Chapter 203 Part 2



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「If we just stood here in the entrance, we’d be in the way of other customers. Anyway, let’s go into the store for now」

As if he can no longer wait anymore, the headmaster pushed Thermano into the store.
He stepped inside unenthusiastically as he was pushed from behind.


A middle-aged man with a crooked mouth looks around the inside of the store and lets out an impressed sound from his crooked mouth.
The furnishings in the lobby were all high class, but not overly ornate, making the entire room look elegant.

(As expected of the best brothel in the royal capital)

They stepped on the long, soft carpet while casually paying attention to the surroundings.
When they reached the middle of the lobby, a dignified gentleman appeared in front of them.

「We’ve been expecting you. Please come this way」

The concierge sent them to a reception room in the inner part of the building instead of the lobby.
The surrounding guests’ stared at them with wide eyes, wondering what was going on.

(This is…)

Although he is aware that it is an unpleasant part of his life, Thermano likes to be treated as a special person. His self-esteem and vanity are stimulated, and it makes him feel very good.
His back naturally straightens and his chin rises.

「What, you don’t have to be considerate with us」

He involuntarily called out to the concierge.
Moreover, the volume of his voice is louder than usual. His heart was aching to get people in the surrounding to hear him.

(I never change, do I?)

He thinks, but he feels like there is nothing he can do about it.
Feeling a little self-loathing, he sighed behind the headmaster’s back so that he would not notice.

「Please wait here, she will be here shortly」

After arriving at the reception room, the concierge bowed politely and left.
In the room, there were the same splendid sofas and tables as in the lobby.
The tea set looked like a work of art, and the scent of tea was rising in the air.

(I can’t calm down)

While the headmaster savored his tea with pride, Thermano’s poverty-stricken shaking did not stop.
After his cheeks twitch a few times nervously, he gets up from the sofa.

「I’m going to go wash my hands」

He left the headmaster who nodded behind him, and went out into the hallway.


Then the stage shifted from the reception room on the first floor of Jayanne to the waiting room for the employee a little further in.
A dull man in his thirties was sitting on a sofa that was much more plain than the one in the reception room.

(I wonder if Cool-san will be late today)

I looked down at the box of sweets in front of me as I thought to myself.
There was a mysterious attack by two men and a woman the other day. I’ve come to thank her for her help in defeating them.
And then there’s the matter of the play with Light cruiser-sensei. I want to apologize for losing the match, even though she had cheered me on.

(I’m sure she will be pleased with this, since it’s a quite well-known brand)

It was a baked cake from a famous confectionery store in a rural city in the northern part of the kingdom.
They are very popular and difficult to get in the capital.

(Even a guy like myself thought it tastes good, so it should be even more so for women)

It reminded me of my pretentious patissier father’s face.
When I tasted it and praised it, his nose would twitch as he start explaining about the 『Fermented fruits pound cake』.

『The strong aroma of the alcohol is the result of several months of application. It’s a flavor that can only be created in this cold climate』

Indeed, the smell of alcohol coming from the mouth to the nose is quite strong.
It should suit the taste of a mature woman like Cool-san.

(Although I would prefer to offer her a virgin instead, rather than a confectionary)

A monster in the Doom squad, who is also known as 『Virgin eater Unicorn』, Cool-san. As the name suggests, her favorite food is virgins.
Freshness of young boys, mature depth and astringency for the elderly. She doesn’t care if it’s old, young, beautiful or ugly, she only values the taste of their first time.
She’s an advanced player and a true enthusiast.

(Unfortunately it’s hard to find, these virgins are)

There is a lot of similarities between me and Cool-san’s acquaintance and range of activities. Every virgin I know in this range has been hunted down by her already.

(I’m running out of time. Let’s just ask someone to pass a message and go home)

As a matter of fact, me and Corneal were going to have a 『Magical Girl War』at Cionne after this.
His power was needed to face off against a generation of great magical girls.

(Mother and sister who used to be magical girls. And then she and her friend who’s an active magical girl)

Even the Doctor Slime himself will inevitably be defeated if he were alone by himself.
I want to leave at least one or two of them in his hands, if possible.

(I’m sure they will suit Corneal’s taste)

Forcing a married woman into wearing a magical girl costume. I nodded to myself, imagining the heavy makeup she will wear.

(I can’t be late)

It would have been a disgrace if I had been the one to invite him, but I was the one who was late. If the battle had started on time, Corneal would have been crushed.
I left my seat, asked the apprentice concierge to deliver a message, and left the store.


The perspective returns to the middle-aged man with a crooked mouth, Thermano.
He got a little lost, but finished his small business without incident.

(Good grief)

Thermano bends his crooked mouth even further.
The truth is, he hasn’t had any experience with women yet. He has been to Brothel, but he has never done the act itself.
He couldn’t take the last step, and ended up having a conversation with the woman.

(What should I do for today?)

