Chapter 83




             Translator: “Ashita”                             Editor: “Weasalopes”                

There are many people going back and forth about the Holy City passage.
As time shifted from morning to the afternoon, the town went into normal operations under the refreshing sunlight.
Amidst this, there are repeated ringing of bells coming from the group of spires from the temple.
It is the temple for the God of Business.
Right now, there is a closed conference happening within it.

(……So sleepy)

That is the exact word to describe me right now.
I was too gung-ho yesterday with that being my final night as my reason.

(Ponygirl Derby was really effective)

I thought back to yesterday night.

Ponygirl Derby is a race of straddling of a female like that of a horse then competing strongly to urge on the goal.
The intensity of this race lies in the appearance of the females.
Though she was wearing a bit, my eyes could only see the nose hook. Although there were women in blinkers, though I am not sure whether I could call that which was blocking my vision a blinker. It was an extreme doubt.
And of course, she has a tail at the back.

「……Should I hit here?」

I asked the horse owner timidly, having no experience in this field.
He who could still be called a teen, let out a bright smile while he looked at the whip in my hand.

「Yes, please do it with everything you have. My dear would also be happier this way」

I faltered when I heard the words 「my dear」. I unconsciously lowered my voice and asked once again.

「Are you really alright with a complete stranger like me whipping your beloved?」

「It is exactly because you are a complete stranger that it is alright. ……Well, truthfully, it would have been even better if you were slightly older」

The horse owner teenager’s smiling face had not changed.
I tilted my head, not understanding the 「older」 part of it.

「Please think about it. It is having your beloved being violently treated by a middle-aged man who is a complete stranger」

Doesn’t that turn you on? The horse owner teenager’s voice was filled with zeal as he declared as such and his eyes were shining with passion.
As I drew back, the horse owner teenager took a step forward, he added as he pointed to his beloved.

「Look there, my beloved has also heard this and is overjoyed」

Rather than blinker, this woman is already in a blind state. Her body had clearly gotten more flushed than earlier.
As if to ascertain her horse owner’s words, her two tails swayed up and down.

「……She does certainly seem to be overjoyed」

I nodded as I looked at the floor.
A drop trickled down from its source, staining the carpet drop by drop.

(What a diverse culture)

Such words surfaced in my mind, having encountered such an event that made my senses pass its upper limit.
This world with its perfect plan of protecting and expanding its art culture.
Not only adults but children too regardless of gender can feel the diversity of the art with their whole body. That was what I just experienced earlier in the Outer Area.

(This broad-minded culture is sure to develop a great variety of values.)

Even if one cannot understand it, one should not reject it.
In this world which is 「free-and-easy」 to me, is made up of mutual respect and tolerance for each other. I have experienced this first-hand.

(Interacting with a different culture at one’s destination and deepening one’s mutual understanding is very important)

Hm, I nodded as the whip resounded as it flew through the air.
For a moment, the horse which heard this sound seemed to shiver its body in fear.

(And it is hard for me to say that I understand this culture)

I thought as I ascertained with my eyes that the amount of dripping drops have increased.
Normally, the rider for the race will be a regular with a track record. A first-timer like me will only be able to race on the practice course.
However, there are people among the spectators who knew of my match before God, granting me an entry for the race.

(I cannot approach this lightly)

I change my line of thought.
In order to show respect to another culture, I need to deepen my understanding and meet it head-on with everything I have got. Having decided as such, I straddled the horse owner’s beloved and took position.
Then, the race began.
Ponygirl Derby is not one that requires actual racing. The only ones doing the racing are the insides of the body and the heart itself.
Even the goal per se is finishing the heart and having the heart support the body.
But this race is not all about being fast. Coming in first does not mean victory, if a placing were to be given, it will be second place, third place, and first place
Everyone aside from me probably intends to take this as a sideshow.
However, I will betray their expectations and claim victory.

「Most riders are too kind and lack behind though」

The horse owner marveled happily. But for me who wields the Magic Eye, finishing second is not as hard as the horse owner makes it seem.
There is certainly hesitation.
A world where pain and embarrassment feel good is one I do not understand. However, I raced all out by literally hardening my heart and relying on Ponygirl’s color temperature.
As I do that, the other riders also became serious.
As expected of the regulars.
The reason I could not win even when I wield the Magic Eye. That is because I was mentally weak.

