Chapter 261 Part 1



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Spring has arrived and the weather in the royal capital has always been sunny.
A number of tables and chairs with parasols were set up in the central square. I took a seat at one of them and looked at the people passing by.

「Everyone’s beginning to wear lighter clothes now」

This is a perfect time for afternoon tea. I murmur to myself and squint my eyes as I pick up my glass of iced tea.

「This sure is a good season」

The person who responded was a slightly unattractive, muscular young man sitting in front of me. He was Corneal, a pilot of the knight order.
He was able to take a day off, so today was the first time in a long time that we decided to held 『Adult Gourmet Club』.
Our gaze was directed at a group of girls in their mid-teens.
They were probably on their way home from school. They were walking in groups, laughing with each other.

「I wonder what uniform is that?」

What I was curious about was the clothes the girls were wearing. It’s not weird to call it blazers, but it also looks like sailor uniforms.
They looked like high school girls in uniforms, but this was a different world. I’m sure casual clothes and a school-issued cloak were the norm.
In response to my question, Corneal answered.

「It’s a school uniform. There are more and more schools adopting to have the student wear that sort of clothing」

The first people to start wearing them were women working in high-class brothels. It became popular and spread.

(In this world, social status of those who worked at brothels are high after all)

It is the same as the hairstyle, clothes, or accessories that idols and actresses have. They will be the source of fashion trends.

「It looks great, isn’t it?」

The sideline aside, dresses are the mainstream at the platform. Feeling dissatisfied with this, I used to go around enthusiastically trying to convince people of the value of uniforms.
Thanks to the weight of my nickname as 『Dr.Slime』 a few stores decided to adopt the idea. Perhaps my efforts are beginning to bear fruit.

(But…. That kind of uniform isn’t in my knowledge)

My attention was drawn to a group of high school girls wearing white shirts and black skirts. The colors are simple, but the skirts have high slits on the sides.
They look innocent and neat when they are standing still, but when they start walking, their thighs are exposed. I’ve never seen such a mind-boggling uniform in my previous life.

(If you plant the seed, other people will start to come up with new things)

My heart trembles as I feel the limitless creativity that people possess.
The uniforms I saw in my previous life. I don’t intend to say that they are the last form and the best of it
That was just a part of the process. It will continue to evolve as it is refined by the sensibilities of many people in the future.

(Whether it’s in another world, the way humans work doesn’t change)

Food, entertainment, clothing. There are people who are passionately working day and night to make things better as possible.
I think it is a bit arrogant to ignore them and say, 『The ones I know is the best』.

(There’s also the matter of favorites)

For me, a skirt that is above the knee and has a slit is more attractive than the one that is too short and exposes the wearer’s butt every time they walk.
I’m not saying that slit skirts are better than revealing mini skirts. It’s just a matter of taste.

「I heard that many students choose the school they will attend based on their uniform. I guess that’s why the school is so quick to respond to this change」

Corneal made a wry smile. Fortunately, the pilot’s uniform is very popular, so there have been no plans to change it.
We talked about the slit skirt for a while. We agree on most of it, but we have a different opinion at the end of the discussion.

「It has high slits, but you can’t see the side of their underwear. That’s what I like about it」

And this is Corneal’s thoughts.
『It’s possible that they’re not wearing it in the first place』, he claimed as he imagines, getting aroused on his own.

「No, I think it’s better if it’s visible. It gives me a sense of accomplishment」

I said while shaking my head.
If we’re on the verge of being able to see it, and not being able to see it, it would be more rewarding if we could see it just a little bit. It would have killed me alive if I had been stopped from seeing it when it was right before me.
With both of us refusing to go down, the topic of the conversation turned into underwear types. Corneal was in the thongs OK high-leg camp, while I was in the low-leg bikini camp.

「More exposure is not always better in my opinion」

I strongly insisted.
There are some things that look more noble when they are kept hidden from view. We have something called “Sudare” or a bamboo blind that hides the appearance of the nobility.
The white cloth hanging in front of the main shrine at Ise Shrine. It probably has the same function.
But Corneal didn’t seem to agree.

「The ones that will make someone thrilled as they think, 『Is it really okay to show that much?』 is better in my opinion」

We argued for a while after that. When we had reached the end of the discussion, the macho man folded his arms and closed his eyes.

「I can no longer explain it with words. I guess the only way to prove it is to show the real thing」

His words are filled with a strong will that doesn’t show any sign of wavering. But I’m not going to flinch.

「Fine by me. I’ll show it to you!」

We looked at each other and nodded. There’s no need for more words, the place we’re going to is decided.

