Chapter 304 Part 1

Jayanne’s playroom on the second floor of the building. There, I sat on the bed, gazing in awe at the figures of three goddesses standing before me.

They were Light Cruiser-sensei in a light one-piece dress, Cool-san in a blue bikini, and Explosive onee-san in an outfit that looked like a mix between a cheerleader and a race queen.


(Is this a dream?)


I’m so happy, I feel like I’m going to have a nosebleed and lose my consciousness. But of course, I must absolutely not do such a wasteful act.

In front of me, who was clapping both cheeks and breathing hard, Explosive onee-san with her hands on both sides of her hips asked her colleagues.


「It’s three against one now, but how are we going to do this? Are we going to attack him all at once?」


I have to admit, I shuddered at those words. If they really go with that, it would literally be over in an instant.


(This isn’t good. This is really bad.)


My expression tightened as I stood up from the bed and assumed a Chinese kung-fu-like stance to protect myself.

Seeing this, the cool and capable subordinate read his boss’s thoughts and made a suggestion.


「How about a round-robin? If you don’t mind, I’d like to leave the leading role to you.」


From my point of view, that means dealing with them one at a time. Seeing Explosive onee-san agreed with her suggestion, Cool-san then shifted her gaze to Light Cruiser-sensei.

She was about to speak, but Light Cruiser-sensei went ahead of her and spoke first.


「Well then, I will be the spearhead. You take the middle.」


It seems she is getting fired up.

Cool-san looks at me, but I have no objection. I move my head vertically, and the goddesses look at each other and nod.

Immediately after that, I was attacked by the three of them.


「The play itself will be done in a one-on-one fight, but let’s all take a shower together.」


The cool-looking beautiful woman says to me as six hands remove my clothes and strip me naked. After that, we all took a shower and they washed my body with soapy bubbles.


「It’s okay to let it out here, you know?」


Explosive onee-san whispered in my ear. She relentlessly continues to wash my core, not caring if her cheerleader outfit gets wet.

The way the corners of her mouth are slightly upturned and the expression on her face as she leans in and stares at what she’s holding in her hand is frightening. If Light Cruiser-sensei had not stopped her, I would have wasted a number of shots.

Then I am wiped dry with a bath towel and stand naked on the king-size bed. Facing me is Light Cruiser-sensei, who exposes her glowing white skin.


「Well then, preliminary round, begins!」


The match started with Cool-san’s voice. I advance forward and raise both hands like a bear to catch both Light Cruiser-sensei’s hands.

We looked into each other’s eyes as we competed in a contest of strength.


「If I’m the pilot, then you’re the Knight, sensei.」


While giving her a bit of advice, I look for her weak points. I named the technique Magic Eye, which is another form of magic power manipulation.

To Light Cruiser-sensei who makes an expression of realization, I continue with a wicked smile on my face.


「Oh? Looks like it’s ready down here. Were you looking forward to it?」


It is impossible to hide things before my magic eye. When I pointed that out, Light Cruiser-sensei turned bright red and looked away. Although I thought it was cute, I couldn’t let this opening pass.

I always give it my all when playing with her.




With our hands still clasped together, my love stick entered at once from the front. Light Cruiser-sensei’s heel floated slightly as I thrust up from below while we were both standing still.

My aim was only one point, the celestial star Sirius shining inside of her.


(Critical hit!)


Light Cruiser-sensei bent her back and screamed as her glowing super hot weak point was shot. I held her thin body in a mackerel fold and let myself reach further inside.

A perfect fatal wound. I am Tauro the sniper.

I shook her a few times and her body jumped again each time.


「The match is decided.」


Cool-san declared as she looked at her colleague, who was released and collapsed on the bed. The stiffness in her tone is probably because it was unexpectedly quick.


(It’s troubling if she took her boss too lightly.)


When I moved my gaze with a wry smile, I saw that Explosive onee-san turned pale.

Here the perspective shifts from Tauro to her.


(Just one blow? What’s up with that? You gotta be kidding.)


Explosive onee-san murmured to herself in her mind. She gazes at her colleague, lying on her back, her long hair disheveled, her breasts roughly moving up and down.

