Chapter 311 Part 1

The red-light district stretches westward from the central square of the royal city. The streets and stores are brimming with lights, overwhelming the stars in the night sky.
In the lobby of a low-class brothel, a skinny middle-aged man sits on a sofa and sighs with a sullen expression on his face.

(I thought it would be a nice change of pace, but it didn’t really do much.)

The reason he looks tired is not only because he has just finished playing. The way he sighs heavily while shaking his head from side to side shows that he is not refreshed at all.

(….I thought it was a good idea though.)

The man who was frowning as he reeled back his thoughts is the revolutioner of the industry. He is a businessman in the red-light district who is committed to 『Bringing high-quality women to customers at a reasonable price』.
He recently came up with the idea of a 『revolving platform』, but problems arose during the experimental stage. He had no choice but to stop the experiment.

(Seat a large number of women on a cone-shaped platform and slowly rotate the platform itself.)

The part of the back facing the break room would not be visible to the customers, but this would not be a problem since it would immediately move to the customers’ side of the room. It would effectively double the number of seats.

『You can see a lot of women in a small space.』

This was intended to reduce fixed costs in the form of space expenses, but the moving mechanism turned out to be unexpectedly expensive. Undeterred, however, he gathered his female employees at the workshop where he had asked them to make it and experimented with it.

「Owner, I’m sorry but, this is impossible for me.」

However, as it turned out, a number of the women became sick from motion sickness.
Disappointed, he sent the women back to the bar. He then went to a newly opened brothel run by someone else to relax.

(….But this store has no personality or interest. It won’t be around for long.)

But this store has no personality or interest. It won’t be around for long.

The ice in the skinny, tired middle-aged man’s glass of iced tea made a clinking sound. As he takes a sip and sets it back on the table, a conversation reaches his ears.
He can’t make out the details, but it seems that they were a dissatisfied customer just like himself.

(….Let’s hear their opinion here.)

As he was struggling with a number of issues, he decided to call out to them.

「Excuse me. I’d like to ask you a few questions if that’s okay?」

The conversation was with a large, slightly burly, muscular young man and a dull man who appeared to be in his thirties.
They were mildly surprised but immediately accepted him with smiles on their faces. This is probably because this place is a social gathering place for gentlemen.
The 30-year-old man starts talking enthusiastically.

「This store simply dressed the women in clothes that are currently becoming a trend.」

『Sailor』 and 『Blazer』 uniforms have become more and more commonly used in schools these days. This store uses them as uniforms for the women sitting on the platform.

(Certainly, the only difference from other brothels was the clothes.)

I was disappointed because I expected more.

「School uniforms are just props to make the brothel seem like a school. I don’t think they can show their true value if they are worn by mature women with the scent of adult sexuality.」

『Well, that’s also good in its own way though.』 the macho young man with an attractive face replied to the words of the dull young man in his thirties.
However, I agree with the dull young man in his thirties. If it’s uniform with a 『Theme』 it would be high time to make the most of it.

「Based on what you’ve just said if you have an idea like 『I want to go to a brothel like this』, can you tell me? Actually, I’m involved in the brothel business, you see? albeit on the side.」

I want to use it as a reference. When I told them what it was for, their eyes lit up and they began to ponder.
After a short pause, the dull young man moistened his throat with his drink and spoke.

「I would like a place where teenage girls can wear uniforms and sit in a set that resembles a classroom.」

That would be something like a brothel that is designed to resemble a school. I, too, have a store that imitates the streets of the royal capital.
After that, I thought he was going to say something along the lines of, “and then I can do whatever I want to them”, but apparently that is not the case.

「And then what you can do for an admission fee is skirt flipping, breast rubbing, and even butt touching. In any case, you are only allowed to do things over the cloth. Direct touching is not allowed.」

The macho young man and I silently listened to what he said next.

「From there. If you want to be serviced with their hands, mouth, or crotch, you have to pay a separate ticket. Well, this is just an imitation of a certain brothel though.」

He’s probably referring to one of the stores I run. As I nodded my head, the young man tilted his head and spoke.

「Why not just go ahead and do whatever you want with them when you enter the store without all that hassle?」

I also have the same question, so I look at the 30-year-old man. He answers with a gentle smile, wearing the aura of an elderly.

「When you cross a mountain in your life, it’s not just about letting it out. Corneal-san too, I’m sure you will understand eventually.」

The young man does not seem to be convinced, but I understand.
I am now 40 years old. I have come to experience a different kind of satisfaction from the 『Watching and Teasing』 game.

(Not bad.)

Putting customers in a classroom full of girls is like mixing the platform and the lobby. If it also doubles as a playroom, it is effectively just one large room.

(I also like the idea of everyone wearing the same uniform.)

They can be put together in bulk and washed easily. This will save money compared to paying an allowance for personal clothes and sending the clothes to the laundry individually.

(Most importantly, it is pocket-friendly for the customers.)

If you only want a soft soothing, you don’t have to buy a play ticket.

