Chapter 319 Part 2

「Did you see that just now?」

Corneal turns at me. Of course I did. They crossed right under my nose.

「Yeah. The horse leaned and went through the corner without slowing down. That’s impressive.」

While I am confident in my ability to control magic, it is not enough to make me run faster. You need another skill to do that.

(Polished techniques have a brilliance that captures one’s heart.)

With that thought in my mind, I spoke my praises, but I was met with a big shake of his head.

「No, not that! It’s the lead horse. Didn’t you notice?」

I put my hand on my chin and tilted my neck, but I can’t think of anything.
As I exchanged a few words with a frustrated Corneal, the sound of hooves came again from the north.

「All right. It’s the lead horse. Watch closely, Tauro-san!」

I focused the nerves on my eyes and waited for the oncoming group of horses. The golem horse jumps from the straight line into the corner smoothly and without wobbling.


「Did you get it?」

The first two horses and the group that followed were a bit behind. After they passed, I nodded strongly to Corneal.
The thing between the crotch of the lead horse was stretching out. It was something known as 『Umakke*』.
「*TL Note: A stallion’s estrus. It is said that when a horse is in heat, it often loses focus in competition and is unable to perform to its full potential.」

「I wonder what it is? I thought it was because it was chasing a mare’s butt in front of it, but there was no other horse in front of it because it was in the lead. No, in the first place, they’re just a golem, not a real horse.」

I finally understand, but at the same time, I don’t. Then, Corneille gives me an explanation and a speculation.

「I think they use that to balance the horse.」

He repeated his explanation to me, who was making a puzzled expression.
According to his explanation, the horse was fast in the straight but kept getting overtaken in the corners. Probably because he was inferior to his rivals in terms of balance when turning in corners.

「I thought the only way to counteract the problem was to put a tail on it, but that idea is great. They got me.」

In terms of being memorable, it’s probably more awesome than a tail, that’s for sure. But why on earth did he say they got him?
When I asked him about it, the commentator happily told me more.

「Normally, a tail would slow down the horse. However, they solved this disadvantage by using the horse’s crotch!」

I didn’t realize it, but it seems he only activates Umakke outside the corners.
By being able to extend and retract at will, the horse was able to increase its stability without losing its advantage in the straight lane.

(So it’s like a pendulum system in a train, huh.)

I change it to a way that I can understand in my head and nod.
I guess that thing is creating a stabilizing force by extending it.

「I think he got that idea from a real horse. Nature is a great teacher for us, after all, right?」

Corneal is still impressed. The correct answer, by the way, is the old man’s own body in the bathtub.
The old man’s crotch swelled up on its own due to exhaustion. But still, the bathtub did not overflow.
It was then that he had a flash of inspiration, but only he himself knew about it.

「The other horse is sticking close behind it.」

I said as I looked at the golem horses coming to make another lap, shaking the drinks on the table.
Only the two horses in the lead were sticking out, and the rest were far behind.

「Their speed is increasing.」

Corneal replied while nodding his head. Certainly, I can see the golem horse’s body leaning lower than it did earlier.


Before I could close my mouth, Corneal shouted, and the spectators in the surrounding buildings cheered. I was surprised, of course.
As the lead golem horse galloped away, sparks flew wildly from the horse’s feet.

「The balancer hit the ground!」

The macho commentator said.
It seems that the horse’s balancer, which had grown to a length you won’t see in nature, swung up and down with the momentum of its run and came into contact with the cobblestone pavement. The increased speed must have required more size.
The stone golem and the cobblestone pavement. The two stones scraped against each other and scattered sparks like flint.

(But that doesn’t seem to slow it down.)

As if to confirm my guess, the horse with Umakke, scraping down the cobblestones and creating a large firework display at his feet, still came leading the next lap.
The crowd around me is delighted, as they seem to be enjoying the spectacle.