It’s quite unnerving for him.
As he get older, the hurdle to come out and say 『This is my first time』 is getting higher.

(Hm? It wasn’t this way?)

Because he was lost in thought as he walked, he seemed to have gotten lost.
While he was sure it’s the wrong door, he opened a nearby door.

(It does looks similar, though)

There was a sofa and a table, but it was much more plain than the previous room.

(It might be a good idea to kill some time here)

From the looks of it, the headmaster would not wait for him to play.
Then I can just pretend that I played with a woman when I’m on my way back, is what he thought.

(Let’s go with that)

It was a bitter plan from an outsider’s point of view, but Terumano decided to go through with it.
He stepped into the unoccupied room and sat down on the sofa. There, he noticed a box of sweets on the table.

(Oh, the pattern on this box… it must be from that store)

He prides himself on having a sweet tooth, so he is familiar with this kind of thing.
There is a famous confectionery store in a rural city in the northern part of the kingdom. Their products are hard to come by in the capital.
Unable to resist his interest, he took the lid off.

(Fermented fruit cake, huh)

It was one of his favorite treats.
Individually wrapped, square pastry. The yellow dough was filled with dried fruits.
His throat involuntarily gulped.

(….Just a little, let’s have a taste of this)

Let’s apologize if they rebuke me for this. I can even pay them with money. With such thinking in his mind, he picked one up.
When he took off the wrapping and took a bite, the rich brandy aroma spread in his mouth, mixed with dried fruit flavor.
The aftertaste of butter also left a moderate weight on his tongue.

(I see, it was just as the rumor said, this is quite something)

Thermano’s eyes narrowed in fascination. At that moment, the door behind him opens diagonally.
He reacts with a jolt and turns around with one cheek puffed out with the cake.

(How beautiful…)

Standing in the doorway was a young woman. Her good looks and well-proportioned figure reminded Thermano of a statue of a goddess.
The woman, on the other hand, was slightly puzzled by the presence of an unfamiliar figure in the room.

(Is this man a customer?)

A skinny, middle-aged man sitting on a sofa with a half-eaten confectionary in his hand. The clothes he was wearing were well-tailored and seemed to be a full set of clothes for going out.
It would be normal to assume that he was a customer. But Cool-san stood still while slightly tilting her head.

(But it’s strange. The reception room aside, this place supposed to be a waiting room for the employees)

Outsiders are not allowed to enter this room unless there is something that requires them to do so.
Unless you’re a close friend of the concierge, you won’t be allowed in. Like leader, for example.

(Speaking of which, I got a message from leader earlier)

The piece of paper she received from the apprentice concierge, she opens it.

『I left some souvenirs in the waiting room. Please eat it if you like』

After reading through it, Cool-san looks around the room in silence.
A rich, ripe aroma drifted to her nose.

(Oh my, this scent is…)

She sniffed and tasted the scent deeply with her nose, throat and lungs. There, she understood.

(……I see now, as expected of leader. He knows what I want the most)

What a good leader I have, she thought so from the bottom of her heart.
Then, both her eyes narrowed in a flash involuntarily.

(What a wonderful souvenir. Let’s have it right away)

She locked the door behind her back.
At the sound of the door being locked, the skinny middle-aged man looked puzzled.
He swallowed his cake with great effort and began apologizing in a stammering voice.

「You don’t have to worry about it. I understand」

Cool-san sticks out her tongue slightly and licks her upper lip. She moves closer with fluid footsteps and pushes Thermano down on the sofa.

「Wha, What are you–!?」

She didn’t answer the confused middle-aged man, but proceeded to remove only his bottoms, leaving his top intact. As she slid down the last of his underwear, Cool-san expressionless face crumbled.
What appeared there was the face of a devil, twisted with joy.

(As I thought)

It was tightly wrapped. No one would have noticed the scent leaking out of it if it had not been her.
With great care, she gently and carefully began to peel off the wrapping.


She took a bite while enjoying the pitiful voice that sounded like a squeal in her ears.

(This is…. I’m not sure how should I describe this)

A mellow aroma spreads in the mouth. It went down her throat and out through her nose as she breathed.
It was so thick that it made her brain numb. She moved her tongue in a frenzied manner, scraping everything off and swallowing it down with her saliva.


A loud, shrill voice rose up, and a scent like young leaves filled Cool-san. Its freshness brought her back to reason.

(How careless of me, I was too carried away)

Exactly because it’s a delicious food, you should savor the taste carefully. As she reflected on this, she regretfully lifted her mouth and raised her body.
Looking up, she saw the face of the skinny, middle-aged man. His crooked mouth was wide open, and he was breathing softly.

(How cute)

A smile appeared on her face.
Seeing the beautiful woman staring at him from above his stomach, Thermano understood. He understood the feeling of a small animal that was going to be devoured by an extremely powerful creature.
In this way, a dish that had rich flavor and matured for more than forty years was sucked to the bone by the virgin eater unicorn.



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