Chapter 50




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(Oh, so that’s why.)

I was satisfied after the explanation.

It seems that I was unique.

During the class break, I caught hold of the instructor and ask him about the feedback that I felt when the Golem was damaged.

According to the answer I received, normally it will just be a feeling of impact, there is no such thing as feeling pain.

In some rare cases, when the link between the Golem is too great, there are times when you will feel pain.

The instructor said 「When I was riding」, there were times like this.

The instructor than now knows I was crouching down in the cockpit earlier because of the pain feedback, praises me saying 「You have great sense」, but this is really a big problem for me.

At this rate I won’t feel like fighting anymore.

(I have to think of a way to fight.)

I have hit a huge wall on the first day.

The next day, I participated in the practical class in the morning and the intermediate class mock battle in the afternoon.

That’s when I realized.

I’m really, compared to the average person, moving with less mana.

The instructor gave me counseling from yesterday’s data.

「In your case, if 1 mana is needed to move an arm, you will only be using 1 mana to move the arm」

The instructor says.

Well that’s normal isn’t it? Is what I thought, but no.

「However, those who are not accustomed, will use 5 mana to rise an arm, and another 4 mana so as to not rise it too much and lower the arm」

The instructor continued mildly.

Hmm. If I need to spend only 1 mana, only 1 mana will be spent.

From the example right now, 5 mana – 4 mana = 1 mana, the total used mana will be 9 mana to produce a 1 mana effect.

Indeed too much is wasted.

「Your sense is really great. As expected from the scout group.」

The instructor seems to be happy.

And he showed me the data of my mana consumption.

For comparison, I was also shown the data of other students.

Compared to the students who were in the same intermediate class doing mock battle, I was spending much less.

There is no doubt thanks to this efficiency.

「You may possess only a small amount of mana, but there’s a technique that can compensate for it, so do your best.」

The instructor encourages me.

It’s not that the amount of mana I possess is small, but the amount of mana I consumed on the data is small because I did not use them, but I don’t think it is necessary to correct this misunderstanding.

I have found out when maneuvering the Golem that the magic stored in me can be used as an alternative to mana.

But if I repeatedly spend my stored up magic, I will definitely stand out. For my impossible amount of stored up magic.

If it’s technique, it can be explained.

And this technique is not given for free, but will have to be honed by myself.

I can be proud of it in public.

「Thank you.」

After saying my thanks, I went to the cockpit to take part in the mock battle.

After that, my performance for the intermediate class today was quite good.

Learning from yesterday’s painful experience, I fought more cautiously.

Like always I aimed for the back, and as much as possible not to enter the range within the reach of the opponent’s sword.

My ability to steer the Golem at will is much higher than the students in the same class as me.

There were only a few opponents who could follow my maneuvers.

Sometimes I will be struck by the sword.

But knowing that it will come, to some extent I’m able to endure it.

In return, I smashed my opponent with my sword while clenching my teeth.

「It will be okay if you enter the advanced class soon.」

The instructor advised me.

There is just one frame left for today’s class.

I was worried about tomorrow, but I decided to join the advanced class.

「This is not good.」

My body has become stiff in the cockpit.

Of course the movement of the advanced class is smoother than the intermediate class.

But more than that, they fight skillfully.

Their Golem’s movements are smoother than mine.

However, whether it is a technique or construction of it, once your movement is read you are defeated.

It feels like an experience fighter easily defeating an amateur.

To be honest, I’m not even seen as an opponent in close combat.

When I desperately take distance, an attack magic would come flying.

When this happens I completely lose control.

All I could do was crouch in the cockpit.

「There’s really a difference in player’s skill.」

Is the way I felt after losing continuously.

The difference between those who have learned how to fight and those who do not, the difference in experience and the difference in sense.

When I’m feeling this, the bell for the end of school rang.

This is the end of lectures by the teachers. There are a total of 6 frames, 3 in the morning and 3 in the afternoon.

After that, the student can train themselves until the school closes. The library, gymnasium and schoolyard can be used freely, but not the simulator cockpit.

I was not thinking of training myself so I headed to the gate.

And I thought.

(How should I fight tomorrow, I have to think of something.)

To put my thoughts together, I went to the red light district.

I did not go to any store, but just wander around.

I continued thinking while walking around.

I walked 10,000 steps, but still could not think of any idea.

(It’s useless, I’m stuck. For a change of pace, let’s enter that shop.)

When I thought so, I saw a familiar figure walking in front of me. It’s 『Skewer Whirlwind』.

「Cornier-san! Over here! 」

I call out while waving my hand. Noticing, he came over with a smile.

「Tauro-san, which shop are you going to today?」

He asked. Recently, we have often gone to shops together.

「I have not decided yet, I was thinking about something.」

That’s when I realized.

Cornier is a pilot belonging to the Chivalric Order. He may be able to give me advice on how to fight in the advanced class.

I decided to ask for his advice.

「There’s something I would like Cornier-san’s advice on, I will treat you to tea, can you listen?」

I pointed to the no-hand restaurant 「Bonanza」a little ahead and said.

When he realized my meaning of tea, he nodded with a lewd smile.

「… And that is why I was wondering if you have any good idea.」

I explain briefly about the course of events and what happened today at pilot school.

Of course, also including that I was more sensitive on the feedback than the average people.

Cornier receives a mouthful of lemon tea from a lady with a tough face and thick make up.

