Chapter 51




             Translator: “Karaage”                             Editor: “Weasalopes”                

The next day, I went to school early to look for a weapon.

「This should be fine.」

I chose a grey wand which will allow me to cast Light Arrow Magic Missile.

(Rather than a wand, it’s more like a bullpup gun.)

A bullpup style gun is a firearm with its action and magazine behind the trigger.

It has the advantage of maintaining the same barrel length as a normal rifle, while shortening the overall length. Although there are also many shortcomings.

But I like the design.

It’s a stick that is as long as the Golem’s arm. And a short stick protrudes slightly in the middle. It’s used for holding it.

This distorted T-shaped stick is not exactly the same. But to me it looked somewhat similar.

(With the tip pointing towards the target, this is far better than just a stick.)

Like the scenes in a movie or manga where a magician fires off magic towards an enemy.

I remembered how it seems difficult to hold there when they stretched out their wrist.

By the way, during mock battles between Golems, no attack magic is actually activated.

In terms of size, it is not possible to cast real attack magic with the practice weapon.

It’s a weapon which is able to trigger attack magic by simply pouring mana into it.

Inside, just like the cockpit shell, are many magic circles drawn using expensive materials.

Otherwise, the performance would not be this good.

With the price of it being large and bulky.

If it’s not a Knight-sized Golem, it would not be possible to handle the weapon. For a practice Golem with a total height of only about 1m, it wouldn’t be possible.

Therefore, only magic circle for effects is drawn in the practice weapons.

Although it is for effects, the amount of mana consumed is the same amount as an actual weapon.

And at the same time as the effects activates, hit judgment and opponent’s damage calculation is done automatically.

(Exactly like Virtual Reality!)

I was happy to be able to enjoy it like a game, and before practice begins, I devoted myself to getting used to handling the wand.

Game… No, training start.

My battle results were a bit better than yesterday.

First, I cast Light Arrow Magic Missile at the same time as the battle starts.

And next I continued casting as I moved.

I have no technique for close combat, but my precise operation of the Golem is quite good. My fire accuracy was great.

But I’m still not yet used to shooting.

In addition, although the mana consumption for the Light Arrow Magic Missile is small, the damage it gives is also small.

I just kept running around.

My shooting is constantly in check by the opponent. It’s only a stroke of luck when it hits.

The opponent in front of me is not able to hit me with attack magic. With my suppressive fire being in the way, hindering the opponent’s aim.

When the opponents stops to cast attack magic, I will gradually distance myself.

I also have my part in the long-range magic shootout.

And before reaching the time limit, I kept running away with no damage.

As a result, I was judged as the winner by making the right decision.


I made a war cry in my heart and did a gut pose in my heart.

It was my first victory in the advanced class.

However, after that, I fought two more battles and lost both of them.

I was not able to do anything when they charge straight at me while ignoring the damage from the Light Arrow Magic Missile.

When I was brought into close combat, I easily lost.

During the last battle, when the opponent approached in front of me, in order to escape, I stepped on the Vernier pedal with all my strength.

Then, wind magic was activated explosively at my feet, and I was blown away.

Hitting the ground without being able to control my posture, while turning ass over teakettle, I was beaten.

As expected from the advanced class. I have to come up with a countermeasure soon.

But I don’t intend to change the way I fight.

I can’t say it clearly, but I can feel that there is a light if I continue going in this direction.

That night, I had dinner with Cornier.

Not at a brothel or a no-hand restaurant, but an ordinary street stall in the red light district.

「Thanks to you, I’m able to see which direction I should go.」

I talked about my situation during the mock battle, and gave my thanks.

After the battle, I was told by the instructor how much mana I had used in today’s battle. I have used quite a lot of attack magic, but my consumption was still much less than the other students.

Even in the advanced class, I was still efficient.

In this case, even when movement magic is added, my mana consumption will still be slightly below the average.

Raising my overall accuracy, I’m going to focus on running away and shooting.

「I’m happy that I have been of help.」

Cornier answered while sipping the after meal coffee.

I have also finished my meal. It’s about time to go to the next place.

「Where should we go now?」

Of course it’s the brothel.

Today, Cornier is supposed to bring a draft.

We regularly gather together to share recommendations and new information, while we explore the Royal Capital.

We call this gathering『Adult Gourmet Club』. There are only two members at the moment.

「I’ve found a good place.」

Cornier grinned.

This man has brought a lot of interesting information, but he also has one side that was a problem for me.

He often brings out topics on dating cafes and amateur system, places where the security is low.

Although he seems to not have run into any trouble, he likes to talk about It like It’s his tale of heroism.

As a pilot of the Knight’s brigade, he must be able to protect himself with his combat skills.

He’s as tall as me, but he’s trained and got a lot more muscle.

Without this body, 『Skewer Whirlwind』would not have been born.

