Chapter 36




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A few minutes later, I’d dressed and was now sitting in the reception room.
It may be a luxury sofa, but it is too soft to sit on.
The concierge sat in front of me, and several sat around us on chairs.

「Then, I will now explain.」

The concierge starts explaining when the fruity fragrant black tea was served.
「Heaven’s gate is something which only Elven women possess and will only open when they are truly satisfied. 」

And the earthquake which seems to be called spiritquake which happened earlier would happen wherever the gate is opened.
I kept silent and urge him to continue.

「However to these girls opening their heaven’s gate would be an insult since it also means admitting their defeat. 」

I nod. Well since it’s these prideful elves.

「 All the more for an interspecies, and even more for it to be man from the human race.」

And the concierge continues.

「As far as I know, there hasn’t been anyone who’s had their heaven’s gate opened up by a man of the human race. 」

Oh, so that’s why she was resisting like crazy at the end.
By such disgrace, she would have her name remain in history.

「But what has happened can’t be changed. We congratulate you, Sir Tauro.」

The concierge starts clapping.
A few moments later, a sparse round of applause occurs.
They definitely do not want to congratulate me.

「I think Sir Tauro should have received a title, I shall confirm it.」

The concierge closes his eyes and chanted something, and letters drawn with a faint light emerge in front of me.
The words 『Gate Opener』 was written.
The elves became noisy again.
Oh, there is no doubt, is what I heard them saying.

「There’s no doubt, Sir Tauro you are the first man of the human race to be able to satisfy an elf woman.」

It seems only one title can be awarded per race.
I asked a question.

「What kind of effects does this title have? 」

「Right, first of all, when Sir Tauro enters an Elf’s territory, you are guaranteed the same status as the residents there.」


「Next, when you possess the title you will be acknowledged by the elves.」


「And that’s all.」

The concierge sighs after saying that.
From the looks of that, he must be saying 「For a human to be put on the same status as us, isn’t that too good of a privilege? 」


No words are coming out from me.
Isn’t there any cheat ability addition, stats change or rare magic items?
What just that? Is what I was going to say.
However, looking at the concierge, it seems the elves consider that the reward is too much for a human.
If I were to say that it is a reward which I didn’t need, it would surely provoke them.
I can look down on my opponents, but I won’t allow them to look down on me. Must be what these elves think.

「…A spirit beast will also be given.」

The female elf sitting next to the concierge says hatefully.
I really don’t want to do this, why such a fellow. Such feelings were leaking out from her.

(You are already an adult, can’t you hide your feelings a little more.)

I am surprise.
Aren’t elves long-lived and have a rich knowledge on life?

「Oh, right. Excuse me. Sir Tauro will be given a spirit beast summoned from the Elven forest.」

This guy is making an even more disgusted face than the female elf.
Did you think you wouldn’t have to do it if you forgot?
No, it is something that the female elf said, so it’s not something which you could just forget.
But still, to get a spirit beast.
Yeah, finally something fantasy liked.

「A spirit beast is it.」

「Yes, a spirit which possess a figure that lives in our forest. It is extremely rare and honorable for individuals of a different race to receive it.」

Do you understand? Is what the eyes of the concierge are saying.
Of course I understand. The height of you guy’s pride and the feeling of you guys looking down on various races.
It’s safer to not talk about other things and quickly leave after getting what need to be received.

「Sir Tauro, that moment you open the girl’s heaven’s gate, her magic power at the same time has begun the spirit summoning. That’s the cause of the spiritquake.」

The concierge looks towards the room where Sauvage is resting.

「Soon, Sir Tauro, it will appear in front of you.」

Before he finishes speaking, a magic circle emerges on the table in front of me.
The magic circle disappears after rotating several seconds with light around it.
After that, one worm is left.

「This is…」

I ask.
All I could see was a fifth instar larva of a swallowtail butterfly. The size is also the same.
It looks pretty shocking when it suddenly appears in front of me.

「Oh, this is a forest sage.」

The concierge nods with a smile.
The surround elves also liven up.

(Even if he’s a title holder, in the end he’s still a human. Even his summoned spirit beast is like this.)

Is what I heard them saying in a low voice.

(Can’t you guys say that so I can’t hear? Or what, are you guys doing it on purpose?)

