Chapter 367 part 1

On the top floor of a partially three-story stone building in a corner of the downtown area in the royal capital. I wake up in my bedroom at home, lying in bed with my face turned to the clearing.
It is currently winter. It should have taken longer for the sun to rise, but its bright light was already leaking in through the hem of the curtains.

(…It’s almost afternoon huh?)

I pulled open the curtains and looked out into the garden forest. As expected, the sun was quite high above the top of the medicinal tree. Looking at the angle, it must be about the time between morning tea and lunch.
I had come home very late last night because of the battle with the Pantyless Troupe.

「Hm? What’s wrong?」

『come here』, someone called out to me so I put my feet into my sandals while I was still in my pajamas and went out into the garden.
The one who called me was a 20-centimeter-long spirit beast that looks just like a fifth instar larva of the swallowtail butterfly. He’s Imosuke, the leader of my familiars.
Normally, I found him sitting on one of the branches of the medicinal tree, but for some reason, this morning he is buried in the grass on the ground.

『It’s fresh.』

As I approached, I saw the caterpillar pushing a handful of mushrooms with its head.
Incidentally, I call the round mushroom* with brown caps and white handles 『Mushroom』. In fact, they taste quite similar.
[*TL Note: This is in Japanese (キノコ) while the other was in English (マスルーム)]

「That’s nice.」

They start showing up from time to time around the end of autumn. I don’t know what season mushroom harvesting is supposed to be in, but according to Imosuke, who’s a plant expert, 『now is the time』, he said.
After harvesting the mushrooms, I bring them to my favorite food stall and have them cooked. There are dishes similar to pasta and pizza, and these mushrooms are juicy and delicious when used in these dishes.

「Where’s Dangorou?」

I started looking around as I returned my expression to normal.
Dangorou is a 15-centimeter-long dung beetle. He’s also a spirit beast, a part of my familiars, and specializes in searching for mushrooms.

『This is all of it.』

Before Imosuke could answer, the person in question appeared from the depths of the garden forest, wading through the grass. Apparently, he was looking for more of these mushrooms.
Since I once showed them how delighted I was about it, mushrooms have become a boom among my familiars. Recently, it has escalated to the point where they even try to bury themselves in the soil to find it, so I have stopped them from doing so.

(Although it’s a garden, it’s one that’s located on the rooftop of a building. It would be bad if we accidentally broke through the waterproof layer, causing the water to leak onto the second floor.)

I was working in a construction company in my previous life and rainwater has always been a problem for me. I didn’t want to do anything that might damage the building.
When I picked them one by one as I was urged by Imosuke, I found that the amount was exactly the size of my palms. I squatted down, took one look at the garden forest, and thought.

(Winter will soon be over. And spring will come next.)

The spirit beasts and garden forest that provides me with the best of what is in season. We will be moving to a larger place soon, so I’m sure there will be even more variety.
I’m very much looking forward to it, but I’ll have to wait until later to talk about the new garden with Imosuke and the others. Because I have some work to do this afternoon.

「Well, I’m off. Give my regards to Zaratan.」

I get up and go back inside to change my clothes.
Zaratan, by the way, is the third spirit beast of my familiar. He’s a turtle with a 20-centimeter-long shell.
I asked Imosuke where he was when I didn’t see it in the pond in the garden, and he told me that the turtle had gone to the sea by transfer magic.

(The new garden pond is going to be bigger after all.)

Fish, shellfish, shrimp, and squid. He’s probably going around the sea looking for these as if choosing the interior of his new home.

(Alright, this should look good enough.)

After checking my appearance to make sure I was at least presentable, I put the mushrooms I had harvested into a paper bag and headed for the central square of the royal capital.

(As I thought, it’s delicious!)

About an hour later, I sit down at an outdoor table at a food stall I usually go to, using my hand that was holding a fork to support my cheek, which was about to fall off.
On a white platter on the wooden table is a dish of fried mushrooms and bacon. The salty juices from the bacon soak into the thick mushrooms and it also goes well with the bread.

