light district of the royal capital, Jayanne.
A king-sized bed in a suite on the third floor. In it, two people, a man and a woman, were engaged in a fierce grappling match.

(To think that the difference from our last battle is this big)

A woman with a slim waist and neat atmosphere thinks as sweat appears on her forehead.
A man in a bath towel stands in front of her while stretching out his arms. His name is Tauro, and he is a gentleman of the red-light district known by the nickname of 『Doctor Slime』.


I am wearing a super mini bath towel. I barely flip the hand that was reached out to remove the collar of the bath towel I wear.
We’re at a phase where we take off each other, but I was forced to realize my inferiority.

(I thought that I could offer him an equal or even challenging fight)

Our previous match ended up with my loss and caused me to fall asleep for three weeks. However, that was because the forbidden move 『Behind the back』 was used.
I think the battle itself was close to even.

(For our fight this time, I managed to gain two new skills which was『Insight』 and 『Guillotine』. In addition, I feel that my skills have been greatly enhanced during my training journey)

That was why I was so confident, but naive, I guess.
It wasn’t only me who was improving my skills. My opponent was not stopping at the same place either.

(For example, 『Insight』)

This is a technique in which I can see the sensitive parts of my opponent glowing. It is in the same line as Tauro’s 『Magic Eye』.

(It is more accurate than my 『Insight』)

Occasionally, his fingers would poke me through the fabric of the bath towel. It was more effective than I expected.
I was not surprised that Tauro had the same technique as me. The only thing I was disappointed about was that I hadn’t learned it yet.
And another annoying thing was the difference in skill level. Unlike myself, who had only recently acquired it, he must have continued to refine it for quite some time.

(I have to find a breakthrough somehow)

As I impatiently wiped the sweat from my forehead, it happened.
A hand reached out for my ear, and I used my left hand to strike it down. But in the process, his fingertip grazed the tip of my left breast.


I was only touched for a moment, on top of that, from the top of the bath towel. Despite that, a sweet electric current rushed through me.
The gap that was created was only a small one. But he was not an opponent who would let that go.
Tauro took a big step forward and closed the gap in an instant. What was thrust out at close range was a pair of hands with all fingers raised.


I crossed my arms in front of my chest and spread them out to flick them outward. If he grabbed me just like that, I wouldn’t be able to keep standing.
Just when I was about to breathe a sigh of relief that I had survived the danger.


The gasp I released just now probably contained a hint of sweetness and surprise.

(I was careless!)

I had been too cautious with his hands that I had neglected to look beneath me. I should have been well aware of the existence and danger of men’s unique weapons.

(This isn’t good)

The cost of my stupidity was great, and Tauro’s sword, thrust through the curls of his waist bath towel, flipped up my own ultra-mini bath towel and struck me in the vitals.
I lost strength from my waist and joints and fell on my butt.

「Watch ouut!」

Screams were heard from around me.
The next moment, the edge of the bath towel wrapped around my body was caught and pulled hard.
It spun like a spinning top, and in an instant I was completely naked.

「Run away!」

The screams of the spectators continued.
But by then, I was knocked down and overwhelmed.

(Ei! Hya!)

Fingertips after fingertips. One after another, they hit my sweet spot.
I desperately shook them off, and twisted my body to dodge the direct hits that I couldn’t keep up with. However, the area around my weak point was not without damage.

(At least I have to get this hand off of me somehow)

Just now, I felt the palm of a hand on my left chest. A gentle but quick rhythm caused the palm of the hand that had just been placed on my left chest was beginning to slow my body down.
I put my hand on his arm, put all my strength into it, and tried to pull it away. The reaction of that lifted my hips slightly.


By the time I realized that I was in trouble, one of my legs had already been grabbed and was being carried up on his shoulders. Anyone could guess his next move, which was to open my legs wide upward.
And it was neither carelessness nor a mistake that brought about this situation. It was a complete difference in ability.

(It’s coming)

Tauro’s murmur reaches my ears as I prepare for impact.

「Astral Sword」

I don’t know what his words mean. But I was sure that’s what it sounded like.


I let out a loud scream as my chin rises and my back arches. I couldn’t help but be confused by this unexpected situation.

