374 – Alein Tertius Colony Revisited




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The Alein system’s habitable zone consisted of two inhabited planets, three research stations, and one trading station.

It seemed that one of the habitable planets had a warm and temperate climate all year round, and agriculture was thriving there. Efficient agriculture using advanced technology was conducted there, and it seemed that many high-end ingredients were produced regularly.

The other planet had a harsh environment with frequent storms, but it seemed that the environment also served as something that was necessary for some kinds of scientific experiments, and all sorts of research projects were conducted there. Well, structures made with imperial tech would be able to adequately withstand harsh environments, and their shield technology was pretty advanced as well, so staying there wasn’t really much of a problem.

Eh? What about the colonies? Well, it seemed like the only ones who gathered in the research colony were tried and true research fanatics, so it didn’t have even one half-decent entertainment facility. All that was according to Elma by the way.

“Well now. It kinda feels nostalgic.”

Dr. Shouko, who finally set foot within the Alein Tertius trading colony once more, looked around the port area while displaying a cheery expression. The first level of the colony where the dock section containing the hangar bay was located was perpetually wrapped in night-like darkness. I had no idea why that was the case.

That’s why I asked Dr. Shouko who was a former resident about it.

“Ah, this level is always pitch black like it’s nighttime because some races don’t enjoy bright places. There are so-called night owls among humans, right? This place is like this in order to make those sorts of people and races live more comfortably. Those who like to run their mouths and gossip around call them moles or anti-social people, but many of those who prefer this kind of environment are actually pretty nice and thoughtful individuals. A lot of them also have gentle temperaments.”

“I see. So they are trying their best to meet everyone’s needs huh?”

“You don’t see something like this a lot anywhere else, right?”

“Maybe it’s a policy unique to the Alein system where research is the main industry.”

We walked around in a group while discussing such topics. Today was a rare day when everyone was able to go out and relax, including Mei. The Alein Tertius colony was a colony with a high public security level, and since we already visited it once, we knew what to expect. Well, there was that ridiculous incident where monsters rampaged inside this colony back then, but such incidents don’t happen that often anyway.

“As expected of a high-tech system.”

“The ceiling is a bit too high though, so it feels kinda uncomfortable.”

Wiska looked up at the ceiling of Alein Tertius with some uneasiness, while Tina seemed to be in high spirits. I don’t often hear people say they feel uncomfortable with high ceilings though…… Well, there are those who are claustrophobic, I suppose. Agoraphobia was also a thing, right? But Wiska’s case was a bit different from those. Maybe dwarves instinctually dislike spaces with high ceilings.

“We need to renovate the interior of Black Lotus, procure and install full-scale research and medical equipment, prepare for the party, and have various equipment including myself undergo official maintenance procedures. There are a lot of tasks ahead of us, Master.”

Mei seemed quite excited by the prospect of working on a mountain of tasks. By the way, when she mentioned various equipment with her included, she was actually referring to the combat bots made by Eagle Dynamics. They were modified by Tina and Wiska so they can also be employed as maintenance bots, so I was a bit worried if they’d still be able to receive official support from the manufacturing company.

Also, since it would be difficult to stay inside the ship while it’s being refurbished, we decided to book a hotel room during our stay here instead. Actually, the Krishna and Antlion would be able to accommodate us all as long as we split up, but in any case, we decided to stay at a good hotel instead so we can have some proper R&R.

The high-tech Alein Tertius colony was indeed a very prosperous colony. In other words, it had developed quite a bit. That also meant that it was a colony where you can live in luxury as long as you had enough money to splurge.

We couldn’t really spread our wings much in the Edge World after all. The Dauntless only sported a minimum number of entertainment facilities on board, and the break space of the Lotus was a lot more relaxing, so we ended up cooped up inside our ship most of the time while we were staying there.

“This is a nice place to go shopping.”

“There are so many stores.”

“As expected, it can’t exactly compare to the imperial capital, but the Windas system was a bit more catered toward military types. There seems to be a lot of interesting stuff here.”

“Hiro-sama, let’s visit that shop with everyone.”

“That shop……? Oh, you mean that shop huh? That’s a good idea, Mimi. Thanks for reminding me.”