「I won’t go to dangerous places.」

I drive this home. [1. 俺は釘を刺す “I stab/prick a nail”, a phrase which shows up in some WNls per the editor’s web search but infrequently elsewhere.]

It’s okay, its okay, Cornier says, but to be honest, I’m not really persuaded. In the event of an emergency, I will abandon friendship and escape alone.

And the name of the store I was brought to is 「Gadwick」.

In terms of appearance, it is an ordinary store. No, from the perspective of making it, it would somehow enter the category of a high-end store.

Cornier entered without hesitation.

「Excuse me, I’ve made a reservation for 2 vs. 2.」

Hearing Cornier’s voice, the concierge approaches.

And we were immediately guided to a room on the second floor.

And in the room… As I slowly entered… There were two girls.

I was relieved from the bottom of my heart.

By the way, what is 2 vs. 2?

It’s a style where the two of us play with the two girls in the same room.

Why not in separate rooms? The reason goes back to the beginning during the establishment of the Adult Gourmet Club.

The goal of the establishment was to partake in delicious food in the Royal Capital.

However, because we tasted different food in different rooms, we couldn’t decide which was more delicious.

We both claim that ours were more delicious, and reached a parallel line.

This is not the case with restaurants and food stalls.

We are able to exchange a bite of half of each other’s food.

And so it was decided.

We would enter the same room, and exchange half of each.

With this smart way, we are able to eliminate our dispute and make a fair judgment.

「Which would you like Tauro-san?」

Hearing that voice, I look at the two girls fixedly.

One seems to be strong-willed and was looking straight this way. She has a straight medium long hair.

The other was a quiet one, and is looking down timidly. This one has loose-curl medium long hair.

Both are in miniskirts, with their legs sticking out and eyes dazzling.

While I was still troubled about who to choose, the strong-willed one clicked her tongue.

「Hey, choose quickly.」

I was surprised by the girl’s words.

「…Tauro-san, I will deal with the troublesome looking one, please take care of the other.」

Cornier’s eyes grew a little narrower.

Sitting on one of the sofas facing each other, Cornier put the somewhat wildly strong-willed girl on his lap.

I also sat down on the sofa opposite, and put the quite looking girl on my lap.

Without delay, I start my mischief.

(Is that …?)

I immediately feel a sense of discomfort.

Looking at the front, Cornier has already messed around and elicited a reaction.

I check the light circulation and color temperature of the child on my lap.

There is no doubt.

The circulation and distribution of color temperature which is impossible for a girl is shown.

「C…Cornier-san, this child is…」

Hearing my words, a proud expression surface on Cornier’s face.

「Yes, that’s right. It’s a trap.」

It’s interesting isn’t it he says.

I’m shocked by his words.

「N, no, b… but.」

I didn’t know what I’m saying or what I’m trying to say. Right now I’m terribly confused.

「Is there a problem?」

「It’s full of problems!」

Finally, I said a decent sentence.

On the other hand, Cornier has an expression saying, what’s this person talking about.

「Tauro-san, do you intend to discriminate just because he’s a male?」

「D… Discriminate? Cornier-san, what are you talking about! 」

With my words, Cornier’s expression still doesn’t change.

「They too can do the same work as the females. They are able to please me and Tauro-san as well.」

Cornier gropes the strong-willed child on his lap.

「While being able to do the same work, it would be nothing but sex discrimination to discriminate by gender. 」

And he raise one eyebrow saying, isn’t it right?

「That is not the problem!」

I cry out unintentionally.

But Cornier didn’t mind, and say.

「Having the talent, skills and motivation, but not being able to get the job just because you are a male. The world should not be like this, is what I think.」

「I’m a male. And a male’s partner should be a female! 」

Cornier silently shakes his head.

「Such old stereotypes have greatly damages the rights of these kids.」

I try opening my mouth, but was blocked by the following words.

「And people like Tauro-san, who has no awareness of discriminating despite discriminating, is a big problem. 」

And he stares at me with a strong gaze, as if criticizing me.

「In a brothel, just because they are male, they are made to do physical labor, made to clean up the rooms after use, and their wages are low. And if the economy gets worse, they are the ones that will be cut off first.」

His words were passionate.

「Don’t you think It’s unreasonable?」

「I’ve understand what Cornier-san is trying to say. I believe what you said is true. But, the problem is with me.」

I’m going to refute.

「And the problem is?」

「It’s a matter of taste.」

Cornier was silent and urged me to continue.

「It’s the same as having food that you like and dislike. I like female.」

After a short time passed, Cornier asks me.

「Tauro-san, I believe you have experience the taste of chrysanthemum, yes? 」

The chrysanthemum Cornier is saying is not the small chrysanthemum that comes with sashimi, or an edible chrysanthemum.

I know what he meant and nodded. I knew and didn’t want to lie.

