Chapter 257 Part 1



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Going south from the Royal Magic Academy, located east of the Royal Castle. After going past the shopping district, you will find a residential area called Middletown.
In a room of one of the most luxurious housing complexes in the area, Explosive onee-sama was greeting the morning.
She got out of bed and went to the window. She pulled open the curtains and let the sunlight enter the room.

(Today’s finally the day)

Jayanne, the place she works at. She will be having an appointment with Dr.Slime right after the store opens.
However, she is not as upset as she was when she found out about the appointment. She has already accepted it and decided a purpose for today’s play.

(I will obtain the information on Ambrosia)

Ambrosia is a fruit known as the fruit of the gods. It is said to be extinct and only exists in folklore.
Or that’s how it was supposed to be, but one day Tauro brought it to Jayanne as a gift for Cool-san.

(The person himself doesn’t seem to realize it though)

Neither Dr. Slime nor her colleague who was presented with the gift had any idea that it was Ambrosia.
However, Explosive onee-sama is a person who loves such legends, and that is why she went on to become a pharmacist at the Royal Magic Academy.

(The aroma and flavor are just like the legend says. And the shape is just like the illustrations in the history books about nature)

She saw that it was Ambrosia and challenged him in a match on bed to get it.
The result was a narrow victory. Using the fruit she obtained, she succeeded in creating a very small amount of 『Lesser Elixir』. She proved that the fruit was Ambrosia.


It is also called the 『Panacea』, and it demonstrates three B-rank abilities of cure injury, cure disease, and cure status abnormality. The reason why the word 『Lesser』 was attached to Explosive onee-sama’s creation was because it was a triple C-rank instead of B.
This was probably because she was still a student and thus lacked skill and experience.
Eventually, she succeeded in creating the elixir with her instructor, Professor Termano, who is a national expert on potions.

(But, nothing went well after that)

Even the country was in an uproar over the achievement of this historical feat. Next, the Prime Minister ordered the Royal Magic Academy to establish the technology to cultivate the Ambrosia, because no matter how much technology they had acquired for making elixirs, they would be nothing without the ingredients.

(Even professor Thermano was worried about it too)

It can’t be helped that the person in charge of this project was not Thermano, their strengths and weaknesses are different. Explosive onee-same also had almost no experience in growing plants.
In this respect, the Royal Magic Academy has professors who specialize in herbology.
But even so, from what she heard, those people also struggled with it.

(This one, too, almost died at one point)

She sighed as she stared at the flower pot by the window. A thin tree, like the stem of a flower, grows as tall as her index finger and has four leaves on it.
It was an Ambrosia seed that she had planted as a test before handing the material to the academy. It had sprouted.

(I panicked when almost all of the leaves fell off)

It reminded her of that time.
It had three twin leaves, and then it grew a little and had four leaves. Everything was going well up to that point, but one day, it suddenly became bare.
All that was left was a young tree that looked like a straw stuck in the soil.

(…Eh? What is this?)

That was all she could say.
She had no idea what to do. She tried to sprinkle a healing potion from the medicine chest, probably pushed by the sense of impatience that she had to do something quick.
Even as a pharmacist student who studies potions, she never heard anything like a potion had any effect on plants.


She continued to do this for two days. Perhaps her prayers were answered, and a small leaf bud popped up.

(Thank god, it does have an effect)

Just to be on the safe side, Explosive onee-sama poured more potions. But the next morning, the leaf buds had fallen onto the soil of the flower pot.
She didn’t know if it was because she had given too much or not, or because she had given different kinds of potions at different times.
Or maybe the leaves falling off and the leaf buds appearing had nothing to do with the potion at all.

(I’m not even sure if it’s working or not, but at least I’ve prevent it from dying, for now)

After a lot of trial and error in a state of semi-panic, she is able to keep it alive for the time being.
Bringing her consciousness back to the present, Explosive onee-sama exhales while staring at the four-leaf Ambrosia.

(….As expected I can’t tell them at this point)

『Potions might have an effect to the Ambrosia growth』

She doesn’t know if the herbology professor is aware of this. Normally, she should have told the professor.
But she couldn’t muster up the courage to tell her that she had actually kept one of the seeds for herself and had planted them secretly.

(For that reason, I have to get information from that man no matter what)

How did he get his hands on Ambrosia? Is there a way to get more of it? She doesn’t care how small it is, she just needs more information.

(My target is to remain conscious until the end of the play. I have to do my best. I must not let him melt me)

The post-play conversation, the pillow talk, is important. You can’t talk if you just screamed and ended up losing consciousness like up until now.
She clenched both fists and made small movements up and down.


It has been quite some time since the sun climbed up to the center of the sky. It is the time when workers are having their lunch break.
And the brothels in the red-light district begin to welcome their customers.

(Oh? It’s open)

I arrived a little early and was pacing back and forth in front of the store. When I saw the apprentice concierge come out to the front, I muttered in my mind.
Don’t think it’s disgraceful. In this world, you can be envied, but not frowned upon when you come to this establishment.


The name of the store was written in silverwork on a sign above the entrance.
A brothel is a social gathering place for gentlemen. And this store is a high-class brothel, one of the top three.
For the common people who are busy and struggle with their daily necessities, it is a place of distant dreams that they can see but cannot enter.


The apprentice concierge bows his head deeply as he opens the polished oak door. Feeling like a big shot, I replied in a hawkish manner and proceeded down the long, fluffy carpet.
I feel the presence of several people behind me. They were gentlemen who, like me, were waiting for the store to open.

「Welcome to Jayanne」

The employee standing in the lobby greeted me. Almost everyone from the platform to the sidelines and the concierges.
The atmosphere is like that of a department store when it just opened.

「Our play is right after this right? I’m looking forward to it」

I called out to Explosive onee-san.
I don’t feel like I’ve waited that long since I made my reservation. As the concierge said, the boom must have died down.

「…..Me too. By the way, have you prepared yourself?」

Perhaps it was because she was in front of people, but she was speaking boldly. However, she could not hide the fact that she wasn’t on the inside.
Her gaze was restless, which did not match her “onee-san” appearance. It was very cute and made me even more excited.
I waved my hand lightly and walked forward between the girls. This time, I greeted Light cruiser-sensei.

「So, you didn’t make an appointment for me today, huh?」

It sounded like she was sulking, but her tone was gentle and she was smiling. It seems she’s not angry at least.

(I don’t know if I will be alright after the play with Explosive onee-san after all)

Because of that, this one session is all I have today.
Light cruiser-sensei stepped forward from and brought her face close to mine. Then she put her finger on my lips and whispered.

「She says something like that, but she’s actually pretty frightened inside. Please be gentle with her」

She must have been worried about his colleague’s safety after seeing the motivated look on my face. Light cruiser-sensei asked me to do it with consideration.
She reached out one hand to the side of my head and brushed a strand of hair between her fingers.

(Ohh that feels good)

Now I understand how cats and dogs feel when humans do this to them. I better do what my master asks of me.

「I understand, please rest assured」

I’ve grown up, and I’ve become more reserved. Instead of wanting to win, I now want to have fun with them.
But even though that’s how I answered, I don’t forget to shoot back.

「But I don’t know if I can be gentle with you, okay, sensei? Please be prepared」

Light cruiser-sensei shrugs her shoulders and blushes in troubled expression. The women around who see this are all in awe.
This is the demon instructor who is strict in her work and does not skimp on teaching her juniors we’re talking about. I’m sure they’ve never seen her act like this before.

(Let’s see… I guess I’ll sit down for a bit)

The ceremony of welcoming customers. It would be a while before it was over.
So I decided to take a seat on the nearest sofa.



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