Chapter 257 Part 2



Translator: “Hakou”                             Editor: “Weasalopes”

The ladies had returned to their seats on the platform and sideline, and the gentlemen were beginning to look for a partner. I was summoned and headed to the counter in the back.
There, Explosive onee-san was standing with her arms on her hips.

(She has such a good style)

Her breasts and buttocks are ample, but her waist is narrow. Her curves reminded me of a queen bee or an hourglass.
Moreover, she is tall. And her fleshy limbs are by no means light.

(What an amazing charm. I wonder what those people who say 『women are better when they are thin』 would think if they saw her)

While thinking about this, I looked at her thighs stretching out from her cheerleader-like outfit. A sigh escaped my lips.
She must have sensed that her charm was being understood. Explosive onee-san was making a composed face.
She regained her confident expression and headed upstairs, holding hands with me.

(She flinched when I hold her hand though)

That reaction is also a good thing. Let’s just enjoy and have fun with our play today, without worrying about winning or losing.

(So I said, but I wonder what should I do)

We’re in the room, our drinks have arrived, and we’re done with our preparation. I thought as I looked at Explosive onee-san.
She’s wearing a cheerleader outfit, and it would be a shame to take it off so soon. Moreover, my eyes have been glued to her shining thighs for a while now.

「What do you want to do now?」

She sits on the sofa and asks me with a rather anxious expression. I immediately made one simple request.

「So I just have to sit on the bed? Okay」

Explosive onee-san nods and moves. Sitting on the bed sheet grasping one’s knees.
Because of her cheerleader outfit, the triangle between the base of her thighs is also in full view.

(How wonderful!)

Although I was troubled about where to look, I still kept looking. After all, a woman’s beauty surpasses all works of art.
I peeked at her from various angles to admire the view.

(Yep, as I thought let’s go with the thigh first)

I sat up straight in front of her, then I placed my hands on both of her knees and slowly opened them. Explosive onee-san didn’t resist.
When I opened her knees to some extent, I sank my face into them. I rub my face against the base of her inner thighs and enjoy the smooth skin.

(Whooaa, I feel like I’m getting dizzy. I think I might really get a nosebleed)

I focused on my own pleasure, not thinking about the other person. I began to run my tongue up and down her inner thighs while breathing hard. I must have looked like a dog from the outside.
I swung my head around between Explosive onee-san’s legs until my mind calmed down. As expected, even if it’s her, she puts her hand onto my head when I do this.
She holds my head lightly, but with a force enough to keep me from moving too much.

(This citrus smell is really something)

I don’t know what to say it, but it made the back of my nose tingle and stimulated my instincts. I guess the sense of smell is important for people, too.
Once I felt comfortable, I let go of her body and sat upright and faced her.

「Please hug me」

I said while coming to hug her.

「My my, you’re acting quite spoiled today, aren’t you」

Explosive onee-san said with a slightly dumbfounded tone. However, there was a sense of composure in her expression.
She was probably wary of the demon-like series of attacks that wouldn’t even let her catch a breath. And she must have been relieved that it was an onee-san play instead while pampering me.

(Daishuki hug after hitting the jackpot. That is good too, but I can’t take my time to enjoy the play)

Touching each other before the real play. This is even more exciting and enjoyable than the real thing.
By hugging and being hugged, you can enjoy the elasticity of Explosive onee-san’s frame.

(This much is enough I guess)

I let out a big sigh of satisfaction. We still have some time, so let’s go to the next stage.
I get washed in the bathtub, and then climb into bed. This is where the real play begins.
Her hourglass-like curvy body shines before my eyes. Her young skin bounces back the water from the shower.

(Explosive onee-san is in a sense, humanoid gambling machine)

She has high defensive power and overwhelming offensive power with her athletic ability. But she has a fatal weakness that appears at random spots.

(Unless it is someone like me who can use magic eye to target weak points, it will be difficult to hit that weak spot)

Or, like the Grim Reaper who can brute force with his overwhelming offensive power.
Then, are those who don’t have the means to defeat her can’t enjoy the play with her? That’s not true at all. She is a world class professional.

「Then, I’ll leave it to you for the rest」

I lay on my back on the bed like a caught tuna.
She was probably puzzled why I didn’t attack her. A beautiful woman with a dynamite body looks down at me with a quizzical expression.
With a smile on my face, I said to her.

「Today is not a match or anything, so I thought I’d just enjoy your service」

She was surprised and froze with her mouth slightly open.
However, as expected from the sideline of a super high class brothel. She immediately rebooted and smiled bewitchingly.

「My, is that so? Then, please do enjoy me to your fullest」

Then Explosive onee-san reached both of my sides with her hands and crawls her tongue on my chest.


It was halfway through the playtime. I’m lying on the bed, my soul almost drained out of me.

(I guess I should say as expected of her)

The techniques of someone who sits at the top of the top three brothels. She even pays attention to certain parts that don’t need much attention, gently and carefully providing it with exquisite pleasure.
The way she pinches me between her breasts and uses the tip of her tongue at the same time is one of the best things I’ve ever experienced.
An older sister character who takes the initiative and the volume of her body. The destructive power that this brings about is something that even Light Cruiser-sensei would have to give up.

「Are you satisfied?」

The talented woman from Royal Magic Academy asked from a distance where our noses collided.
When I replied by nodding my head, she narrowed her eyes and continued.

