Chapter 63




             Translator: “Hakou”                             Editor: “Weasalopes”                

That evening, after I safely completed the man-eating bees extermination task, I was looking at the Old Lady in the hangar near the Royal Capital eastern gate.
Herbivorous mechanics are working hard on the maintenance.
It looks like they removed some parts of the Knight’s armor, exposing it for some kind of examination.
Thinking about that in my mind, I raised a question.

「So the armor parts of the Knight can be removed, huh?」

The golem used at the pilot’s school had the appearance of a knight, but the armor itself cannot be removed.
In other words, it was like a stone statue carved in the shape of a knight.
The herbivorous mechanic looked a little apologetic.

「Ah, that’s because Old Lady is an old model」

「An old model, is it?」

Well, I know that it’s old, but I still don’t understand why it is related to the armor being removable.
Looking at my face, the herbivore mechanic explained.

「The early model Knights like the Old Lady, have separate bodies and armor」

When a Knight is damaged, it will be put in the magic circle that repairs the golem after pouring magic into it. It seems by doing that, the Knight will gradually recover.

「While the current model Knights have an integrated body and armor. In other words, you can regenerate it along with the armor with the recuperation magic circle, though you will need some extra magic power to do it」

Old Lady, on the other hand, its armor has to be fixed separately.
It seems that originally, golems are something that’s suitable for regeneration and recuperation magic can amplify it.
But that doesn’t seem to be the case with the armors.

「In short, recuperation magic is enough to repair the damage on a Knight」

I understood and nodded.
In Old Lady’s case, in addition to recuperation magic, spare parts of the armor and blacksmithing skills are required. Considering the supply needed for it, it’s clearly disadvantageous.

「But it got its good point too right?」

IF, my senses that are synchronized are only limited to the main body, then that would be great.
But the herbivore mechanic said “None” and shook his head.

「Almost every body parts of the integrated model Knights has about the same strength as their armor」

“Besides, you see…”, he said as he pointed at a certain part of the Old Lady.
It was the place where I screamed in pain because I was stabbed by a man-eating bee, the right armpit.

「The Old Lady’s main body is not as strong as the armor. Even a man-eating bee’s needle can deal such damage」

Now that I look closely, there’s certainly a pretty deep scratch on it.

「The Knights have evolved over time. When the Old Lady was built, there was no technology to integrate it together with the armor as one」

The herbivorous mechanic concluded.
But even so, my expectation was rising even higher.
And then the herbivore mechanic who had resumed the inspections, called out.

「Tauro-san, can you move it for a little bit, please?」

I got into the cockpit and, as she told me to, moved the Knight to make it easier to remove the armor.
There, I decided to do a little experiment.

「Um, can you please hit it a little on the right foot shin?」

“What? Why?” He replied.
Then I replied back, saying that there’s something I want to try.
It seems he agreed to lend me a hand.

「Okay, here I go~」

The herbivorous mechanic said and hit the Knight’s right shin with a large wooden hammer held by both of his hands.
It made a heavy noise but it didn’t hurt.

「Now please do the same thing on the left shin」
Unlike the right parts, the left parts of the armor have been removed for maintenance.
He hit it with the same power as the previous ones.

(As I thought!!)

I smiled.
There was a slight pain like when the hair on your feet is pulled.

(It seems that my senses are only synchronized with the main body of the Knight)

I wanted to confirm it again so I asked the herbivorous mechanic to do the same thing several times for the experiment.
And the results were all the same.
Only the main body of the Knight is synchronized with my senses. While the detachable armor worn by the Knight isn’t.

(You’re a truly good woman, Old Lady!!)

I was really delighted and happy about this fact.


This was the moment where my biggest weakness can be solved.

「What’s wrong, Tauro-san!?」

The herbivorous mechanic was surprised and approached the cockpit.
I’m so happy that I feel like my blood in my body is boiling. I jumped down the cockpit, took the hand of the herbivorous mechanic, and spun around with him.
After some time, I took some deep breaths to calm myself down.
The herbivorous mechanic who doesn’t know what just happened is making a confused face.

「Alright–! I’ll treat you to some woman!」

I got too excited that my mouth became weird.
While the herbivorous mechanic left his mouth agape.
According to the story I heard, sometimes a company party was held at a lower class brothel.
And it seemed that he didn’t hate it. Or at least that’s what my instinct said.


「It’s fine~~ Just leave it to this old man」

I forcibly take his hand and bring him outside.
He said something about there’s still some work to do or something like that but I ignored it.
I’ll let you feel my joy even if I had to do it forcibly.
Once we locked the hangar, we boarded a horse-shaped golem taxi that parked out in front of the eastern gate.

(For a quiet girl like her, that place probably good)

I pulled the herbivorous mechanic into the end of a century brothel.



I was showing the herbivorous mechanic a sample.

「There, like that. Now try it」


Hearing that voice, I strongly shook my head.

「No, not like that. Here, I’ll do it again. You should put more energy into your voice, yes, deeper. Alright, one-two, Hyaha–!」


In front of us, two women are sticking their butt towards us.
They had been practicing to break the shell of the herbivorous mechanic from a while ago.
By the way, I was calming myself down by sucking the air of the brothel.

「Right, right, like that. It’s starting to sound good. Just a little more」


Yep, she is gradually mastering it.
I was satisfied so I called out to them.

「Now then, let’s fully enjoy our time to ourselves! Let’s meet again at the entrance of the store later」

The herbivorous mechanic salutes me for god knows what reason with a flushed face.
Well, I don’t know what he means, but it’s kinda cool.