What Mimi was referring to was probably that shop with a large selection of goth-style clothes. Mimi only wore the dresses I bought for her there every once in a while, but if everyone else would dress like that, then…… Mm. Nice. Nice indeed. I’m sure Elma’s gonna complain a lot, but I really wanna see her wear that type of dress. Tina and Wiska were small and cute, so those dresses would probably suit them. They would definitely look good on Kugi as well. As for Mei and Dr. Shouko…… Will those suit them? No, I’m sure they will. The possibilities were endless.

“I suddenly have a bad premonition.”

“Isn’t it just your imagination? Anyway, let’s go and get ourselves checked in first.”

For the time being, we’ll reserve a room for two weeks. Since our stuff had already been sent over via the colony’s cargo circulation system, all that was left was for everyone to check in and have the electronic key registered at the guest’s terminal. We told the staff that we might extend our stay depending on our situation, and they agreed without a fuss. It looks like my name’s value has gone up by quite a bit.

“Before I knew it, I’d become quite a big shot.”

“You really don’t pay much attention to your reputation huh……? Well, it doesn’t look like you have a particularly bad reputation at least. As a Platinum ranker, you’re considered as generally mild-mannered and also rarely causes trouble for ordinary people.”

I couldn’t help but turn toward Elma, who was sporting an exasperated expression, in surprise.

“A good person huh? They said I rarely cause trouble, but didn’t I make those guys from Space Dwerg grovel a lot back then?”

“You didn’t unreasonably assault them physically or threatened them with violence, right? You also don’t go on drunken fits, don’t pick fights with civilians without good reason, and don’t force girls to board your ship to harass them either.”

“Of course, I won’t. The heck……? I ain’t some mohawk-sporting thug from the end of the century.”

“That’s basically why you’re regarded as a good guy.”

Just how bad do other mercenaries behave anyway? I’m only acting based on common sensibilities but I’m already being lauded as a good guy. Are there a lot of guys who immediately pick fights if you merely looked at them funny? How scary.

But the mercenaries I’ve encountered so far don’t seem to be like that for the most part though.

“If you act too unscrupulously, the guild will issue harsh punishments. Also, pirate hunting has been our main income source so far, and the jobs we take on are issued by either the military or imperial nobles, right? The ones who accept those kinds of request usually are the more decent types.”


I actually didn’t know much about this dimension’s mercenaries and their norms. It’s at times like this that I really appreciate Elma’s wealth of knowledge and experience.

“By the way, even Mimi knows at least this much.”

“Se…… Seriously……?”

I couldn’t help but get taken aback by Elma’s shocking reveal.

“Compared to the earnest and studious Mimi, you really are……”

“I mean, each person has affinities for different kinds of stuff, right……?”

Stop looking at me like I’m some sort of hopeless person. It hurts, you know?

“My Lord, how will we proceed after securing a room?”

I thought about Kugi’s question for a moment before answering.

“Let’s see. I think it would be good to divide ourselves into three groups and have I, Elma and Mei act as individual escorts. Did you already make an appointment with Inagawa Technology, Dr. Shouko?”

“Yep. I already prepared the documents related to my resignation with Mei-kun’s help, and I’ve already informed the company about the situation and made an appointment.”

“Then I’ll go to Inagawa Technology with Dr. Shouko. She’ll be boarding my ship, so I have to accompany her as her captain.”

“I will be accompanying you as well, My Lord.”

“Okay then. I’ll go and get stuff for the party. You wanna tag along, Mimi?”

“Of course!”

“I’m comin’ along too!”

“Then I shall stay in the hotel room and arrange the renovation work on the ship, Master. But perhaps I would need to directly negotiate with the dealer as well.”

“I’ll stay with Mei-san and help her with the renovation arrangements.”

And so, Dr. Shouko, Kugi, and I would be going to Inagawa Technology. Elma, Mimi, and Tina will procure stuff for the party. And Mei and Wiska will make arrangements for the renovation of the Lotus.

“Make sure to keep in touch and get in contact right away if something unexpected happens.”

“””Aye, aye, sir.”””

I suppose I should help out with the ship renovation arrangements after we finish our business with Inagawa Technology. I’ll have to check the budget and give my approval. Well, in any case, let’s check-in at the hotel first.




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