I feel like it was on purpose.
By the way, apparently, the forest sage seems to be quite inferior among the spirit beasts.
Seeing the way it’s treated, I suddenly felt sad for this caterpillar.

「Then, please take it with you.」

The concierge urges.
I ask a question while gently putting it on my palm.

「What kind of food should I give it? 」

「Please consult that with the forest sage.」

The concierge replies bluntly.

「Consulting? 」

「Yes, it seems that there is still not a mental path between Sir Tauro and the forest sage 」

「Mental path? 」

「I think it will be connected soon. When that happens, it’s intentions can be communicated at the minimum.」

And now I was prompted to leave.
It seems that my position in the concierge has dropped all at once because my spirit beast was the forest sage.
The politeness just now was gone. The change of treatment was awkwardly clear.
If it were to be a rare and powerful spirit beast, the treatment now would surely be different.
There is no longer any need to pay attention to my treatment now I guess.

(I’m relieved that it’s not some big shot spirit beast, there won’t be any trouble for me.)

Eventually, I left the store without being able to dispel the discomfort I felt from the elves, it feels as if I and the forest sage were kicked out from the store.

On the way home, I felt the mental path connection with the forest sage.

『I want to eat leaves.』

Is the feeling that I received.
Although it a spirit beast, a conversation with a caterpillar was impossible.
But I am somewhat able to understand what the other party wanted to say.

I arrive at home.
Immediately take the forest sage to the garden.
I bring it closer to the herb and ask.

「Can you eat this leaf? 」

The forest sage leans over and moves its short legs in front.
It looks okay apparently.
When I put it on the leaves of the medical herb, this time it looks towards the medical tree and starts moving.
It seems it preferred the ones over there.
When I put it on the branch of the medical tree, it grabbed the leaf firmly and started eating. Looks like it liked it.

「Don’t hesitate to eat. My medical tree is luxuriant. 」

If anything happens, I could just use an S rank potion on the other medical herbs.
I left the forest sage in the garden and returned indoors.

Morning today is also a refreshing morning.
I went to the garden since I was concerned about the forest sage.
Grabbing on to the branch of the medical tree, it was eating at a slow pace.
I didn’t seem to have eaten much.
The medical tree was still fuzzy.

「Is it alright if it’s only this leaf? 」

I ask.
The forest sage appears creepy at first, but when I got used to it, it became very lovable.

…It looks okay.

「Is there anything else you need? 」

…For now, it seems unnecessary.

I decided to name the forest sage.
What should it be?
I thought while watching the forest sage eat the translucent leaves.
And I decided.
A caterpillar eating translucent leaves, hence.

You name will be Imosuke.

…It seems to have understood.

I look around.
The weather’s good today.
Birds can be heard singing indicating that it is morning.

「Hmm? 」

I was concerned about something and ask Imosuke.

「Imosuke, are you alright with birds or bees? You wouldn’t be eaten right? 」

I know it is a spirit beast, but just to make sure.
And it faces towards me and starts moving.

…It’s saying it’s okay, I guess.

I went down to the first floor and went over to the breakfast stand across the street and bought my own breakfast.
I bought fried egg, grilled ham, a cut tomato stuffed with lettuce and a plate of pancakes, and return home.
I didn’t buy coffee. I make it myself.
It wasn’t because I have any preference that I liked.
The last time, I spilled it when I was on my way up the stairs to the third floor.
It was really hot, and I had to use Cure Injury Spell (F).

After breakfast, I played with my spirit beast.
Even if I say play, the other party is only about 5cm long, so I could only just prick it with my finger.
It didn’t retaliate and didn’t move. It wasn’t eating any leaves either.

「Are you alright? 」

Feeling a little worried, I asked.

『Stomach full.』

Um, it looks okay.
I’ll go to the library to find out more about the forest sage and spirit beasts.
I doubt those unfriendly elves would tell me, and I didn’t want to hear their voice.

「I’m going out, can you watch the house? 」
It’s better to leave it with the medical tree than taking it with me. I thought so and asked.

… It seems ok with watching the house.

「I won’t be back until night, is it ok? 」

…Seems to be okay.

「Then, I’ll leave the garden to you. 」

There wasn’t really anything that needs to be done, but I just say it.

…It seems to have understood.

I left the house and headed to the library.




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