Chapter 338 part 2

(….I bet it’ll feel nice.)

I will definitely get a lot of punishment from them.
With a cheerful expression on my face, I began practicing my 『Bra-removing technique』.
Ten minutes of invincible time in one ticket. When it was over, I noticed something a certain happening in the classroom.

(They took advantage of my actions huh.)

The girls had their bras shoved into their desks, so naturally, they are braless right now. Even if they wanted to put them back on, they could not do so during class.
The customers noticed this and began to enjoy the feeling of braless breasts with the palms of their hands.

(I might be one to say since I’m the one who did it, but I guess I should let the Revolutioner know as one of the issues.)

I think to myself as I watch the customers’ faces light up disgustingly.
The reaction of the girls in uniform was great, as it was almost like a live massage. If all of the customers can be this entertained just for the price of one entry ticket, the value of the ticket would go down.

(Alright, it’s enough. Let’s stop this here.)

A few customers, who have not yet taken the bait, stare at me full of expectation. With a sideways glance, I tear the second ticket and unhook the bra, which again shows through the back of the sailor uniform.
But I stopped there and did not pull it out.

(You are not allowed to take it off without a ticket after all.)

And the girls, with the help of their friends, manage to get just the hooks on.
Me 『Unhooking them』 and them 『Hooking them back』 were done with sighs of disappointment coming from the guys. This continued until the class time was over, with another ticket consumed.

(There’s still half an hour left, and I still have three tickets.)

Now, what should I do with it? As I fold my arms and begin to think, I notice a female student heading for the classroom exit.

(Could it be?)

Following my instincts, I followed her. And as I suspected, the girls were headed for the washroom on the lobby side of the windowless hallway.

(There is only a short time left for recess. So it’s impossible to do the big one at this time. Then…)

I followed her, my nose just a hair’s breadth from the back of her head as I acutely analyzed the situation.
However, after I entered the women-only area, I guess they couldn’t just treat me as 『 Non-existent being』. She’ll turn around and call me out.

「Umm…. the men’s toilet is over there.」

The schoolgirl points across from me while fidgeting. I take the ticket out of my pocket, look her straight in the eye, and tell her cheerfully.

「I’ll use the ticket. Show me.」

「Eh? Um… you mean…」

The blue tag around my neck started flickering. The puzzled schoolgirl, looking back and forth between it and my face.
As I looked at her, I took another ticket. Then I tear off the ticket from the perforated paper.

「I even used another one. It’s an order. Show me.」

「T-Two tickets?! B-but…this situation… what should I do…」

I guess they did not expect this kind of use of the ticket. I feel a small sense of accomplishment as an advisor for having found a hole in the system.
I squinted with satisfaction, tore the third ticket, and declared.

「There, I added another one. Show me.」

Her eyes were swimming around and she was lost. But in the end, she gave up.

「I-I understand. P-please look…」

The girl in her mid-teens in school uniform entered the women’s toilet with her face bright red, and I followed her right on her back.
In my previous life, this would never have been allowed. As I thought, parallel world is wonderful.

(How elegant.)

A countryside in summer filled with the sound of cicadas. The clear water of the mountain stream makes trout and sweetfish seem as if they are flying through the air.
I exhaled lightly as I pictured such a scene in my mind while listening to the sound of a stream that came out of her.
To be honest, I don’t have the tendency to enjoy this kind of thing. However, the sight of a girl who is embarrassed at being seen and heard doing her business is something else.
I wanted to experience it at least once.

(Well, since I moved to a different world and all. Let’s do the things I couldn’t do in my previous life.)

I nodded and switched positions with her after she was done. She opens the lid of the western toilet and I take a pee as sort of a return favor.

(Hmm…. yeah, I don’t feel anything being seen while doing it.)

It seems that being on the opposite side doesn’t necessarily make one excited.
Thus, I gained another life experience.


Meanwhile, at the headquarters of the Kingdom knight order.
In one of the rooms of a massive building, which was now completely dark, several executives, led by the vice commander, were gathered.

「Just what the hell does this mean? I’ve never heard of anyone not participating in the knight training before!」

A fat old lady pilot said with her hands on the table and bubbles flying from her mouth.
Sitting in front of her is the vice-commander with a thin face and a thick beard. Frowning at the spit that comes flying at his face, he pushes a sealed envelope that has been delivered to the headquarters towards her.

「That should be my line. You’re in charge of hiring, no?」

It was delivered today by the Queen of Cassabell, Plain-chan.
Was it a thank-you letter for the invitation, or a question? Thinking so, he opened the sealed envelope, only to find that the content was, unexpectedly, a declination.
Therefore, the people involved were hastily gathered here.

「Let me take a look at it.」

With a grimace on her face, the old lady grabs the letter and drops her big butt onto the chair.
Because she’s too fleshy, the tight skirt of her uniform does not hide her hidden triangle, but no one drops their eyes toward it.
After reading the letter, the old lady sighed heavily and her cheek flesh trembled.

「It says she’s too busy helping her family business and taking care of her younger brothers. But what’s with this reason? Unbelievable.」

All nodded, except for the muscular young man.
A member of the knight order is always at the top of the list of professions that men and women want to become. If hired, it would be a source of pride for the family.
It was unfathomable that those who had entered the pilot school because they wanted to enter the knight order, would be turning on their heels at the last door.

「She is the signature Queen of Cassabell, one of the big three. I think she chose to continue working there rather than quit and become a pilot.」

The one who spoke up was Corneal, who is second in rank to the vice commander. And the response to that was a basic question of 『Why did she enroll in the first place?』.
With his thick, well-trained arms crossed in front of his thick chest, the young man continued as he cracked his neck.

「Becoming a pilot is, of course, anyone’s dream. But it was only a dream, and she probably never thought it would come true.」

He is acquainted with the Plain Queen, and he knows that she does not see much value in the knight order.
But the rest of them here, except himself, is different.

『An honorable position that has no equal.』

Because they believe this, they are not in a position to understand Plain-chan’s feelings.
Therefore, he tried to settle the matter by saying, 『She declined out of fear』 which is an easy way to accept her choice.

「…..So you’re saying that since it suddenly became a reality, she flinched and backed away from the idea?」

Fortunately, the good-natured vice-commander moved his mouth under his beard with a look of understanding.

「I guess that’s not impossible.」

Some of the other pilots showed unconvinced looks on their faces, but no one voiced their disapproval as the highest-ranking person in the room expressed his understanding.

「Time will tell, and she might change her mind. So let’s put it on hold for now.」

Number three of the knight order is relieved to see the tall, lanky, bearded vice-commander in charge.
But he knows. This won’t be the last one.

(Even if the number of winners is reduced by one, it will still work out. But still…)

Hard as it may be for those here to believe, the Plain Queen is not a special case.
The secret leader of Jayanne and the illusionary spinning princess also does not regard a member of the knight order as 『a position that one should be willing to give up everything to attain』.
The young man who, in his private life was a cheerful pervert, sighed as he thought about the future.

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