「Do you hate women with no breast?」

I shake my head.

If I didn’t like it, I wouldn’t have fought a magical girl.

「These kids are cute, are they not?」

… I nod. If I didn’t know that they are traps, they are cute enough for me to pick them.

「Then what is it that does not suit your taste?」

「No, but they are boys, right?」

Cornier as if fed up, let out a huge sigh.

And, feeling dissatisfied with Cornier’s hand stopping, the strong-willed kid on his lap cut in.

「What are you talking about, disgusting. …… Guu! 」

With a handful, Cornier silence the strong-willed kid.

He faces the strong-willed kid and spoke in a low voice. With a cold expression and no piece of gentleness from just now left behind.

「Is this something someone like you should cut in? Shut up a little.」

Cornier-san, you’re scary.

「They are very cute no? There is no difference compared to normal girls.」

Cornier, who turned his face towards me, changed his expression into a smiling one in an instant, and said so.

That being said, his right hand keeps squeezing the strong-willed kid on his lap, causing him to writhe in pain.

No, Cornier-san, there is a difference in the part that you are squeezing right now.

「It is not right to think so. It’s only just a little bigger.」

Cornier quietly affirms.

His figure was like a missionary who was spreading something.

I who was silent, this time changed my expression.

「Honestly, I’m disappointed. Every day, even though calling yourself 「Brothel Sommelier」, to avoid something without even tasting it.」

This is provocative. [2. 煽ってきた? is Internet slang for 煽ってる? (roughly, “are you instigating?”). It seems to refer to deliberately fanning the flames in a discussion. Something like the English concept of trolling…); the author did not include a “?”, but instead had it as a statement.]

It’s a clear provocation, but I’m irritated.

As far as brothels are concerned, I have my own pride.

Alright, to go as far as to be saying this, I will go along.

「… Hm, it’s a cheap provocation. But, alright, I will fully taste it and give it a score.」

To be honest, I’m well aware that I was being led on by Cornier’s words.

But I have already been led on the ride.

And this ride I was led on is already accelerating rapidly and was already on the highway.

I can’t get off until I reach the destination.

I’ve resolved myself.

And so, I decided to take a step into this unknown world.

(So this is the feeling of an adventurer.)

An adventure that had set foot in an unknown land with not even a map. I sympathize with this sentiment.

At this moment, I too have become one of the adventurers.

On the other hand, Cornier has a happy look on his face.

He shows me a gentle smile like a person who had succeeded in drawing an acquaintance into his preference world.

Immediately, I took my first step.

I start my grooming on the quiet child.

His skin is very smooth, it feels good to touch.

I stroke the quiet child’s body as if I was playing the piano.

Soon, an abnormal situation occurred.

As his thing was getting bigger, mine was getting bigger as well.

But, his is really big.

There won’t be a problem if it’s mine, but he is thin so it’s unbalanced.

(… This is.)

For a short while, I was hardened.

But Cornier who sees it became amused, and laugh while shedding tears.

「Wow! Tauro-san! You got a hit! You hit the jackpot! Good for you! 」

Holding the quiet child who seems to be embarrassed from the behind, I look at the jackpot. Is this really good?

「What are you saying, of course the bigger the better. It’s really a huge luxury.」

These words seem to almost make the quiet child cry.

He must have been worried about it.

I who feel bad for him, try to follow-up.

Taking the wind instrument gently in my hand, I started my performance to relieve the tedium.

Soon, the wind instrument started playing a sweet and mellow melody.

(I hope this would comfort him a little.)

I think as I continue to play.

(Cornier’s words were a little too callous.)

I who decided to heal the wound in his heart, decided to use detoxification from the beginning.

I gently tap the wind instrument’s key which was like an Oboe.

I continued playing as I use up all of the three octave pitch range.

Gradually, the pitch range begins to move to the treble. The key of the high range pitch which has not appeared until now has come out.

Matching it, the melody has also change.

From someone who was reciting a poem in a lonely autumn scene to someone who was majestically reciting a poem.

In the middle of this song full of romance, the quiet child who was at the edge of leaping off many times was postponed by me each time.

First with eight musical notes I advance one of it, next with sixteen musical notes I again advance one of it, I won’t allow you to take off.

With such treatment, the Oboe’s stress was rising rapidly.

With his frustration not being able to take off, the quiet child’s internal pressure increases more and more.

And just before the quiet child was able to hold back his pent up stress, I allowed him to take off.


At the same time as the great eruption, the quiet child opens his eyes like a madman, clenches his teeth, dishevels his hair and convulses his body intensely.

And while raising a meaningless scream, continue to erupt in a pulsatile manner.

A large amount of lava then falls onto Cornier and the strong-willed child sitting on the opposite sofa.

And I throw words into their hearts.

(This is my celebration gift, take it!)

The quiet child who was still erupting, his eyes were now white and tongue hanging out, has completely lost consciousness.

