Chapter 273 Part 2



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These were Mini-Twintails’ words right after the apprentice who delivered the drinks left.
I couldn’t resist the sight of her back as she locked the door and attacked her.


With the clothes on and without taking a bath first. Ignoring the panicking Mini-Twintails, I pushed her against the door and entered her while standing.
To my surprise, Mini-Twintails was already ready to go.
It wasn’t a leftover fire from the previous session, either. It was as ready as it would be after going through the various steps.
I would like to ask her about it. But now was not the time.

「I’m sorry」

A rocket start of bad manners. I apologize, but I can’t stop myself.
I put my hands on the door to prevent her from escaping, and push up from below to prevent her from collapsing.
“I’m sorry, I’m so sorry”, I repeated several times. I had been holding back too long, and I let out a big load.

(….No good. It doesn’t calm down at all)

As expected of a White Lady, that is said to be worth 『A pile of gold coins of the same height』. The effect was unbelievable.
The leader said he got it cheaply from an acquaintance, but even that must have a limit to how low the price can be.
I felt both gratitude and complaint at the same time at this well-intentioned prank. But it was pushed aside by a certain desire that began to swell inside me.
I shook my head, refocused my mind, and resumed my violent rhythm.

「Eh? Eh?」

There’s confusion in Mini-Twintails’ voice. She must have thought we would change positions once I stopped.

「I’m really sorry」

I apologized again and put more pressure on Mini-Twintails’ body. The door hinge began to creak violently.


I wonder how many times I’ve let it out since then. Mini-Twintails’, trapped between me and the door, continued to twitch.
It was getting too hard for me to stand up, so I picked her up from behind and carried her to the bed in a princess hug.

(She’s so light)

She was lying on her back, her eyes and mouth wide open, drooling and breathing shallowly.

「No way!」

My eyes, which had been staring off into the distance, came back into focus and Mini-Twintails gulped as she thrust her hands at my chest.
It was because I had already released so much, but I had invaded her from the front again.

「No no no, more than this is impossible」

It was not a shout. It was more like a whisper.
I repeat the word 『sorry』 again in her ear and let her body bounce in succession again.
The springs of the bed make it easier than before.

Mini-Twintails’ struck my back repeatedly with her small fist. But it didn’t hurt at all.
Next, she put up her fingers, but she didn’t claw or scratch, so it was like she was pressing on my pressure points.
This is how I continued to cum more than ever before in my life.

「I’m so sorry!」

With only a few minutes left, the effect finally settled down and I sat on the bed with my head rubbing against the mat.
In front of me, Mini-Twintails slumped down, her clothes tattered and sticky as if she had been roughed up.
She had overflowed beyond her petite capacity. In fact, looking at the amount and number of times, it would be as if she had been gang raped by one person.

「I’m surprised, but it can’t be helped. It looks like you’ve been accumulating a lot」

I breathed a sigh of relief as she forgave me surprisingly easily. I definitely didn’t want to be banned from nominating her.
From there, I made my excuses and told her that my meal was mixed in with a White Lady.

「That’s not something a young man like you should be eating, you know?」

Mini-Twintails’ made a dumbfounded expression. The energy boosters concocted by the pharmacist are said to make even a bedridden old man stand up.
She said that for a troubled young man, it is nothing but poison.

「Does it work on women too?」

I asked her because I was curious, but she told me it only works on men.

「Anyway, I don’t mind if you want to do this much, but at least let me prepare」

A few finger flick to the forehead and the punishment was over.
I was completely relieved, but the word 『Preparation』 reminded me.
So I asked her about it. About how Mini-Twintails was so well prepared, even though the play was sudden.

「….Women also have one of those days you know」

She didn’t tell me anything more.
After finishing my preparations, I left the store after being escorted to the lobby. An early summer night breeze blew through the main street of the red-light district.
I brush my disheveled hair with my hand, squint in the breeze, and look up at the starry sky.

(I guess it’ll be the start of living full of water from tomorrow on)

All the money I had was tipped to her as an apology. In other words, I didn’t have enough to eat tonight.
Still, I have some room in my heart because I’m trying to get the leader and the others to help me out. Since I’m not the only one responsible for this.


As I stretched out, I heard a clinking sound in my shoulder bag.
Wondering what it was, I looked inside and found an unfamiliar pink envelope.

(What is this?)

When I took out the strangely heavy item, the words written on the front emerged in the light of the red-light district.

『Please come again!』

I gulped and tilted the envelope in the palm of my hand. What came out of the envelope were several gold coins.
It was close to the full amount of the tip I had given her earlier.

(….She only took silver and copper coins, huh)

At that moment, my heart was completely captivated by Mini-Twintails.


Jayanne after Vince had left.
In the employee waiting room, there was a small, slender woman with twin tails and a large-breasted woman with twin tails as well.
Mini-Twintails who was Vince’s partner and the other Twintails who was very popular with sensitive customers.

「What’s wrong? Are you okay?」

Twintails asks Mini-Twintails who is frowning while bending forward and holding her waist.
She answered that the number of times the customer had reached climax was amazing.

「That never happened to me. He must really like you」

She made a slightly frustrated expression and shook her large breasts.
She was formerly in charge of Vince. As he became more experienced and skilled, he exceeded Twintails’ acceptable sensitivity.

「Well, there’s a reason for that. He said that his friends mixed mushrooms in his food. A White Lady at that」

A small woman uttered with a sigh. Hearing this, Twintails furrowed her brows.
As expensive as it is, a White Lady that has been processed for medical purposes is harmless. However, having had the experience of being drugged with a poor-quality aphrodisiac, she just couldn’t stand it.
After letting out a big breath, she regained his composure and opened his mouth.

「But isn’t it fine? It was that kind of day, wasn’t it?」

A few days a month, her libido jumps up several folds.
This is a side effect of forcibly suppressing biological principles with magic.

「Well, yeah. But just because I want to do it so badly, my sensitivity also rises, so it was a bit tough」

Placing her chin on the table, the petite woman replied with a tired expression.

「I wonder if something can be done about it. It’s pretty hard to sit on the platform in that condition」

In response to the words that followed, Twintails shook her large breasts to the side and opened her mouth.

「But you still have it nice. There are people who go off in strange directions because of it you know」

Most of the time, the side effect takes the form of increased sexual desire. However, some women were different.
The way it manifested varies from wanting people to smell them to wanting people to see them naked. She felt sorry for those women with a side effect that was difficult to satisfy.

「My, what are you two talking about?」

The one who came in was a woman with long straight hair, who had a calm atmosphere and a gorgeous body. She, who also sits on the sideline, just came back from her work to take a break.
She let out a deep sigh when she realized that the two of them were talking about 『that day』.

「For me, I would get very thirsty. But the only thing that can quench it is fluid from a man」

Most of the customers prefer to use the bottom mouth, so she had a hard time quenching her thirst.

「That must be really tough」

The two Twintails bobbed up and down with sympathetic looks on their faces.
Then they started to engage in a heated discussion of topics that only women are allowed to talk about, which must not be heard by customers.

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