『The Uniform Store!』

This is the only store in the royal capital that specializes in uniforms. I’m sure that the active high school girls who brought their own uniforms with them are waiting for us with smiles on their faces.
We left our seat and headed west from the table with a parasol.
The location of the store is a little on the outskirts of the red-light district. We had to walk a good distance to get there.

「I personally think that this is a good store but… I wonder why this store is a low class store」

I asked him about it as we chatted on the way to the store.
I think 『Having someone wearing their working uniform uniform as you partner』 is a great situation play. Personally, I wouldn’t mind paying them as much as I would pay a high-class brothel.

「The quality of service is not that high. I think that’s the reason」

However, the way Corneal said it was as if it was a natural thing.
Certainly the skills and preparedness of a working woman would be closer to that of an amateur than a professional.

(Even though that’s what makes them great)

For me, their amateurishness is what I valued the most. I’m sure there are many people who would agree with me.
However, it looks like it’s a major demerit factor in the red-light district’s world in the royal capital. And not only the customers, but even the store owners think so.

(I guess this is another one of those cultural difference)

While I was thinking about this, we arrived at the store.
The signboard was still the same, with the same overly bright colors and pop letters. And the building looks cheap.

「It’s been a while but, this place hasn’t changed much huh?」

Corneal nodded at my opinions.
It’s not surprising for Corneal, because he’s busy, but I haven’t been here lately either. The reason for this is that I’ve been concentrating my efforts on the 100th day shrine visit with Light Cruiser-sensei.
If I had to pick another reason, it would be because I could not get an appointment with Ponytail.

(The Old Lady’s been under renovation after all)

Ponytail is in charge of exterminating demon beasts in the country. According to Corneal, they are in the process of training her to gain actual combat experience.
I’m sure the number of dispatches is increasing as the Knight of the merchant guild are unable to move. They must have not had time to show up at the brothel.

(Now that the Old lady has recovered, maybe Ponytail will finally have the time to show up at the brothel again)

A strong personality and a highly sensitive body that contradicts it. A truly wonderful combination.
I would like to taste that hot pot again.

「I wonder if they got a girl with slit skirts」

Ponytail never comes to the store unless she has an appointment. Knowing this, I don’t look for my classmates at the platform.
Changing my mind, I look for a girl with black and white uniform like the ones I saw when we had lunch.

「There it is. As expected of a speciality store」

I found the woman with the same uniform, but behind her I spotted a woman with thin legs wearing black tights. I moved my eyes up one level from the platform.
Sitting there was a slender girl with pigtails, wearing a pilot school uniform. She was the athletic-type kouhai-chan.

「What’s the matter, Tauro-san?」

He must have noticed my movement. Corneal who stands next to me follows my gaze.

「….Oh? Isn’t that the girl from the other day?」

It seems he knows her.
He told me that she had won the regular practical exam at school and joined the Kingdom’s knight order’s training.
Unfortunately, she wasn’t accepted, but they must have met each other there.

「I personally think she’s on the right track as a pilot, but what’s the knight order’s opinion about her?」

Although he is still young, Corneal holds a high position within the knight order. I would like to hear his opinion for future advice.
In response to my whispered question, Corneal put his hand over his mouth and whispered.

「The amount of magic power, the ability to control magic power, and her combat skills are all not bad. If you look at it from that point alone, she meets the criteria required for recruitment」

I nodded as I listened to him.

「However, she got into trouble during a nighttime combat training session. She panicked and stopped listening to instructions」

I made a pained expression at his words. This is a fatal flaw for someone who wants to ride Knights, the greatest fighting force of the human race.
I let out a small breath and tell Corneal.

「That’s how she is when you play with her in the brothel too. She will cum very quick if you blindfold her」

Blocking visual information is Black tights-chan’s weak point. If she is attacked in the dark, she will yield after only a few round trips.
If I blindfolded her and tied her up with a string to break in, it would be a one-hit kill.
It was as if he had something on his mind. Corneal begins to think in silence.

「How about this, Tauro-san? Why don’t we go to separate rooms today?」

The original plan was to pick two women in slit skirts and play foursome in the same room.
The idea was to make each other’s point of view known through their clothing and bodies. However, it was not something I had to do today.

「I’d like to mentor her a bit. To be honest, I think it would be a shame to let her talent go to waste like this」

The knight order is currently short of pilots. But they don’t want to lower their recruitment standards, so he probably wants to help get Black tights-chan accepted.
If it goes well, it will be a good thing for both her and the knight order.

「I understand. I’ll pick her then」

I readily agreed and picked out the straight semi-long haired uniform girl. Then I headed to the counter with Corneal.
Black tights-chan who appeared after the high school girl in white uniform and black skirt was stiff and nervous when she saw Corneal.



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