Chapter 267 Part 2



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As the story of the ballet goes, the princess must be working hard in another country by now. When I expressed my thoughts, she shook her head.

「There might be countries that send their princess here, but we never send our princess out to another country」

She seemed proud of herself. When I asked her why, she said it was because of the high level of the royal capital.
Indeed, the royal capital is a major cultural city even known as the 『City of Flowers』. Many tourists visit the city to see the colorful flowers.

(I see)

Then, this is a good opportunity. I have to go and greet the princess sitting on the platform.

「Could it be there’s one in Jayanne?」

I said this with great expectation, but she denied it regretfully. I was told that the store where the princess is training was 『Cassabell』.
It is the oldest and most prestigious brothel within the big three brothels in the royal capital. If royalty were to send their princess to train, it’s no wonder that she would be sent to Cassabell.

「I heard that she is working hard to become a 『Queen』 now」

But these words caused a crack in my heart.

(Wait, what? By Queen, could it possibly mean the Queen in 『Sin and Punishment』?)

Besides its history and tradition, Cassabell is also known as a great place to experience 『Sin and Punishment』.
The star of this play is the Plain-chan. She wields a whip, drips wax, and tramples on your chrysanthemums with the heels of her high heels. This is very popular.

(That’s where she’s sent to to train? She’s really gonna be one hell of a Queen you know?)

At that moment, a lightning bolt flashed through my head.

(I see! So that’s why our departure to the Eastern country has been delayed!)

The Eastern country strongly demanded that 『Sin and Punishment』 be made public. The Kingdom responded positively and decided to send a missionary.
However, it was postponed due to the fact that there was no end to the work of the missionary herself.

(To think it was delayed due to the missionary’s convenience is just not possible)

This is a friendly country that we owe a great debt of gratitude to for dispatching the Saintess during the crisis of mass brainwashing in the country. Normally, this would be considered an act of disrespect.

(But it’s a different story when the missionary is currently in charge of training a princess)

They surely think that we had chosen the best person for the job. And if the reason is related to royalty, I’m sure they will understand.
That was the end of the topic. Thinking that it’s about time I enjoy Light Cruiser-sensei, I reached out both of my hands and slid the shoulder straps of her one piece down.
A white colored bra appeared, and I squinted my eyes at it.

「Okay~ Let’s lie down」

I pushed her down and unhooked her from the front. I take time to admire the two shapely hills.
Doing it while she still had her clothes on isn’t a bad idea either. I’m sure she wouldn’t mind.

(Let’s try “that” today)

After completing my one hundred days shrine visit, Light Cruiser- sensei’s reaction has become sharper. What she once could not do, she may be able to do now.
Completing a difficult task and getting an achievement.

「Then, here I go」

Each protrusion that stood at the top of the two hills. I press my fingers against them and begin to gently roll them back and forth, left and right.
My goal today is to complete the Light Cruiser arcade using only two joysticks.
If I can accomplish this, I will have another glorious achievement and she will realize her new potential.

(Right, left, up, down)

I was mumbling the command input, but the movement of both of my hands is symmetrical.
If I tilt my right hand to the left, I tilt my left hand to the left. In other words, I push the joystick outward.

(Up, diagonal right, right, then press!)

I moved my thumb in a circular motion and pushed the joystick, which had become completely stiff. For a moment, a voice escaped from Light Cruiser-sensei’s mouth
Looks like I can do some damage after releasing a technique. But it’s not easy.

(What my magic eyes can see is that only the joystick is glowing brightly)

What commands do I need to use so that the light would spread all over her body? I don’t know the answer.
I just have to keep trying.

「U-Um, Tauro-sama. Isn’t it about time you…」

As I continued doing what I was doing enthusiastically, Light Cruiser-sensei begged me with moist eyes. But when she saw the determination in my eyes, she realized something.
“Don’t tell me…” she said with a trembling voice and continued.

「Are you going with this until the end?」

I nodded. And after a moment’s pause, Light Instructor-sensei says with a strong voice.