「Thanks for the food. If get more of these mushrooms, I’ll be sure to share some of them with you.」

After finishing my meal, I stood up and said to the stall old man, who was the cook. He smiled back at me and said, 『I’m looking forward to it』.
I patted my bloated stomach that was full of breakfast and lunch with one hand and headed for my next destination, the headquarters of the merchant guild of the royal capital.

(It was just right there though.)

The stalls are located in the central square and the merchant guild is on the east side of the central square.
After entering the large building with a wide entrance, I went up the stairs to the guild master’s office on the third floor, the top floor.

「You came, Tauro-kun. Have you had lunch yet?」

The door was opened from the inside by a small, elderly man who look like a goblin, the guild master of the merchant guild.
I sat down on the sofa in the lounge suite, while the guild master sank down on the sofa in front of me.

「I had so much fun last night, so I want to thank you for that.」

When I replied that I had eaten, the old man nodded his head and thanked me with a big smile on his face. His skin was shiny and plump, just like a freshly boiled shrimp dumpling.

(It’s amazing that he’s still fine, even though he worked the hardest last night.)

The Pantyless Troupe which is made up of four nuns. At first, we were in charge of the green, red, blue, and white masked women one by one, but in the end, it turned into an orgy.
While I, Corneal, and the chest-haired gentleman were taking a break, the guild master, who is as fertile as a goblin, was still clinging to the masked women while shaking his hips.

(He must have done seven, no, eight laps by himself.)

Eight times, which would mean thirty-two shots, and as far as I know, he went without a break.

「It’s the best I’ve had since the Bureikou. It’s a good way to get rid of rust since I can’t do it in a brothel.」

“I’m glad if you think so”, I replied.

『No mercy.』

This was only possible because it was a battle. If it had been in a brothel, the staff would have been called in and he would have been banned.
By the way, there is another person in this room, besides me and Goblin Jii-chan.

「That’s very good to hear indeed.」

To my right, sitting alone on a two-seater sofa is an elderly, fat man with a white beard. He’s the vice guild master who looks like Santa Claus.
The reason for the lack of energy in his voice as he spoke to the guild master is probably because he wanted to participate but was not able to.

『I don’t think it’s possible for you to pretend to be poor because of your good upbringing.』

The reason was because I decided so.
He seemed disappointed, but he didn’t say anything resentful, which is a sign that he has a lot of experience in life. And I wish I could grow old like him.

「So what happened to the girls?」

The four members of the Pantyless Troupe who we had used until they were burnt out and could do nothing but convulse and squirm. It was the employees of the merchant guild who retrieved them with carts.

「They have been questioned at the royal castle since this morning. And the high-ranking officials of the Eastern Country stationed in the royal capital are also present.」

He went to the royal castle first thing in the morning to see how the questioning goes. Very different from me, who still can’t get out of sleep.

「Still, that’s quite the hurry isn’t it?」

He had already spoken to the Prime Minister in advance, but since the battle had ended just before dawn, the girls were probably still in a daze.
When I told him this, the small old man shrugged his shoulders.

「Originally, the questioning will take place tomorrow, but it seems that we are somewhat disadvantaged during the negotiations.」

Apparently, the high-ranking official of the Eastern Country stationed in the Kingdom is quite the crafty man. It seems he immediately rushed to the royal castle upon hearing the news and has been doing various things to protect the girls.

「If things continue as they are, the amount of compensation we will get is going to be very small. That’s why the Prime Minister is getting impatient.」

Therefore, the Prime Minister wanted information that would give them an advantage.

「I wish you would at least stop at the point where they still could talk. So he said sarcastically.」

The goblin-like guild master laughs joyfully with his mouth wide open. The Prime Minister continues with 『I guess it can’t be helped if their opponent is THAT Dr. Slime』, with a sigh and slumped shoulders.
Hearing that, I knit both of my eyebrows.

「Wait a minute. Aren’t you the biggest cause for that, guild master?」

Why would I have to be blamed for it? And it’s not a good idea for this kind of bad reputation to reach the upper echelons of the country.
I protested indignantly, while the guild master, who was experienced in negotiations, brushed it off. While the Santa Claus-like vice guild master watched this exchange enviously from the sideline.

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