Chapter 328 Part 1

The rooftop garden which is a part of a three-story building at the northern edge of the royal capital’s downtown area. From the grassy ground, there were spirit beasts looking up at the blue late afternoon sky.

『How is it?』

The caterpillar looked up and asked. He is usually up in the branches of the largest 『Medicinal Tree』 in the garden, but he has come down to answer the plight of his subordinate.


The one who answered was a dung beetle next to him, also looking at the sky as it moved its antennae.
It was Imosuke, the vice commander, and Dangorou, the general. The Unicorn, a monster of the 『Doom Squad』 to which the two belong, unconsciously sent out a distress signal just a few moments ago.
Dangorou immediately gave her a protection blessing, but the result was unknown.

『The strawberry was tasty, she said.』

A spiritual connection is thinner than a thread, unstable and unreliable. What came through it was this thought.
Hearing this, Imosuke let out a wave of relief. He thought that since she could say what she thought of the food, she must’ve gotten over the crisis.

『Is she okay?』

『She’s okay now.』

The executives of the Doom Squad nodded to each other in relief. The emotion that welled up after that was happiness.
For the farmers who cultivated, sowed, and nurtured the crops, being told that their product is delicious is the greatest compliment of all.

『Let’s give her a watermelon next time.』

『Corns too.』

What fruit should they give her when she returns? The two animals discuss this question while thinking of their cute subordinate.
Then a gust of wind blew and the branches above their heads swayed heavily.

『Is it time for that?』

As if recalling something, Dangorou looks up again.
At the end of his gaze is a tree standing by the edge of a pond. It is covered with glossy, dark green leaves and carries a large number of large yellow berries.

『Just a little more.』

After looking at it for a while, Imosuke, the plant expert, said. He was deeply moved, probably because it was the most delicate tree in the garden.
This is what Tauro called as Pomelo tree, and in this world, known as a legendary fruit, Ambrosia.

『A bit more huh? I’m really looking forward to it.』

It is also a favorite of Zaratan, the turtle that lives in the pond in this garden. You can easily tell how much he looks forward to it from the fact that he has been swimming up to it, having overheard the two conversations on land.
Zaratan is known as a long-lived and knowledgeable spirit animal, but his greatest interest is this fruit.

『The first one is master.』

『That’s right, master first.』

The one who has the right to eat it first is Tauro, the master of the three.
Imosuke and Dangorou purposely said it out loud, probably because they felt that the moment it was ripe, the turtle would immediately eat it.

『Let’s eat it together.』

『We can gather around while enjoying it.』

What the two were imagining was a scene where they gathered on the bath towel in the living room and were fed by Tauro himself.
The turtles happily savored everything from the skin to the seeds. While the two only going to taste it.
Their master will eat the contents and give the skin to the Heavy Lancers and the Capricorns.

『I’m ashamed.』

Zaratan who was shown the same scene via the waves and lowered his head in embarrassment.
Imosuke, the leader of the garden forest management and leader of the familiars, nodded his head with a great smile and told the turtles how much longer they had to wait.


A shopping district extending east from the central square of the royal capital. To the south of it is Middletown, where you will find many workshops and other facilities.
Explosive Onee-san, who graduated at the top of her class from the Royal Magic Academy, was working and learning at her former teacher’s potion workshop.

[I’ll be heading home first.]

A beauty with a dynamite body gave her farewell to her co-workers and hung up her work robe on a hanger.
Today, she gets off early a few times a week. She’s going to head to the entertainment district and sit on the sideline of Jayanne, one of the top-class brothels, known as one of the three families of the royal capital.
The store really didn’t want to let go of her, who had become a celebrity after defeating the Grim Reaper in the previous divine match held in the Holy City.

[Good work.]

The one who replied was a young man in his mid-twenties.
The owner of the workshop, a thin middle-aged man with a crooked mouth. Professor Thermano is away at the moment, lecturing at the academy.
The only one here was him, who was her senior at the Magic Academy in her school days, and now her senior at the workshop.

(She’s smart, good at her job, beautiful, and stylish.)