「Me too. I’m already at my limit. So please spare me from any more than this」

I wondered if it was because of the days I spent with my Light cruiser-sensei. It seems that my attack power had increased without me even realizing it.
The thick armor of the battleship had repelled my gunfire in the past. However, sometimes it penetrated and exploded several times in the living quarters.
Even so, the fact that the ship did not sink was probably due to the high durability of the battleship class.

(As expected of Light cruiser-sensei)

Teaching, guiding and nurturing. Although it is lightweight, she might be closer to an Aegis ship after repeated renovations.

「Hey, since we’re here, why don’t we just talk until the time’s up?」

Of course, I have nothing to complain about.
Thinking about it, I hadn’t had many conversations with Explosive onee-san. I guess it’s because I was often dragged to the bottom of the ocean along with the huge explosions.
We exchanged a few words about the members of Jayanne and Corneal, the 『Skewering Whirlwind』.

「She’s really picky with her customers, isn’t she?」

This is a comment towards Cool-san. No longer struggling to make ends meet, she only goes to the store when there’s a virgin.
Even if a beautiful boy is willing to pay a lot of money to play with her, she would not be interested if he’s already used. On the opposite, as long as they’re virgins, age and appearance are completely irrelevant to her.
In fact, Cool-san might even be willing to be the one who pays them.

「It’s preference over work when it comes to that girl after all」

As I nodded, she asked me what I wanted to talk about next. We talked about travel, and I listed off the countries I’ve been to.
Compared to her, who enjoys taking vacations several times a year, I’ve only been to the Holy City and the Black Locust country. When I tell her this, she makes an expression as if she was curious.

「Then have you gone to the elven village as well? It’s not far from the Black Locust country after all, right?」

I quickly shook my head and denied it. I don’t even want to go to such a place.
When I asked Explosive onee-san in return, she shrugged her shoulders and let out a small sigh of sweet-smelling breath.

「As someone who is interested in magic, it’s a place I always wanted to visit. There must be a lot of knowledge stored there that we don’t know.」

The elves have excellent magical properties for their race and a long life span. For the students of the Royal Magic Academy, they must be a literal treasure trove of knowledge.

「However, the permission to enter the village is hard to get. I was wondering if it’s you, maybe you could help me」

I don’t understand how she came to such a conclusion. It’s also very disheartening.
When I frowned my face, Explosive onee-san rubbed her cheek as if she was in a good mood. Then, she continued with, 『Have you heard of this story?』.

「It’s a legend among the elves. It is said that there used to be precious fruits growing in the Spirit Forest」

Apparently, it’s a story that often appears in picture books for children.

「There’s a big lake in the Spirit Forest, and there’s a big spirit animal named Zaratan. He’s long-lived and knowledgeable, but he has one flaw」

「Zaratan’s flaw?」

When I heard the name of the turtle swimming in my garden, I reacted.
With a soft expression on her face, she recited the rest of the story to me.

「He just can’t help himself when it comes to the fruit. He ate it all up, even though the elves tried to stop him」

So the precious fruit tree disappeared from the Spirit Forest. The moral of the story was, 『Greed can cause you to lose everything』.
Explosive onee-san shrugged her shoulders as she said 『It was really greedy of Zaratan』. But I couldn’t agree with her.

(By fruit, she must be referring to the pomelo)

Then I remembered my conversation with my familiars.
As I recall, the reason why the pomelos disappeared was because the elves harvested them before they were ripe and drove away the beings who took care of the plants.

(It’s the kind of tree that makes even Imosuke and Dangorou say it’s hard to take care of)

Imosuke worked hard to prepare the seeds. He ate so much that I was worried about him.
No matter how long they live and how high their magic power is, I don’t think the elves can preserve the pomelo tree.

「….But that’s just what the elves claim to be true right?」

Hearing what I just said, Explosive onee-san’s eyes shine strongly. She quickly calm down and asked, 『Why do you think so?』.

「I was just thinking that maybe there’s also the great spirit beast’s side of the story」

「……What an interesting thing you said there. There’s a lot of things I want to ask him if I can talk to the great spirit beast」

She looked surprised, and then chuckled. I, on the other hand, was puzzled by the knowledge I hadn’t known.

(So being able to talk to a spirit beast is not a normal thing)

I thought it was possible for a skilled magician, even if they didn’t have a familiar and master connection.


Here, the sound of a bell echoed in the room, telling us that we had little time left.
I take a quick shower, get dressed, and head out of the room. We walked down the stairs to the lobby, our shoulders touching as we held hands.

(It’s nice when there’s no winning or losing)

After I left the store, I stretched out and squinted at the sunlight. Turning my head and shoulders around, I walked to the central square.
And here is the store. After sending Tauro off with a wave, Explosive onee-san sank into a pensive mood.

(It seems that the source of the Ambrosia is not an elf. I don’t know why, but I got the feeling he hates them)

She nodded to herself and continued her thoughts.

(But he seems to know something about spirit beasts)

There, she brought her consciousness to the surface and muttered to herself.

(I’d be happy to take another appointment if we can discuss something like this)

There were no attacks that would make the bed rattled, and although it was work, I enjoyed it.

「Hey, how was it? Are you okay?」

Back in the break room, a calm woman, a fellow sideline worker, asked with a worried expression.
Explosive onee-san replied with a smile on her face as if to reassure her.

「It looks like even that Dr. Slime can be more gentle」

She looks at her in disbelief and Explosive onee-san looks back at her. While letting out a small sigh, Explosive onee-san added.

「He will stop when you tell him to stop. It feels quite good when he knows where to draw the line. Why don’t you give it a try?」

The cool beauty made a troubled expression as Explosive onee-san winked at her.




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