(I can’t call her 「b*tch」 in front of the horse owner)

Other horse riders are abusing the horses they are riding to the point where forth are flying out from their mouths.
The horses went into their last spurt, accelerating explosively in response to the word-whips. On the other hand, I have been overtaken time and again.
Although I know that it is effective, I could not bring myself to take that much of a step.
By the way, if I have a chance to place within the top three, people who will bet for me will appear.
As the bet begins, so do the jeering.
Egged on by the mean-spirited jeering, I became the last rider for the race.

(To rise up to the challenge when I was egged on, I must still inexperienced)

I shook my head to keep myself focused.

(But to think that they also award a prize)

For me, a rookie who has left a good track record, it is a great honor to get the daily rookie award.
And the prize for the daily rookie award is also a peculiar one.
That is the right to train and tame the woman who is like an unruly horse.
The real pleasure of Ponygirl Play apparently lies in this.

(This is not bad indeed)

Partly due to the deepening of my understanding of the other culture, I have been able to feel the joy that is brought about by the desire to tame.
However, at the same time, I am completely exhausted with my will and strength are almost at their limit.
Because of this, I was dying on the bed earlier.
It seems that tapping on me or calling out to me were futile.
It seems that as a last resort, a fierce-looking man dragged me out of the futon. I feel apologetic.

(……I still have not slept enough)

That is the condition I am in right now.
I stifled a yawn. Even the condensed coffee I drank first thing in the morning did not help.

「Hey, the ceremony is starting」

The Guild Chief nudged me.
Before I knew it, the award ceremony was over, only Lightning stood on the platform.
The venue also had a huge makeover – the round stages that Cool-san and his group fought on was long gone.
What laid in its place was a huge rectangular stage fixed right in front.
And surrounding it were seats layered like stairs forming half of a Yen coin. Its design was close to that of a concert hall

(His physical condition seems excellent)

I used my healing magic to completely heal all the injuries.
His complexion was good and it felt like he was full of life. Unlike me who was lacking sleep.

(Looks like I can have high expectations for this)

As I thought this, there were murmurs coming from my surroundings and the fierce-looking man raised his voice after a cough.
It seems like a pure maiden had gone up the stage.
Dark-colored, wavy and short-cut.
Simplicity like that of a rural girl, she had an attractiveness much like a girl drawn by Bouguerau*.

(I do not know who she is but she sure understands)

A beautiful girl with blonde hair and white skin is good but she too is good.
I show great admiration for the depth of the taste of the person who chose her.
And finally, in front of the altar, it was time to begin the ceremony to relieve the girl of her purity.

Lightning was a gentleman.
He did not jump at the girl from a distance and repeated thrust at the girl’s vital point.
He made full use of his hand, mouth and even his mustache to slowly complete preparations for the girl.
And after it became relatively wet, he started gently sunk his body in.

I was impressed.
After Lightning inserted his lightning sword, the vibration changed.
The Fleuret which was shaking little by little left and right gently pushed open the unexplored walls.

(There is no way that there will be pain when it is done like this.)

As if to support my statement, the voice of the girl who was turned-on tickled my ear.


However, Lightning drew back his hip soon after he went in.
And the origin which was layered with ribbons began tying themselves back at the infiltration point.

(What is he trying to do?)

Lightning then shook his Fleuret and went in and out of the girl.
However, he does not progress deeper than the ribbons

(I see)

No matter how accepting her insides were of the gently vibrating Fleuret, the girl’s core is still tough.
He meant to take it slowly and not overdo it.
The shallow trips up till the ribbon slowly eased the girl.
And so, some time passed.
Now even I in the spectator seat know that the heat had traveled to her core and softened it. There was also a lot of meat juice.
Lightning nodded and returned back to the ribbons.

(It’s about time)

I was nervous for some reason.
The same went for those around me, the sound of swallowing reached my ears.
Lightning did not make the girl change her posture, he moved the same as before, only that he now pierced the Fleuret through the root in one go.


The girl’s voice tore through the air.
However, there was not a hint of pain or agony.
Her voice was shaking due to the joy of the sudden experience she had never experienced before.
And the proof that she had given up her purity was mixed within the overflowing meat juice forming a single line.
At that moment, the place got excited all at once.



Voices of blessing were coming out from every mouth.
I do not know what is going on but the surrounding tension is amazing. This might be the power of culture.
I too stood up and shouted my blessings.

「Lightning! Lightning!」

The hero’s name was chanted repeatedly.
As he was likely not used to this, Lightning was embarrassed.
But tears built up in those eyes of his.


It might be due to the influence of the atmosphere but for some reason, I too cried.

「Lightning! Lightning!」

The chorus of name-calling continued until Lightning came out from within the girl. The girl was able to give up her purity to God.
*[1. TL note: A French academic painter. To find out more, click here]





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