(How? I thought I shifted it away from the point)

I moved my body as much as I could to avoid a direct hit. However, Tauro’s sword definitely pierced the center of my sweet spot.
The spot was right behind my belly button. Normally, this position would be impossible to pierce.

(I should leave the thinking for later! The next one is coming!)

I updated the shape of his sword to the latest information in my head to deal with the second blow. I moved my torso to protect my sweet spot.
Then, as I had predicted, the next thrust came.


It hit my sweet spot again without missing an inch.
The Astral Sword, a sword clothed in an aura that could change shape at will. And the magic eye that grasps the opponent’s weakness in a form of light.
What these two bring is always the perfect result.

(Why can’t I escape?)

Tauro’s hips continued to move as if drawing the number eight while letting out sticky sounds. It was as if he was stirring syrup in a jar with a stick.
And the stick is still sticking in my sweet spot.

(It will be bad if this goes on! There’s no other choice but to use that!)

『Guillotine』, a technique I learned at the monastery in the north, a powerful technique to clamp down hard on an intruder.

(This is a technique that the head of the monastery used to perform to defeat the guild master. If I can decide it here, I’m sure Tauro sama will also…)

I think of the muscular old woman in the northern monastery and the petite old man in the merchant guild of the kingdom. After a big ejaculation, the young guild master is said to have told her,

『The technique just now was great. Let me see you do that again, come on!』

And he continued to be urged on by his hips until morning.
This technique consumes the explosive power of the muscles all at once. Therefore, once you use it, you won’t be able to use it for half a day.

『That’s why you have to do it only when you have to. If you don’t get the job done in that moment, you’ll be in big trouble later』

The head priest advised me with her hands on her reddened cheeks.
I want to use it only when I am absolutely sure that I will succeed and the match will be decided. However, the situation did not allow for that.


In order to activate the technique, she said the name while she was in a prone position.
But she couldn’t finish. It was because Tauro’s movements had changed.
It changed from something like prying inside to a reciprocating motion.

(I can’t capture his weakness in this position!)

I scream in my mind.
Meanwhile, Tauro’s movements did not stop. He runs up the approach to the shrine that is myself, out of breath, from the bottom.
Then, after slamming his body into the main shrine, he immediately runs down the stairs.

「Uh! Ah!」

I can’t keep my voice down.
Tauro’s visit to the shrine was repeated. Though it’s not like he’s going to be able to make his wish come true any time soon.

(Turn around at the next time he reach the peak, and aim there)

Only at the moment when he visits the shrine, the speed should be zero. It’s a gamble, but I have no choice.
There was already a huge crack in the wall of my mind and fragments were beginning to fall apart. It could have collapsed at any moment.


I was hit hard, causing the main shrine and my face to distort. I managed to get through the big wave and shouted the name of the technique.


At that time, Tauro was still in the middle of praying. He stuck his head into the main shrine palace and peered inside. The blade of flesh attacked his defenseless neck.
Blades shot out from above, below, left and right, crashing into him. The blade loosened immediately afterwards, but immediately tightened more strongly.
Forty-eight times, in fact.


Tauro opened and closed his mouth, but did not speak. If he had been able to speak, he would have shouted, 『This is, an anti-lock brake?』.
She holds down her cramping abs. It might have been similar to the sensation of stepping on the pedal while the anti-lock braking system was activated.

(…….How’s that?)

His sweet spot is concentrated in the neck area, and my belly is responding to it perfectly. If this doesn’t work, I no longer have a chance to win.
Tauro stopped moving.
However, the palace of the main shrine was still being pushed up to the back. His breathing becomes shallow due to the pressure on his diaphragm.
There was no sound from the audience in the suite, and the room remained quiet.


Suddenly, something hot flowed into the main palace.
The guillotine had indeed cut off the head of the sentient Tauro. And the contents overflowed.

(If I can get past this, I win)

I grit my teeth and endure the heat that’s pouring in. If I give in halfway, it will be a draw.

(U, uu, uuuu)

The sensations that I was being bombarded with intermittently almost took my consciousness away. It lasted less than ten seconds, but it was too long for me, who was on the verge of my limits.


Here, the perspective shifts to the concierge.
The hips of a man and a woman stopped moving, overlapping up and down in front of me. I was giving it a hard stare while wondering what was going on.

