Chapter 37




             Translator: “Karaage”                             Editor: “Weasalopes”                

The library is located in the educational district, east of the royal palace, near the Royal Academy of magic.
Upon arrival, I presented my guild card at the entrance and paid the fee to enter.
The amount of the fee is determined by the collection area which you want to enter.
The area which I went to is a general area, so it has the cheapest fee of 5 coins.

(First of all, I want to find out about the Elven forest, forest sage and summoning magic.)

I moved while looking at the library’s map posted on the wall.
And I found the bookshelf with books on geography and natural history.

(First the Elven forest… is it this spirit forest.)

I shall read the description.

Spirit Forest
This forest spreads over the northern area of the Ost continent.
According to the 「Treaty of the Spirit Forest」, which was ratified in the kingdom’s calendar year 313, every country was to abandon territorial sovereignty or claim rights in regard to the Spirit Forest.
However, the elves did not accept it and insisted on preoccupation, and still continued effective control with no legal basis.

To have read such a disturbing description right from the start.
Since I have no insight on this matter, I look past it.
Next, I found the description of the forest sage, I shall read this too.

Forest Sage
A species of spirit beasts.
It inhabits the Spirit Forest.
Having a cylindrical body with legs, its appearance is like that of a caterpillar.
It consumes leaves that possess magic.
Therefore, in recent years, for the purpose of protecting the World tree, they have been ousted from the surrounding of the World tree.
They have a mild nature.
Occasionally, they have the habit of lifting their head and not moving for a short time.
Because they appear as they were thinking, they came to be called the 「Forest Sage」.

(…The origin of the name is terrible. No wisdom was involved at all. And they are even treated as pests.)

I read the entry on spirit beast.
According to their appearance there are cats, dogs, wolves, owls, unicorns, Pegasus, etc.
By the way, caterpillars are treated as 「…There are also many other types.」.
In terms of abilities, some have high attack power, high defensive power, able to be mounted, able to be mounted when flying, be a consultant partner, be a baby-sitter, use for scouting, etc.
I searched through all the pages of the book, but couldn’t find any description which the forest sage has.

(This is why those elves are delighted.)

I recalled the smile the concierge had when my spirit beast turned out to be a forest sage.
I check up on summoning.
Since there are various types of summoning, I looked for spirit beast summoning.
According to the book,

When the achievements set forth in the Grand Charter are accomplished, a spirit beast will be summoned and given to the subject.
The summoning will be automatically performed by the Grand Charter.
And the spirit beast will be summoned from the Spirit Forest.
And a master-servant relationship will be established between the subject and the summoned spirit beast by the summoning magic.
The laws of the summoned spirit beasts are not yet to be verified.

Is what it says.
The Grand Charter which appears in the text, is a grand magic formed by the elves in the past, and seems to automatically activate but still protecting the elves order at the minimum.

(It’s kind of complicated, I don’t really understand it.)

I left the library since I have finished researching what I wanted to know.
I had sandwiches for lunch in the student district.
And I felt a little worried about Imosuke, so I decided to go home.

「Imosuke, are you alright? Did you get eaten by the birds? 」

I said while entering the garden.
It was alright. Just like this morning, it’s having lunch on the branch of the medical tree.
As I watched it for a little while, it raised its head and stopped moving.
And after awhile, it went back and started eating again.

「I see, so this is what the book meant when saying they appear as if they were thinking.」

If it were like always, I would have been thinking it in my heart, but now I have a new family member named Imosuke. So I decided to say it out loud.
After a while, it went back into its thinking pose again.


At that time, I felt like I saw something small fell right below Imosuke.
This time, I look more closely.
I placed my left hand under Imosuke so I know that something did fall.
After a while, Imosuke takes its thinking pose.
At the same time, something fell down.
I quickly catch it with my left hand.
There was a black sesame grain liked something on my palm.

「Imosuke, what is this? 」

I asked.
Imosuke look towards my palm and answered.


…I see.
Suddenly, the urge to laugh came up and I started laughing out loud.
I didn’t know the reason why. But I don’t remember what caused it.

「No, well, to think that the pose of thinking was actually an action used when it’s pooping.」

Without knowing it, they give it an intellectual impression. And it became the origin of the name 「Forest Sage」.
I must have found that funny.
I drop the poop on my palm onto the garden; I laughed while apologizing to Imosuke, and left the house after washing my hands.

