Chapter 248 Part 2



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Now the stage is set once again in the northern part of the Empire. The perspective shifts to the pilots of the Rose Knights.
After parting ways with Count Rosehip, who had headed north to the city, a dozen or so black B-class Knights rushed to the battlefield. One of those Knights stopped and spoke through the external sound system to his colleague.

『Looks like you’re outnumbered huh, Old man』

In the distance, he sees a Knight with a strangely prickly appearance and the Knight of the commander of the imperial knight order.
The old warrior’s A-class Knight, which resembles Japanese great armor, is chasing after it but still unable to make his sword reach it. On the other hand, his opponent is shooting light arrows at him while hovering backwards.

『Let’s back him up! And don’t hit the old man even by mistake, you lot!』

“Roger!” As they said this, the B-class Knights of Rose Knights spread out to the left and right and kneel on one knee, readying their wands.

『Stop those spiky legs! Aim at where it’s going』

A cracking sound was heard as the vice commander gave the order. Each of them adjusted the tip of their wands slightly.
After confirming that they had done so, the vice commander’s voice sounded again.


Red, yellow, blue, white, and various other colors of magic arrows fly through the air while emitting light.
And with perfect timing, they landed in a horizontal line right in front of the elf A-class Knight. It didn’t escape to the side and stopped suddenly.

『Well done, boys!』

The vice commander’s Knight stood up and expressed his satisfaction through the external sound system.
The fact that they were able to attack with such precision was probably due to the fact that the Rose Knights are united in their hearts.
Although they had only been traveling together for a few days, they had grown quite fond of the friendly white haired old man.
Of course, they knew that the old warrior was not interested in men, so they didn’t bother him by wooing him.

『A form of unconditional love that asks nothing in return. This kind of love is also nice』

A voice from one of the Knights’ external sound system voices spoke for everyone’s feeling.


At this time, the high elf who was as thin as a dead tree in the cockpit was confident of his victory.
This was because the movements of the great armor-like A-class Knight that was chasing him were clearly starting to falter.

「It’s about time. I’m surprised he made it this long」

As he bent his mouth into a smile, he noticed a magic attack coming from behind him. He turned around and saw more than a few magic arrows in the air coming at him.

「Damn it! It seems I won’t be able to dodge it」

A barrage of attack magic of various attributes poured down on his path. It was an attack that left no space to dodge and was intended to stop him in his tracks.
While gritting his teeth at the enemy’s intention, he brought the green and black commander’s Knight to a sudden halt.

(Of course he would come)

If it were me, I wouldn’t have missed this opportunity. When he looked back, he saw the great armor jumping into the air as he expected.

「What a fool! I’ve predicted your move!」

He thrusts his wand and fires a light arrow at close range. The great armor swung its body to the side, but it was too late and its left arm was blown off its shoulder.
The shield in his hand also flew through the air and into the distance.

「How persistent!」

Even after one of its arms was blown off, the great armor stepped forward and swung a one-handed sword down from the front. The high elf, as thin as a dead tree, made the Knight lean back to avoid it.
The tip of the sword, which just barely reached him, sparked on the surface of the armor, but did no damage.

「This is the end! There’s nothing you can do anymore!」

He pressed the tip of his wand on the cockpit of his opponent’s Knight.
The high elf’s face twisted with laughter as he was about to fire a light arrow when he heard a voice from the external sound system.

『……Swallow Reversal*』
「*TL Note: Tsubame Gaeshi (燕返し), a famous sword technique in Japan. This technique mimics the motion of a swallow’s tail during flight as observed at Kintaibashi Bridge in Iwakuni.」

When he looks at it, the great armor is about to slash upwards after swinging its sword down.
The high elf blurted out at the sheer stupidity of the act.

「A slash from below with one hand? You won’t even scratch my armor with such a blow that doesn’t carry any weight」

Soon, however, the sound of his voice turned into a surprised one. The great armor pressed its right knee against the edge of the sword and kicked up.
It seems it was trying to make up for its lack of power with its leg strength.

「Too slow!」

He fired immediately. However, the light arrow that was supposed to hit him flew away in the air. The reason for this is the wind magic in the right leg that the great armor activated right after the kick was released.
This wind magic is used by elves for hovering and by humans for jumping. The thrust it gave the great armor caused it to roll backwards as if it’s doing an overhead kick, which allowed it to avoid the light arrow.


Feeling the impact, the high elf, who was as thin as a dead tree, went pale and gasped for breath.
The tip of the sword struck at the base of the leg cutting through the armor and reached the Knight’s body. This was made possible by the power of wind magic that amplified the leg strength.

(I can only slice up to its abdomen even with this much? Just how hard is this thing)

Inside the great armor’s cockpit, the old warrior frowned while thinking as such.

(But there was a response. How’s that?)

At the same time, he looks at the elf A-class Knight while half praying.
The Knight and the old warrior were already empty because they had poured all the remaining magic power into the wind magic. He will definitely die if the attack just now didn’t work.


The elf A-class Knight suddenly emitted an explosive wind magic. The great armor that was in close with it was blown away and slammed its back into the ground.

(What a reckless guy)

When he raised himself up with only his right arm and looked up, the prickly knight was flying through the sky like a rocket that had been launched.
However, that was probably just an emergency escape. It lacked stability and drew a spiral trajectory in the sky.

(He took my sword with him. Well, whatever, I’ll let him have it)

If you look closely, you can see that the elf A-class Knight has one more thorn in its groin. It was a one-handed sword that was too hard to pull.

(….He’s lucky. He fell into his own territory)

While still falling on his butt, he followed its trajectory and crashed on the north side of the wall, which was the defense line. Judging from the short distance, it was probably an extension of a big jump rather than a flight.
The Knight landed face first and slid on the ground, scraping the grass with the soil as it went.


Looking around at the commotion in the surrounding, the elf B-class Knights were retreating in a hurry. They passed through the destroyed part of the defense line and headed for the A-class Knight lying in the field in the north.
Two Knights picked him up from both sides as the rest of the Knights surrounded him and began to run towards the spirit forest.

(That’s quite a graceful retreat)

They are too fast to chase. The only ones who seemed to have enough energy left to shoot a magic attack were the Rose Knights, who had just arrived.
However they were still on the southern side of the battlefield, and unfortunately the distance was too far from here.

(I guess that means it’s over, for now)

The old warrior nodded to himself in the cockpit. Then he realized something and looked behind him to find what he was looking for.
Finding what he was looking for so quickly, he sighed a breath of relief and spoke in a goofy tone.

「His Majesty will surely scold me if I don’t retrieve this shield」

The great armor then picked up its blown off left arm along with the shield.



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