She is a first-rate worker who is recognized by everyone and even called 『Demon』 by the apprentices. She, whom I admired and respected, had been defeated without a chance to show her skills.

If I had not seen it myself, I would not have believed it.


(I knew she was weakened for some time. But I didn’t expect it to be to this extent.)


I have seen her on the verge of falling a few times due to the offensive daily reservation by Dr. Slime. However, based on recent developments, I had assumed that she had recovered.


『If it’s someone who’s as strong as her, she should be able to figure out a strategy from the continuous battles.』


So I thought, so I’ve been keeping my eyes on her for reference.


(So she wasn’t recovered, but completely fell already huh.)


Opening her mouth slightly, she exhales from the depths of his lungs.


『With this many people, I as the last person to fight him might not be needed.』


I even thought so, which was a big miscalculation.

Then, the only one I can count on is the center. The overall champion, who had won the Divine Tournament with overwhelming strength, using a high-speed rotation technique as her weapon.


(With her and I, I’m sure we can win. No, maybe we will be able to completely defeat him.)


Out of the corner of his eye, a reliable colleague was lending a shoulder to the spearhead who was unable to stand and moving her to the edge of the bed.

Explosive onee-san gazes at her back as if she were worshiping her. Here, the perspective returns to Tauro again.


(Next one is Cool-san huh? Now that I think about it, we have never fought in a real match before.)


I thought as I looked at the woman in the blue bikini who seated her rival from her school days by the wall.

When Cool-san was sitting in the store, I was too intimidated by the power of the sideline to nominate her, and by the time I gained confidence, Cool-san had stepped back from the front lines.

So we only had a chance to play that can’t be called a match at my house.


「Sorry to keep you waiting. Are you ready?」


Cool-san, who has taken off her bikini and become a naked statue of a goddess, asked me.

I answer by shaking my head vertically, and we begin the second battle.


(Alright! I’m going to give it my all, champion of the Divine Tournament.)


This time, instead of stepping forward, I measured the distance and moved my feet to the side, in a circle around Cool-san.

Many people are wary of her rotation technique. However, in my opinion, what you should really pay attention to is 『Distance』.


(Despite her looks, she’s an expert infighter.)


She has long arms and legs and always maintains a cold, impassive expression. She would seem to be well-suited for an out fighter who is good at countering, but her specialty is zero-distance combat.

Once she swallows up her opponent and begins to spin around, you can say that the match is decided. Once you get caught, it will be too late.


(Then, I just have to fight her from a distance she can’t reach me.)


What began from there was a repetition of steady hit-and-run, diving in, flicking the tip of her chest, and then returning to my original position.

The fact that I was able to shake her off and escape to the side even though she was in front of me was due solely to the difference in the physical strength of men and women.


(I was able to pull it off with Light Cruiser-sensei. Surely even that Cool-san can also be defeated with just her chest.)


Even if I don’t go that far, I just have to accumulate a certain amount of damage to seal her rotational technique.

The pleasure will be reflected back to the user himself. If the user started with a high level of excitement, it would be a tough endurance contest for her.




As I reached out her chest and change from 『Flick』 to 『Pinch』 with my fingers, I felt a sweet electric current running through my arm and jumped away.


(What was that just now?)


I looked at her with a vertical wrinkle between my eyebrows and saw Cool-san holding up her finger.


「What’s wrong? It’s the 『Eight Basic Strokes』 that you taught me, you know?」


Cool-san told me in a calm tone, although her cheeks were stained with a little damage.

Eight basic strokes technique is as the name implied, the basic and the ultimate way to attack your opponent. It was invented to improve the skills of the young master of a merchant family and is a technique I taught to Cool-san, who became the coach of the women’s flower arrangement club.

The sweet electric current I felt just now was probably caused by her fingers crawling on my arm.


(She’s good enough to use her fingers instead of a brush now, huh!)


Teaching is also a form of learning. As a coach, she must have honed herself while coaching her students.

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    I would like to participate as well in that 3 vs 1 match

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    This novel has it ups and downs. This chapter, however, was one of those chapters that make this series worth reading! The MC:s visits to the brothels are the core of the story and when you have in mind how beautiful the women are illustrated, this foursome is really exciting. I just hope he can taste all three at the same time in the next chapter.

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