He responded casually, but it was an act. His eyes were glued to the back of the departing Explosive Onee-san.
The outfit that emerges from underneath is a classy dark-colored one. However, the line of her impossibly narrow waist that connects her ample breasts and buttocks attracts his eyes, and won’t let go.

[The combination of talent and beauty itself.]

The young man shrugs his shoulders as he looks away from the buttocks, which sway from side to side.
It is only natural that the words leaked out with a sigh. However, it seems that his voice was a little too loud.

[Thank you very much. Please feel free to visit any time. I’ll make sure to give you lots of services.]

She looked back at him with a wink while smiling. The young man was unable to move until her back disappeared into the hallway and the door to the room closed.

(I won’t be troubled like this if I can come to the store any time.)

The attractive body line of the queen bee in human form, which is even vicious. The desire to embrace her and pierce her with one’s own needle is so strong that it burns one’s body from the inside out.
But the person in question is a member of the sideline of one of the three families. He literally has no money to pay upfront at the counter.

(It’s all the workshop’s fault, and the thin wages here.)

This is the potions workshop of Professor Thermano, who is reputed to be the best potion-maker in the country. The young man is also a graduate of the Royal Magic Academy and is highly educated.
Even so, he receives only a modest salary, probably because the apprenticeship system is so strong in this industry.

『Help out as an assistant in exchange for the opportunity to learn the business.』

Although there are pros and cons to this practice, both the worker and the employer are satisfied to some extent.

(After I learn everything I need to know, I’m going to start my own business. Then I will make a lot of money and go to work every morning from the red-light district.)

A pharmacist’s egg, clenching his fist in ambition.
However, it is important to note that there are not a few workshop owners who only let them experience a portion of the work.

『It’ll be troubling if he’s able to stand on his own.』

The reason is this. They want to use their cheap labor for a long time, and they don’t want to have to deal with more competition.
For this reason, he is blessed to be a student of Professor Thermano.

『The desire to show off and the desire for recognition.』

The people who say something like 『I’m amazing』 and put others down by saying they’re a fool. They won’t be satisfied unless they are constantly praised by the people around them.
Those people might have been the driving force that has brought him to this point, although he is extremely difficult to get along with.
However, he is sincere when it comes to his study. As long as he is willing to learn, Thermano will provide guidance without limitation.

[…Why are you just standing around there? You’re not that competent so at least move your hands like a human being.]

The door to the workshop was opened again, revealing a thin, middle-aged man with a crooked mouth to one side.
The young man hurriedly got back to work when the owner of the workshop and his teacher, Professor Thermano, returned.


The wind was blowing the trees down the street, and the foliage on the backs of the leaves reflected the afternoon sunlight.
Explosive Onee-san squinted her eyes because of the dazzling light and was walking briskly along the cobblestone pavement, swinging her hips from side to side.

[The customer for this time’s reservation is already waiting? Okay, I’ll get ready right away.]

She entered Jayanne, located in a prime location in the red-light district, through the back door and went to her locker while exchanging a few words with the apprentice girls.
After changing into a revealing cheerleader-like outfit, she went out to the counter in the lobby a little earlier than the appointed time.
There, she saw a middle-aged man, slightly overweight. For Explosive Onee-san, this was the first time she had seen him.

(What is this feeling?)

Feeling something strange, she observed him casually.
At first glance, he seems to be an old man of his age, the kind of man who could be found anywhere. Then, what is this feeling of something that doesn’t add up?

(This man… he’s too calm.)

This is one of the most prestigious brothels in the royal capital, and she’s hailed as the top of the sideline. Putting it in other words, she’s very expensive.
It was unusual for a first-time customer to be able to afford her service, let alone feel as if he was used to it.


Although he did not show it, this male customer was definitely someone strong. He must have booked her with a certain amount of confidence.

(Interesting. Let’s see what you can do.)

It should be in professionals nature to serve the customers thoroughly and make them feel dreamy. However, having such a dangerous customer as a partner is also good once in a while.

[I will guide you there.]

Explosive Onee-san, smiling bewitchingly while igniting her natural fighting spirit.
She wrapped her arms around his and held his hand, and they went up the stairs shoulder-to-shoulder.

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