Chapter 273 Part 1



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The lord’s mansion in the Northern city.
The table in the office was surrounded by a heavily dressed mature woman in a tight mini skirt, a thin old man, and a muscular large man with short white hair.
They were the lord of the estate, the mature Viscountess, the Knight Commander of the Imperial Knight, and Count Rosehip.

「Apparently it was received when it was on its way back from my place to Count Rosehip」

A mature Viscountess opened her crimson-colored lips.
Everyone stared at the piece of paper in the middle of the table. The piece of paper in the middle of the table had one word written on it, 『Spirit Cannon』.
The Griffon, Count Rosehip’s pet, had been entrusted by someone to bring the paper to him.

「I understand what this means, but I can’t tell what the other party’s intention for doing this is. If at least we know who the sender is」

The old warrior lightly shook his head from side to side and sighed.
The spirit cannon is the ultimate weapon of the elven race. Everyone here knows about it, but they don’t why the sender bothered to inform them.

『Don’t corner the elves too much, or they might use their Spirit Cannon』

If that’s what their intention is, it’s a little late for that.
It’s something that the Empire’s deep-rooted elf lovers have been insisting on since trade stopped.

「Even though they tried to warn us, we can’t just simply back out now」

What the old warrior just said was the common understanding among the three of them here.
If they were to turn their back even once, the elves would bring out their Spirit Cannon at any moment.

『People will concede if we explain that to them』

Something like that won’t happen.

「I’m sorry about this. If this guy was a little smarter, he would know who he was getting it from」

Count Rosehip said apologetically while patting the small white bird that is nuzzling between his legs.
The Griffon’s eyes squinted as he touched it with his thick, rugged hand. He looked at the beast and the large man with short white hair continued.

「But for me personally, I don’t think we should ignore this information. It might be just my opinion as a doting parent, but this guy can see people in his own way」

If he didn’t think it was worth the trouble, he wouldn’t have brought it. The reason why Count Rosehip took the trouble to add that was probably because he had a certain person in mind.
It was the well-built old man who had just been taken into custody. He was standing in the middle of the crowded square, shouting at the top of his voice.

「This city will be burned to the ground! By fire and sulfur rain from the heavens」

When their eyes met, he approached him and spread his arms in front of him, and looked up to the sky. Then he shook his head while foam came out of his mouth.

「Open the road to the Spirit Forest! Repent! We do not have much time left」

The guards were dispatched to the scene after complaints from the residents. He is now being treated by the healers.

「I wonder who he is?」

The mature Viscountess’ question was met with silence.
The clothes he wears are expensive, so he must be wealthy. However, he doesn’t remember anything and doesn’t have anything to show his identity.

「From his reaction back there, he’s probably not the sender」

Count Rosehip nodded at the old warrior’s opinion.
When he took the Griffon to see if the man was the sender, he suddenly made a strange noise and attacked them.
The reason why he was with the healer was because he had been countered by Count Rosehip’s fist.

「The possibility of them using the Spirit Cannon is higher. I’ll let His Majesty know about this」

The old warrior continued and the other two nodded.
If they were to fire it, it would be the first time in several hundred years. Will they target the Northern city and the Knights stationed in the surrounding, or the Imperial capital?
If it’s these three, they’ll probably go for the capital.

「It’s quite a distance. Will it be able to reach the capital?」

The mature Viscountess asked while tilting her neck.
In the Spirit Forest War, the target was the allied Knights of the human race approaching close range. Because of that, no one knows for sure the shooting range.

「All that’s left is to increase the surveillance on the Spirit Forest」

The mature Viscountess who continued the conversation unconsciously ruffled her wavy hair with her hand. The strong scent of perfume sprinkled in the air made the Griffon wince slightly.

「I’ll also prepare the residents for evacuation in case the city is targeted」

With the countermeasures decided, they move on to the next topic.
Incidentally, the reason why the fat high elf gave a sermon in the square was because he still had a little of his memory left.
It was probably due to high elves’ high resistance to magic. However, it was only a fragment.

『A terrible calamity is about to befall this city』

It was only that much.
Although he didn’t know why he felt a sense of urgency burning through him. Making him take the action he did.


In a different place, Jayanne that located in the royal capital.
I was sipping tea in the lobby with brushes of various sizes in my bag. I’m waiting for my appointment with Light Cruiser-sensei.

(As I thought, the best place to seek advice is the Light Cruiser-sensei)

The other day, I traced someone’s wife’s body with a brush in order to solve the problem of a certain heir to a big merchant.
Looking at the results alone, everything went well, but that was because I was helped by the guild master in the end. I was reminded of my lack of strength.