『Being surrounded by young girls and drinking tea all day long doesn’t sound so bad either.』

It may be difficult for young people to comprehend, but there are not a few customers who like this kind of thing.
Seeing me nodding my head repeatedly, the young man must have had his own thoughts on the matter. I did not question him further.
However, I would suggest putting a female teacher who wears a lot of make-up and is very sexy in the classroom as well.

(School, students, teacher…)

While I was about to make a connection, the thirty-year-old man continued.

「However, it will be very difficult to recruit the workers. They go to school during the day, and at night they go to another school in the red-light district, so they won’t have much free time.」

He shrugged his shoulders and sighed. Seeing his figure, the three things I had just thought overlapped in my mind.

「No, there is a way! We can just make it a school.」

I let out a loud shout that made them widen their eyes. I cough, then take a sip of my iced tea, and as the ice has melted away, I put my flash of inspiration into words.

「Let’s get the female teachers to be properly qualified and teach the classes well. If they can work and learn at the same time, we can make the working hours the same as those of a regular school!」

It seems that this never crossed the thirty-year-old man’s mind. The big young man, on the other hand, smiles and shouts loudly as he claps his hands.

「Brothel school! What a brilliant idea!」

However, he seemed to have some concerns and asked me a question with a furrowed brow.

「If you push the female teacher to the podium and start attacking her from behind, she won’t be able to teach the class. What would you do if that happens?」

It is possible. This young man will definitely do it.

「For now, let’s set the number of tickets consumed for the female teacher to be much higher. After that, we can see how it goes from there.」

When a problem starts to appear, it means that it is taking a concrete form.
The fact that nothing had come out when I was thinking about it by myself, but when I had conversations with others, they came out like a gush of water.
I was surprised and delighted by this.

「And why don’t we just make it co-ed as well? This will attract both male and female customers!」

The young man expressed his opinion with a smile on his face. Certainly, if it could be used for both, it would be advantageous in terms of cost.
As I was considering this idea positively, a sharp warning came from the thirty-year-old man.

「Absolutely not! There are some things in this world you can mix and some things you can’t!」

His tone was full of conviction. When I turned to look at him, alarmed by his fiery words, he continued to speak with a somber expression on his face.
After all, I had thought of the same thing and had mixed a beautiful boy with a beautiful girl in my store.

「W-What is it?」

When I swallow my spit and urge him to continue, the man in his thirties slowly begins to speak.

「It was a very popular and one of my favorite stores. I remember rushing there with my crotch swollen with hope when it opened after being newly renovated!」

Then, he bites his lower lip lightly and continues.

「But what caught my eyes were the host-like men. They were sitting on the same platform as my favorite ladies, even though they were separated to the left and right!」

The hosts pointed at the women and declared, 『I will definitely win』. The hostesses clenched their fists and replied, 『I accept your challenge』.
Winning or losing is probably a matter of sales. The store must have been trying to make the male-female confrontation more exciting.

「I guess the setting is that they are enemies. But to me, they seemed to be enjoying their interaction, and at the same time, I felt an inexpressible sense of alienation.」

The beautiful men and women would react to the hateful remarks they threw at each other. From the outside, they must have looked like a good match and seemed to be getting along well with each other.
When I imagine this scene happening to me, I feel a stabbing pain in my heart.

(That is certainly awful.)

According to the explanation of the man in his thirties that followed, the store had lost a lot of sales and had to be quickly remodeled. I almost made the same mistake myself.
I asked him what kind of store in what city, but he would not give me a clear answer.

「It was a place from a long time ago, that isn’t here.」

Apparently, he is from outside of the country. He mentioned a brothel where women sing and dance, so perhaps it is like a 『Idols meet and greet event』 in the Holy City.

(The singers and dancers, thankful for the support they receive on a daily basis, entertain their fans in a small room while still in their stage costumes. I wonder if this is the kind of restaurant that has made that a permanent feature.)

This is also another idea, and I made sure to note it down in my mind.
We then returned to the 『Brothel School』 topic and exchanged opinions on every detail. When we had exhausted anything to discuss, I expressed my determination to both of them.

「I will definitely make this brothel school a reality somehow. To that end, I would like to pay you both a fee for your ideas.」

Either they would be pleased or they would be blown away. I thought it would be one or the other, but the result was neither.
I was greeted by the man in his thirties shrugging his shoulders with a troubled look on his face, and the young man looking at me with amused eyes.

「No, no, you don’t have to. What we have just discussed will become an actual store. For me, there is no greater reward.」

The one who spoke was a man in his thirties. The large, muscular young man seems to agree with him.
The man in his thirties stood up and said, 『I will be rooting. I will definitely come when it’s open』, and then he turns to leave.
It was as if he was afraid of being asked his name, and all I could do was shake his hand.

(…Alright, let’s get to it right away!)

Then I just have to repay them by opening a store that will satisfy them.
I stared at the backs of the two big and small customers as they walked out of the store, and clenched my fists.

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