I am now in front of Cione.
I breathe in deeply several times.
This time for sure, I will break through the side lines on both sides and head towards the platform.
With strong determination, I opened the door.


When I entered the lobby, there was no one on the sideline. Not even one.
Seeing my puzzled face, a concierge comes towards me.

「Oh Sir Tauro, I’m sorry to say. But actually, all the sidelines are reserved today.」

I am surprised. There should have been about 20 people.

「Reserved! Is it the entire sideline? 」

The concierge nods.

(What a valiant guy.)

I was interested and ask who the one that reserved it is.
Of course, I won’t be forcing him if it can’t be said.
Since there will be things such as confidentiality and information security.

「It is Sir Dolba.」

Unlike what I expected, he told me straight away.
The concierge says proudly puffing his chest out.
It seems that this Dolba must be some kind of celebrity.
…Dolba…Dolba, I feel like I heard it somewhere.

「It is an honor for us, having a hero choose our shop.」

Ah, I remembered, he’s the leader of the team of adventurers who defeated the Lesser Salamander in the mining town.
Certainly, I was told that he was about to arrive at the Royal Capital.

「Reserved for the whole team?」

「No, just him alone.」

With his response, I look around the sideline seats on both sides.

「There are nearly 20 people no?」

「24 people, to be exact.」

I am astonished.
No matter how skilled he is, there is only one body. How will he handle the number of people corresponding to one class in a school?

「How will he be able to handle it in two hours?」

Even though I was astonished, I asked.
The eyes of the concierge shine brilliantly.
As if he was saying it is different for a hero.

「It is not two hours. But from the opening to closing hour of the store.」

This time, I admire him from the bottom of my heart.
I could have also done it if I pay for it, is what I thought.
However, Dolba is not just a hero.
Even if I do not have any financial trouble with it, I would have never even thought about attempting it.
As a man, I’m completely defeated.
To handle 2 dozen of magical girls from the opening till closing of the store.
Surrounded by 48 eyes and 24 mouths and tongues.
What are you going to do and what are you trying to do?
Truly a gentleman amongst gentleman.

(Do heroes have a different perspective from us ordinary people?)

After this case, I had a slight respect for Dolba, who I have not seen yet.

And I came in front of the platform for the first time.
I didn’t sway away from the sideline temptation with my own will, but oh well.
I look towards the platform.

(Since it has been only the busty type recently, I should choose a slender one today.)

The huge racks of the Milfs whom I engaged for the countermeasure training against the elves float in my mind. They were all goddesses of fertility.
At that moment, something flashes across my pink brain cells.
And I called the concierge over.

「Is there a married woman in the group? Not once, but an active one.」

I asked in a small voice.
If there is, it will be a milf for today.

「Yes, there are a few.」

The concierge responds in a soft voice to me.
It is not necessary to speak in a small voice, but I feel immoral asking for a married woman.
And I picked one of the ladies, which the concierge told me about.
According to the concierge, she has two children in the lower grades of elementary school.
But still, she has a slender figure.
She’s smooth overall, but even for her age, she’s graceful and meaty.
She has a long straight hair and calm makeup on her.
She’s a woman who has an irresistible gloss which would make you head turn when you see her in the streets.
I picked her without hesitation.

In the room, the time for the two of us begins.
Sitting on the sofa, I lift the milf onto my lap and groped her from behind. From the top of her clothes.
This is my usual grooming attack using my magic eye.
By the way, I no longer need to look at the other person’s eye to activate magic eye.
I am able to use it just by touching one part of their body.
Exactly speaking, it is manageable to be just in close range without touching, but it consumes a lot of mental strength, so it couldn’t be done practically.

In my arms, she gradually loses her strength.
The milf with her professionalism reaches out to serve me, but is gently dismissed by me.
First of all, it is my intention to one-sidedly please the other.
I simmer slowly on low heat to soften the meat.
The fire pass down the core of the milf, and her color temperature changes from bright orange to dark yellow as a whole.
There were also some bright yellow spots.
Her chin is completely raised.

(Alright, should we start?)

Seeing that it is the right moment, I start the play that flashed me by earlier.
First, I whispered into the ears of the milf who has already completely relaxed.

「Hey miss, which feels better, me or your husband?」

「?! 」

Sanity quickly returns to the milf’s eyes.
And then, she shows the look of「what is this person saying? 」.
I ignore her, and gouge my fingers in the places which were shining brightly.
Because of the gentle stimulation from grooming, the milf was unprepared.
Not being able to react in time, her weak points remain in a defenseless state and her breathing stops for a few moment due to the impact.
From her reaction, I repeat my question with a vulgar laugh.