He takes his mouth off the bright red lips; licking his lips astonished and says.

「Wow, it’s amazing Tauro-san. I knew you were famous in this industry, but I didn’t know you also had the talent to be a pilot.」

「It’s just a coincidence.」

I answered while gently rubbing the girl that was sitting on my lap.

Not too big and not too small, it’s just the right size that fits in the palm of my hand.

Of course, sometimes I have her turn around to drink jasmine tea.

「Because magic manipulation can be applied to women as well, and it’s because of that is what I think.」

Cornier nodded as if he were impressed by my words.

「Magic Manipulation and women. You’re right; it seems I have to practice more as well.」

Encouraging each other, we both laugh.

This here is a tea room of a no-hand restaurant.

It is a stylish space where you can enjoy playing with women while drinking tea.

Like the words say, this no-hand restaurant is a restaurant where customers can eat without using their hands.

The meals will all be aided by the women.

And is designed so that customers can play freely with their hands.

There are various courses, but in the upper course, the women, too, will feed you without using their hands.

Before, when I chose the top course, three women aided me offering me a dream-like time.

It is now one of my favorite shops these days.

「Close combat will be too difficult for Tauro-san.」

Cornier says after thinking for a while.

「The feedback you receive from damage is too sensitive. No matter how much you practice and gain experience to improve you close combat skills. You will not be able to compete with an opponent who doesn’t feel pain.」

That’s true.

When I feel pain, my movement will be dulled. And I will be afraid to move forward.

Because of my high level of Magic Manipulation, I’m more deeply synchronized with the Golem compared to the average person.

Because of that, whenever the Golem takes damage, my whole body would feel the pain.

「But with this sense of sensitivity, it will manifest a high maneuvering accuracy. 」

Which means, there is not only disadvantages but also advantages.

「I think it will be better if you focus on magic attacks.」

「Magic attack?」

I asked in response.

「Yes, it will be the problem on how much mana you possess, but I think this is the only way.」

And he continues explaining.

「Taking advantage of your high maneuvering accuracy, you can snipe from a distance. 」


「And run away.」

Run away is it…

「And after taking some distance, snipe again. And repeat this pattern.」

With this explanation, I imagined myself fighting.

In the meantime, my hands continue catching the twin hills that tried to hide and escape.

I personally think that this act of rubbing it is the best when thinking about things.

By the way, I named this teahouse 「Sage Room」.

It’s perfect when you are reading a difficult book or thinking.

It can also be used for serious meetings like right now.

「Which means abandoning close combat, and focusing on magic attack sniping and escape.」

Cornier nods at my words.

The lady with a tough face and thick makeup has already dived under the table, helping cornier with his thoughts with her red lips.

Cornier, who seems to have got his thoughts together, raised the name of a certain attack magic.

「For now, Light Arrow Magic Missile is recommended. It’s easy to handle, and it consumes little mana.」

Seeing me repeat Light Arrow Magic Missile in my mouth, he gives me an example on how to fight using it.

「Avoid close combat, and continuously shoot Light Arrow Magic Missile from a long distance. If you have an opponent who is close-range, Tauro-san’s high accuracy will be your advantage.」

「It seems to be so.」

I answered so since I have no experience using attack magic.

By the way, the girl who is on my lap is bending her body too much.

I can’t talk calmly.

To make her submit, I place her hard summit between my fingers and apply my strength gently and slowly.

At first, her reaction became bigger, but after realizing my intention, she gradually submits.

「Yes yes, good girl.」

I whisper in the ear of the girl who was breathing lightly.

After confirming that the girl had been dealt with, Cornier resumed his explanation.

「If the opponent wants close combat, keep shaving him with Light Arrow Magic Missile as he gets closer, and run away again at the right point.」

I nodded and asked a question.

「What if the opponent rushes in recklessly?」

「Right. When that happens, you can escape using movement magic」

「Movement magic?」

I tilt my head at this foreign word.

Looking at my expression, Cornier looks at me with an expression saying I have not studied enough.

He clicks his tongue and shakes his index finger left and right.

「There is a pedal in the cockpit right. When you step on in while applying mana, wind magic will be emitted from the Vernier and you can move quickly at high speed」

He says, while stroking the hair of the lady with tough look and thick makeup who is under the table.

(Speaking of which, I think I heard about it somewhere …… Hm?)

It seems that the girl is at her limit after being touched.

So I decided to put my knees on the floor and touch it with no-hand.

I combed the soft hair of the girl with my fingers.

(Leveraging mobility to conduct long-range artillery battle. The armor is paper, so it will be over if I get caught.)

I thought.

(It has quite some romance to it.)

Yeah, romance is great. Everyone has a longing for dreams and adventures.

(Indeed, there will be a problem on how much mana will be consumed. But, I am said to have good efficiency, I should try it.)

Or, to be honest, I am not able to think of any other ideas.

I decided to adopt Cornier’s idea.

「Thank you. As expected of Cornier-san.」

I give my thanks.

But there was no reply from Cornier. I look over at his situation.

He was in the middle of job changing into a Sage.

(Well then, I’ll also job change.)

I request the girl to increase the pace.

The girl responds to it sincerely.

I think of it every time, the employees of this shop are really of high quality. A solid education must have been carried out.

Soon, after successfully changing our jobs, we sally forth towards the night shopping district.



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