(Why did they stop?)

A situation in which Doctor Slime had had an overwhelming advantage until just now.
She was lifted up by one of her legs and allowed to enter the interior with the other on her shoulder. With Doctor Slime slamming her hips in succession, it seemed that the match had been decided.

(Did she use some kind of technique?)

Sensei seemed to have said something just before. I couldn’t hear what she said because it was drowned out by the cheering around me.
But what if it was a sign that the technique was about to be activated?

(The possibility is high)

That must be what stopped both sides from moving.

(But too much time has passed. Is it a draw?)

A slender woman with white skin is covered by the back of a man who has not moved. Everyone continues to stare at it in silence.


Then, from below, a thin white arm began to slowly extend straight up.

「That is…」

Twintail stares at it as if she is transfixed.
No, she wasn’t the only one. Everyone in the room was waiting to see what Sensei’s arm would show.
The only sound in the room was the sound of swallowing spit.
The white hand raised high in the air eventually clenched into a fist and the thumb was raised firmly right above it.

「…I won! I won!」

It is definitely a sign of victory. Twintail screams and jumps around, hugging Werewolf next to her.
The dynamite body of the magic school students smiled and clapped quietly. Only she, who had been helping Dr. Slime change his clothes, kept her expression as usual.
In the room where the excitement exploded, two people were shaking hands on the bed as they raised themselves up.

「Match over!」

I declared loudly.
The next moment, my vision blurs. I turned my face away from everyone and wiped my eyes with a handkerchief.
This was unbecoming of an observer who was supposed to be neutral. But I just couldn’t stop myself.
I’m sure the people around me will pretend to ignore it for now.

「Can I say something for a second?」

When everyone had finished congratulating Sensei, I was approached by Doctor Slime.
Sensei who was standing next to me, leaning close to me.

「Just now, both of us had talked about it but, we want to start a round two」

「Round two?」

Surprised and confused, I looked at Sensei.
Her cherry-red cheeks and eyes were downcast, and she was holding hands with Doctor Slime.

(She doesn’t seem to be against the idea. Is it safe to say that she agrees to it?)

It was a match, but it was played in a brothel.
It was only natural for us to entertain our guests for as long as we could. It is also the most important thing for her as a professional.

「In the battle just now, I managed to get two things」

Sensei lifted her face and spoke. Seeing my confusion, she must have felt the need to explain.

「One is confidence. Tauro-sama who fought with all his might, I have acquired the strength that won’t embarrass me to serve as his partner」

Staring at me quietly, she continued her words.

「The other is trust. Tauro-sama followed the rules to the end. Even if it meant losing his chance of victory」

Hearing that much, I began to understand more.
The feeling that Sensei originally had for Doctor Slime was respect for his relentless self-improvement. It was not a desire for revenge for being put to sleep.

(She herself and the opponent, so her goal was to make sure of those two things)

That’s why she wanted to win.
Will the cornered Doctor Slime break the rules? That’s what she wanted to find out.

(Which brings us to the next round. This will not be a match, but a way to improve each other.)

A partner in the same field, with whom she could engage in friendly competition. At last, Sensei had gotten what she wanted most.
If that’s the case, then this is the time for just the two of them. We shouldn’t be here.

「I understand. Then we will leave the room」

I tell the people in the room to leave.
Some are surprised to hear that there will be a second round, some are worried, some nod. But still, all but one of them go out into the hallway.

「What’s the matter?」

Sticking to the corner of the room, Twintail said with a stern expression.

「I’m staying. Who knows what might happen if I leave him alone after all」

I felt her strong will to stay, I turned my troubled face to Doctor Slime.
After discussing a few words with Sensei, he shrugged his shoulders and opened his mouth.

「It can’t be helped if she doesn’t trust me. I’ve had a history for going overboard in the past so…」

I can understand her concern, he said. I moved closer to the wall and gave Twintail a harsh look.

「I will take up on Tauro-sama’s kindness. Just don’t get in their way, you hear me?」

She nodded her head with a nervous expression, shaking her twintails in the process. After confirming this, I went to the hallway.

「Well then, please enjoy your time to the fullest」

I told him as I closed the door.




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