Chapter 256 Part 2



Translator: “Hakou”                             Editor: “Weasalopes”

When I stepped into one of the tents, what filled the air was a fresh scent reminiscent of an early summer chestnut grove.
In the center of the room is a limp male elf and another male elf who is tied up behind his back and glaring at us. That, and the members of Rose Knights surrounding them.

「I am the leader of the Rose Knights. Save your big words after you’re able to withstand my attacks, you ignorant elf」

He pulled out his belt and dropped the pants of his pilot’s uniform on the floor. The male elf took one look at Count Rosehip’s weapon and snickered.

「It got quite a good shape and thickness, but the length is incredibly lacking. I don’t think I’m going to have much fun with such a crude piece」

The members of Rose Knights were both physically and mentally agitated after the elf insulted their boss. Count Rosehip held out his hands to calm down his men and looked down coldly at the male elf sitting on the floor.

「You talk too much. Just prove it with your body」

When he turned his chin toward his men, they understood his intentions and some of them began to seize the male elf. They untied the ropes that bound his wrists and held his arms in place, and forced him to turn his hips toward their commander.

「This is quite something」

Count Rosehip nods and places his hands on the male elf’s slender waist and places his own weapon on him.

「You seem to be quite relaxed already. I guess there’s no need for any preparations then」

A fearless smile appeared on the corner of his mouth and he took a deep breath and shouted.

「Pile bunker!」

Even though it was ridiculed by the male elf earlier, his weapon’s length was well above the standard of the human race. No need to mention its thickness and size.
He slammed his vicious weapon straight into the base with a single breath. The male elf, his internal organs compressed, let out a breath from the depths of his lungs.

「Here goes the first round trip」

The pull out movement caused the return of the weapon to rub hard against the inner wall. However, the male elf’s expression only faltered slightly.
Seeing this, Count Rosehip’s smile deepened.

「That’s good, that’s good. It’s been a long time since I’ve met a strong opponent. I promise you that I’ll fight you with my full power」

Those words made the surrounding members let out an excited scream. Some of them were even writhing while having a nosebleed.

「Pile bunker!」

The male elf frowned deeply.

「Pile bunker!」

This time, a drool slightly falling from the corner of his mouth.

「Pile bunker!」

Then, on the third time, a voice leaked out from his mouth.

「You’re feeling it don’t you? You can squeal more sweetly if you want, you know?」

Count Rosehip said from behind him, sounding relaxed. Hearing that, the male elf spat out while gritting his teeth.

「I was just in pain from being shaken! It didn’t feel good at all!」

The male elf can’t see it but Count Rosehip narrowed his eyes happily.

「Is that so? Let’s continue then」

What began there was an endless barrage of Pile Bunkers. Steam gushed out of Count Rosehip’s body, and the sweat that fell made a puddle on the floor.
Finally, the male elf’s body was shaking, and the members of the Rose Knights who had been watching cheered.

「Not yet… he only came for a bit. I can’t call this a victory」

The large man with short white hair told his men while breathing heavily. The male elf, who is being held by both hands, was unable to speak with his mouth open.
However, his eyes still shine with a strong light.

「Pile Bunker!」

The male elf’s body would have flown to the edge of the room if his shoulders and arms had not been restrained by the members of the Rose Knights.
Count Rosehip’s thrusts continued with a ferocity that made everyone around him convinced of his strength.
However, even in the midst of his fierce actions, Count Rosehip was calmly analyzing the situation.

(The fact that he hasn’t truly climaxed even after I went this serious, there must be some sort of condition)

He thought while continuously using every spring in his body to thrust forward.

(Judging from the way he’s been acting, it must be because I need to hit his deepest part. And I won’t be able to reach it with my weapon, so he was able to keep his composure)

Count Rosehip’s smile became wider as he reached the answer.

(If my sword can’t reach it, I can just use a projectile. Let me show you that in this world, there is always someone above you)

Then he stopped moving for a moment and let his whole body swell up with muscle power.
The people around him knew what the Commander was going to do next, covered their mouths with their hands and shouted.

