Chapter 299 Part 1



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Straight south along the road from the Northern City that was burned to the ground by the Spirit Cannon. There is a fort at the point where the wilderness turns into a valley.
It is owned by an old warrior, the commander of the Imperial Army. It is the front line of the Empire against the elves.

「There’s something strange with the World Tree, you say?」

The question was asked in the fort’s office by a mature woman whose ample limbs were wrapped in a pilot’s uniform. She was wearing a short tight skirt and sitting cross-legged, so the one who reported standing in front of her would have been able to see the inside.
However, the young woman with short, silvery white hair showed slight interest but shook her head without relaxing her expression.

「Yes. It seems it has stopped emitting light.」

She is the captain of the mercenary knight order, the Lily Knights White Lily Corps. She has just returned from a scouting mission.
According to the explanation that follows, it is not the pale green light it once glowed, nor the eerie rainbow color just before the Spirit Cannon was fired, but has completely disappeared.

「Did something happen? Something bad that happened to the elves.」

The Mature Viscountess, her hand on her chin, looks at the captain’s white hair ornament, with a flower shape, and thinks.
The Spirit Cannon, an overwhelming means of long-range attack. It is good news for her, who had been unable to take revenge because of the elves’ possession of it.
However, knowing her own heart, which is inclined to take it in a convenient way, she has to exercise self-control.

「We should confirm it ourselves.」

An old warrior beside her spoke. The leaders of the fort had gathered in her office to hear the results of the scouting.

「With me, Viscountess, and Count Rosehip, the three A-class Knight pilots, we can escape from whatever may happen.」

He then turns his attention to the large, middle aged man with short, white hair and continues his speech.

「We can also take the Griffon with us. He’s more useful than we are, since he even noticed the activation of the Spirit Cannon.」

Perhaps realizing that its name had been called, the four-legged white bird, which had been curling up between Count Rosehip’s legs, raised its head and turned to the old warrior.
Stroking his back, the short white-haired man agreed.

「With such powerful magic, it is no wonder that the World Tree is greatly burdened. If this is our chance to beat the elves, we definitely cannot miss it.」

Count Rosehip looks at the Mature Viscountess with one side of his mouth bent upward in a sympathetic manner.
Although her people and her subordinates were burned to death, she never had the opportunity to launch a counterattack. Her heart was aching for the feelings of those who had been burned to death.

「That’s right. Then let’s go right away.」

The light in her eyes intensifies, and the Mature Viscountess leaves her seat. She wouldn’t be able to wait any longer once she decided on something.
Seeing this, the short white-haired man pulled his face toward the old warrior and whispered.

(If we depart now, it will be dark when we get there.)

(If we’re just going to check the light. The darker the better.)

Count Rosehip, noticing the shallowness of his thought, coughed lightly. The two also got up from their seats and followed the Mature Viscountess to their own Knights.


A-class Knight, redder than the sunset, moving northward on the street, catching the sideways sunset.
Led by the Mature Viscountess, the group was followed by a lacquered Japanese armor-like commander’s Knight and a Knight with a large rose painted over its jet-black body.
It was fortunate for the Mature Viscountess that the sun had already set when they reached the burnt field where the Northern City used to be.
Although they had been on the battlefield for a long time, they had never committed Genocide.

(It is indeed no longer emitting light)

An old warrior gazes at the World Tree through the eyes of the armored Japanese warrior crouching behind a boulder.

『It seems the place is completely surrounded by darkness. The lights of the elven village can be seen only slightly in the back.』

Count Rosehip makes contact with the Knight’s torso and transmits a discreet external sound system through the vibration.

『Should we hit them once and see if that elicits a reaction from them?』

Next came the voice of the Mature Viscountess from the crimson Knight, who lowered herself to the opposite side of them.
However, the Spirit Forest is said to be an extremely favorable place for the elven race with high magical aptitude. The old warrior, with one side of his face, bent wide, is troubled.
Meanwhile, in the pilot’s seat of the jet-black Knight with a big rose painted on it, a winged four-legged spirit beast was appealing to its master.

「You’re going to scout the Spirit Forest?」

The opening and closing of its wings a few times must be a sign of its intention to fly there. Count Rosehip looks at the Grifon on his lap with sharp eyes and asks in a stern tone of voice.

「The most important part of a reconnaissance mission is to bring back information. Are you confident that you can do that?」

The small white bird stares back at him from below without blinking. After a few moments of staring, the large man with short white hair relaxed his eyes slightly.

「All right, fine. Just wait a moment」

Next, he told the commander through vibrations.

『The Griffon said he was going to scout the area』

This was all the old warrior could have hoped for.
He immediately replied in approval, and the jet-black rose Knight opened its chest armor slightly. To the familiar glaring at the forest with a serious expression through the gap, its master, arms folded, announced gravely from behind.

「I will not move from here until you return. Never, alright? Keep that in mind.」

The Griffon looked back, blinked a couple of times, and nodded strongly.


It opens its beak and gives a single sharp cry, then turns its head back outside. Then with a kick to its master’s knee, it flew off into the night sky.


Three A-class Knights were looking at the world tree while hiding behind a boulder. The stars in the night sky gradually change their positions.
The armored warrior in the center called out to Count Rosehip’s Knight.

『You don’t have to be that anxious. That Griffon has never made a mistake. You know that better than anyone.』

The jet-black Knight with a large rose painted on it replies with an exasperated vibration.

『I am calm, though? And I think it’s a bit of a stretch comparing something important like scouting to running an errand.』

The old warrior didn’t reply back and only shrugged his shoulders with a smile in the cockpit. Even the Mature Viscountess, who was only listening, felt a little relaxed.


Without waiting too long, Count Rosehip’s proud Griffon returned.
It entered through the gap in the chest armor which he had opened again and headed straight for the master’s groin, looking rather tired.

「The Spirit Forest is gradually losing its magical power?」

Count Rosehip’s eyes went wide in disbelief as he listened to his familiar’s report.
Normally, there is a thick magical power in the air among the trees in the forest that spreads around the World Tree.

『As long as it is inside the Spirit Forest, the elves would never lose.』

The reason for that is because they can divert the magical power in the forest and use it to shoot offensive magic in rapid succession. The offensive magic that a high-ranking elf magician would unleash from the shadows of the trees would defeat even a B-class Knight.
But if the magic is gone, they can be crushed by the sheer force of numbers.

『We must advance』

Hearing Count Rosehip’s information, the Mature Viscountess strongly urges the knight commander to take action.
The old warrior, who had closed his eyes in silent contemplation, opened his eyes and said in a quiet tone.

『We will go on the offensive. As soon as we have Your Majesty’s approval, we will launch the main force of the Imperial Army against them.』

Unlike the army, a Knight’s rations are enough only for the pilot. Moreover, fuel and ammunition are supplied by the pilot’s magical power. Once it is decided that the army will be dispatched, preparations will be made in a short time.
Hearing the old warrior’s words, the Mature Viscountess felt her body tremble.

(Ahh, the time has finally come. I’ve spent my days patiently waiting for this time to come.)

With a dark smile across her face, the crimson-colored A-class Knight sat up.



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