Chapter 299 Part 2



Translator: “Hakou”                             Editor: “Weasalopes”

The top floor of a three-story building at the southern end of the red-light district.
After finishing lunch at a nearby food stall, I returned home and changed my clothes.

「Something like this I guess」

I wore a hooded cloak and a golden mask on my face for the first time in a long time. This is my formal attire as Dr. Slime, the leader of the 『Doom Squad』.
A joint event of lower-class brothels will begin early this afternoon. And I’m going to that event as one of the honorable guests.

『So cool』

『It looks strong』

「I know, right?」

I smile broadly at the compliments from the vice commander and general.
By the way, Imosuke wears a black eye patch on his eye-shaped crest, and Dangorou is dressed in a ceremonial green moth. It seems that when I am wearing my formal attire, they also want to wear their formal attire, too.
By the way, the turtle was taking a nap in the pond because he did not join the Doom Squad.

「Well then, I’m off」

Leaving them to look after the house, I went down the outside stairs to the golem carriage that was waiting for me. The neatly dressed man with a business smile on his face opens the door while bowing his head with a straight back.

「It’ll be only for a short trip, but please treat me well.」

After getting in, I told the coachman.
The elegantly decorated black golem carriage started moving slowly. The venue for the joint event is located in the western part of the red-light district, so it is honestly not that far that I have to go by carriage.
However, speaking of Dr. Slime, I was also known as 『Twin Jewels of the Royal Capital’s Red Light District』, although unwillingly. I thought it would not look good if I showed up on foot.

(It’s no use to just save money without using it anyway)

I thought so because I rented this luxury golem carriage with my own money.
I don’t have a hobby like enjoying looking at the balance in my guild account. That said, I also don’t have a habit of spending my money without reason, so I decided to think of it as compensation for the work I did.
It would be great if the coachman used the money I just paid him to go to the whorehouse.

「We have arrived, sir.」

With a brilliant deceleration that would not even spill a drop of water from a glass, we stopped in front of the store where the event was to take place. I step out of the carriage with the demeanor of a head of state arriving by private jet.
I also don’t have to worry about the gaze that says, 『What’s with this guy?』. This is because I’ve told the concierge of the 『Uniform Specialized Store』 about the golem carriage and the mask.

「Welcome to the event, Dr. Slime-sama.」

The place became noisy when my identity was revealed, but they were calmed down by the fact that I had a flower decoration on my chest indicating that I’m a member of the management. I guess they were still wary that I would participate as a player.
While relaxing with a cup of tea in the lounge to which I was escorted, I was called in for a briefing session.

(There’s quite a number of people huh)

The store’s great hall with all the tables removed except for one in the center. There are probably more than fifty men and women standing there.
Among them, I see a number of familiar faces, and I smiled behind my mask.

「We are pleased to introduce you to our guests. This is Dr. Slime. He will be cooperating with us to give away the first-place prize!」

The man who introduced me was an old man with a thief’s beard, who seemed to be the host of the event. My face is already widely known, so most of the reactions are dubious, wondering why would I wear a mask.
The only one that sends me a suspicious look is Ponytail. She must not know I’m Dr. Slime because I’ve never mentioned it before.

(Ah, the Herbivore mechanic’s eyes went wide. But why is he standing in the back like that? He could have come to the front instead of the back corner like that.)

I thought when I spotted the slender young man. Well, I guess that’s just like him.
I looked around more and saw two bald heads side by side.

(It’s been a long time. Since the time I jumped in at the year-end party in the shopping district, was it? No, I think I saw them at Herbivore mechanic’s sister’s wedding reception.)

Those bald heads belong to Andale, the owner of 『Pharmacist Store』 and the organizer of the year-end party, and the butcher old man who stayed in the same room at the hot spring inn.
There were several other familiar faces. The reason why there are so many people from the shopping district may be because the restaurant is often used for business entertainment and other purposes.

(Corneal doesn’t seem to be here.)

My best friend and the number three in the knight order. That muscular young man is not here.
He is a gentleman that was also known as the 『Skewering Whirlwind』 in the red-light district, but I guess he’s not a regular at the low-class brothels. If anything, he is more of a shop-goer.

(And that’s the guild master, right? No matter how you look at it.)

A small old man wearing a black ski mask is looking at me, laughing with his eyes.
I remember that hat. It was the ones we used in 『Bureikou』 held at the guest house. We wore it when we fought a female titan who was an old friend of Goblin Jii-chan there.

(It must’ve meant something different than my mask)

Like Dr. Slime, he is the infamous 『Goblin Jii-chan』. If he does not hide his true identity, he may be the first to come under concentrated fire from the women.
In fact, that’s exactly what happened during the test play at the end-of-the-century brothel.

「Now then, let me explain the rules.」

The Thief Beard old man began to speak, and a map of the red-light district appeared on the tapestry hanging on the wall.

「The westernmost corner, from here to here on the map, will be the venue.」

A map that is painted in colors to match what he said.
Ponytail with crossed arms and squinting eyes is probably formulating a battle plan in her head. Incidentally, my gaze is directed to Busty-chan next to her.

(Those things sure are huge. And they’re magnificently shaped like cannonballs too.)

I have played with those before. But I can’t help but feel such feelings when they shook under her clothes.

「This time, you will be using the upgraded top model.」

After explaining the location, the Thief Beard old man places a pair of wands and a thumbstick on the desk.

(an upgraded version?)

Waving the wand will produce a harmless arrow of light, and a thumb-sized rod vibrates when it is hit. That is all this toy is supposed to do.
Where in the world would there be room for improvement? Pushed by strong interest, I leaned forward and listened.

「With this version, there are four stages of vibrations. Please take a look.」

When Thief Beard old man waves the wand, the thumbstick on the desk begins to vibrate. Gently at first, then more violently as it receives two or three arrows of light.

(This is the third stage. It’s the same level of vibration as before.)

While I nodded my head, I was actually feeling a bit deflated. I would say that the vibration became milder because it’s divided into several stages now.
The same atmosphere leaked out from experienced people, including me. Probably sensing this, Thief Beard bent his mouth into a smile and continued.

「In case you are wondering, you will be out after getting shot three times, but if you have the courage to take on the next stage of vibration, you may continue to play the game. Now, please take a look.」

He once again waved the wand. Then an arrow of light shoots out from the tip. The people around the table were thrilled to see the thumbstick hit by the arrow.
The reason was that the thumbstick was shaking more violently than expected.

(What’s this? Amazing)

If I were to describe it by sound, it would be 『Vrrmmm』 so far. However, the thumbstick that received the fourth shot was 『Brrrrttttttttt』.
It is a heavy bass sound that would resonate in your stomach. No, it can’t be described with sound alone. The vibration caused even the heavy wooden table to start moving on the floor.
What an amount of kinetic energy. It’s just plain evil.

(Thank god I’m not participating as a player)

I, who have experience with the thumbstick planted in my rear door and shooting at each other, wholeheartedly felt so.
Everyone seemed to feel the same way, and all at once the composure vanished from the faces of the regulars who will participate in the event.

「Don’t worry, you will be just fine as long as you don’t get hit」

Amidst the anxious whispers, a young woman’s bright voice resounded.
Looking at the one who spoke, one could see a rather stern-looking girl in a pilot’s uniform with her hair pulled back in a ponytail.
She is probably speaking to the girl with huge breasts next to her, who has a worried expression on her face.

(….It’s good to see her doing alright)

That’s how Ponytail should be. I want her to always look forward and live strong.
That’s what I sincerely think.



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