「No way! Is he going to use that 『Country Destroyer』 ? This might be the first time I will see it」

If the Pile Bunker is like a hammer, the Country Destroyer is something like a cannon bombardment. Most of his opponents will be brought to their knees by the Pile Bunker, so he rarely needs to use the cannon.
Even the old members of the Rose Knights who have been around for a while have only heard rumors about it.

「Take thiiisss! Get knocked up!」

He grabbed the male elf’s head and pushed it down hard. Then, he shouted out with an expression like a demon.
The next moment, a mass of scorching heat released with an overwhelming amount of explosives struck the wall at the deepest part of the male elf and destroyed it.
The impact was so terrifying that even the man was afraid that he might become pregnant.


With a silent scream, the male elf finally fell. His eyes turned white as he departed to the other side of Heaven’s Gate.
Not long after that, the male elf’s abdomen seemed to glow.


Count Rosehip tilted his head, feeling puzzled while still in trance of the aftermath. This was interrupted by the shaking of the ground that followed.
He thought it might have been an enemy attack, but he didn’t hear any loud voice that indicate such a thing.

(Did a Knight slipped and fell on its butt?)

If a golem reaching eighteen meters tall were to topple over, it would shake the ground enough to knock the tent over. A few of his men came back to check outside the tent, but that didn’t seem to be the case.

「Looks like it was an earthquake」

One of them reported while scratching the back of his head with one hand.
Count Rosehip nodded and pulled out.
When his men released the body they had been holding down, the male elf collapsed to the ground while still unconscious.

「Some of you guys probably like it while he’s still in this state. You may use it as you like」

People’s tastes are varied, some prefer to wait until the opponent has lost their mind.
With an embarrassed smile on their faces, several men are coming over while unbuckling their belts.
One of them looked at the buttocks of the male elf lying on the floor and let out a hysterical cry.

「Boss! Something came out!」

With a quizzical expression, Count Rosehip looked at him.
Then, from the place where his cannon pulled out, a gray egg-like object was half peeking out.

「What the hell is this?」

There was no one who could answer Count Rosehip’s question.
As he stares at it, the egg is pushed out completely and rolls to the floor, leaving a trail of white translucent thread.


Count Rosehip takes the egg in his hand while raising his eyebrows.

「It looks like something’s moving inside but… Is that thing really safe?」

「Commander, I think you’d better put it down and not touch it」

The pilots of the Rose Knights were shouting in concern. However, the large man with short white hair did not throw the egg away, but kept it in the palm of his hand.
The egg swayed from side to side for a while, before it suddenly cracked.


His men let out a yelp and kept their distance, while Count Rosehip continued to stare at it with a stern look.
Soon, the shell cracks open, revealing a whitish creature inside. The creature is newborn, so it looks damp all over.
The creature stands up as everyone gazes at it. It flapped its short wings and chirped at Count Rosehip.

「Is that… a chick?」

One of his men who approached him peered into his palm and asked. But he quickly tilted his head and continued.

「But it looks like it has beast-like legs attached to the back. It looks like a bird on top and a cat on the bottom」

The room was in commotion. After running his eyes over his surroundings, Count Rosehip threatened them with a displeased expression.

「You are the Rose Knights! Don’t make a fuss over something like this!」

After silencing the people around him, he returned his gaze to the mysterious creature on the palm of his hand.

「I don’t know what it is but…. interesting. I think I’ll discuss this matter with His Excellency the Knight Commander of the Imperial Army」

After he finished talking, he placed the chick on a nearby table and turned away. That’s when the other members of the group gasped.
The chicks chased after Count Rosehip and fell off the table.
As everyone gulped and watched, it struggled to stand up with its bird-like front legs and cat-like back legs. Then it ran straight to the feet of the shot white-haired man, purring.

「….It seems it recognizes you as its parent, boss」

His subordinate who said this remembered the moment when his superior shouted 『Get knocked up!』 and imagined whether his superior actually had a child with the male elf. However he quickly shook his head to get rid of the ridiculous thought.
He turned to his superior and saw him staring at the chicks clinging to his boots with a mixture of reluctance and confusion.

「I guess there’s no choice then. I’ll look after it」

Then Count Rosehip scooped it up with both hands and turned his back on everyone.
The members of the Rose Knights grinned looking at that scene for some reason.



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