(I wonder if Goblin jii-chan doing well)

I walked around the brothel, thinking about a certain person that’s full with the radiance of life.
Inside, there is a movie-set like place and the viewers can see that it resembles the city of the royal capital.
And in each part of the set, the chaotic sight of customers attacking some women… is non-existent.

(What this store need is a woman that good at acting)

I shook my head while sighing.
Indeed, the customers attacking the women, and the women are shouting can be sighted but, it looks too forced and unnatural.
It can’t be called an actual chaos.

(The women’s acting is too poor, it can’t move my heart)

I walked around wondering if there’s any suggestion box saying “customer-sama voice”.
Then, from the front, a row of people are sprinting this way.
One woman is running in the front while a few customers are chasing after her.

(Is it that? Train, was it?)

I remember I saw something similar in MMORPG.
It was when a player was running away from an enemy, but as they did, more enemies gathered behind them and thus formed a train-like line.

The expression of that woman is desperate. She was running for her life.

(Now that’s what I call a good acting)

I think the other women should follow her as an example.
Then I realized, from that habit hair of hers.

(Wait, isn’t that Savory?)

The last time I came here, I found a young girl who was skipping in the back.
Since her Heavens Circuit wasn’t well made, I tuned it up for her.
And now, instead of skipping work, she attracted so many customers.

(Umu, she became so famous now. I’m also happy as her developer)

Somehow, I get the feeling of a father right now.
Not long after, Savory was caught by a customer and fell.
The one who caught her immediately cling to her, but the other customers are quietly lining up behind them, waiting for their turns. They didn’t make a scene like some rioters.

(First come first served. They properly keeping this brothel’s rules)

I’m impressed by their good manners.

Every time a customer climaxed, Savory’s sweet screams echoed.
I added a feature that lets her have a powerful climax every time semen poured into her.
That sweet scream earlier is proof that it’s working as designed.


Savory is selling like hotcakes now.
I feel satisfied with the work I made.

(To do good deeds for humanity, such is a treasure that will make you ascend to heaven)

I felt a calm wind swept through my heart.
And with that feeling, I quietly left that place.


After that, I was hunting for the cleaners.
The cleaners are the young women holding a mop and bucket with them to clean the building.
Their performances are better than those women who wear casual clothes.
“Eh!? No way… Me?”, their surprised reaction never failed to tickle my heart.
When I silently approached them from behind and suddenly thrust into them, I felt like I was filled with lust for a long time.
The other women should follow their example for a bit.

(Now then, it should be anytime soon)

I looked at the clock in the set area.

(In the end, goblin jii-chan isn’t here huh…)

I’m a little disappointed, but I’m also relieved at the same time.
I know who Goblin jii-chan real identity is.
If I were to meet him here right now, I wouldn’t know what to say.
As I was thinking about that, time passed quickly.

(Whoops, I think I got a little late. I probably should hurriedly head to the entrance now)

And so I jogged towards the entrance.

(Oh? She’s really doing it huh)

There, I saw the figure of the herbivorous mechanic who was working so hard.
I saw him pounding from the back.
She grabbed the woman’s hand around the elbow, curved his back as he kept attacking her.
I took a look at the clock in the distance and judged that there’s still some time left.

(Guess I’ll wait here then)

I sat down on a nearby chair and smiled at the young man who works hard.
Shortly after, the young man raised his sword and shook his slender body.

「Well then, it’s about time so we should get o–…….ut?」

I was surprised at this unexpected turn of event.
The herbivorous mechanic began to shake his waist again while still holding the woman’s elbow.

「H-Hey, there’s no more time you know…..」

I said as I approached him.
The time is up and consecutive play is against the rules.
Well, even though currently nobody else is lining up for her.
But at the next moment, I got a chill down my spine as I look at the state of the herbivorous mechanic.
His eyes and expression were like a beast that had completely lost its reasons.

(What’s happening?)

I’m puzzled.
The herbivorous mechanic suddenly turned his back on me.
He looks like a beast that’s not gonna let anyone else take his prey.

「U-Um… are you alright?」

I went around him and asked.
On the other hand, the woman replied with a smile, saying that she was alright and it’s going to be okay.
I’m sorry, I didn’t ask you.
I reached out to the herbivorous mechanic.

The herbivorous mechanic pulled my hand.
It’s quite hurt, seriously.

(This is…. Did he lose his mind and drown in lust?)

I’m stunned.
But I felt something after seeing that state of his.

(Women have great power to heal others. But sometimes people will get too fascinated to them because of their greatness)

I looked at the herbivorous mechanic that looks like trying to ride a bicycle.

(The stimulation is too great for him. We should’ve proceeded slowly step by step)

I regretted it, and I really felt the meaning of “regret always comes too late”.
But even so, I can’t always be regretting it like this.

(I should just do what I can for now)

I made up my mind and opened the entrance door.

「Excuse me, can I get an extension? Yes, for two」

I headed to the reception desk and paid the extension money.
Nothing will ever change if I didn’t let him release some more.
And I can’t just leave it as it is.
I ordered a drink and had to watch nearby until the herbivorous mechanic became empty.


Some time later, on the street in front of the end of the century brothel.
I pushed the totally satisfied herbivorous mechanic into a horse-shaped golem taxi.
I told the driver the destination.
If I’m not wrong, the herbivorous mechanic is still living with his family.
I think his family will do the rest and do something about him once he arrives at home.
I then walked home after seeing the taxi gone in the distance.





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