Chapter 41




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(That was really an amazing shop.)

I gave praises on Bonanza as I headed home.
It is still not the evening, but I was already completely satisfied from the previous lunch.

(It really makes you want to go again.)

I thought, and shook my head.
Delicious food should only be eaten occasionally. I’ll go only when there is a reason to do so.

(Let’s have meals in Bonanza only on the day when I sell D rank potions.)

With this schedule, I would be once a week. It’s not something which I totally couldn’t resist. Yeah, so this is not a bad decision.
Also, since I have decided on a day I could make a reservation. There might be more options to enjoy if I were to make reservations.

「Imosuke, I’m back.」

I called out as I went out to the garden.
Imosuke was sitting on the branch of the medical tree like usual.


Imosuke did not change, but the area under its feet has slightly changed.
Things like mushrooms, grasses which weren’t medical herbs were growing. Certainly, the vegetation is getting richer.
I got flustered when I was going to step on the mushrooms.
But at that time, something strange happened.
The mushrooms and the surrounding grass became distorted.
It felt as if the entire space was deformed.
Frightened I move my foot away, and the distortion was restored. However, the space distorted again when my foot approaches it.

「Is this so, when I enter the garden, I wouldn’t crush the plants?」

Imosuke wiggles. I’m correct.

「This is great, I’m able to walk freely in the garden.」

I say so and lie down below the medical tree. The mushrooms, strawberries and flowers become distorted and weren’t crushed.
The only thing I feel on my back was the soft grass.
I look up at the medical tree from below.
The sunlight that passes through the translucent leaves dyes the surrounding area in an emerald color.


Including the fatigue from Bonanza, I fall into a slumber under the medical tree.

After waking up, I cleaned my laundry and continued on my diary which I have slacked off for the past few days.
By the way, dinner was take-out from the usual stall.
After dinner, I took a bath, and started potion making earlier than usual.


Imosuke seems to be interested in seeing me making potions.
It must think that it’s strange to see a bottle appearing from the air with no chanting.
I will be making Rank F, Rank E, Rank D, and some high level potions.
Imosuke starts to get excited.

「Speaking of which, I had only shown Imosuke the creation of D rank potions.」

Saying so, I create a Cure Injury Potion (C).
Imosuke is now crouched in front of the light red potion that shines lightly.
Its appearance was interesting, so I created a Cure Disease Potion (B) and Cure Status Abnormality Potion (A).
Imosuke becomes even more excited seeing the potions that shine in blue and green.


It got too excited and fell off the branch.
I quickly catch it.

「Are you hurt? 」

…it seems to be okay.
I thought of showing it a Rank S potion, but it would be better to do it next time.
It will be troublesome if you fall down again.

「Imosuke, you can do as you please with the potions I made just now」

Hearing it, Imosuke starts making a big fuss.
And start guiding me here and there to pour the potions.
With a warm feeling, I do as it told.
During the process, it asked for some Rank F potions, so I made some and apply it to the areas I was told to.

The next morning when I woke up, feeling a little scared I peek through the curtain and look at the garden.
The last time, I poured the potion randomly, and nine medical herbs turned into one medical tree and a field full of medicinal herbs.

Yesterday, I didn’t use a Rank S potion, but the amount used should have been comparable to it.

「…This is a forest.」

The garden’s landscape which I glimpsed through the gap between the curtains was something that could not be expressed other than a small forest.
The medical tree in the center was about 3m in height with branches that extend greatly like an umbrella.
The surrounding area is covered in thickets about 1m in height, and only the only the outer edge of the garden is left as a meadow.

「It looks like a forest made from bonsai.」

From first glance, both the herbs and the surrounding thickets seem to give the forest a dignified atmosphere, but the size of the leaves was actually normal.
So, it has an unbalanced feeling when a big leaf is attached to an adult tree.
It looks like a diorama made by putting together bonsais.

「Wow, I feel like a giant.」

Is it Imosuke’s blessing? So I wouldn’t hurt the plants even when I stepped into the garden.
The trees that I was about to step all becomes distorted. And will return after I pass.

「On the scale, it should be 1/10.」

If that’s the case, the medical tree should be a 30m tall huge tree.
Imosuke calls out when I was exploring the forest.

「Friend, call, okay?」

Our conservation has become more or less clearer since our mental path has become stronger. It should be thanks to all the talking we do every day.
Friend, what does it mean?

