Chapter 272 Part 1



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A city in the north of the Empire.
In a room of the only brothel in the city, two figures were combined together. One is a fat elderly man lying on his back on a bed, and the other is a Buddha straddling him.
On the older man’s forehead was the fingertip of the Buddha.

「No way… a high elf? Why would one of the leaders of the elves go outside the Spirit Forest?」

This woman who resembled a Buddha in the flesh was Elder, as Tauro called her. She had defeated the elf who had appeared as her customer and had used magic to suck out his memories.
To her surprise, he’s not just an ordinary elf, but a high elf. As such, they knew things that the people in the village could not.

『The world tree is almost out of life』

『The next generation of the world tree is under attack by the World Enemy』

『The great spirit beast Zaratan, the guardian of the Spirit Lake, is fighting the World Enemy』

Elda is stunned by the amazing contents of his memory. But at the same time, some questions emerge in her mind.

「The world is in danger, right? Then why don’t you just go save Zaratan instead of fighting a war with the humans?」

When she questioned the fat high elf who was unconscious, his mouth moved awkwardly, and answered in an inaudible voice.

「…I don’t know」

She frowned and asked again.

「I don’t know where it is. Where is Zaratan? Where is the World Tree? Where is the World Enemy?」

His body starts to shake as he repeats the same thing. Then, suddenly, he shouted out loud.

「The Griffon! I see!」

At the same time, an unorganized memory flows into her mind. Elder who managed to make sense of it shouted back.

「Wait! What do you mean by Spirit Cannon!? Shouldn’t you better deal with the World Enemy first before you deal with the Griffon!?」

But there was no response.
She removed her fingers from his forehead, grabbed both ears, and shook them back and forth, but there was still no response. Her face twisted as she understood the situation.

(He’s burnt out huh? Well, I guess it can’t be helped since it put so much stress on his brain)

The reason for this was the high level of defense magic. The high elves are incomparable to the humans and ordinary elves.
She exhaled once, switched her gears, and thought.

(As I thought, I wonder if it was too much for a bunch of amateurs with no knowledge or experience)

The World Tree, Zaratan, and the Magi Carta. The royal family learned the knowledge regarding those things, added what they gained from their experience, and passed it on to future generations.
In hindsight, the monarchy had certainly deteriorated and corrupted over the years. But still, they were experts when it came to the Spirit Forest

(It must have grown somewhere else because they failed to replace the world tree. No wonder Zaratan decided to move)

And the guardian of the Spirit Lake didn’t tell the high elves where it is. Probably because it doesn’t trust them.
At the sudden realization, her expression twisted.

(They never want to admit their own failures and always blame others for them)

The image of a small white bird with hind legs, flying down an alleyway with a piece of paper in its mouth popped up in her mind.
The Griffon is the symbol of the elven royal family. They are spirit beasts that have been responsible for the management of the world tree along with the kings and queens.
If it appeared as a familiar, its master would be a good target to shift the blame.

(Thus the Spirit Cannon. They must’ve believed that if they could get rid of the Griffon and its master, everything else would be resolved by themselves)

Her mouth was hanging open. She hadn’t noticed it from the outside, but the tops of the elves seemed to have deteriorated considerably.

(Or maybe they are just that cornered and desperate)

It’s a good feeling, but at the same time, it’s not a joking matter.

(I don’t want to get caught up in this mess and lose my life)

By the way, she is not interested in the world crisis.
Because she believes that her own life will end first, no matter what happens. She doesn’t care in a world where she doesn’t exist.
Thus she immediately decided to leave the Northern city.


Elda gets out of bed, pulling out a piece of the fat high elf that was stuck deep inside her. Then she reaches over the man’s body to search his belongings.

(I have to take off everything that could identify him as an elf)

She collects the small items that might be suspicious and puts them in her bag. She also took his money while she was at it.
Then she took out a knife, moved his long, fake hair, and placed it against the high elf’s long ear.

(Don’t worry. I’ll properly heal you and make sure you will look as human as possible)

As she finished her quick cut, she noticed the proof of the elf in the man’s crotch. If he were to be stripped naked, his race would be revealed.

(I will also make this part of you human-like)

She tied the root tightly with a hair band and wielded the knife again.
She shaped, healed, and cleaned it. Finally, his makeup was reconstructed and the man was awakened with magic.
There was no sparkle of will in the eyes of the fat high elf with a dazed expression.

(He’s completely broken huh)

It was just as she had expected. After a few questions and answers, she checked his memory.
And the result was that he couldn’t remember anything that happened before now.

「Come on, stand up. We’re going down to the lobby. You’re going to say, 『I like her so I’m going to take her on a date outside the store』, you get it?」

She took the man’s arm, who nodded vaguely and went to the stairs. Elder paid the concierge a reasonable amount of money and walked out of the store.
She brought him straight into a narrow alley and pressed her finger to his forehead, unleashing an electric shock.


