Chapter 35




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After leaving Nasuri, I had dinner and headed to Froy.
And now I’m in front of 『Elven shop, Froy. Glorious elves are waiting for you. 』
I gaze at the elf drawn on the signboard, and heighten my fighting spirit.
I open the door and enter the store.


The waitresses said in uniform.
The waitress from the other day was also there, and it looks like there’s something that she wants to say.
But I did not want to pick the waitress this time.
My goal here is not for personal revenge.
My goal is to win against the entire elven race.
So, I picked from the platform.
I need another elf to know whether the elves were all deep ones or it was just the waitress alone.

「Thank you for choosing me. 」

On the bed, a beautiful woman with a long sauvage and thick eyebrows greets me.
The drink has already been brought in and the time for the two of us begins.
I praised her beauty, and she returned by saying 「thank you」with a business smile. She’s really playing things by the book.
And quietly, the battle of the races begins,

Firstly, heavy artillery support by grooming.
Sauvage made a face saying 「Hm, not bad」.
I kept calm and observed the light circulation and color temperature of Sauvage.

(As expected, Sauvage is also a deep one.)

From the color temperature and circulation, I grasp the positing of Sauvage depth.
As expected from the platform. She’s even deeper than the waitress.
Feeling fear from the elven race, my back trembles.

(It’s a foul for having such depth for someone so beautiful, thin and delicate.)

Anyone who comes to play wouldn’t even think that these girls would be so deep.
These guys don’t realize that they are being deceived by their acting, believing that 「They are drunk on my shaft.」 making them come again, and suck their pockets dry.
It’s fortunate for those who do not notice.
But those who know their secret can no longer stay sane. You will be filled with embarrassment and regret every time you remember.
And some would start to have a bad feeling about the elves.
It may eventually develop into a 300-year war between the humans and elves, turning 80% of the world’s habitable land into scorched earth.

(Hm, to think such an important role weights on me in the world I am transferred to.)

I wipe the sweat off my forehead.
I seem to be crushed by the weight of my responsibility.
…Why am I thinking so seriously about such a delusion, there’s a serious reason for it.
And that is.

(This elf is too attractive!)

And that’s the reason.
Sauvage who I picked by intuition, when I look up close, is extremely beautiful and cute.
In addition, thick eyebrows are fresh, before the battle, it looks as if they would become flabby.
So, in order to inspire myself, with the delusion I had before, I role played myself as someone protecting the world from the danger of being ruined.
Putting that aside, Sauvage is certainly cute; I could feel that at the bottom of her heart, she felt contempt for the man of the human race.
And it can’t be helped.
Even with education and enlightenment, nothing can be done.
Having experience with her body, human men were given a low evaluation.
There’s no misunderstanding or assumption from this evaluation.
It’s a woman’s instinct to never give high praise to a man who cannot satisfy her.
No matter what reason it may be, something determined by instinct cannot be overturned.
If there comes a time in which they had to reform no matter what, they would only be deceiving their own selves and pretend not to notice.

(That’s why, I have to do it.)

Oh, even in the human race, there are quite a few amazing guys.

I’ll make them think that way.
This alone could raise the evaluation of the human race.

(I will defeat them with my ordinary sized weapon.)

The elves are ridiculing the weapons of us human race.
Laughing at our weapons which would never reaches them.
So I will let them know.
That when this weapon reaches you.
Letting you know that this weapon would beat you and making you kneel before it.
Feeling the threat of the human race’s weapon, the elves would be able to respect the human race.

(Let’s go!)

I tighten my will; I cover Sauvage who was warmed up enough from grooming.
First, I launch slow pace normal attacks.
Sauvage still shows composure, even when shaken by me.
Of course, for her, my normal attacks were just child’s play.

(I wonder how long you can keep you composure.)

These normal attacks were preparation for a vigorous attack.
With each strike, my spirit is being kneaded.

(Alright, I can go anytime.)