「I understand. I will not lose!」

Thus began our new type of game.
The two of us decided that the time limit would be until half of the play time. If I couldn’t clear it by then, I would lose.

(Like this? Or maybe with this?)

The air in the room shivers with the low, stifled voice of Light Cruiser-sensei. The only other sound is the rustling of her clothes as she wriggles around.
As I continue to fiddle with the joystick, she grabs the pillow behind her back and flees upward. Her armpits are beautiful.
However, she soon collides with the headboard and tilts her head while breathing hard.

(What’s the command for Light Cruiser sensei’s special move I wonder)

Since every machine is different, the only one you can rely on is yourself. Endlessly repeating trial and error is the only way.

(Left, lower left, down, lower right, then right)

At that moment, Light Cruiser-sensei’s body turned over while her back rose into the air.
Clearly, a sign that she’s about to perform a special move. I must have entered a command that was pretty close to it.

(Which one is it? Which moves are correct just now?)

I persistently tried again and again in order to recreate the moves she did just now.
When I glanced at the Light Cruiser-sensei’s expression, I saw that her mouth was tightly closed while her eyes were wide open. Her breathing is uneven, and there is no doubt that she is nearing her limit.

(But there’s not much time left. If I don’t make a deciding move here, I’m going to lose)

After looking at the clock for a moment, I squashed the joystick with my thumb and made a half-turn downward as if to twist it.
It seems to be working so far, but the question is where to go from here. At that moment, a saying ran through my mind.

『If pushing doesn’t work, try pulling it』

As if guided by these words, I pinched the two pointed joysticks. Then pulled it hard.


A sharp but sweet cry cut through the air in the room.

(So that was the answer!)

As I thought, the wisdom of the ancestors is not to be underestimated.
My sweat-drenched body turns red, and Light Cruiser-sensei flails around under me. I held her down with my weight and shouted victory in my heart.


Perhaps the storm of stimulation had subsided. The light of reason returned to Light Cruiser-sensei’s eyes, and she smiled shyly.
She was embarrassed that I cleared her with just the tip of her chest.
However, Light Cruiser-sensei was also disappointed. Because she was the only one who had been satisfied.

(My battle has just begun!)

Taking advantage of the moment when Sensei’s body relaxed, I pushed my stick all the way to the base. And then I drew a circle as if to break it.

(Right, right, left! right, left!)

The one piece that let only her chest out and my joystick that dug deep into her from the side of her underwear.


The violent and rough movements continued until today’s second game clear fanfare resounded. The body pulsating violently beneath my belly is possibly the pinnacle of interactive games*.
「*TL Note: games like street fighter, mario kart, or ghost recon, etc. in game center.」

(Barrage hit! Barrage hit!)

I don’t stop even when the fanfare resounded. As a result, Light Cruiser-sensei was defeated again at the place where she was revived.
This is the so-called cheap combos. There was nothing she could do as she kept getting resurrected and destroyed again.

(I’m at my limit too)

I hugged the flailing Light Cruiser-sensei and poured it all out.
It was like pouring a bunch of 100-yen coins into her coin slot.
The coin was so tightly packed that she couldn’t completely swallow it and it overflowed out of the slot.

(Fuu~ That was satisfying)

As I thought, Light Cruiser-sensei is more special than the others. There are not many people in the whole royal capital who can give me this level of satisfaction.
The breaker went off, and she finally woke up near the time limit of our session.
She half-rose from the bed, put her arms around her body, and said with an expression of disbelief.

「To think I would come from just my breasts…」

Or just the tip, to be more precise. I’m sure she’s discovered a new side of herself now.
By the way, she didn’t scold me for doing it with her until she lost her consciousness.
She is strict when it comes to her backdoor, but as long as it’s a fair challenge and she accepted, she would forgive most of my actions.

「It was great」

I awkwardly held up my thumb and closed one eye, imitating Corneal.
Light Cruiser-sensei’s cheeks flushed at those words, and she slumped over, pressing her head against my chest.



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