094 – Maidroid May



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“……You didn’t really change much, huh?”

I checked May out after she returned and gave my impression. Well, the ones that got changed were mostly internal stuff like the synthetic skeleton, muscle fibers, power source, and electronic brain, so I guess it made sense that her appearance mostly remained the same.

“Yes. There was no change to my external appearance. Would it have been better if it was changed as well?”

“No, it’s better this way.”

I shook my head at May’s question. Well, even though she seemed to have not changed much, I’m sure her overall specs and performance far outstrip even combat-specialized robots. In other words, she’s completed her transformation into a super maidroid. I bet she can even go toe to toe with me even if I wore my custom power armor. Although she’d have to be equipped with the appropriate weapons in order to do so.

“Also, since I’ve been upgraded, a lot more functions have been unlocked.”

“More functions?”

“Yes. I’ve gained a sense of taste, and have been installed with a cooking program, so I can even rival the performance of an auto-cooker. A detailed sense of touch has also been implemented, so I can perform even more comfortable massages.”

“Massage, huh. That sounds good. Maybe I’ll have you give me a session every time I finish working out.”

“Of course.”

May nodded in agreement after hearing my suggestion.

And, uh, this might go without saying, but I’m pretty sure May has been given the required abilities to perform ‘those’ kinds of stuff. Y’know… Those. It can’t be helped since it was one of the biggest contributing factors to the continued development of the AI community, and it deeply ties in with their sense of identity.

Ugh. This is no good. Since Chris began staying with us, lots of things ended being pent up for a while now. I have to get my mind out of the gutter. This is not the time to be thinking about that sort of stuff. The fact that this place stimulates those sorts of desires doesn’t help too.

“Please take good care of her!”

“Uh, yeah, that goes without saying.”

Ugh. I still can’t help but think in ‘that’ direction after hearing that. I’m sure what the receptionist gynoid meant was just to properly maintain and care for my personal maidroid from now on, but I ended up taking it as her saying I can now freely have my way with said maidroid. I just can’t help but feel guilty; especially since I’ll be bringing her back home and have her stay with the women who I’ve had physical relations with. Do you guys get it? My chest feels kinda heavy because of the sense of guilt.

And for the record, I didn’t buy May with those kinds of intentions in mind. Due to her specs, she can serve as a competent bodyguard, as well as a talented AI secretary with a powerful positron brain designed for really complex calculations. I definitely got what I paid for with her. So I guess there’s no use feeling this guilty after all. That’s surely the case. Yeah…


I gave May a once-over again.

She sported long, glossy, black hair. Her dark eyes, akin to obsidian jewels, shone brightly behind stylish red-framed glasses. She didn’t display much of an expression, but it’s exactly due to this that she had the look of a cool beauty. Placed neatly on top of her head was a white maid headdress, and she wore Victorian-style maid clothes that hugged her superb body lines. In other words, she was extremely beautiful.


May tilted her head cutely at my continued scrutiny. Ugh. Perhaps this gesture of hers was also added by the makers in order to make her seem even cuter. Each and every movement of hers was picturesque and worthy of a thousand paintings, and they had the almost magical quality of captivating all who witnessed them, making them a prisoner of her charms.

“No, it’s nothing. I just thought about how your performance has been majorly improved despite not having changed much in appearance.”

“Can you really perceive how much my overall abilities and power have improved just by visual assessment, Master?”

May then flexed her biceps, as if to show off her improved power. You really like that pose, don’t you? It is kinda cute though.

“Um… Oh, right. You also got supplied with weapons, right? What kind of weapons are they?”

“Do you want to take a look at them?”

“Yeah, please show them to me.”

May then took out a black steel ball from somewhere. What is it? Some kind of grenade?

“This is made out of compressed metal alloy used to make high-grade power armor, military battleship hulls, and the like. Utilizing my throwing power, the impact from it will be able to penetrate the defenses of standard power armor and deal fatal damage to the pilot within. I can also adjust the power to only give incapacitating injuries instead of fatal ones.”

“It’s simple but brutal.”

“This is a security baton made with the same material. With my current strength, a hit with this baton at full swing can crush standard power armor and deal damage to the pilot within as well.”

May took out a 40 cm long black alloy baton from who knows where again. Just where is she storing this stuff? It didn’t seem all that fancy, but it sure looked pretty tough.

Even so, she keeps using power armor as an example to be destroyed. Does she feel a sort of rivalry between her and power armor? Maybe she wants to prove she’s the better machine or something? But they can’t even converse with people like androids can, so what’s the point of competing with them?

Anyway, it looks like all of the weapons May took out kinda had a primitive feel to them, and focused greatly on destruction via physical impact. It looks like May prefers to be up close and personal when in combat.

“Krishna already has a wide assortment of energy weapons, so I focused on getting physical ones.”

“I see.”

She does have a point. There are things like laser rifles and a laser launcher inside Krishna’s cargo hold after all. It seems May focused on weapons that can be easily concealed as well.

“We will deliver the rest of your orders to your ship later!”

“Ah, mm.”

I kinda got worn out after looking at all the low-tech, primitive, blunt force weapons May ended up purchasing.

“Now then, we’ll have to check her movement functions next!”

“Movement functions?”

“Yes! Please go ahead and feel directly with your body if her specs are to your liking. We can’t have customers coming back here and complaining about this and that after the fact, you see. It would have a negative impact on the image of our company.”

The receptionist gynoid then gave me a somewhat suspect smile as she made a fist. She then kept thrusting her thumb in and out between her index and middle finger. I wrapped her outstretched fist within my hands and lowered it. The receptionist gynoid tilted her head cutely in puzzlement.

“It’s the standard procedure you know?”

“Oh c’mon. You bring this up on me all of a sudden and expect me to just say OK!?”

“More than 90% of our customers agree with it straight away though. Anyway, that’s just the kind of existence we all are. You don’t have to worry about it so much, sir.”

“You’re too nonchalant about all this! I don’t even know what to say anymore!”

“Oh come on, sir. It’s not like you aren’t interested in that sort of stuff, right?”

The refreshing smile on the female gynoid’s face changed into a lewd one. Dammit! Of course, I’m interested!

“Anyway, it’s part of the procedure, sir. May-san, please.”


May hugged one of my arms and started pulling me toward who knows where. Gaah! This soft sensation enveloping my arm is just… No, wait, hold up! Ugh. She’s strong! Really strong! I can’t seem to hold my ground one bit.

“Wait, wait, wait! Calm down, May. Mimi and the others are waiting for us back at the ship!”

“……You don’t want me?”

For the first time, May displayed a sorrowful expression. Graaaaaah! That’s just cheating. Since she’s normally expressionless, the impact of seeing her act like this was more than double.

“……I-I do want you.”

“Really? Alright then.”

May returned to her usual cold expression and started pulling me again.

Did Mimi and Elma know this was going to happen so they didn’t insist on coming along? Were they really both aware of this? It can’t be.

No, that’s probably not it. I’m overthinking things. Yeah, I’m sure I am. I hope. Yosh! Now that it’s come to this, I say bring it! Since this android maid was overflowing with service spirit, then I have no choice but to take her on. I’m gonna do this, guys! And I ain’t gonna lose!



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  1. RPGsus

    I uh… I guess they can be very “coercive” when called upon. Isn’t this basically forcing him though?

    1. aristocrat

      These AI don’t mess around with their soft persuasion. Think how May was foisted on them in the first place.

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