「Before you call it, can you tell me more about it?」

According to Imosuke, it seems to be a nice guy with a straight personality.
It has the appearance of wearing a thick armor, and Imosuke think it’s safer that it is here to help guard the garden forest.

「Then Imosuke does that means, not to come over and play, but to live here?」

Imosuke nods.
It seems that recently its friend has been persecuted by the elves in the Spirit Forest, and is now having a hard time living there.
If that the case it’s fine.
I don’t like the elves as well.
They look down on others, and even made fun of Imosuke. It wasn’t a bad idea to become Sugihara Chiune of Spirit Forest.

「If that’s the case, I don’t mind. I hope it will be okay living here.」

Saying that, Imosuke reply saying its okay and is sure it would like it. It looks pretty confident; he must really take pride in this forest.
Imosuke asks to put it on my hand.
On my palm, Imosuke asks me to bring it down near the ground this time.
When I place my hand close to the ground, Imosuke stopped moving as if it were concentrating.
A few seconds later, a small disk of light appears near the ground.

From there, Imosuke’s friend appears.

「…Is this a pill bug?」

The size and shape were the same as the pill bug known to me.
The pill bug turned to me and crouched a little after communicating with Imosuke.
Since the mental path is connected only to Imosuke, I do know what it’s trying to say.
It’s probably something like a greeting.

「Well, please make yourself at home.」

I said, and put Imosuke onto a nearby branch.

「I hope we can get along well.」

While having breakfast in the room, I watch both of them converse.
Speaking of persecution awhile ago, the elves were probably trying to get rid of the pill bug as an unpleasant pest.
They seem to place beauty and cuteness above the ecosystem.

(Oh, isn’t it the same for me? I can’t be talking about others.)

I remembered removing the camel crickets during the period when I was the site foreman, even though they did no actual harm.

(Well, I’m not god. So it is normal that I have likes and dislikes)

Deceiving myself, I sipped on my tea.
Served with tea, were the fruits made by Imosuke. In addition to the strawberries yesterday, figs have been added as well.
It was comical when the 1m high tree ripe with normal sized purple fig was deformed.
By the way, both are very tasty. They were freshly picked this morning.
After breakfast, I read a book on pharmaceutics.
I started reading it recently because the minimum knowledge is necessary when I would pretend to be a pharmacist.
The bookshelves are still empty, but the books are starting to pile up little by little.
Even in this aspect, it was great that I have moved from an inn to a rented house.
When I was reading, Imosuke called out to me.

「What is it Imosuke?」

When I enter the garden forest, the pill bug approaches and lowered its head.
According to Imosuke, it seems that it has taken a liking to this place and wants to live here.

「Ah, of course I do not mind」

I agree.
Then there was a request from Imosuke.

『Stones, I want.』

According to Imosuke, there wasn’t a single stone in this garden forest.

「Well, since it was once a field, there won’t be any stones.」

Aside from Imosuke, it seems to be a big problem for the pill bug.

「Oh, right. They like to be under rocks.」

I remembered the pill bugs in Japan. Whenever a big stone is move, it will be full of them.
It’s a trait for them, and it will not be able to calm down in a place with no rocks.

「Okay, I’ll go get some now.」

I put on my cloak and went outside.
My destination was the gardening store I saw in the shopping district.
You may think that you can just find rocks lying around, but that’s not the case here.
As expected of the Royal Capital, all the roads are covered with cobblestones.
The unpaved land was mostly the garden of a person’s house or a public flowerbed.
There’s no way I could just pull out the cobblestone, and even if I want to, I can’t remove them without tools.
If I were to go out of the Royal Capital to just pick up rocks and line up in the entrance line, I would be better to just buy them at the gardening store.

「I have bought it.」

I, a weak person, paid for a carriage which cost higher than the stones, now hold two bags of stones in both hands.
Of course, it is heavy and can’t be moved to the roof all at once, so I had to go back and forth through the stairs several times.
The pill bug seems to have liked the stones, and immediately digs into the ground towards the stone.

「Imosuke, what about the food for the pill bug?」

It’s almost noon, so I asked before heading out.
According to Imosuke, they eat fallen leaves, dry grass and soil.
I pointed out that there would not be any fallen leaves from the medical tree, but the trees other than the medical tree seem to have fallen leaves.
Anyway, I wouldn’t need to prepare new food, with peace of mind, I went out.




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