「Me or you husband, which is better? 」

The milf who managed to rebuild her spirit knots one letter in her mouth and glared at me.

(This, this is the play I wanted.)

Bathing in the milf stern gaze, a shock ran up my spine.
And I thought to myself.

(I felt a wave of lust when I learned that the Busty milf was a real active wife.)

I recall the busty milf from the other day.

(But at that time, I was busy with the elf’s training.)

Because the busty milf revealed that she was an active wife as if it was nothing, it might be that to this world’s ethics it isn’t something to be mined with.
So, this immoral lust may not be shared with a milf.
And also, the other party is working majestically at a brothel.
Talking about her husband during work would be a breach of manners. Perhaps it is of that degree of recognition.
But it doesn’t matter.
Now, I want to be caught up in this wave of lust.
Adjusting myself so the milf doesn’t collapse all at one, I whisper in her ears.

「Uwa, you’re already this wet. Does this mean that I feel better? 」

The milf stiffen her body enduring it and shakes her head left and right.

「I wonder, I don’t think so.」

I did not rest my hand, and continues stimulating her, but being caution not let her explode.

「Your husband knows everything about you. But I know you even more than you know yourself.」

The milf shakes her head violently.

「Hou, I don’t believe it.」

I show evidence while making a vulgar laugh.

「Look here. Oh even here too. Even in an unexpected place, around here I guess… So? Do you believe now? Well there’s no choice but to believe it no? 」

The milf continue to deny.

(Oh, this situation is the best!)

After the matter with the busty milf, I learned of the existence of the beast lurking within me.
The beast is too dangerous to be released into the field.
If I were to let it out, the future that’s waiting for me will be 「Half-way through having sex with someone’s wife, her husband returns from work and me getting killed. 」.
However, everything is legal in the brothel. There’s no problem.
It’s the same for the magical girls. It’s legal because it’s inside a brothel.
In the brothel, customers who have money can do anything they want to a certain extent.
The power we wield is not as great as god, but comparable to a great wizard.
For evidence, we have the hero adventurer Dolba who continuously summon 24 magical girls.

「Still don’t believe me? No choice. I shall show you my trump card.」

While playing around with the milf, I continued panting in her ears.
And I put my weapon onto the milf’s Most Favorite Point, which I have just discovered.
It is the center of her anus, which is the milf’s favorite part.
It is actually an area that shows the highest color temperature among the others of the milf.
Specifically, from the opening to the back, it is shining like a white cylinder.
As expected of a married woman.

「!! 」

She looks at me with an expression saying no way.
She must have suspicion why I knew her secret or the secret which only she and her husband know.
Believing that her secret was revealed, she desperately starts to resist.
And I burst out a vulgar laugh.
It’s such an indecent laughter which even surprised me.
The milf’s face crooked in disgust.
All she can do is resist, but my weapon is already pressed against the opening of her important flower.
I laugh and slowly push my weapon into her.
And a surprisingly softness wraps around me. As expected from a married woman.
Soon, her violent resistance stopped. As expected of her Most Favorite Point. The effect is totally different.
And she makes a sloven and slack face which cannot be seen by children.
Thinking that, my wave of lust grows enormously. What a hopeless guy I am.

「Miss, you really do love anal.」

I murmur near her ear.
The milf, still having a last pillar, shakes her head to deny.
She has completely give in physically, but her spirit has yet not succumbed. As expected of a married woman.
At that moment, I felt a weak current running up my back.

(Oow, I’m so thrilled!)

After that, I enjoyed plenty going uphill trying to get the milf’s spirit to yield, and even more enjoyed going downhill after she had completely succumbed.

「…Manner violation.」

During the pillow talk after the play, the milf repeatedly says so.
As expected, it wasn’t a big ethical problem in this world.
However, it seems that bring up private matters is a serious manner violation.
But she doesn’t look angry or offended.
Looking at her, rather than a married woman, she looks like a young maiden.
I ask.

「But, it wasn’t bad thinking about your husband in the middle of the play, no?」

My face distorts with a nasty laugh.
The milf who was looking at me, turn her gaze away and shuddered with embarrassment. And as if trying to hide her embarrassment, she latches her face onto mine.




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