Chapter 296 Part 1



Translator: “Hakou”                             Editor: “Weasalopes”

The season is summer. It was just about time for afternoon tea.
I was asleep in my pilot’s uniform in my living room when I woke up, wanting to go to the bathroom.

「Sorry, I didn’t mean to wake you up.」

When I returned to the room after finishing my business, I found that my familiars, the caterpillar, dung beetle, and turtle were moving in.

『It’s okay』

『I sleep a lot』

Imosuke and Dangorou replied.
Zaratan stretches his neck and sighs heavily. There are no scars on his figure, and he is not as tense as he was last night when we were on the battlefield.

(I guess it’s okay to say that we’re back to our normal daily life)

The Spirit Cannon can no longer fire, so there is no danger of Fire Arrows raining down on the Royal Capital. The elves are having a dispute with the Empire, but I think it would be best if the two parties could resolve that between themselves.
I nodded, pulled out my potion bag, and started making potions while kneeling on the floor. I’m going to make a report to the guild master as I go deliver the potions.

「I’m going to go out but, you’ll be alright even if I come back late, right?」

Bottles of potions appeared on my hands one after another. My familiars, who were looking at them, sent me a wave that said, 『It’s alright』.
I’ve shown them how I do this many times before, but I guess they’re still interested.
After packing my bag, I asked Imosuke and the others to look after the house and left. As I headed for the central square, I thought about what I was going to say.

(Let’s just insist that I went to the eastern lake and returned.)

This is not a lie, and since I’m riding an eighteen-meter-tall Knight, someone should’ve seen me. The only thing I can’t talk about is the fact that I teleported to the Spirit Lake and returned.

(Alright, let’s go)

Arriving at the merchant guild, I went up to the third floor and knocked on the door nervously. Once inside, I bowed deeply and thanked the guild master for lending me the Old Lady.
The small, goblin-like old man sitting in the office chair stared at me for a while, then asked me a question.

「Did it go well?」

There was no preamble about what it was about. Still, I felt something and answered proudly.


The guild master then nodded in satisfaction and turned his overly large chair to face the window.

「Thanks for your hard work. I think you should go home now and get some rest.」

With his back still facing me, he threw out concerned words at me. I was puzzled, but this is convenient, so I thanked him again and decided to leave the room.

(It went too well, it’s kind of scary)

However, that’s just like the guild master. After going down to the first floor, I delivered the potions to the tough-looking chief at the counter and then headed for the knight hangar.
I was going to apologize for the damage on the rifle, but I didn’t see him this morning.

「Did he leave early?」

This was unusual for the workaholic young man, so I couldn’t help but look surprised. The old guard smiled and said, 『It’s the day after all』.

(The brothel huh)

Herbivore mechanic, a slender young man who will turn into a beast once a certain line is crossed. Ever since a wonderful woman who was willing to accept a guy like him appeared before him, he began to regularly visit her workplace.
Thanks to her, his habit of 『working all night long』 is now reformed and 『Premium no overtime day』 was born.

(Let’s head to the brothel too then)

Now that I think about it, even though it’s summer, I haven’t had a bath since yesterday. Maybe I should ask some beautiful woman to wash the nooks and crannies of my body.

(As expected, it has to be Light Cruiser-sensei when it comes to healing type of service.)

It’s alright to not fight when I’m not in the mood to do so. I can just leave everything to her to give me the finest service.
The problem is, can I appoint her if I go now?

(If it’s no good… I guess I’ll go to the side street)

A narrow alley in the red-light district, lined with privately owned stores. Most of the women are in their thirties or older, which is not a bad thing when you want to make it easy on yourself by getting pampered.
Scratching my head, I head to the west along the main street.


The stage moves to a certain school in the royal capital. It is the dojo of the women’s flower arrangement club.
On a mat laid out on the floor, a cool beauty in a blue bikini was lying on her back, getting her body brushed by a girl who was also wearing a blue bikini.

「I am amazed that you have learned this much. With this, you will be able to hone your skills on your own.」

The cool coach told her as she raised her upper body. She was checking to see how well her students had mastered the 『Eight basic strokes』 as she was going to quit today.

「….Are you really going to quit?」

The short-haired captain who was holding the brush, asked with an expression as if she was holding back. The expressions on the faces of the girls surrounding her in seiza were also very gloomy.
Although for a short period of time, Cool Coach had completely won the hearts of the girls.

「All of us were able to grow our skills thanks to you, coach. Can you at least coach us until the end of the main competition in the royal capital?」

Seeing the short-cut captain who continued in a sad voice, Cool-san smiles calmly with her expressionless face.
Standing on her knees, she reaches out her arms and cradles the short-cut girl’s head on her ample chest.

「I’m sorry. I, too, have my own goal to achieve.」

A short-cut girl bursts into sobs as she is held in her arms. The sound of sobbing from the club members echoes through the dojo.
The girls knew the reason why she was quitting, but they still couldn’t help but persuade her to stay.

