Chapter 307 Part 1

The Empire Knights’ raid into the Spirit Forest and C-class elven Knights and magicians who intercepts them. The initial clash was fierce, but the elf side soon began to crumble.
The cause was most likely a lack of ammunition.
Now that the magical power in the forest had faded, the cost of magic for the magicians to activate their magic had increased significantly.

(I’m finally here.)

A mature woman with long wavy hair and heavy makeup smiles with a twisted face in the crimson A-class Knight’s cockpit.
Before her eyes is a landscape of two-story wooden houses set against the trunk of the World Tree. The Imperial Army had finally reached their destination after cutting through the forest, albeit with not a few sacrifices.
Behind them, more than ten B-class Knights have gathered around, waiting for orders.


Without any hesitation, the crimson A-class Knight leaped with a sword at the ready.

『Whether it’s an old man or a child, they will unleash offensive magic that has much power as Knights. If you don’t want to die, don’t show any mercy to any of them!』

The mature Viscountess’ husky voice from the external sound system is returned with an acknowledgment, and the Imperial Army rushes in.
No one expresses refusal or disgust. Because in the time it took them to get here, some of them had lost their colleagues because they were shot from behind for missing the shooter.

『The anger from one’s own naivety』

The soldiers carrying this feeling in their hearts had no hesitation in carrying the order.
They kicked the two-story wooden houses, about the height of a Knight’s crotch, with their knees and destroyed it. They meticulously trample the inhabitants who jumped out of the house with their feet.
While the C-class elves guarding the village are unable to move because of the obstruction of the houses and residents, they deliberately run around while trampling and smashing them, and using their shields to block magic, they strike their one-handed swords and blow them to pieces.


At that moment, a crimson A-class Knight without a shield leaped while shouting through the external sound system. The Empire B-class who heard it likewise jumped in various directions without paying attention to where they landed.
Shortly after, lightning rained down over a wide area where they had been.

「Hee— what’s this? So the elves have no problems killing their own people, eh.」

The distorted laughter of the mature Viscountess echoed inside the cockpit. The high elves’ offensive magic had caused more damage to the villagers than the Empire Knights had inflicted.
The wooden house that erupted in fire quickly spread to the neighboring house and then to the surrounding area.

「It’s a bit of a waste of magic power but, let me help you out a little bit.」

The crimson A-class Knight used hover acceleration to move, and the strong winds that were created further increased the intensity of the fire.
The updrafts that were generated sent smoke pouring into the village from behind her as well.

(Looks like the guys back there are also doing a great job.)

The Knights in the rear, who could not participate in the battle due to the size of the area, were setting fire to the forest with Fire Arrows and wind magic generated by their legs, just as the Viscountess had done.
The source of the lightning was the high elves’ mansion set up in the trunk of the World Tree. The crimson Knight dives toward it with a hover.

「Something like that— There’s no way it can hit me!」

The mature Viscountess places her left hand on her hip and uses her womb sensor to feel the opponent’s gaze. She dodges a variety of offensive magic with different attributes, such as Fire Arrows, Thunder Arrows, and Water Bullets, and approaches the World Tree.
Her battle spirit is in full swing, and her figure truly resembles that of a Berserker.
At this moment, her fighting power is more than that of Count Rosehip. Perhaps even surpassing the old warrior who is the knight commander.

『I’ll pay you back. With interest!』

She shouted through the external sound system so that they could hear it.

『Is it not enough? Sorry about that. In exchange, I will make sure that I won’t let a single one of you live.』

The crimson A-class Knight climbs up on a trunk of the World Tree, which is about the height of a Knight’s chest, and raises her two-handed sword high in the air above her.
The high elf’s mansion is directly in front of the Knight’s navel. It is the perfect position to deliver a heavy slash that carries the full weight of the Knight.
The moment she swung down her sword, the blade of the two-handed sword that exceeded the speed of sound slammed into the high elf’s mansion with an ear-piercing explosion.
However, just before the sound, there is a shattering sound of glass, and the blade is held back just in front of the mansion.

『My, you’ve got to put up at least this much of a fight, otherwise it wouldn’t be worth it.』

She raised it and swung it down again with all her might. Since it was only used to move the golem, it required very little magic power.

『Where’s your offensive magic? Your hands too full trying to protect yourself?』

She repeated the process five times while laughing hysterically. Finally, the magic barrier covering the mansion is shattered, and the two-handed sword crushes the high elves’ mansion.

「Let me also return the fire to you guys.」

After breaking the mansion’s barrier with her sword and cutting off the external sound system, she pulled out her short staff wand and fired a Fire Arrow at the mansion.
After confirming that the debris is ablaze, the crimson A-class Knight jumps down from the trunk and looks up at the World Tree. Perhaps the sparks of fire that had flown up from the village had ignited it, and the tips of the branches and other parts of the World Tree had also begun to blow smoke.

「What, it’s surprisingly so easy to catch fire. Certainly doesn’t seem like the world-famous World Tree.」

The mature Viscount sounded dumbfounded.
Unbeknownst to her, the world tree had begun to wither from the edges due to the recoil of shooting the Spirit Cannon. Since it was not a living tree, it must have been more flammable.

(Wouldn’t it take months for it to burn entirely?)

The elf village becomes a sea of fire, with flames rising to the height of the Knight’s chest. The crimson A-class Knight stood in the middle of it and was looking up at it, but the pilot was unaffected by it due to its high defensive performance.
The mature Viscountess sat in the cockpit, looking at the flames with a feeling of satisfaction.

(I avenge them. Is it okay for me to say that…)

In her mind, she can see the residents and representatives of the Northern City that became the mature Viscountess’ territory for a short period of time. She can also see the old-looking, skinny deputy who had supported her for so long.
As she put her hand on the trunk of the world tree, she was immersed in deep emotion and suddenly noticed a certain shining light.

(The base of the World Tree glowing?)

She isn’t aware of it, but it is similar to Tauro’s Magic Eye. The Mature Viscountess, who has grown up one level here, has acquired the ability to see the flow of magic power.

(I don’t know why, but I feel like this is the weak point of the World Tree. If we destroy it, this tree will die.)

Without a moment’s hesitation, the Mature Viscount made her A-class Knight raise its two-handed sword. She swung it with all her might, but it didn’t reach it in one swing.

「You’re also going to die!」

She swung her sword again and again, coming very close to reaching the target with just one more blow. At that moment, however, her womb sensor felt hot as if a torch had been pressed against it.


It was the gaze of someone or something targeting her. She tried to retreat immediately, but her arm was unexpectedly pulled back, and she clicked her tongue.

(Damn it! Why at times like this!)

The tip of the sword was deeply thrust into the World Tree and she couldn’t pull it out.
She immediately removed her hand from the sword, but only slightly too late. A Light Arrow flew from the shadow of smoke and hit the crimson Knight in the chest, leaving a large hole.

『Your Excellency!』

The Empire B-class Knights raise their voices in agitation through the external sound system. Without responding to them, the crimson A-class Knight falls on its back into the sea of fire.
It was obvious at first glance that the pilot did not survive.

『Get back!!』

The one who broke through the B-class Knights and came forward was the old warrior in Samurai Knight who led the front line. He repelled the Light Arrow that was fired at them again, diagonally upward with his shield.
Then, while moving in a snake pattern, he headed to where he thought the shooter was at an astonishing speed.

(The arrows are not as powerful as the Flame Arrow, but they are fired at quick intervals. This guy isn’t an ordinary pilot, even among elves.)

He dodges most of them and parries some with his national treasure shield. The Samurai Knight gradually closes the distance toward the cleared shooting point.

(There he is.)


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