The fat high elf faints and slips back against the wall. She waved one hand at him and headed back to her house.
She dragged out a large travel bag on wheels and thought as she packed the contents.

(It’ll be bad if everything stays like this. I should tell Count Rosehip about this)

But she had no way to get in touch with him.
The other party is a high-ranking nobleman. No matter how high the social status of the people working in the brothel, they would not meet her if they had never met her before.

(A letter is no good too)

If she has to send one, it will have to be anonymous or under a fake name. Who would read such a thing, or even if they did, who would give it much thought?

(As I thought, I should ask the Griffon to help me out here. Yeah, that’s a good idea)

According to the lady at the stall in the plaza, it goes back and forth once in the morning and once in the afternoon. If she’s lucky, she will be able to see it again.
The next morning, while waiting in the plaza, she spotted a small white bird with hind legs flying away with a piece of paper in its mouth.

(Looking at it, certainly made me want to say that it works hard today, too)

With a wry smile, she dragged her travel bag into an alley. It was the return trip that she was aiming for.
She waited for a little while. And a Griffon appears from the back of the alley, having finished delivering a package.

『Good afternoon. Can you please give this to your master』

As I spoke to it in spirit language, the Griffon passed by her once, then turned around and landed. From a short distance away, it tilted its head and looked up at her.

(It seems to be fine)

Just like before, Elder placed a piece of folded paper on the cobblestones.
When she withdrew, the Griffon stepped forward, caught it in its beak, and flew away.

(All right. The rest is up to you, Count Rosehip)

The only thing she wrote down was 『Spirit Cannon』. It would be good if he realized what it means, and if he doesn’t think anything of it, then that’s it, the end.
After all, she can’t provide any evidence or sources of information.
Even if they were to meet face to face and talk to each other, what they would be able to convey would not be much different from this one piece of paper.

(Now then, where shall I go? Imperial Capital? I’m sure I’ll be fine, but I’m not too keen on the idea)

Pulling a large travel bag on wheels, Elder heads for the golem carriage stop near the gate.
Taking immediate action is her specialty. This is how she has survived so far.

(It’s too early to go back to the Kingdom. And I can’t go to the Eastern country either. There’s the Saintess there, the natural enemy of brainwashing)

After much deliberation, she decided to go to the Imperial Capital.
Wherever she decides to go, she would have to go to the Imperial City at least once anyway. Besides, it had been a long time since she had escaped from the city after her brainwashing had been exposed.
Whether to stay or go, it would be best to explore the situation.

(It’s nice not to be boring, but it’s tiring me physically)

A beautiful woman in a white toga walked along the edge of the square, the sound of the wheels of her case echoing on the cobblestones.


At the same time, a short distance north of the Northern city.
The world tree that rises in the center of the Spirit Forest. The high elves were gathered in a big hollow at the very base of the tree.
This is the place where the magic is strongest in the world tree. In the past, young trees had grown here, but the dead trees had already been removed.

「It seems there’s no problem」

One of them nodded in satisfaction.
What they were doing was preparing to fire the Spirit Cannon. The first stage of the magic circle had just been activated.
In the center of the room, at a height of about knee level, a white-colored magic circle was floating. Its diameter was about the size of someone’s arms stretched out to their fullest extent.

「When this magic circle is brimming with light, we will be able to move on to the next one. We’ll meet here again at that time」

The acting Chairman said while looking at the magic circle spinning smoothly and noiselessly. He’s using polite words, but his tone is devoid of emotion.
The hunched high elf seems to have chosen to kill his emotions in order to unite his strong-minded colleagues.

「It needs three steps huh? I know it can’t be helped, but it’s still frustrating」

A high elf with thick eyebrows crossed his arms and curved his eyebrows.
It was impossible for the high elves to move the huge magic circle of the Spirit Cannon from the beginning. The power of this small magic circle is used to activate the magic circle one level higher.

『Spirit Cannon』

It is part of the Magi Carta, and it is the mallet that makes sure that the rules set by the Magi Carta are followed.
It is supposed to be activated automatically, but it has never been activated by the Magi Karta.
What the elves are doing is forcing it to start up manually. This is the same method that was used to activate it in the Spirit Forest War.
This was not the way it was originally intended to be used, so they took the form of using the equipment for growing young trees for other purposes.

「We’ll also have to decide on the range and power while we’re at it」

The acting Chairman looks at the high elf who said the words, his eyes dark with fatigue.

「…Yes, I was careless. Now, everyone, please come up with your own suggestion before the next meeting. We’ll decide at that time」

The acting chairman, who had left all decisions to the majority, declared.



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