『Enrolling the pilot school』

Only those who have magic power comparable to that of an intermediate magician and high magic manipulation ability can be accepted.
If one can successfully climb the stairs in the school, it would lead them to the Kingdom’s knight order.

『Nobles are made of blood, and pilots are made of strength』

This was once a favorite saying of the high-ranking pilots of the Kingdom’s knight order. It is a position comparable to that of a noble.
Even if they were unable to reach that level, they can earn a high income for the rest of their lives if they have mastered the way to 『Operate a golem with high precision for a long period of time』.

『An opportunity that can be grabbed by putting all of her life’s resources on the line. This is no time to be coaching a flower-arrangement club.』

The principal and the club members. It wasn’t surprising that they all felt that way.
The girls didn’t try to keep her back further, and they saw Coach Cool off while uttering words of gratitude.

「….She sure is amazing, isn’t she? It’s just amazing that she can be a Knight pilot on top of being a sideline of the top three brothels in the royal capital」

They calmed down after a brief moment, and one of the members, a girl with the Young Lady-cut leaked a few words.

「She was just accepted into the school, and whether or not she can become a pilot depends on how she will do from now on.」

The short-cut captain softly corrected her, but then continued with a longing look in her eyes.

「Just being talented and literate is not enough at all. God doesn’t give with both hands, huh」

Here, a girl with long, frizzy hair cheerfully proclaimed.

「I’m going for it, too! Top three brothels and the knight ord— W-what are you doing!?」

The Young Lady-cut girl beside her pushed her mid-sentence. Then she picked up a brush from the floor and began to stroke her armpits.
The long, frizzy-haired girl, who was being gently and precisely stimulated in her sensitive area, bent back while letting out sweet noises. Young Lady-cut girl raised her eyebrows and continued to torment her mercilessly.

「What three families! Talk big after you defeat me.」

When the other club members saw the two, they looked at each other and broke into a smile.

「All right! Let us all help her train」

At the words of the short-cut captain, the club members rushed to the girl with long, frizzy hair with brushes in their hands. They held her hands and legs and ran more than ten brushes on her whole body.
The long, frizzy-haired girl screams in a sharp voice while repeatedly jerking her hips.

「Wait! Please stop! I–I’ll die! I will seriously dieee」

The girls, whose skills are already recognized by Coach Cool through their practice, attacked the long, curly-haired girl’s weak points.
The long frizzy-haired girl’s words must have really meant what she said earlier. But the girls, who have experienced Coach Cool’s strict instruction, won’t listen to her.

「It’s okay. You know what coach taught us, right? People don’t break that easily.」

While laughing, the Young Lady-cut traces the swelling lines and bulges that can be seen from the center of the wide open legs, even from the top of the cloth, with a brush over and over again.
The girls drown their loneliness at the departure of their esteemed coach by teasing one of the playful girls. The girls must have been a little careless.
The thick curtains on the windows were not pulled tight enough, and they did not realize that there was a slight gap between the curtains.

(….Two boys are peeking at us)

Cool-san murmured in her mind. After leaving the dojo, she hid behind a nearby standing tree and looked around. It was impossible for her to be unaware of the passionate eyes of the lustful male students, as she could even sense the gazes of Imosuke and Dangorou.
A boy wearing his uniform and his tidy hair, and a fat boy. They don’t seem to notice each other, as they each have their faces glued to the windows of different walls.

(Not like I don’t understand their feelings though)

Only the girls on the level of a school idol are allowed to join the club, the girls’ flower arrangement club. These girls are wearing bikinis, exposing their bare skin, and they are attacking each other.
Even if you are not an adolescent male, there is no one who wouldn’t want to see it.
Here, virgin eater Unicorn, Cool-san, inhales the slight aroma wafting in the wind. Next, she bent the corner of her mouth into a smile and fixed her gaze to one side.

(For them to show up at this late minute. It must be a gift from God)

The goddess of business, who rests herself on one side of the balance. While thinking about that figure and offering her thanks, she quietly approached her from behind.


This is the voice of the fat boy student in his heart. He couldn’t hold it anymore, seeing the heavenly scene seen through the gaps in the curtains, and when he opened the front of his pants, a smooth cold hand slipped in from the right side.
At the same time, the hand turned from the left side closes the mouth that opened in surprise.

(This is–!)

The next thing he felt were two large, soft lumps pressed against his back and warm body heat. There was no doubt in his mind that a woman was hugging me from behind.
He looked to the side and saw the woman’s cheek touching his cheek. The owner was the Cool Goddess who had just been teaching in the dojo.


The subject that he has repeatedly imagined and lusted after is now hugging his body and crotch. He thought that he would probably be taken to the teacher’s office and reprimanded for his voyeuristic behavior.
Although he was afraid of this, he still did not want to forget the feeling of this moment.



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