『Try a play with the brush and aims higher』

That is my goal today.
If the two of us, who are close in ability, work together, our skills will be honed. As a truth seeker, I’m sure Light Cruiser-sensei will be pleased with the opportunity to grow.

『We’re probably the only ones who stand in this realm in the entire royal capital』

It reminds me of the way she was happily talking after the command input play the other day without catching her breath.
She is a teacher who never stops moving forward. With her, I might be able to create a technique that surpasses the 『Eight Basic Strokes』.


As I was doing some imaginary brush strokes with my fingers, a figure of a certain customer came into view out of the corner of my eye. With one hand on the wall of the lobby, he bent forward and staggered along.
His age was somewhere between a boy and a young man. The fact that he was holding his crotch with one hand suggested that he had accumulated a lot of fluid.

(The concierge and the sideline look happy)

The master concierge at the counter smiles happily at him. The crowd of beauties with dynamite bodies that lined the opposite wall also looked at him fondly.

『I came here hungry to the limit, looking forward to eating at this restaurant』

This is one of the greatest compliments to the restaurant. It is not words but expressed with the body.

(Not only the ones who work at the store. But also the other customers)

Patience, endurance, and overflowing young energy. The gentlemen were casually looking at him with a mixture of admiration and envy.
I was once again struck by how wonderful the culture of this world is.


But then I noticed something. That person, who looked older to be called a boy, but younger than a young man, looked familiar to me.
A party of adventurers I often work with. He’s undoubtedly the youngest and the only sorcerer there.

(I see. I guess today is the party’s 『Reward yourself』 day)

The leader of the party, a rather stern old man, was talking about it.
I thought about it while putting my hand on my chin.

(But, Jayanne huh)

As I recall, their party’s rank is E. I’d say they’re somewhere in the middle rank.
On the other hand, Jayanne’s is a high-ranking store that is known as one of the top three stores in the royal capital. I’m sorry for speaking condescendingly, but it doesn’t match up with their income.
Even if it’s just a treat once every while, that must still be too heavy for them.

(Let’s make sure they get a good drop the next time we work together)

Drops are useful parts taken from defeated magic beasts. I’ve heard that the value varies greatly depending on how damaged it is.

(The damage will be minimal if I do some precision sniping)

I held up my nonexistent rifle as if I’m aiming, and made a gesture as if I were shooting with it.


Here, the perspective shifts to Vince, the adventurer in front of Tauro’s gaze who walks unsteadily.

(I was drugged)

What floats in my mind are the faces of three old men who are my friends.
They were busy and the temperature was getting high, so they decided to go out and eat something to keep their spirits up.

『Eat a lot of meat and go to the brothel』

This adventurer party promised 『Reward yourself』 course for the members. What was different from the usual was the way it was prepared.
The hot vegetables that came with a thick steak. Poisonous mushrooms were probably mixed in there.

(Though I’m sure it’s because they thought it was for the best)

I recalled the conversation between the stern-faced leader and the old men.

「It was just roughly cut up and dried under the sun, so I don’t know how it’s going to turn out」

At the leader’s words, a skinny old man with a red face because of the alcohol crossed his arms and growled.

「Despite that, the result is like this, so maybe the quality is good, to begin with」

Apparently, he had picked up some dried poisonous mushrooms from an acquaintance at a reasonable price.
The name of the poisonous mushroom is White Lady. It was poisonous, but it could be used to make a powerful energy booster.
I made a mistake by ignoring them, and not saying that I don’t need such a thing.

「That dinner was on us! I don’t care whether you go to the top three stores or whatever. Just go ahead and make a hole somewhere with your barrage!」

The meaning of that pat on the back by the old warrior as he left the restaurant. I understand it now.
Because the moment I walked into Jayanne’s lobby and inhaled the scent of women, I was in this state.

「I’ve been waiting for you. Come on, let’s go」

When I reached the counter, Mini-Twintails, who I had reserved, came from the back with bouncy steps.
Her hair is in twin tails, and her body is slim and petite. Her chest and hips are not too big.
However, she is the perfect woman for me as I change my weapon from a cane to a knife on the bed.

「I might cause trouble for you later but, please take care of me」

Mini-Twintails replied, 『No, I’m happy with that』 with a smile at my words.
I fought off the urge to hug her right there and then, and asked her to lend me her shoulder as I walked up the stairs.



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