「But still, that balancer. It is a really excellent design that gives a sense of power and fearlessness. It may become mainstream in the future.」

Corneal groaned in admiration as he rubbed his chin.
Detuned models of racing horses are available on the market and can be seen on the streets and in the suburbs of the royal capital. They are quite expensive, but for those who like them, it is probably a status symbol.
If Corneal’s prediction is correct, such a sports model golem horse will also be available in the future.

(It would be like a sports car with wings or turbo intake in my previous life.)

The owner shows off the long balancer downtown and struts around proudly. They would probably stretch and shrink the balancer for no reason at all.
And people would look at him with admiration and say, 『How cool』.

『Introducing a Spartan model of a motivated sire!』

All the informational magazines are lined with such statements. And there would be no one who thought that was disgusting or whatsoever.

(What a great difference in values. It’s this kind of thing that reminded me that this is another world.)

I thought again as I watched the following group of golem horses.


Here the perspective shifts to the rider of the red golem in the lead.

(I can do it.)

The young man who was aiming to become the Kingdom Champion for the second consecutive year was feeling a sense of control.
He was using the 『VCT or Variable Balance Timing Control』, that makes it smaller and sticks closely to the belly when going straight, and swings diagonally downward when turning in the corners.
The effect of moving the position of the pole is fully demonstrated, and with this, he managed to keep his rivals at bay up to this point.

(He’s truly a genius.)

The young man thought of the old engineer’s face and praised him in his heart. He had thought that there was no hope for improvement this late in the season, but in the last match, he had come up with a plan that could turn the tables.
But he deserves praise as well. He has been able to handle the new equipment introduced at the last minute with remarkable skill.

(The pressure from behind is immense, but… it will be alright. That will come.)

With conviction, he thought of last year’s Kingdom Champion.
With each passing lap, his concentration was getting stronger and stronger. With that, he felt a certain omen.

「*TL Note: Kanji “神の領域” (God’s Domain).」

It is an 『easy to ride』 state, which occurs only once a year. Once entering this realm, the level of magic manipulation a person is increased.
The rider can feel the golem horse as if it were his own body, literally becoming one with the horse.

(It’s here! Zone!)

Just before the final corner of the last lap. From Uptown to the main street of the red-light district, he enters God’s Realm.
At the same time, a shiver runs down his back.

(That bastard too, huh.)

He can tell somehow that his rivals, who were right behind him, had also now entered this realm.

(Fine then. This is the last race of the year. If you think you can get past me, then go ahead and try.)

Then they jump in, two golem horses, one man, and one horse.
Because they entered at the fastest speed so far, the horse’s energy was also at its maximum. The balancer also shakes greatly, swinging up and down along with the horse’s body.


The biggest spark in the race exploded at the feet of the golem horse. At the same time, intense sparks flew from the nerves running through the young man’s eyes and spine.
There was only one reason. It was because he had shared the sensation of the horse’s neck in his own body.


The young jockey changes his posture so that he is now firmly attached to the horse’s back. No one notices, but he is already unconscious.
The golem horse, with its rider’s eyeballs turned white, runs through the central square with its rider’s drool fluttering behind it.
It must have been the persistence of the rider that allowed him to keep running.

『He never relinquished the lead and has now crossed the finish line! For the second year in a row, after turning the tables, the title of the Kingdom Champion has been claimed!』

The young rider’s crimson golem horse gradually slows down as the voice from the external sound system of the presenter echoed.
A petite female rider that had caught up called out from the back of her rival golem horse and started to gallop side by side with it.

「I lost, congratulations. But I swear I will be the next Kingdom Champion next year.」

Next, she, who was now in second place in the race and in the annual standings, released one hand from the reins and extended it to shake hands with him. The young man, however, ignores her as he remains attached to the horse’s back.
Just before the white horse’s female rider’s expression turned sour, the Kingdom Champion slipped off the horse’s back and fell to the cobblestones.

「Eh? Hey, what’s wrong? Somebody! Somebody help!」

「He fell off his horse! Medic! We need medic here!」

The female jockey freezes with her hand outstretched in surprise, and the surrounding staff rushes to the scene, sensing something is wrong.
They gathered around the young man, showered with the gazes of the spectators.

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