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“Wahaa, so expensive rooms actually look like this huh……?”

“This is supposedly what most rooms in noble estates look like.”

After we unpacked, Dr. Shouko walked around the hotel room with great interest, and Wiska followed along. Wiska was also an excellent mechanic like Tina, but she was more of an engineer, researcher, or inventor type; the type that placed more emphasis on research and development of new technology rather than tinkering with existing ones. And so, she seemed to get along really well with Dr. Shouko who was a genuine researcher and scientist. Recently, I often see her following Dr. Shouko around like a dutiful student.

“How do you feel as her sister?”

“Honestly, it’s a little lonely. But I also think this is a good thing.”

As she sat on top of my lap while I sat on the sofa, Tina, who was watching the two walking about the room along with me, said so while sporting a soft smile on her face.

Because Tina had a bold and fearless personality, she quickly became friends with the other crew members, but Wiska was more reserved and shyer. Of course, it’s already been quite a while since they first boarded my ship, so she’s already managed to get along with the others as well, but in the end, she still spent most of her time accompanying her big sister, Tina. When not with her sister, Wiska would usually retreat to her room or the hangar to study or work. But now, she often went to Dr. Shouko’s room and did things together with her.

“Yeah, I think it’s a good thing as well.”

“Now that Whee’s graduatin’ from her big sis, you should fill up the loneliness in my heart instead, Boss.”

“Fine, I got it. Here you go.”

I stroked Tina’s head as she laid it on top of my lap, and she displayed a contented smile.

“It’s similar to the other hotel we stayed in.”

“It’s the so-called imperial style. Those from other countries might not find it that interesting though.”

Kugi and Elma, who were sitting opposite me and Tina, commented as they checked out the luxurious and spacious hotel room. Kugi was referring to the interior layout of the room. We also booked a large room in a hotel at the Windas system where we first met Kugi. It was a suite room, or rather, a penthouse with several rooms inside it. There were some small differences between that one and the one we’re currently staying in, but their floor plans were generally similar.

“I guess you could say it’s mainly to display the same atmosphere and temperament as imperial nobles. After all, saying that it’s to respect formality and tradition sounds rather positive.”

“I see. I do not dislike the aspect of uniformity though.”

“Yeah. You can even say that it’s practical. That’s especially true in colonies. After all, there’s a limit to how much space can be used inside a colony, and that also applies to nobles.”

If the residence was built on a planet, you were free to use whatever space that was available to you. As long as you had enough money to spend, anything’s possible. However, in a colony that had limited space, the nobles technically weren’t allowed to use up that space in a lavish manner. Of course, it would be a different story as long as there was enough money involved, but nobles who spent a few days or weeks at minimum and a month at the longest at a hotel while on a trip were quite rare. Even so, hotels that were catered to nobles or those who could afford to live like nobles popped up to satisfy such demands.

“Pickup’s complete!”

Mimi, who was sitting alone in front of the table while playing with her tablet terminal, suddenly exclaimed and left her seat.

“Alright then. Shall we head out too?”

We could have left the hotel separately, but there was still plenty of time until Dr. Shouko’s appointment with Inagawa technology, and there was no need to rush the renovation of the Black Lotus either. That’s why we decided to go our separate ways after Mimi’s group was done looking for a store to procure food and beverages for the party.

“We’ll make sure to get good alcohol and foodstuffs!”

“That’s great, but please, no more of those strange…… No, it’s nothing.”

A lot of the weird stuff Mimi buys do turn out tasting quite delicious in the end despite their unappetizing appearances. The other crew members, including myself, have already gotten quite used to it, so it should work out somehow. It might present a challenge to Kugi who only joined the crew for a short time and Dr. Shouko who was just about to join as an official member.

Kugi’s reaction when she first encountered those weird-looking food products was honestly a bit amusing. Her fox ears laid flat on her head and her tails bristled exaggeratedly. Even her mouth tensed up, and her fangs popped out as a result. When I reminded her of that event, Kugi pressed her ears down and blushed in embarrassment.

The main company headquarters of Inagawa Technology was a different building and not the hospital that I, Mimi, and Elma previously visited and where we first met Dr. Shouko. Well, it was located pretty close to that hospital though.

“What kind of things does Inagawa Technology mainly deal with?”

We boarded an intra-colony transit system vehicle in order to head to Inagawa Technology’s main headquarters, and I asked Dr. Shouko about a topic I was curious about while on the way.

“Hm? Let’s see. Basically, they deal with cutting-edge medical equipment and biotechnology in general. It also deals with nanomachine technology. It’s a so-called bionics company.”

“A bionics company?”

Kugi tilted her head to the side, displaying her unfamiliarity with the topic. I didn’t know much about it either, but I guess I do have a bit of an idea. I was reminded of the nobles undergoing physical enhancement treatments.

“It’s a company that deals with biological science as its main research subject and product. Stuff like bio-enhancements using genetic manipulation and drugs. On the other hand, companies that mainly deal with cybernetic implants and enhancements are called cybernetics companies. Bionics companies like Inagawa deal with pharmaceuticals and chemicals as side products, and cybernetics companies deal with electronic devices and robots instead. Of course, there are also products like nanomachines and medical devices that are troublesome to categorize as well.”

“I see. I understand now. If that is the case, then is psionic technology listed under the bionics field?”

“That’s a tough question. But I believe it’s more bionics-oriented.”

Kugi was surprisingly such a scholarly person. Or rather, she possessed a strong sense of curiosity and desire for new knowledge…… From what I’ve heard about her upbringing, she seemed to have been raised in a pretty sheltered environment. It’s no wonder she seems hungry for knowledge about the outside world.

I looked at Kugi’s side profile as she engaged in a discussion with Dr. Shouko, and she blushed in embarrassment when she noticed my gaze.

“I’m sorry, My Lord. I ended up getting ahead of myself.”

“No, there’s no need for you to apologize. Mm. Actually, I think it’s great that you’re so curious and willing to learn. Don’t worry about it and just go ahead.”


Kugi replied as her face turned even redder. Uumu, she’s just too reserved. Anyway, I’ll just keep watching over her for now.

“Fufu. Well, since Captain already approves, then there’s nothing to worry about. I’m okay with it as well, so feel free to visit me anytime if you feel like having discussions like this. Even though I’m the ship’s doctor, everyone seems to be in good health, so I’m actually quite free lately. Let’s learn about various stuff together, okay?”


The fox-like animal ears on top of Kugi’s head stood straight as she responded. Immediately afterward, she looked at me for permission and smiled happily when I nodded in approval. That’s right. I wanted her to learn for herself and not simply for my sake. It might also turn out useful for me and for the others around her as well.

As I was thinking about such things, the vehicle seemed to have arrived at our destination already since I felt it gradually decelerating. Before I knew it, my body had become quite sensitive to acceleration and deceleration.

“It looks like we’re here.”

“Hm? Oh, it looks like we are. Don’t forget our promise, Kugi-kun.”


Now, Kugi seemed to have gotten attached to Dr. Shouko just like Wiska. Was Dr. Shouko one of those super charming people? A social butterfly, so to speak. Well, it’s a good thing for the ship’s doctor to get along with the rest of the crew members anyway. And it’s not like I’ll entrust our bodies to a person who I wasn’t confident in.

Anyway, let’s do our best so that Dr. Shouko can officially join the crew without any problems.



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