Seeing the state, the strong-willed child eyes were now filled with a mixture of astonishment and horror.

「W, what is this.」

What happened, who is he? The strong-willed child asked, going close to his ears, Cornier whispers.

「I think you should have also heard about him, right? He is Dr. Slime.」

The strong-willed child gasps when he heard those words. It is not a happy reaction though it is unavoidable if I look at my past deeds.

「Well, you will taste it later, but now it will be me.」

That said, Cornier lifts his prey from his lap.

Seeing it, I make a surprise voice.

「Cornier-san, are you going to do that?」

That, is a technique that is based on Cornier’s nickname「Skewer Whirlwind」.

Cornier nods.

The way of skewer whirlwind is simple, stabbing deep and turning, that’s all.

To put it bluntly, it’s a straightforward reckless technique.

Before meeting me, Cornier was a man who only relied on his strength and show off his reckless and flashy skills.

He will be pleased when told it’s amazing.

But now, it’s different.

Seeing me making women intoxicated by just putting my fingers through their hair and stroking the elbows and knees, he changed his mind.

He reflected on his dependence on just pure strength.

And he started trying to learn the stroking technique which I call「Grooming」.

His effort pays off and has grown beyond recognition.

And the strength dependence technique「Skewer Whirlwind」 has not been used since he reflected.

And he is about to unleash it right now.

Of course I would be surprised.

「To take an attitude when facing a customer, you’ll get a painful return. And I think it is necessary for this fellow to understand it.」

What is Cornier thinking and what is he going to do? This is not a problem that I should interfere with.

I should just watch over the technique than will be unleashed after a long time.

Lifting the prey, he slowly pushes down while holding the hips firmly.

With the strength of the strong-willed child, it is impossible to resist.

However, the child is also quite good. Despite extensively bending backwards, he has a deeply joyful expression.

Then, at the moment when the depression reaches the lower limit, Cornier’s whole body muscle protrudes and blood vessels raises like straw rope.

「Take this! Feel my vengeance! Skewer Whirlwind! 」

Cornier exclaims.

「He shouted his technique name! I’m so envious; I want to try it too.)

In my heart, my true intentions surfaced.

Putting that aside, the prey’s body swirls greatly.

It’s an outrageous technique.

It looks like a windmill of an aero generator.

Like a carnivorous beast, a roar was let out from the strong-willed child.


I’m impressed.

Although it’s a simple strength dependence skill, to enhance it to this point, you have no choice but to evaluate it.

Compared to before, the overall quality is much higher.

This is the original technique that granted him his nickname.

Even though it was sealed in public, he still continued training it.

As evidence, the strong-willed child’s body axis is not shaken at all, while turning.

Cornier’s trunk and sense of balance are evidence that he has trained well.

Although simple, it is not a technique that can be imitated overnight.

And on top of this huge effort is「Skewer Whirlwind」.

And with such deep emotions being added, the strong-willed child right in front was reaching his limit.

While rotating, the champagne fight starts and is spread in all directions.

I received my celebration gift.

「Reverse rotation!」

But, it was not over yet. Again, Cornier exclaims.

Catching the strong-willed child with both his thick muscular arms, he gives a powerful momentum force in the opposite direction.

The corkscrew continues to twist into the cork.

The convulsions of the strong-willed child cannot be stopped.

The champagne fight doesn’t stop either.

Of course, the rain that is falling on me does not stop as well.

(Is the cork alright?)

I felt worried as I wipe my face with my hand.

A few moments later, Cornier raised his fist, and the rotation stopped.

「Splendid, Cornier-san.」

As I’m wiping off the celebration gift with a towel while saying those words, Cornier looks at me awkwardly.

While wiping the celebration gift on his face, he replies.

「No, please don’t say that after showing me such a magnificent detoxification.」

By the way, Cornier himself has also experience detoxification.

As soon as the Adult Gourmet Club was made, I took him to the store where the young lady in question stood.

Impressed, Cornier work hard to learn it, but he doesn’t seem to reach a satisfying result yet.

「How was it? Your evaluation as a sommelier.」

Cornier asked.


And I realized.

Because I chose to use detoxification in the beginning, I have not tasted it myself yet.

Cornier seems to have also noticed. He became stunned and let out a huge sigh.

「What are you doing, Tauro-san?」

「I’m ashamed.」

「Tauro-san, you have great sharpness for each technique, but you still have a long way to go for your overall framework.」

I was told a similar thing at the pilot school.

In such a way, while killing time with small talk, we wait for the traps to recover.

Unfortunately, I’ll have to put on hold the tasting of the quiet child. It can’t be helped since it was my own fault.

「Alright, It’s about time, let’s change.」

Cornier says when he sees that the consciousness of the quiet child has returned.

To ascertain the taste of the other dish, we headed towards the two.



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