And, my preparation is complete.
Sauvage only appears to react on the surface, but the light in her eyes was cold.
If you were to look only at her eyes, it feels as if she could yawn anytime.
I understand that she is only acting for the customer with my magic eyes. But it’s really a poor performance.
Even without magic eyes, you can see through someone who’s not obsessed with their work.
Looking at her posture, a surge of carnal desire rushes in.
I’ll use my vigorous attack.

「Panzer Vor!」

A large decree is issued.
On my command, my high-speed strike unit rushes through the narrow road of Sauvage valley and into the Heartland.
The shells fired on after the other, crush the walls of the base camp and the color temperature changes rapidly from orange to yellow.
Sauvage is surprise.
Well is to be expected.
A jap tank shelling is just like a door knocker.
If you think that way, it is now a group of German heavy tanks equipped with 88mm Flak.
Sauvage tried to escape with her feet. But I will not allow that.
You have look down on me and the man of the human race.
I was afraid of you elves, so I came challenging fully prepared.
No matter how skilled you are in combat, you will never defeat a fully prepared opponent.

「Eins! Zwei! Drei! 」

「Eins! Zwei! Drei! 」

I continue to attack.
Why in German?
That is, even with me taking the lead, the elf with her skillful techniques, tries to disrupt my spirit.
I had to mobilize German, prime numbers, French, and all other knowledge I knew to oppose.

Sauvage castle is on the verge of falling.
At this point the battle has already been concluded, it’s impossible to recover.
She underestimated her opponent too much.
My heavy shelling continues to deliver damage accurately.
Sauvage innermost part was now shining white.

「It’s opening! This is bad! Stop! 」

Suddenly, Sauvage begins resisting like crazy.
However, she’s not using any skill but pure strength.
No matter how much strength she is using, her basic muscular strength is low, and now she is completely locked down by my techniques.
She won’t be able to do a thing.
The frantic flinching stops and Sauvage’ resistance rapidly deflates.
Her eye loses focus and saliva flows out from the edge of her mouth.

「Open…It’s opening.」

I didn’t know what she was saying, but I understood the moment I saw her color temperature distribution.
The white light in the innermost part split into two and moved from left to right as if a gate was opening, and a bright blue light appears from the back.

(That’s the inner core!)

I realized.
I started preparing a full power attack on the inner core.

「…Heaven’s Gate…it’s going to open…」

Sauvage expression was haggard and drawn; there were already gaps in her words.
However, she must have instinctively sensed my next action.
Squeezing the last ounce of her strength, she activates a defensive technique.
It was at the same time when my full power attack was released.

「Muu! 」

I groaned.

「This is my barehanded blade catch! 」

My strike was stopped by pinching it firmly inside.
For a moment, a fearless expression appears on Sauvage face.


But I replied with a grin.

(You should have already known. That my attacks are not based solely on physical force.)

In the first place, physical force doesn’t work on the elves.
Physical strength alone could not turn an elf into this state.

From the position I was stopped, like a monk’s fist I slammed my lump of concentrated spirit into the inner core.

I can hear a death cry.
It’s not a sound you could imagine coming from a young and beautiful woman.
And the room shakes.
No not a metaphor. The room is really shaking. I dragged the elf and dive under the table.
When the shaking subsided, sound of people approaching can be heard. Was it an earthquake?

「This is…」

The concierge looks at Sauvage who has lost consciousness under the table.
I stood up from under the table naked. For the time being, I wrap the bath towel around my waist.

「…it has finally appeared. 」

「…there’s no mistake about that vibration just now. My spirit is saying so as well. 」

Something is bothering me.
So I asked a question.

「That shaking just now, was it an earthquake?」

Everyone looks at me all at once.

「That’s him?」

「It seems so.」

「I can’t believe it.」

「But the spirits are saying that it’s him.」

There is no answer to my question.
The concierge lightly coughs and calmed the crowd down.

「Excuse me. Sir Tauro, did you open the Heavens Gate of this person? 」

Did he mean the white light that split into two? I nod.
The crowd started getting noisy again.

「Can you please come with me to another room? I will explain it to you there.」

And then, the concierge looks toward Sauvage.

「And we can’t leave her as it is.」

Certainly, it’s too pitiful to stay fallen like a stretched out frog.
I decided to accept the concierge proposal.




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